Wednesday 29 June 2011


Those of a nervous disposition may want to look away now. WARNING: Julia is basking under a foreign sun and has asked me, her partner-in-crime, Lunch Lady Jan, to be guest blogger!! At this point, I'll completely understand if you shriek in horror; after all, you've logged on, expecting to read the genius that is Julia Dunnit, only to be presented with an interloper. Let me tell you, that's NOTHING to how scared I'm feeling. So, with fingers trembling and knees knocking, here are the ramblings of a Virgin Blogger.........

Until a year ago, I thought I couldn't sew. Bad experiences in homecraft in school included taking a year to make an A line skirt, taking the zip out 8 times...... But, I've always loved, loved, loved fabric. John Lewis' Haberdashery dept, mmmmmmmm. So, I saw a cheap sewing machine online, bought some DIY sewing books and plunged in. I've learned A LOT since then, and while I would never aspire to the heights of Wipso and Twiglet, have produced some ok items that have actually sold for some wonga. No-one was more amazed at this than yours truly. So here, for the first time, is my WOYWW.

This is all stuff I am making for some craft fairs that are coming up soon. I like Cath Kidston fabrics, but not the price, so I look out for lookalike prints. My favourite shop is Fabricland, a chain of stores in the South. I have to limit myself in there, cos there is some LUSH stuff :P
I try to match co-ordinating materials for the apron strings/pockets.

These are my doorstops - I made the pattern/measurements. They're also quite useful as stress relievers :)

This is my workdesk in our spare bedroom. It's great because I can leave everything out and shut the door on the mess! The blue drawers at the back are supposed to be Man Drawers for screws etc, but mine is filled with bobbins, thread, buttons, ribbon and the like. The thing that looks like a skew-whiff ruler is an item made for me by Mr Dunnit that enables me to make my own bias binding - oo, get her, missus! There's a tissue box cover in progress.

This here is Harvey the Rabbit, won in a raffle by my 15 year old son, who won't let me get rid of it!

And finally, this is part of my stash laid out on the bed. Now, I know this looks a bit OCD, but I find that it's the perfect set up for immediately seeing if a contrast colour is right or not. I'm the sort of person who lined up her pencil crayons by colour in the box....ok, that does sound sad....!! So you can see that I have a fetish for colour and can completely understand how you cardmakers, scrapbookers et al get attached to your stash. I made bunting out of that line of spotty materials on the right, which now festoons herself's hallway.

I hope that you've enjoyed this quick tour round my workdesk - Julia sure is a hard act to follow! We have been friends for nearly three years now, ever since Miss Dunnit and my son, the Big O, were mates at secondary school. She is a truly wonderful person, funny, warm and supportive; she can make me laugh until there is snot (see crochet 'elephant'). We snigger a lot - usually at the daftest of things. Our husbands are very patient.......

Thank you, Julia, for being a bonza mate xxxx

Monday 27 June 2011

Stones. Big 'uns.

Last week, in pursuit of the title of Wife of the Year, I made a delivery of Mr Dunnit's fabulous joinery to a site in the village of Avebury, deep in beautiful Wiltshire. Don't ask me about the joys of living in rural Wiltshire unless it's a sunny day, or unless I've just spent a day in London. On grey and cold days, I struggle for any level of enthusiasm. I dunno if you've even heard of Avebury; the village is set within a stone circle, and is a World Heritage Site. It's about a thousand times more beautiful than Stonehenge - and much, much bigger. You can still picnic amongst the stones, the National Trust has an interesting presence and the good people of Avebury really tolerate the influx of tourists very well, I must say. I love it there. Not, I have to say, because I even begin to get a sense of anything spiritual. I think I'm way too cynical and self focussed for that. I love it because it has to look forward as a village, becasue of it's past - it has a busy road, it's got lots of lovely (I mean, Estate Agent lovely!) houses, some traditional, some very old, and it has the ancient stones and the shadow of a really big ditch to walk. It is a success in terms of being able to enjoy, appreciate and conserve all at once. It's so pretty. Parking is a pig - don't let your husband drive past the big car park becasue he can park on the roadside. He can't. And, unless you are spritually pulled there on June 21st, go on any other sunny day.
Man it was sooooo busy. And there where I think, equal numbers of policeboys and girls as there were solstice revellers. A colour clash. Oh yeah. I can't tell you what the guy at the building site said about these people and their event. Mostly because his Wiltshire accent was so broad and his turn of phrase so convoluted that I didn't understand. I'm only guessing when I say he found them a minor irritant. Oh well. Cut along to Avebury and see for yourself. You will not regret it. Particularly if you've been to Stonehenge and felt a bit, erm, cheated.
I know - any minute now, I'm going to be a travel agent!!

