Wednesday 30 June 2010

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 56

Gah, I'm not here today - first ever scheduled WOYWW from me! This taken on Tuesday can see sunshine - it was too hot to work in that puddle of warm light I can tell you!

I'm making cards from a pad of Papermania papers and tags and borders - impressive quality and price, really pleasant surprise. It's called 'Rose Garden' and is very pretty and pastel. And therefore delicate and somewhat outside my comfort zone!

Usual suspects - more than one pair of scissors of course, although I am impressed at my only using one reel of tape for today's card making session - there's usually 3 at least!

Scraps box at the back looks very uncontrolled to the lens, but I think the shadow makes it look s much larger than it is. I hope. Reality check due, probably! The basket at the near end is where the waiting-to-be-cleaned stamps live. Till they're cleaned. Then I put them away. The baskets at the far end are waiting to be filled with tools and stamps etc for each of the cards at this week's workshop. See, there's a method - everyhting's 'waiting' ! It's a very behind method and a bit panicked. That's why I'm not here this morning....this working lark is really interfering with my balance...I guess I'll find a routine soon. Please!

And here's an arty shot of a slight swing round - a temporary sanding wrapping and packing station was set's almost over, so then can go back to using the top of the Cricut as a storage shelf!

So, come on then - show us your workdesk/lap tray/sofa/floor - whatever surface you work on; we want to see what you've got , what you're doing and to a certain extent, where you store it all! Doesn't have to be paper, craft or what you think is interesting, we'll decide on that! Put a photo on your blog and then add your name and post to Mr Linky here to tell us where to find you. Be warned, we'll come and look - but it takes some time! There's a badge on the top left of this blog if you want to erm, go public as a WOYWWer.

Monday 28 June 2010

Hesitation, Deviation, Repetition

I made this card for a workshop (Cards to 'Die' for..geddit..!). I since have copied it to the cost of two more pieces of this fab Cosmo Cricket paper - I love these colours together. I also made one in reds and blacks to send to a friend. It looked awful by comparison. I can't show you because I put it in my sale basket and it was one of the handful that sold on Saturday! Anyway, take my word for it. Or rather, my eye. Perhaps because I was so pleased with this 'original' card (and I make no claim that the idea is original, you understand), and perhaps because I managed to match inks and colours relatively well, when I tried other colours, it just looked like a poor substitute. Perhaps we card makers should avoid repeating ourselves. Obviously, if you make Wedding stationery, this wouldn't be an option, so I am naturally and as usual, making crass generalisations. As in - read 'me' for 'we'!
Perhaps I should have been less worried about the red and black version, after all, it worked well enough to appeal to a customer and who knows, maybe she would have chosen it over this turquoise one anyway. Maybe, when I hit on a 'sketch' that works well for me, I should trot out a few, repeat the idea in several colour ways. Keep my stock up and really hone the techniques? Yah. Makes sense really, but I rarely do. In fact I even hesitate over Christmas cards, I don't do well with repetition, it's not satisfying to the creative animal in me I guess. You alterers would probably roundly agree with that. But the argument against the same thing in several colours is a perennial one - how do you choose? And after all, if I struggle with choice, maybe it's right that I control the card buying customer by not making choice available! See, I can make logic. Even if I hesitate and procrastinate over making a card.

Saturday 26 June 2010

Talking of WOYWW

Remember, ages ago it was the first anniversary of the WOYWW nonsense. Remember, I set a challenge and called it - because I am a woman of enormous imagination - the WOYWW Anniversary Challenge. WOYWWAC for erm, short. I said there would be prizes, and I beetled around a few of the WOYWWers that sell their stuff and bought a handful of things; I thought there would be a handful of WOYWWAC projects because after all, it's all nonsense. And then as you know, from this post, the day after - there were finally over 100 Anniversary Challenge projects posted and each as important as the last. No 'handful' of small gifts, however beautiful, would do it. So, in partnership with Mr Dunnit, we set about simply giving everyone who had taken part a teeny gift to remind them of their efforts and participation in this big ol' blog hop. I think by now if you haven't received your easel it will be because you live overseas. I've sent all of them, except two - Joey and Candace, if you'd like one, please let me have your address!
As you can see, I've already tampered with mine - filed the letters with Glossy Accents and half a pound of glitter. Sparkly! There are three types of wood in use, no idea which one you got but they are all naked, so if you wanna 'alter', go ahead, or leave it! If you have Ash or American Oak or Scots Pine, they will soak up fingerprints etc - sand 'em clean and or varnish or wax or whatever if you need to prevent it!

