Friday 29 March 2013

Dithering...or flitting...

Not an egg, or even a's the best I can do......!
Mr Dunnit is working.  Miss Dunnit is working.  And I'm surveying the wreckage of doing more than one thing at once.  As I've said earlier this week, it really doesn't suit me!  
I determined that before Miss D takes up all the sewing machine time in costume making ahead of the next Convention in May, I should get it out of my system.  (The urge to sew, not the convention).  And so I opened the 'sewing drawer'.  In the knowledge that it contains a cut out but no further forward top, and several pieces of fabric that were going to be summer tops last year.  Or the year before, I forget.  Whilst looking for the appropriate thread, I opened another drawer in this particular chest of them, and ended up clearing it out.  So now I've wasted an hour on dusty old birthday cards from years I can't remember, cables and leads from appliances we no longer own and for some very odd reason, quite a lot of unused plain HB pencils.  The sun is out - so I thought I'd set up in the conservatory, it's really quite balmy in there;  iron out the pinned on pattern pieces and get on with it.  And then I remembered that I had an email to respond to.  And here I am.  Now gentle reader, you tell me, is this Procrastination, dithering or flitting between jobs?  Or worse, is it all three?  The worse thing is..because the sun is still out, I quite fancy a walk.  
Have a fabulous and peaceful Easter weekend.

Wednesday 27 March 2013

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 199

We are moving rather alarmingly, to the fourth anniversary of this nonsense.  See here for how we're going to mark it, and here for what WOYWW is all about.  I thank you.

Oh yesterday I bragged that my desk was too boring to photograph as it was covered in book-keeping.  Well hello!
I was side-tracked.  My Papa, bless him, thought that ringing me for advice was a great way to solve his problem with email and printer.  Hmm, I utterly love his faith in me.  I'm not overly flattered by it - I figure he rings his geek chap first...and if he doesn't answer, I'm next.  Anyway, after discussion, I gently reminded him that Wednesday is Mama's birthday. He has never needed reminding, I have to admit.  Ad he didn't need reminding today...but when I suggested I'd like to drop in and visit, he put me off.  He was trying not to say too much, so I don't know why, suffice it was to be a surprise and I didn't want to blow it!  BUT, and here's the real meant I had to very quickly gather myself and rush to the Post Office with her card and present.  It's only a ten minute stroll and the weather forced me to do it at quite a pace.  And then I bumped into someone I haven't get it.  The day was over and the books are still there.  Argh.  

It won't be so by Wednesday afternoon at the latest.  My teeth are itchy for the lack of paper crafting!  Share with us do, the work desk/surface that's making you happy today..put WOYWW in your post ttile and pop back here to link.  That's lovely of you.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Getting On..

Usually, I start something, get it finished and move on. I'm a one-job-at-a-time gal.    Well, I got it into my head that I would enjoy it more if I had several things on the go to flit between.  I thought that they'd be a sort of constant inspiration, so many other people do it, the sort of semi-immersion, depending on what craft takes your mood on what day. 

So how did it go for me?  Did I remember that I'm pathologically incapable of tidying up until the job at hand is finished?  The dining table has looked like a sewing table for over a month.  My armchair craft section has been buried in crochet squares waiting for attention.  My desk as you have probably seen, has been strewn with card making attempts at a theme I'm no good at.  The desk and dining table situation means that the business paperwork has piled up because I've got nowhere else to spread it out and do the - I cannot use the floor.  I'm too old, unbendy and hey, I just said, if it's not finished, I don't clear up.  Imagine picking your way across all that every day too.  

Fair to say then, that it was a rubbish idea. I've been driven to distraction by looking at unfinished stuff whilst other priorities have taken over.    And I've made super effort to get it ALL finished so that I can start to enjoy it all again!  Crazy huh.

I've finished the quilt.
I've finished joining up all the squares and tucking and knotting and whatever-ing the ends.  I've even tidied my desk off and covered it with business stuff which is all but finished.  (Too boring for a photo...  files, ledgers and of course, a calculator!) 

So today, for the first time in ages, I feel slightly less put upon and happy that however imperfect, I can restore my house and time to my own haphazard methods! Remind me of this next time I come up with a theory, please.

Friday 22 March 2013


We had a fun coupla workshops yesterday, and even if the cards weren't what they liked, the workshopeers seemed to enjoy using the H20s as much as I do (and the Cosmic Shimmer equivalents, let's not be biased...I like 'em all!).  One of the reasons is probably because they do what they say - paint.  Add water, mix to a thick opaque consistency or keep 'em dreamy and watercoloury - ultimately they're paint.  I don't use Copics very well because there are techniques and things to learn that I think are almost too much for me - changing the way I 'colour' after all these years has proven very difficult!  
The butterflies were die cut, dragged through the paint mixed from two colours on a palette.  A glass mat, blobby board or any other non porous surface will work..just use it to mix, work up a puddle and drag....heat set and then emboss with the die for detail.  If you like.  (The die is by Joy Crafts).

