Wednesday, 5 May 2021

What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 622

Theres a post here about the ATC anniversary postcard swap thing. Sylvia asked about the rules regarding decorating envelopes. As far as I can tell, for post in and to the UK, as long as the address and particularly the post code are clear and legible, then there’s no problem with decoration. I browsed the Royal Mail website and can’t find any particular directions about it at all. 
Now then, to the desk. 
Unusually for me, I have to admit to having done absolutely nothing this week. I’ve moved the LO I was working on and slung the rolled up wallpaper sample pieces on my desk. I’m going to use them for GKW. There’s a little (4 x 4) box of Origami paper at the front too. Found whilst clearing out a cupboard. Unused. Destined to remain unused by me, but certainly not destined to spend another few years in a dark cupboard! There is intent on the desk...a pile of ATC size blanks. I’ll definitely make a bunch up, just not sure yet on the what or the when part! The sun is streaming in, the blind is down to prevent over exposure etc. I should add that the wind is so strong it’s taken small branches off the hawthorn and the rain is ridiculous. May. Sheesh. Anyway, crack on lovely Deskers, show us your stuff, it’s very necessary. Thank you. 

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

So, the ATC thing...

So, for WOYWW week 624, we’ve planned a little occasion, to mark 12 years of desking. We’re going to send an ATC and a postcard to a fellow desker. This post will explain how that fellow desker is chosen. 
First of all, some words from our sponsor - 
Marking WOYWW12 is entirely voluntary. If you don’t want to, for any reason, you don’t need to, nor do you need to explain yourself. This includes a reluctance to join in because of any potential C19 virus transition by post; don’t worry about it, just choose not to take part. Please take postal costs into consideration before you commit. Postage isn’t cheap and if you can’t manage it this month, please don’t. We’re as happy to see your arty products online, believe me.

The ATC part: you need only make one ATC, no particular theme. Please note on the back that it’s for WOYWWs 12th anniversary. You will only have one official recipient. However, lots of Deskers make a bunch of ATCs and offer to send them to anyone that would like to ask for one. As you visit the desks, so you’ll see who is offering. 

Now, the postcard part: I thought it would be fun to see something of where you live. If you can’t find a postcard, you could make one; draw paint sketch photo...or, you could forgive yourself and just send the ATC. 

Moody local skies. Taken last Friday through the car windscreen. In a traffic queue of course. 
That’s what locals think of when you mention Stonehenge: traffic.

How it works:
When you join the link list on Wednesday 19th, if you want to take part in the swap, please add an asterisk * to your name when you enter into the Mr Linky fields.
It’s easy to forget. If you want to add an asterisk * to your name this week and leave it until the 19th, it would not be a problem, we’ll only take any notice of it on Wednesday 19th.
If you forget on the day, link yourself up again. (You can’t delete your original link, but I shall try to be on hand to do that in a timely way where necessary.) This will mean that the number you end up at on the list will change. 
Now, concentrate:  The person below you displaying an asterisk * on the link list becomes your recipient. Visit them, ask for their postal address and commit to sending as soon as you can. The last person on the list with an asterisk* will send to the first person on the list. The satisfaction in that being a circle of friends does me no end of good. 

Lots of us link at the same time every week, and therefore you will already have a good idea about who you’ll send your art to. Could you consider mixing it up a bit and posting at an entirely different time? Up to you, of course. I realise that along with having to add an asterisk * to your name, posting at a different time might be a reach. Would be for me. I was going to suggest a different way to find a recipient but frankly, it all gets over organised and the fun starts running away from it.

So that’s it. Please question me if you need further explanation. I’m trying to keep it simple and straightforward, but am aware of my ability to use twenty words when two will do!