Saturday 27 April 2024

Dropping the ball...

I read Mary Anne's WOYWW 777. She mentioned ATCS and the Crop in the same sentence. I commented that I hadn't suggested a theme for ATCS because the ones we do for Crop are often separate from the ones we make for our WOYWW Anniversary. And then I went about my week. Thoughts bloomed and then I remembered...Sarah planned the date of the Crop to be as close as it could be to the fifteenth anniversary. Which is WOYWW week number 780, May 15th. Makes a lot of sense then, that Sarah and Eva have the Crop planned for Saturday 18th, huh!
I feel like I've really dropped the ball on the timeline of this, but, if you're able and want to, please prepare for an ATC swap to mark the anniversary. We'll do the thing that's become our 'normal' thing - make one ATC, no specific theme, to swap with one person on the WOYWW list on week 780. Make more if you'd like to, and arrange to swap. It's really nice to have a few happy mails that week, so do join in if you possibly can! Likewise, because of Sarah's amazing forethought, you can save postal costs if you're going to plan to give away more than one ATC and bring them to the Crop! Seamless! Well it would be if I weren't so late to tell you about it. Sorry. 
Here's a card I've made, does it it distract from my calendar shortcomings?
If you haven't joined us in an ATC swap before, please don't fret about it, ask any questions. There's even a page about it all - accessible from the home page of this blog. (That's the top of this page then!)

Wednesday 24 April 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 777

My desk is as much of a blur as the days have been!
There have been a couple of sunny but cold days, cold because of some wind or windy that I had to put the ladder on top of the outside storage box to stop the lid lifting and banging and lifting and banging and lifting and....argh. You can just work it out through the window. Good distraction technique huh, you'd almost forgotten about the desk! The ugly box on the right with scrap paper on top of it (which really should be protecting the glass mat) is full of acrylic paints..odds and sods really, I don't have any newer than a few years old and the colour selection is pretty random! I was painting a tin (once containing kidney beans). I'm going to crackle glaze it and then decoupage the hen on to it. The hen is on the napkin at left. For no reason, except I had the medium on my desk and it's a great way to put off working on that workshop which has got me a bit scared!  You can't really tell but the bottle of decoupage stuff is in the centre of the glass mat, hidden under a souvenir baseball hat from Salt Lake Bees. In order to buy it, I had to have it filled with ice cream. Now that is taking one for the team is it not! I still use it as a bowl, but for paint and such now. 
Sarah has declared that WOYWW Crop is on, so please do consider joining us; it will be great to see Sarah and offer her our ongoing support in person, and of course, it will be great to see each other for real! Challenge number 1 - it may be an old chestnut, but please will you make yourself a name badge that also shows your blog case the two aren't the same!
So that's me, how about you? Do show and tell, send me some card making vibes because I haven't a single one! 

Wednesday 17 April 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 776

I've captured myself in reflection! This was Tuesday night, I was wearing a fleece lap blanket because I had the shivers and felt quite unwell. I am fine though; think I was just super tired. There hasn't been much let up in the old schedule, but im happy to say that the untidy ness of my desk is not representative throughout my life!

I've committed to doing a workshop in May and so you see the beginnings of trying to make some samples. Trying. Golly, the odd half hours that I've snatched aren't the ideal way for me to work, I don't like unfinished! So...the jar actually has water in it, but I try to screw the lid on when I think I've finished with it. Because usually I haven't. Honestly, I've made a background for one image four times and I still don't like what I've done...I think the gap between brain and finger is too big. I shall mull it over a while! The mess is a bit worse than it looks I'm afraid...the journal and pad beneath it were moved to allow me access to the wet wipes in the green lidded box. There's   Umber of discarded stamps, ink pads and erm, GKW under the journal now...time for a clear and re-start. I don't know when though, this week is against me already! Please be sure to visit Sarah's blog if you want news of the WOYWW Crop next month. Meanwhile, enjoy some browsing amongst the inspiring and the tidy!

Wednesday 10 April 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 775

This week's edition brought to you by some sun and almost relentless heavy showers, and on a Tuesday afternoon, which isn't very Wednesday at all is it! I have to be up and at it on Wednesday morning so this is scheduled. There is a silver lining, I think. Whilst I was waiting for month end paperwork to sync and print, I tidied a bit! I made a few LOs at the Crop over the weekend. I've stopped dragging my file full of alphabets to every crop. It's a ridiculous number of alpha stickers, most of which don't have enough vowels for matching font words, so I gave myself permission to bring untitled LOs home and decide if they need a title or not when I unpack. So that's what I do now, and it hasn't bothered anyone and my scrapbook world hasn't caved in. Amazing what 'rules' you set yourself isn't it. So and anyway, that accounts for the middle pile. At left of the LO is a pile of mismatched paper napkins. Waiting for some decoupage action. Don't hold your fairly sure that they'll be re-homed reasonably soon, not sure my desk can take many more 'pending' projects! And at the right is the result of bit of a splurge last week...some projects to contemplate and a couple new stamps and some new coloured embossing powders. Nice. 
Please also be super impressed that the gold foil of Easter egg chomping is still in the tray at the back...and it still has some chocolate in it! 
Share and tell please, make my lunch break less work and more craft!

Wednesday 3 April 2024

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 774

Doesn't a long weekend make the week very short! I hope your Easter was lovely; uplifting, a break, a chance for some quiet, a chance for some noise! Ours was a bit of everything and a lot of rain. Now we have altered our clocks and have lighter evenings, so I would very much like some drier evenings to go with! Here's a little summary of my work surfaces this weekend.
We are calling these Hot Rock buns. I made the dough for Hot Cross buns and totally forgot to smooth them into bun shapes (distracted by the arrival of my baby gal and her Squeeze). I had already planned to omit the 'cross' part of the bake because last year they were blobby and not crossy, so I didn't think anyone would mind. But there was surprise at the erm, rocky effect....still, they tasted good!
Miss Dunnit and I ventured into our small town for a lovely couple of hours of pottery painting. I painted a Unicorn for my new Great Neice. Of course I did.  You can see the sun was wonderful, it was warm under glass and really quite glorious for about an hour. And then it rained so hard I thought we were going to have to stay all night, but it happened, and cleared and we walked home in more glorious sun. Weird. 
....and, I made a Layout! It's for a Chinese Whispers swap amongst the Coven so there's a Post It note attached to it with some notes to help me remember where it comes in the chain. There's gold foil at the back of the desk which evidences Easter egg noshing...and just a lot of detritus from the scrapbooking. I really would like to do a couple more now, I'm in the mood. We'll see. Since the 'children' have left us, I've had a sore throat, so am hoping that it goes and causes no time wasting or temperatures. Or tantrums!
Show and tell then, gentle Desker, we need post holiday inspiration to keep going!  Well, I do!