So that was the criteria - take part in the WOYWWAC. However, because it's all for fun and because I hate a clique, if you're a WOYWWer and would like an easel, eme your address.

And you may have noticed a lot of us now have quite unique buttons that warn or explain away our WOYWW habits. They were made by Nicki - and she gives 'em away out of the kindness of her graphically skilled heart.
This is the link - and I've put it in full, just in case the 'link' thing doesn't can just copy and paste it. Go get one, I now have 4 and am dithering about how often to rotate them. Based on this post, it'll be WOYWW Blabber. Watch my (right hand margin) space!
Thanks Nicki, love the fun!

Friday 25 June 2010

Altering? Bite Me.

Yeah yeah. You all thought I was going to be an old whinge bag again didn't you! I know you did so don't fib.
But no - this time I bring you news of an altered success - and a possibly too close-up a picture of it!
Here's the altered loaf we made at the weekend whilst scoffing our BBQ lunch. Layers of barbecue grilled aubergine, pepper and red onion, added mozzarella in a hollowed out loaf basically. It's a prepare ahead thing and there's a little bit more to it - but oh my it is lovely and so worht the 'effort'. I slice it carefully and warm it slightly in a dry frying pan before erm, 'serving'. (For serving, read scoffing). But the warming thing is because I can't bear the thought of cold cooked veggies - frankly at my age, anything straight from the fridge is too cold!
So that's this week's altering triumph.
I've been doing more hearts for another sale this weekend; that Jan, she makes me work really hard! Didn't sell a single card at last week's stall, so hoping with a better display rigged up that there'll be more people and less shyness about browsing them....we'll see, huh! All the hearts went, at £3, so you were right. And just to take the taste of veggies out of your head - here's this week's batch - I've done 2 of each, all with magnets on the back rather than hangy wire or ribbon - seemed the preferred method last week. So now I have to sleep with Mr D to get some more cut's OK everyone, I genuinely think the sacrifice is worth it.

Thursday 24 June 2010

Castaway - or cast out?

I bought a Castaway inkpad. It says to stamp an image (and on the lid it uses nice solid stamps by Hot Potatoes) so I used a nice solid stamp and stamped 6 different pieces of card stock. Some from Kanban, some Core-dinations, some Basic Grey and some coloured cheapskate copier paper. It stamps like a Versamark. The instructions say to leave it for five minutes and then iron it. (I know, but this time it's ART). So I did. In fact, in the end, at the tearing my hair out point, I even timed it and left it for shorter, longer and overnight. Ironing it you see, is meant to set the bleachy component of the ink working and leave you with a lovely batik effect image, almost 'in' your paper.
I can't get it to work. *almost stamping my feet*
It clearly says on the instructions that it won't work with all card stocks, particularly coated and gloss laminated stuff. I get that. But I can't get to work on any of my stock. To the point that 10 minutes after ironing, you can't tell that I've stamped anything on any of the papers. (That's why I haven't pictured them). What am I doing wrong? Anyone know? The Jacquard website says not a lot more than the instructions on the ink pad - why would it, if it works for them! I expect it's something obvious - so please enlighten me if you can. Or just tell me of your experiences with this ink. I thank you. So does my family - having to live with a crazy woman with clumps of hair missing might be the final straw.