Saturday 25 June 2011

Back to the ink pad thing...

Just for a minute. And just to introduce fairness and clarity into my campaign against anything that drives me nuts. I'm a forty something fat bird with a lot of life, so there are a few things that get me going these days! Annnnyway, as suggested, I dropped Ranger a line about my disappointing Adirondack experience. I had a really nice response, reassuring and calm. And an offer to replace the rogue ink pad via their UK distributor. I declined. After all, it's a new ink pad
and despite every indication to the contrary, I can cope and I don't want to be wasteful.
Shopkeeper Gal has a new(ish) pad in her own stash which has a beautifully snug and firm fitting lid.
So I'll shut up about it now. Although this will not stop me whining in a knee-jerk 15 year old Orange County teenager type way when things don't automatically work out for me. Don't be shocked. It's like being nagged really - the more I do it, the less you hear it!

Thursday 23 June 2011

Just trying to catch up..

Last weekend was a Crop weekend in these parts. For me it started with a meeting of minds. Cath was over from Cyprus to visit family and so we met up with Morti who doesn't live so far away either (but oh boy, what a busy person that gal is!). We, that is Laura and I - well certainly I, had a great morning, meeting, chatting, shopping and frankly, being waited on by Shopkeeper Gal. I regret that at leaving time, I didn't even offer to wash my own cup, let alone help out by washing up. Ashamed. Meanwhile, I like to think that me and that mad Morti are friends in person now, and I'd also like you to know that by the time Laura and I got to the crop, explained our morning, had a coffee, then some lunch and unpacked some stuff to get on with...well, the day was almost over! I managed one LO. Laura probably did about six. She does that. Prepares well for the crops. Turns up with proper LO plans, properly kitted and turns em out. She's pretty amazing. Oh and so is Mr Dunnit. He's the feature of my only page. So that's alright then!

Wednesday 22 June 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 107

OK before the desk...or the shock, whichever you usually brace yourself for - I wanna talk briefly about my inability to get to everyone's desks on a Wednesday. It's the same reason as everyone else; time. Particularly since the Anniversary week, which is odd...I must be doing more, which is not odd, it's alarming! Anyway, what I'm saying is - expect me if you see me, huh! Meanwhile, I'm preparing workshop kits for Thursday....and to save angst and time, I'm even sort of choosing the buttons for the workshopeers. It will be quicker, and those that are coming who read this will be nodding in agreement I know!
Sadly this isn't early morning sun, I took the pic yesterday evening whilst feeling slightly panicked about the amount I have to do today! Today is already looking a bit dull, it's not boasting sunshine, to say the least. Oh well. The buttons aren't quite put away yet - but they will not be organised and colour seperated like this next time..really, I like them in a great big jar, and they take up less room in one container!

Whatever you're up to today, show us what the surface you work on looks like; put a pic on your blog and link us to it here with Mr Linky. That's it, no membership needed, dip in and out as life allows you to, and don't be too obviously promoting your goods or your next TV run.....a good blog will do that for you anyway. Share and enjoy.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Tweet Me. Huh?

I made this one with some lovely stamps by Unity, bought from Emily at Make The Day Special some time ago. No reason for the delay in getting the stamps inky. Unless you count my hideous procrastination skill as a reason. Anyway, it tipped up in the Card marathon that me and Scrap Lady Ally did a couple weeks ago, and one lady asked me what 'Tweet Me' meant. I explained that in the context of the birds and their houses on the cards, it was like saying 'ring me' or 'let's get in touch'. Of course,not everyone will agree with this, they will instantly go with the idea that it's a nice modern stamp and refers to the way we can communicate via Twitter. It may be so, but I choose not to think that. Otherwise I'll never use the stamp again - I don't have a Twitter account and therefore wouldn't be able to send anyone a card with this on and expect to hear from them, now would I? Can we not worry about how literal these things are please? There's another phrase on a stamp that I have chosen to appreciate in the spirit of the intention: 'if friends were flowers, I'd pick you'. It's sweet. But picked flowers die, so you don't think it forward to a conclusion. You take it at face value - it's a greeting, a nice thing to say, a compliment. If you wanna stamp a chandelier or a chair on your card, do you really really have to add a ceiling rose or a floor? Nah. If you make a card or LO with skulls all over it - what are you saying? Nothing major, I'm's about what we like. Welcome, imagination and face value - sometimes; being this shallow is jolly useful.