And here's the water colour-y effect...emboss the image in white or clear powder, blob on water and then bob on paint.  Sometimes you have to dab with a tissue.  Most times if you're me, because I have no 'lightness of touch' about me. (Image by Stampendous used here)

I might show you the other two cards.  This is not a tease.  I can't find them right now and   any delay in my thought process means I'm likely to forget.  I think it may well be time to tidy up properly. It's driving me mad, so it must be time.
Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 198

Go HERE to read about joining's not a membership thing, dip in and out as you please.
My desk. Hmm. I took this photo yesterday late afternoon.. it did not improve any.  I kept going until the daylight faded and it's now strewn with the beginnings of preparations for a workshop tomorrow; baskets, piles of card, kitchen roll, home made paint's no prettier.
Actually, you can see the palettes in the back corner...just to the left of the ATG runner..bits of cereal packet covered in white kitchen roll and then sealed with cling film.  Enough to go around and they can be disposed of or kept as the workshopeers wish.   Even typing the word palette makes me's so indicative of real art and things I don't really do!  The rest of the stuff you can see most easily is intended to be sample cards for a 'cute' workshop.  It is so far out of my comfort zone that I'm not coping; that's really why the mess is so bad..I'm getting everything out to try and 'cuten' things up...but discarding most in horror. See, having to be cute plays havoc with my vocabulary too.  Cuten.  Shucks.
Join us do, so we can compare what we've got with what you've got and better yet, be inspired to actually do something, it's lovely.  Put WOYWW in you post title, link up here and visit.  Enjoy!

Sunday 17 March 2013

Prizes! Prix!

 Here are the results from the English jury...oh wait, that's Eurovision.  It's about the prize draw for the jewellery kits from my sophisticated French friends at Chic Maker.

Mr and Miss Dunnit are sick to death of being asked to pick random numbers, they say it puts a burden on them.  I don't know why, because let's face it, a bunch of numbers is totally anonymous!  Anyway....because of them, I was forced to use the random number generator thingy on the internet.  There are lots.  I had more trouble choosing which one to use than I would have had getting my human number generators to co-operate.

Anyway, the winners are, in order of number and therefore comment:
14  Morti
30 Patsy Paterno
35 Janet
Let me have your postal adresses please, I'll pass them over to Chic Maker and you'll be set.  (Actually, Patsy - I have your was on the envelope that the ATCs you sent me were in...)

Meanwhile, I note that I failed to announce the winners of the tickets for the hobbycrafts draw.  At least I told the winners and hope they have them by now!  
They were drawn the old fashioned way - Miss Dunit and Mr Dunnit resinedly shouting two numbers each at me.  Really, it's not hard!
1. Helen
2. Ann
3. Heather
4. Vicky.
I thank you.

Friday 15 March 2013

Me and the Hook

My sweet Mama is left handed.  I am right handed.  And the only thing that I couldn't learn from her was how to knit.  It's never been a major regret because as you may well know, I'm relatively impatient when it comes to crafts..I like to see the result forming before my very eyes.  And of course, I'm rubbish about learning.  I just want to be good at it straight away.  
So I find myself in my late forties.  My eyes need help for cutting and small print and I haven't trusted my colour matching in non-daylight hours for a good few years, so I tend not to do paper crafts in the evening.  Besides, I rather like to pass an evening in the company of my husband.  There's no better indication of our vibrant and successful marriage than sitting through his choice of TV programme whilst he snores gently on the sofa, clutching the remote as if it were the money for the ferryman.
When I got my iPad, I thought it would banish this sort of boredom; I would inform myself, keep in touch more readily and stay caught up with the blogs I like to visit.  It's not iPad's fault, but this is not the case.  After a day of using the computer for work and contact, it's not always what I want to do.  Even joining and browsing Pinterest hasn't worked really - I have that nagging feeling of wasting time.  
So guess what.  I have often marvelled at the selection and availability of yarns and the potential for them.  I've been jealous of the ability to knit - without the slightest intention of wanting to put myself out and learn.  So I thought I'd have a bash at crochet.  I bought a hook, a ball of chunky, and with help from Pinterest and lots of tutorials, I've started.  I've made two wearable and decent cowl type scarves.  I've made lots of large squares which are destined to be a bedcover.  At some stage.  I'm not in a hurry with this.  Because, I can make a square and a half in an evening without any effort now.  The stitch routine is embedded in my head and I can look up and even talk whilst doing it.  It's the production of the square that I like.  If I had to do the blanket as a whole, it wouldn't happen.  