Wednesday 23 June 2010

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 55

I took this photo yesterday, about
5.30pm. It was very hot sitting at the workdesk. This morning the room is in total shade and because I'm still in my nightie, I'm freezing! Contrasts. This morning the first job is to clear this desk - ready for me to begin chopping and counting stock for Thursday's workshops. When I say clear, I mean the area of my glass mat .....for in truth I'm half way through some more hearts to sell and I don't wanna put stuff away just to get it back out again! I think that's the theory behind push-back. Works for me!
Amongst the erm, stash, are two of my favourite stamps - both by Dawn Houser -(the ones I used on the tag shown yesterday - must be my fave all time designer in rubber. I think...I'm not unsure of my devotion, I just don't know if I can make the commitment of 'definitely' my favourite - I mean, what if I discovered another!! Don't ask me ever to do a list of my top 10 of anything will ya? You can clearly see the broken 'S' of the B wordI talked about last week, and good grief, one of the suitcases Jennie gave me has found it's way onto the desk...this probably signifies some sort of intent! Probably. There's also my pair of black non-stick teflon coated scissors. Love 'em. Loved them even more before I had the bright idea of sharpening them and so removed the tungsten coating from the blade edges. Foolish old woman. Still, they're nice and sharp!

We're waiting to see your work space please - photo it, upload it to your blog and use Mr Linky here to show us where - easy. Doesn't have to be papercrafts and it doesn't have to be a desk - just show us what you're working on, it's fascinating! See you in a minute or so then!

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Carmen saved me....

Now, you may or may not know this about me - I'm hopeless at inky, time consuming stuff. I don't have a craft sheet (I use a piece of cling film spread over my glass mat!) and I gave away my Melt Pot, about a year after I realised I'd used it twice and hated it!

So then Jennie sends me a bunch of stuff that can be altered and I have a teeny panic attack at the enormity of the expectation. I even bought another Distress Inkpad to help. It didn't. But then Carmen left a comment. And it was all OK and so I took five minutes to play a bit.

This is as close as it gets for me - four (FOUR!) ink pads and some cut and dry foam and a couple of stamped images later, and I quite like it. It's bright and quite cheery. But that's the point isn't it - I like it. Again, thanks to Jenny for the erm, push, and definite thanks to Carmen who says it doesn't have to be grungy to be altered. I have a workshop to propose to shopkeeper gal, born out of Carmen's wisdom. We're going to call it 'Grungy, but Bright'. I think it will interest the people who know me well enough to know that it's kinda my colours but out of my 'zone'. I don't think we can go as far as Jul!a Holtz as a nickname, but hey - I like the brighter colours, and Carmen says it's OK. Good enough.

Saturday 19 June 2010

Going Somewhere?

Oh yes. I am. Over to the dark side! I think Jennie, the artistic stamper saw that earlier this month I'd bought some embossing folders and dies from the Ranger, Tim Holtz signature range. And because she's a generous woman who frankly can't understand why 'altering' is such a problem for some (OK, one) of us, she decided that a challenge was due. (Or has she got a reverse web cam that shows her how often I've browsed her shop...?) The challenge arrived as a gift from the shop; The Stamp Connection. Of course now I've got to have a go, otherwise she's wasted a lovely lovely gift! I DO like these things very much, oh yeah. And I am grateful to Jennie - how thoughtful was she to think it would be fun to mess with my head! As if to prove it, I bought my fourth Distress Ink pad just yesterday! Now, I need to walk around these little cases and tags....alot, probably. I wanna do 'em justice, so don't re-visit in the next 24 hours to see how it's going to take a while, and probably a lot of internet browsing before I can commit!
And just in case you're in any doubt as to how far removed my very normal paper crafting is, here's another of the hearts. Jan was, I'm delighted to say, cutting and sewing for England when I delivered the cards yesterday.....see, her bags and door stops and tea cosies have proven so popular that she's been making advance sales! Anyhoo, am really grateful that you took time to express an opinion about prices etc. For the record, we're leaving the cards at a quid each and the hearts are going to start at three....the extremely delicious Mr Jan is in charge actually, I'm committed elsewhere and Jan plays in the brass band that will be entertaining the good folk of Milton Lilbourne. Now there you see, is a multi-talented woman.
Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 17 June 2010

Time's Up!