Sunday 19 June 2011

Oh look, a debate...

Well, there was a lot of discussion around my last post. And because this is my blog and you would expect nothing less, I'm going to exercise a right to reply.
I was so, so angry at the loose lid situation of the Adirondack pad that I blogged about it. Because I'm naturally quick to judge, whinge and be unpleasant, it didn't occur to me that it could be a one off problem that I might be able to address by contacting Ranger. Really, it didn't. I was amazed by Misteejay's comment - it calmed me down immediately! I will contact Ranger, and let you know of any outcome, of course.
Unexpectedly, the debate turned out to be about storing inkpads.
Upside down or not? And even how to label them. How interesting. (Unless you don't use ink pads - then it's probably as intersting as a debate about paint drying time.) I'm in no doubt at all that my pigment ink pads benefit from being stored upside down. A couple of you said not to store DI pads upside down. But didn't say why. And really, at this age, I can only change for a good reason. According to others, TH says you don't need to or shouldn't (I can't verify which) because the pad is well saturated. So on that basis it won't matter will it. To a well saturated ink pad, upside down may as well be right side up. So I don't have to learn a new habit, fortunately.

Lots of my inkpads are stored in baskets standing on their sides. All of the Tsukineko ones actually. And they can be easily labelled...because every ink pad you buy has a pair of sticky labels supplied for just that job. Nice. Although I've never actually gone to the trouble of swiping the ink colour on the label - I kinda think I know what I'm looking for when I pull the basket into the light. These are stored on their sides for reasons of space and convenience. The convenience part: the lids are snug and do not fall off when you create a space by removing one or more. And because this is not the case with the DIs and my one Adirondack inkpad, I stack em. Upside down, out of habit. I also have a collection of Marvy dye ink pads that I have to stack for the same reason. But I forgive these. Probably because
I don't use them very often....and....they have coloured you don't need labelling in any way. What a fine idea.

So surprise me do - I thought the debate would be about marketing and consumer manipulation. Or the atmospheric conditions for inkpad storage affecting their lifetimes. After all, the black ink pad that I had to replace was about 4 years old. Surely if I lived somewhere hot, it's life would be a bit shorter? Don't start!

Oh and yeah - Jody Jodpea and Claireliz were so right - if you need any reason to buy Stazon..the smell is delicious. I bet both of you are too young to remember that Vidal Sasson hair products smelled exactly like that too. Mmmmmmmm, marketing.

Friday 17 June 2011

Now look,

I've been posting to this blog for longer than is good for the shape of my bottom - think about it - the sitting down at the computer thing is all I mean....but, if you've been reading it for even half of a while, you may well know how resistant I was to the Tim Holtz signature range and all the altered manic-ness that was all 'new', say from about 18 months ago. You will therefore have noticed that since the Distress Inks became available in colours other than 7 shades of wee wee, I've started to get into the whole, grunging, inking slightly weirdy, birdy, Holtzy thing. I've invested. Oh yeah; I have a very decent collection of DI's (that's Distress Inks) to you who don't know and probably could care less. I have grunge board, 5 five Tim Holtz signature dies and I dunno, various other bits and pieces, and stamps. Very expensive stamps. Lots and lots of you gals have inspired me with your examples and pushed me to try stuff I wouldn't otherwise have done in the style and technique world that is the whole Holtz thing.

A couple weeks ago, having sacked a black ink pad, I decided to replace it with one that I often see on TH videos, product descriptions and admired bloggers' work. I started my collection of Adirondack ink pads. They seem to average about four-and- a-half-quid, which makes them possibly on the lower side of the competition in ink pad pricing.
Now I dunno about you, but I try to store my inkpads upside down. It keeps any remnants of ink in the top of the pad where it's most useful. The Distress Inks stack and take a lot of toppling - but you can't pick one off the pile of upside down ink pads without leaving the lid behind. It's a mild annoyance at best....but it's there. But this Adirondack ink pad, well. The damned lid is loose and difficult to relocate just to put back on. You kinda have to stop what you're doing and actually lend it some focus. Of course if you stack upside down, the lid gets left behind. Worse though, the lid is so loose it just falls off....your fingers get blackened (or other coloured) in the effort to save the lid and not drop the pad and if it comes off in transit, it's all over anything else in the vicinity. This annoys the you know what out of me. OK, so do some others lids. But not all. Competitor lids are hinged, or fit snugly. Don't tell me to buy a bag of rubber bands, or come up with a blob of blue tack or other simple solution. I/WE shouldn't be the ones to resolve it. I just lashed out £4.50 for an inkpad which will be dry in a heartbeat because it has a crappy lid system. For the money, I want it to be a snugger fit. It doesn't have to be hinged or sophisticated fold back easel technology...but it needs to be less cheap and fit well. Surely I'm not the only one? I realise I'm probably the only one that can make it into a 10 minute blog post, but aaaaarrrrgggghhh, it's so driving me nuts that I'm going back to Stazon; it may not be as tricksy or thick as the pigment Adirondack, but god, the lid fits. I wasted my money.

