Thursday 30 September 2021

Satisfying the interest….

Regular readers will know about wednesdays and how I’m nothing if not nosey about other people’s stash. Well this week, my desk shot didn't show but I talked about a pad of Christmas scrapbook papers that I bought for no particular reason. Well, I loved it, thats the reason. Several commenters wanted to know more, and it is always my pleasure to chat…
There it is. I could have, should have edited the photo to remove kitchen worktop and floor, sorry to distract! It’s a lovely set of papers, at 180gsm it’s nearly card and certainly has withstood the glue on the teeny Robin parts that one sheet has so far been cut into for. I know, it’s going to take years to use.

Oh look, bonus inclusion of my trivet in this picture!

Nice aren’t they. Probably not so overtly Christmas that in five years time when I haven’t used them for Christmas pages I can turn them to some other use. Time will tell. I took these pics in the kitchen because of the roof light, makes the light in my workroom seem a bit paltry on a dull day. Talking of dull….I got caught in one of those extremely sudden, extremely heavy downpours yesterday. I had to RUN. I’m still smarting.

Wednesday 29 September 2021

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 643

The weather is broken. Lots of you will simply say it’s autumnal, but despite a good amount of sunny September, I’m still not ready. Got a bit of a cob on about it and guess what…sulked at my desk for an hour or so! Gracious. Not totally a waste of time either. Obviously, I started by picking up bits and pieces and re-homing the pieces and considering the bits, but I actually did stop procrastinating and started on a penguin Christmas card.
I couldn’t make the Penguin co-operate, so moved on to a Robin. Here he is being paper pieced. For no good reason, I picked up a whole pad of 12” Christmas papers. I haven’t, to date, made more than two scrapbook pages about, referring to or vaguely related to Christmas, so am still wondering why I bought it. But look, aren’t they lovely pages. And piecing the Robin at least means that two pages will be slightly used this year. Win *cough* win. You see the pen suitcase is open. I’m not using them for the Robin, they were for the Penguin. But of course, putting them away would have taken valuable time from trying out my idea for the Robin. Are you keeping up?
I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s a list on the A4 sheet hanging off the memo board. It says, from the top, six, five, four and so on down to ‘hurrah’. It’s to count and encourage me to make my samples for the day workshop I’m contributing to. It’s on the first November. No, don’t you panic, it’s all about me! So whilst I soldier on and make my mojo come out to play when I’m bad tempered, you can cheer me by sharing your spaces, inspiring pieces, jolly stories. Especially as your contribution will help me to put off cutting out body parts for Robins!

Sunday 26 September 2021

Ask me anything…within reason..

I don’t know if y’all know this, but Miss Dunnit is a partner in a company called The Shrieking Wizard Co, they are a bunch of graphic geniuses and you can see their beautiful work, High Hopes Low Rolls on You Tube under that name. They also do a bunch of other stuff, and one of the things was all about me! Well, it wasn’t, but so that The Shrieking Wizards fans could get to know more about the actual er, Wizards, they are interviewing for their Podcast. And I was interviewed:
Of course, for Miss Dunnit and I it was really just a semi formal chat, but some of their fans tweeted specific questions. I didn’t let myself down - I don’t think-  but I think I did give away a couple of things….if you’d like to have a listen, it’s here. It’s quite long but it’s fun. I never thought I sounded like I do, that was a revelation! 

Wednesday 22 September 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 642

My desk is untouched. Honestly. I haven’t looked at it since last Wednesday. Really.  See, I went to meet my sister on Wednesday and as usual, we visited Mama in her care home. We sat rather longer than usual, or intended, over coffee and lunch because it was warm and sunny and that sort of weather in September is not to be missed. My house was internet deprived until early evening and I was rushing about a bit doing the things that I should have done in the afternoon! Can’t remember why, but I didn’t get to the desk or the computer at all on Thursday either, and on Friday, we left home for a weekend in other parts. 
Strange, sunny, relaxing parts. So that’s today’s picture……I hope it inspires.
It does me. After visiting my sweet Mama again this morning, I’ll be a week closer to the card workshop and no further forward! I’d forgotten how inspirational a deadline can be!
Please join in with the show and tell; I’m about the only one that makes the terrible excuses, so it won’t be hard work to visit some of the other links and when you do….you won’t be disappointed!

Tuesday 14 September 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 641

I know. Just like the week before last when I was really late, now, I’m really early. I’m sorry if it makes you question the order of the days! I’m posting on Tuesday night because we’ve been notified that our internet will be off from 6am on Wednesday. Bad timing, huh. 
I had a slight rearrange this afternoon, figure we won’t need the door for access to the garden for a few days minimum, so have put my desk where it’s intended to go. The light is great. 
None of the wires have been sorted, but it’s OK, he’s worked without time off for the last two weeks so things that I can’t do myself are just waiting. And I’ve arranged it so that I can’t see it all when I’m sitting at the desk! My desk surface is tidy at this point. When I’d finished mucking about and pretending I was doing things, I actually got a bit stuck in and stamped some penguins. And a Robin. It’s a sign, gentle reader. A sign of preparing for a day long workshop…not actually a sign of me preparing for Christmas! Ha! Show and tell what you’re up to please, either on this chilly night or tomorrow in the really rather autumnal feeling morning! See you as soon as the magic web waves are fixed.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 640

I think this will work on time this week, gentle Desker. If you were held up or put out by my bad scheduling last week, sorry. In such a situation, I must encourage you to always assume it’s a mistake that I’ve made or a technical problem before you start to worry that I’m poorly or have a real life problem. I will share all of those sort of events, you know how much I like things to be all about me.
No further ado then, have a sunlight full on pic of the workspace taken yesterday after lunch, from the door. This isn’t a huge room. 
We changed our Internet provider. The box in the foreground contained the necessary black box and wires. It was a self fit job and involved a lot of b*@&#y effort if you ask me.’They’ recommend that your landline phone and the black box should not be parked near one another. Look at all the wires gracing the ‘behind me’ worktop and the floor by the door! All destined to be clipped, shortened, disappeared and oh boy, I’m looking forward to that! The desk itself is unused this week, a combination of brilliant weather and visiting chums. Not a bad reason for sure, but I really must improve my at home time management! 
Share and tell then, please. Gimme a chance to visit my Mama and then I’ll visit you. Thank you!

Wednesday 1 September 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 639

This is scheduled gentle reader, we think I need to be out and about early on Wednesday, chasing down much needed stuff. This has happened before and with any luck, the text message that could prevent me having to leave home at commute o,clock as if I work, may arrive really early. It has done before. It’s all about a client and his requirements and our source and their delivery. And then….
I did something incorrectly and it didn’t publish at all! Sorry, very late posting this morning! Enough. Look….
There’s a piece of old scrapbook paper acting as an ink catcher. This means that I’ve made something! I am truly grateful to my friend Karen, Queen Bee. She and I are doing a monthly ATC swap. You can see the small pile of ATCs that are the ones she’s sent me (excluding this month’s because it’s on the edge of the shelf behind me with a big wodge of blue tack holding it in my line of vision. Serves two purposes: admire the artwork and remember to make one for her. Works well. You can see the basket containing distress inks which gives away what I’ve been using, and there’s a pile of some newer stuff. Looks bigger than it is and sort of includes the card workshop that I still haven’t done. I know. Just do it. But there’s some nice stuff in it. 
And will you look at that, it’s not all Christmas! Thank goodness. Show and tell please, it’s time you did. Soon as I get back, I’ll be feet up, kettle on…indulge me, do.,