There is a point isn't there, where if you haven't done it, there's no time to do it. If you haven't packed it, you can't go back for it. If you haven't finished it, it has to stay unfinished. And actually, it's a good point to come to because as soon as you get there, you realise your best is probably good enough and oh! see! still living and it wasn't the most important thing after all. I'm there.
Here's an uninspiring basket of cards for the craft fair table. My good and dear friend Jan would howl at this 'deadline frenzy'. She's laid back and totally skilled at prioritising and would totally let me off the hook if I didn't deliver these for Saturday. She would give no indication that I'd let her down. She's too nice to do that. And that's why I had to get over myself and get on with it. You saw the devastation it caused on yesterday's desk! Two hours of bagging, waiting for acrylic spray sealant to dry and it's all over! Don't know what gave you the impression I wouldn't make it, I'm sure. So watch out Milton Lilbourne summer fair, our stuff is gonna be there and we don't want to bring it home!

The cards are going to be £1 each or 6 for a £5 or 4 for £3 (!!) and the hearts £2 each - you think that's reasonable? Be honest - if your eyes widen in shock, it would be good to know!

Wednesday 16 June 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 54

This is spectacular, huh! This is what happens when you have a the same deadline for two different things that each require quite a lot of work - and naturally, your mojo up and leaves you. In a huff. Me, in a huff. The mojo will be when it gets back, oh yeah. I did cheat a bit..I emptied the little bin before I took the pic..just so you could see all the rubbish going on around it! See back left a pile of wooden letters. The S broke, but they spell 'Bol***ks' - there is a story (I linked to it but it didn't work..if you wanna read - go to the December 2009 archive..!) I was going to get around to erm 'altering' them, but so far of course, not done. The mess here is entirely due to my decision to make up a bunch of hanging, folksy hearts for sale at a fete - using only my scraps. It causes stress and more scraps, as you can see!So keeping your written word brief would be a help, but either way - show off your desk - we want to see what you're using, what you're currently making and what you've got that we haven't! Upload a pic to your blog and then link here courtesy of fab Mr Linky...and then please be patient and forgiving.....not everyone will make it to every desk....I mean, it's gotta be random really, huh?

Monday 14 June 2010

On the World Cup

I'm, ahem, *fat and in my forties*. I know, I can't believe it either...but age wise, it's a good place. Sport other than swimming has never been a feature in my life.
I walk. To the car.
However, Mr Dunnit is a keen sportsman. He has no particular 'team' in football, rather a keen and if I may say, insightful overview of the Premier and Champoins Leagues. Over the years then, football particularly has percolated into my brain and I find myself not disinterested by big tournaments. I can temper that by telling you that I can sit at my desk with my back to the TV and simply enjoy hearing the roaring and groaning of a man 'enjoying' the beautiful game...I just wanna know the score.What I really love about all international tournaments - Olympics, Eurovision, World Cup - is the opportunity you get to have a closer look at other cultures and foreign parts. Not especially the coverage itself, but some of the programmes we've watched that have been created around South Africa being the host country have been marvellous. The Wags who went out there and worked really hard, Neil Morrissey and his chum crossing the African continent with some of their own brew for the tournament, cookery and history aplenty. Love that. And of course, national pride. The Rainbow Nation really are showing that pride off, in every grin and every can you not enjoy their pleasure, and the views over their amazing country. And pride here too - I have my flag for the car (which Mr Dunnit hates - says it draws attention......hell yeah!); we have England paper napkins (I must admit that we don't 'dine with napkins' on a normal everyday basis!) and we have face paints. Of course. This country is incredibly good at national (well placed) pride, we just don't show it too often, so I enjoy it very much. The endless analysis of football matches, selection processes and true interview meanings - not so much. For the love of St George though? I can live with it!
With my back to the TV I've used Crafthouse Press 'Weenicons' die cut decoupage kit for these two cards....only addition is a teensy bit of sparkle to Beckham's bling. I love the England decades card - I'm delighted that you can recognise them even though at first glance they're really similar! Well I think I can: Moore, Keegan, Lineker,Gascoine, Beckham. Great scrapbook inserts for those of us with a tale to tell from this tournament, and fab cards for Fathers Day. Ohhh, two goals then!