Are we all so in love with the Tim Holtz lines that Ranger can sell us anything that he uses without recourse? Please someone - anyone, with any influence at Ranger - tell 'em. I cannot believe how vitriolic this one ink pad and lid problem has made me! I'm off. I obviously need a pill.

Thursday 16 June 2011

Ah, there you are

So here is the utter shambles that I was working in yesterday, jsut by way of proof that I did something whilst being offline. It wasn't ironing, which it probably should have been!

The young man posing as a grown up Cable Guy has worked his magic. I know Mr Dunnit was in fear of leaving me to do the explaining....he completely, totally doesn't get me, even now, after all this time! He really kindly explained at length the things he had done to restore the internet to my PC, and even went as far as to show me where the wires lead to and plug in and blah, so that Icould inform the Cable Guy. I listened, followed, looked and promised to tell Cable Guy. And when Cable Guy arrived, I welcomed him, invited him in and brought him to my workroom. I moved the stool, pointed at the box with the blinking lights that were no longer blinking and said 'this is where it all seems to start'. And that was it. He immediately said it could be fixed with a new modem because this one was apparently hopelessly out of date and he went to the van to collect such a thing. Then, whilst kneeling under the desk he explained that the new blinking lights box would do something to the wireless network that involved another box on my desktop. I don't know what. Suffice to say, when he'd gone, Miss Dunnit took the second box away because he'd unplugged it and apparently we don't need it any more and hurrah, a freed up socket!
So here I am with internet, blinking lights and a lack of something. It all makes me alarmingly happy. As a lot of people who WOYWWed yesterday said - you don't know how much you use it till you can't. And other things about dependencies. I was very VERY pleased with the young man. As I walked through the hall to open the front door for him, all the time gushing about how badly I need to do all my worthy and worthwhile work online, *cough*, Miss Dunnit came out of the kitchen and said "she might hug you, she's so pleased". He fled...couldn't fall out of the door fast enough. Ah well. I got what I wanted!

Wednesday 15 June 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 106

This week, ladies, jellyspoons and interested parties, I have surpassed myself. Not an empty, shiny, clean anniversary desk for you to gaze upon in er, shock and awe. No sir. Nor a regular desk strewn with gifts. Nope. Not even a regular desk with the most amazing project upon it. Or - a regular desk with an interesting project that I've covered up for fear of you copying it - it's that good. (Ha ha!!) No. None of the above.

Today, there is no desk.

This is a scheduled post, and I'm writing to you from my friend's house on her teeny notebook, and I cannot tear the backside out of her hospitality by insisting on how to work out the uploading of photos. You see, the Internet, Chez Dunnit, is gorn, broken, kaput. It dropped off at about 4pm on Monday and it's apparently going to be fixed by tea time Wednesday. Oh yeah. Meantime, my whole life is in tatters. I suddenly need access to all of my favourite online locations, and even the bank. It's hideous. But oh my word, I've got quite a lot of other stuff done!

So, assume that Internet Chez Dunnit is fixed and that I will be gazing at more interesting desks than mine - upload a pic to your blog and link here so that others can pop round too. That would be nice. I think this may be a record for me; a photo-less post. Gives me the heebie jeebies, actually!