I think leaving the yarn thing until I'm this age has it's advantage -I definitely know myself well enough to know which projects are worth setting out on and which will fail because of my inherent need for gratifyingly 'fast' results.

What I hadn't expected was the 'hook' actually hooking me in.  I'm really enjoying it.  I've bought more yarn and am even experimenting with different weights and makes before I choose what to do with them - the green above for example, I really like it, but it's much thinner and I'll have to adapt the pattern and use a bigger hook to make squares that will fit the blanket pattern.  But I know I can. And I don't feel I've wasted an evening if I opt against using it or undo it, this is a refreshing first for me.  I haven't gone completely over the top in the purchasing stakes.  But I could.  Nor have I experienced the toil of joining squares together - that is very much on the cards (see the previous post if you're vaguely interested).  
I'm enjoying the learning; it's so much easier with tutorials - so a big up to all the people who don't mind the sound of their own voices on YouTube and also for the many great photo tutes that I've used.  Learning visually is so much easier.  
I have applied one house rule to all this though.  No crochet work until after supper each day, unless I'm the 'assistant' on a delivery van round.  It could swallow up hours.  

Wednesday 13 March 2013

What's On Your Worksdesk? Wednesday 197

Well, here's value for your internet connection.....

The desk, in all it's glorious erm, glory at lunchtime on Tuesday.  I was about to clear up, the H2Os were fun to play with - like having old friends around!  You can see though, that i was in full swing..I spy a small orange lidded plastic box on its side, sticking out of the clear drawer where I keep my foam pads.  And a light bulb wedged into the basket of scissors and pens and etc....I wonder how long that will stay there.  I know it works, we were testing the colour of the light against the daylight bulb that I currently use in my lamp.  Janet suggested I need a daylight bulb,  Well, ironic or not..I have one and it was turned on when I took the photo to which she was referring.  So real daylight..

The shades of BLUE.  See. The big red stripe is a 'shelf' that Mr Dunnit made for me - it fits exactly across the arms of my armchair to provide me a table when I don't want to move far from his side.  Or the TV. Or the heating.  And that great chunk of cut glass bowl -lovely innit.  That's a long term loan from a very very good chum.  I love it.  And use it as you can see, for all sorts of things. So it doesn't feel neglected.  I need it to know how much I like it.  You understand.
And finally...tidied up..this shot taken late yesterday afternoon.  I was going to start a scrapbook page for a workshop project.  I answered the phone and poof! the daylight disappeared.  I hate it when that happens.

Come on now, I know you won't need to offer a threefor, but show us what you're up to huh, it's always lovely to browse your desks.  Put WOYWW in the title of your blog post and link it here.  Smashing.

Monday 11 March 2013

Self promotion...actually, isn't every blog post?


from 2 Scrap Ladies

Sunday 28th April 2013

Burbage Village Hall
60 Eastcourt Road 
Wilts SN8 3AJ
10am to 4pm 
Price:  £42 per person

We’re happy to announce another Marathon card making session in our usual format: we’ll supply almost everything you need to make a bunch of cards (one of each – about 25 if you do them all!). We’ll give you written instructions and be lurking to provide commentary and beverages, there will be a lovely home-made lunch, and maybe a raffle and some bits to buy.  You bring your own scissors, adhesives of choice and kit that you like to craft with.  And an appetite. 
 As you can see we have changed our venue.   There is plenty of room there for us all and still loads of easy parking. 
As always booking is essential. There is an upper limit, so don’t delay if you want to come with a bunch of friends.  We'd like a £10 deposit per person with your booking; balance will be payable on the day, at the door.  Payments can be made via Paypal or by cheque or cash of course. Once you've booked your spot, we'll confirm, and by email provide you with further details - route directions, what to bring.
Please read the small print: 
- your deposit is not automatically refundable. If we know in advance that you can't come, we will do our best to fill your space and therefore return your deposit. (7 days in advance, minimum)
- Your deposit can be transferred to benefit another attendee if you give us notice that you aren't coming. (7 days notice, minimum)
- Your deposit is entirely safe and 'ring-fenced'. We will not be using it to buy resources or pay costs in advance. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the day, your deposit will be refunded within 48 hours of our cancellation announcement.

Sunday 10 March 2013

Stars and erm, squares

Here's the card that caused all the stars to be cut out last week..I thought it would save some boredom at the workshop if they were pre-cut.  I think it did...although the construction caused lots of gulps for a nano second.  Then when you work out how straightforward it is, it truly is a five minute card.  If you have someone to fiddle about and cut the mounts and the stars for you.  
Utterly indebted to someone on Pinterest for this design...Saw it, absorbed it, didn't pin it and now can't find it to acknowledge the original creator - makes me  feel like a thief.  Edit: massive thanks to Bridget who found the creator over at Split Coast: step up 'Biggan', thank you for the design/lift chance.  Says alot about Bridget too, huh..all that searching!

