Monday 7 December 2009

This is what the bars of chocolate are for. Workshop on Thursday, thought it would be fun to use up some offcuts of card making papers and create some stocking or little take 3 bars, ease off the original outer wrappers, re-wrap them and add ribbon. And a little tag to remind you of life's priorities and wham, litle pressie. Rocket science it's not, but you can guage now why I'm trying not to eat all 17 bars of chocolate. Because it would be very piggy. Because I'd have to buy more. Because the workshop is this week. But 'trying' is the operative word today. Have managed thus far to do domestics this morning, and now want to tidy up in the craft section of the house (!) and crank out a few more cards. Nearly there now. Then the list of non-card stuff can jump up and bite me in the butt. I've had a few gift ideas for months..but I don't seem to be able to make them until December, when the spirit of the season is upon me. Or is that stress of the season? I dunno, but it's certainly ridiculous. My friend the Efficient Educator suggested actually that it's because I'm at home. If I worked, I'd probably be much more ruthless in my efficiency because there's no time to put things off or think long and hard. You just get it done when you're free to do it. I think there's so much truth in this that I'm embarrassed to be worrying over things I've got to do. Maybe I should just go and do them. No wonder the chocolate is causing me trouble today.


Milliesmarvels said...

Hi there, thanks for your comment. I did see it :-)
I love your choccie bars they look v classy! Almost too classy to unwrap!
I would still eat them though :-) am trying to cure my Techno disaster day with mountains of homebaked Chocolate biscuits courtesy of Uber Talented Cook and Colleague PetraB!

Ann said...

Very pretty gift you've created there Julia and I love the sentiment on the tag.
I need a friend with chocolate - hint, hint.

Pam said...

Very nice Julia but if youre packing them in threes and you have 17 what are you going to do with the 2 spare!!!

Hugs Pam

CoventryAnn said...

Mmmmmmm, love the look of these!!

Chrissie said...

What is it about chocolate? I might just have to go and break off a strip to nibble on right now. Love that sentiment too!

Angie said...

Now they are all wrapped they are less of a temptation ??? ...great idea ... and no one knows if they are expensive ones or not lol

Now here is a question prompted by Chrissie's remark about nibbling a stick of choccy .... Are you a nibbler or dunker, (in hot drink of your choice)? I am a dunker ...nothing better than devouring the soft melting chocolate between each dunk ....OMG get me a bar ..... quick lol

Annie said...

Like Pam, I noticed that 3 doesn't go into 17. Hmmm me thinks that's in case a couple get brooken whilst wrapping them. Of course you wouldnt want to give broken ones and would be forced to eat Julia that doesn't mean you HAVE to drop them on the floor :-)
A x

Unknown said...

Julia, I love these gift are so clever....and I know that I would be breaking some to eat....well you just gotta have chocolate...LOL. Hugs Avril xxxx

Carmen said...

Awwwwwww I missed this post somehow! I love this idea and when I get my notebook it's going in it for next year! Well done on not eating the chocolate I would surely have succumbed to at least one... One of course meaning three but owning up to Craig as one ;)