Saturday 11 June 2011

Fool's Sunshine

A couple of weeks ago, Jan and I met up at the Expo Centre in London's Royal Victoria Dock - the Cosplay MCM convention was underway. What? I hear you ask, have you taken up role play in costme to reflect the characters found in Anime? Which characters did you dress as? Well, at the risk of disappointment, I should say that we merely drove; between us, 7 teenagers in various costumes. It's not for me, I don't get it. But I do get that their hobby makes them happy, after all, I spend a lot of time writing about and photographing the results of mine, huh!
Anyway, we hopped onto the DLR (I'm almost a native Eastender now you know) and headed straight for Greenwich. I know, not exactly East end after all, but hey. We ignored the lure of the university's architecture and the world famous National Maritime Museum and even the lure of the Meridian, and instead headed straight for a nice lunch and the indoor market. By way of an outdoor flea market. At which I acquired 2 more nice spoons for my collection. Jan brought me one. To prove that she has no fear of what she calls my 'kitsch' taste. I may one day share my fascinating and fun spoon collection with y'all. But you'll have to be nicer about it than that LLJan. Anyway, the indoor market was as lovely as we wanted it to be. I bought this beauty:

I don't know if I've ever given you the impression that I'm slender and willowy. If I have, you'll be surprised to know that it's possibly a misleading description. If I tell you that this fantastic chunky colourful jewellery is in the perfect proportion for me, are you getting a better picture?
I couldn't resist this necklace and it is still making me smile. Not least because it was £10. For me, that's a bargain. I got it from Beadoir. Abby, the maker, owner and the most patient woman in Greenwich, just let me faff around over a choice of three (as did Jan), pointing out various differences. One necklace apparently had no green beads...I was too excited to be able to tell. She has bracelets in the same style that are on a sort of bendy wore so they wrap around your wrist more than once....heaven. Although if my sister is reading this, I do admit that the first time I wore it, my neck was itchy and nadgy and I wanted to RIP IT OFF, but I used my 'sensible grown up' powers to ignore the feeling and now it doesn't bother me at all. And that is a result. Because every time I wear it, I could sell it to someone else. That's really the point of this post. When we meet and I'm wearing my chunky plastic, beautiful, cheerful jewellery, it's not for sale. Oh and the 'kids'? They had a great time at the convention; one of them had the cheek to say 'you're going to wear that' when I showed off my lovely necklace. Huh. Look who's talking.

Thursday 9 June 2011

Some more...are you jealous yet?

Look look look! I've a few more gifts to show you. You can't be bored, the inventive, creative and giving-ness of these is all here to inspire. I simply have to brag about them to prove that WOYWW has a purpose - it's no wonder we all find it an inspiration with all this talent on show!

Omigosh look at this red haired beauty, an original by Donna Louise Rogers entitled 'Mum?' ; I can't stop looking at her
This is ONE SIDE of the canvas that Annette made...
And here, all the way from NY, is a maze book from Sally...all about WOYWW and the world and starring Sally's teeny neat handwriting...And this is a digi kit from Angela; she made it especially for WOYWW, the text on the papers includes words entirely appropriate like 'WOYWW, sewing, kids, desks, card making - all the things we talk about...marvellously clever. It's still for sale if you want a kit!
It's another post all about me - I know, but I know you need to see it. And tomorrow, less photos and more wordy rubbish. Probably!

Wednesday 8 June 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 105

Last week's second anniversary was really something - I've seen a few, heard about a few more and received PiFs myself, so I know all about the excitement and goodwill that you lot generated amongst us. Thank you; it was particularly lovely knowing that your PiF friend wouldn't have to wait too long, I think the smart move was definitely having your gift ready to post. As for me, the fact that you were prepared to mark the anniversary of this slightly ridiculous 'thing' is pretty overwhelming, actually. I'd been very offhand and casual about it really; had no idea that your friendship and generosity would reach so far. You are fab. So the Sunshine Girl expressed a concern that because my name wasn't on last week's list, maybe I wouldn't get a pressie. It wasn't part of my plan, but me and the Voodoo Vixen exchanged PiFs earlier - we thought she was going to be away and didn't want to miss. So I was already gifted. Well, not gifted, so much as - ah well, you know what I mean! But fear not Nicola and others, for look what Gordon the Post has brought to me this week:An altered triangular domino from Neet - the stupid acronym is on the back, fear not!
This amazing collection of reflective safety equipments (! - unquote) for a handbag charm, from JoZart
Kay at Toodles and Binks made the box and stuffed it with stamps and charms....then sent it to me.
Helen knelt on the floor and got inky and metally to make this hanging
and this hanging was from Sue - more amazing inks and metals....
and then Twiglet and Wipso sent me this desk set - wet wipe cover, needle case and pin cushion...
and that Ciara sent me the most perfect canvas. Really, I'm deeply honoured to own these arty treasures - I KNOW how much time and thought was invested, the skill level is another story and I'm immensely flattered that you should invest in me for long enough to read the blog, let alone to make me gifts. I cannot thank you all enough for reading, for WOYWWing and for commenting. Again, thank you. And again, please, carry on.
I can't show you my desk - tis strewn with these collective goodies....but you can show us yours - and your PiF if you received one, - please! Upload to your blog, post a link here and at some stage, you'll get a visit and make a friend. Hey - what's stoppin' ya?