And see this beauty on my ugly desk, what a contrast huh!  It's filled with 96 little squares in shades of blue that I've crocheted over the last few evenings..believe it or not, 3 balls of 50g soft cotton so far.  I'm very surprised by how much yarn is used in these things.  Anyway, these little squares - and yes, despite appearances of a roundy nature, they are squares - are destined to be joined into a long scarf for my sweet Mama's birthday.  I know she will not read this or even see the pics, so it's OK to share with you.  And I have to share because it's nearly an accomplished mission, and those are a bit few and far between this week.  I'm expecting much better things of myself in the coming week, so watch do...I'll either show you progress or fall flat on my face.  Place your bets!

Wednesday 6 March 2013

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 196

An explanation and 'how to' for WOYWW can be found here. Browse the other pages too, there's stuff about WOYWW4 and WOYWW The Crop. Go on, you want to know, even if you don't join in!'s gone from being an 'unload and dump from crop' type desk to being a proper craft desk in the last 24 hours, and what you see there is preparation for a workshop on Thursday. You can't help but notice the 'bubble wrap' stamp...I used white Stazon on it and didn't clean it.  It's slutty, but the actual image hasn't been damaged, so I have a hard time feeling guilt over it.  Actually, I'm not sure why it's there, it doesn't feature on the card I'm preparing!  It was ever thus.  No ipad - charging elsewhere. Instead, the deckchair holds cards for future workshops and a scrap of paper with names on it. Naturally, because it's a scrap of paper,  It's important and I need it to be front and centre of my line of vision until I've dealt with it.  You understand.  
Show us what you're up to then won't you? It would be nice.  I'll try really hard not to delete the entire Link list and visit loads more than I managed over the last week.  You try to be patient with me and it should all work out.  Please put WOYWW in your post title and link here.  Job's a good 'un.

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Vive le Chic!

Remember this? The bracelet I made from ChicMaker's kit? And the post in which I bragged about it?  Because I made it and you and I didn't know I could?  And the nice people at ChicMaker said go ahead, try it on us? You do remember?  Oh, you are tres gentil.

Well here's the real news..the lovely personnes at ChicMaker want me to offer YOU the chance to try a kit.  There are three kits on offer and it's a terribly simple thing - leave a comment saying that you'd like a kit.  Here's the thing - one of your words must be in French.  I know, that's not trop dificile is it.  It's not a ChicMaker requirement, it's mine.  It's fun!  YES it is.

And you see how adding a sprinkling of this sophisticated and chic language makes you feel well, chic and sophisticated?  No really, it does.  So imagine how it will feel to make a real piece of French Designer jewellery.  Oh la la, we won't know ourselves!

Monday 4 March 2013

Is that dust..on MY blog?

Well, see, I'm a firm believer in not blogging unless there's something to say.  Because I'm hugely capable of ranting and rambling without sense or conclusion.  So I try to keep this very public corner of my mind to some sort of acceptable standard.  It's about the only discipline I manage to stick to, and it's entirely due to you, gentle reader.  I worry that you may think I'm a nutter if I don't keep my grip.

While I was packing for the Crop on Friday afternoon, I decided to have a go at my stash of chipboard.  I've got an A4 box full of all sorts of bits that I had to have.  And frankly, I'm sick of moving it between cupboards and using tape to hold the lid on because it's too full and well, you get it.  Another 'trend' that I fell for and haven't used, for sure.  So, the running theme on LOs by me for the next few months will be chipboard embellishments. The more, the better.  So here's my first page:

Five pieces of chipboard (the tag is a piece too)..believe me, that will not be a record!  There is so much to say about this occasion that for once I didn't journal straight away, and am now considering my options.  As a believer in handwritten journalling, I've got to write it out first, to see how much I have to make room for etc.  Oh the logistical planning that I SHOULD have thought about first!  Some of you are kind enough to comment that I don't show enough of my scrapbook stuff on the old blog.  That's because I don't do enough. An all day crop and I did two LOs.  And it was all packed and kitted so I've no idea why...I guess I just picked the wrong photos to scrap.  If they don't put me in the mood, I can't do it.  What a diva.  

You can just, JUST see a second page underneath this LO...a teeny edge at left.  That is my March calendar.  Yep seriously, pre-made, pre-filled-in-with-birthdays-etc and I still haven't made time to stick in the frame.  No wonder it takes me a day to make two scrapbook pages.