Monday 6 June 2011

Please Miss, I've got a truckload of excuses...

So I didn't post on Friday because I'm conscious that three posts in a row about WOYWW would be staggeringly boring for those that don't take part.
And I didn't post on Saturday because me and the Scrap Lady Ally and the Lunch Lady Jan were 'busy' overseeing the Card Marathon. (Jan was busy, Ally was busy, and thanks to Laura...I wasn't) I think it was a great day...if you were there and have an opinion, do let us know.
I won't write too much about the day - again, if you weren't there - yawn. And Jody who drove about a million miles to take part suggested that I can't shut up, even in type. She's right of course. My teeny defence is that do I edit these should see them pre- edit!! Maybe someone else should edit them. But then I wouldn't have control and that would be grim. I'd get the shakes. And be petulant. And loud. Yep, worse than normal.
And I didn't post yesterday because the scratchy sore throat and temperature that I've been trying to ignore for three days finally felled me. I got up and spent 90% of the day in an armchair, drinking squash and doing nothing. What a waste of time. I hate that.

So anyway, next to normal service has resumed. Yep, I'll be posting. And I'll be posting about WOYWW - I need to show you some of the most marvellous art work. But meanwhile, I'm 3 days behind my desk visits and missing it like mad!

Thursday 2 June 2011

Anniversary Fallout

So most of you realised that my empty desk was a miracle of such proportion that it wasn't even biblical. Some of you wanted to see a photo of the floor. Well, here's the thing - I don't put stuff on the floor if I can possibly avoid it. It means bending stretching and blood-rushes that frankly don't do a gal any good.I am the classic 'push back' crafter, and to achieve yesterday's photos, I pushed left, right and piled high. Had to be done..couldn't resist. AND there's a result - I tidied up and was ruthless over the scrap boxes, so the perception of mess is very much reduced. I will force you to look and admire next week, no doubt.
My diary keeping is a bit dodgy as you know, and yesterday, of all days, I was away from a computer. I haven't even reached half way around the desks yet. But let it be said that you are a fab bunch of people, and hugely generous about the idea of WOYWW - indeed some of you credit me with things that are not true. Although, as Donna rightly points out, I am an angel, with glue holding up my knickers. And a lead weight to constrict the size of my head now, too! Remember, if you didn't take part, WOYWW wouldn't work. The posts I write in between Wednesdays would be bitter and sad, and probably unread. I'd be lonely. How'm I doing on the emotional blackmail for readership thing?!

I'm a bit choked by and very chuffed with you all. Please carry on. I thank you.

Wednesday 1 June 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 104

Well WOYWWers, we made it. Despite my apparent attempts to foil you by fiddling about with dates and numbers. I don't know if Happy Anniversary is an appropriate greeting, but I should certainly say - hey, thanks for the two years of weekly workdesks. It's been a huge pleasure. And sometimes, it's been a shock too. Remember discovering that Helen kneels on the floor to craft? Apparently, I'm not over that even now. (I'm not.) Remember the unfolding art of Patsy and Peggy, sistahs in WOYWW and real life siblings? Remember finding out that Wipso and Twiglet are sistahs in WOYWW and real life siblings in stitchery? Remember when Elizabeth revealed that she collects Rocking Horses? I always felt that such a revelation could cause a real influx of unwanteds...and then sent her one myself. Ha! Remember how often Jennie has shown a desk groaning with products and stamps and beauty and we all wonder how she has time for anything, let alone WOYWW? remember when Sid, and then Neal started WOYWWing? I've tried ever so hard to stop referring to us all as sistahs ever since...FAIL. Remember when Hels went to Ranger U? Still green? Yup.
Oh there's loads to remember. Like, remember how overloaded and untidy my desk is?
Well I thought you might enjoy an anniversary special!
So one and all - thanks for playing along, it's NOTHING without you!

If you're a PiFing WOYWWer, don't forget to add an asterisk to your name when you link today. If you're taking part, contact the next name with an asterisk below yours on the list, get their address and send your PiF gift to them. Easy, but lovely.

Either way, please add your work desk to our link - we like to visit...sometimes it takes ages, but hey...there's lots to see! Upload to your blog, and link to your blog here, courtesy of Mr Linky.