Friday 11 June 2010

Word, Bird

Exactly how much self control should I have? I pulled the green bin back into the garage (I know, my stories of domestic bliss are, ummmm, riveting.) and there's a blue wrapped parcel that Gordon my postman has incredibly thoughtfully put in the garage instead of making me drive 12 miles to collect. (More domestic bliss - see, if you were my neighbour, you could share Gordon with me, he's the best postman.) I examined the parcel for a full -oh I don't know - 20 seconds? Time enough to ensure it was meant for me. And then I ripped it open. And look what I cleverly revealed!

Isn't she gorgeous? From Anne - you know her as Liverpool Lou. And not just from Anne, but made by Anne with all sorts of attention to detail - just look at those beaded feet and her beautiful crown. Hang on, I'll turn her around..
and how's that for beautiful booty!

Huge thanks Anne, she is a pleasure to look at and has already made a guest smile, perched as she is in the front hall of the East Wing. I dunno why you decided to give her to me, but I'm really happy that you did. Thank you. Shall I stop sticking pins in the butt of the little blue tack dolly that looks like you now?

I'm sorry, I can't improve the gaps in this post, my editing skills are clearly lacking today.....and I was just thinking it wasn't as long a post as usual. I also wanted to say - we keep our green bin at the back because that's where the grass is, so tactically easier to haul the bin through here than through the lounge and front door....and, I will be returning to the burning issue of yesterday....!

Thursday 10 June 2010

Really, moi?

These items to be found on a desk very, very near to this computer. Do not be afraid, I'm not going over to the dark side. Or indeed the seven shades of wee wee side. I mean, now that the Distress Inks come in actual colours, they're really very nice. No, I'm not going to become an alterer or steampunk artist overnight; mostly because I can't do it - it's a style I can merely aspire to. I can, however, appreciate a good product. And very often do. The ticket shaped die has my name on it - some people know that anything vaguely stationery related will eventually end up in my stash and I can see this getting a lorra lorra use. The bird and cage die are bigger than I thought they'd be, and I don't really know why I had to have it, but there. I did. Embossing folders because, well, Mr Dunnit thinks it's my mission to own them all, and a gal should never disappoint her husband, huh. I was also taken with another die from the range - the idea of being able to cut a key hole shape in anything..but as far as I can tell from the packaging, I can't - the keyhole die will only work if fitted magnetically inside Sizzix's specific shaped dies (sold seperately of course). Please put me right if I've misunderstood this. Because of course, if I have understood correctly, what's the point of the trio of hole dies that are for sale at a price that makes a Big Bite or other long reach punch a really viable option? What have I missed here; I know I'm really late to look this range over so I know it's safe to ask here - someone will explain. Or do I just live with that creeping feeling that Sizzix thinks we're all zipped up the back and stuffed with dollar bills?

Tuesday 8 June 2010

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 53

I took these pics yesterday evening..sun soaking various parts of my tiny but lovely room. Mr Dunnit was minding his own biz, playing cards on the PC whilst waiting for tea. I remembered a domestic priority - the green bin needs to be brought from the back garden to the front for emptying..and while it's dry and sunny, it's a good time to drag it through the workroom - so I went to the trouble of moving the desk and Mr D did everything else! See, my desk sits against the barn door to the garden...the whole room was built on the back of the garage (and you can see that door from this pic - no idea why I'm bothering you with this!) So we had to be a bit smart in fitting the workroom. Well, Mr Dunnit did. I chose the paint colour. My desk is on humongous casters so in theory it can be swung around and out of the way with ease. But of course, it's so cluttered that it takes a little more than 'ease'. Still, on the bright side, I did at least sweep the floor!

The first shot is taken standing outside through the door that you normally see as a window above my desk. The long shot is from the left end of my desk ; pen pot and scrap box really dominate. But you can see the printer and compuer which aren't actually on my desk..that's a whole other worktop to fill up! But, some clearing and levelling will begin. It has to, I have loads to do and it is finally driving me mad. Yeah right, watch this space!

And talking of space - share yours will ya? Photo it, upload it to your blog and use Mr Linky here to show us where - easy. Doesn't have to be papercrafts and it doesn't have to be a desk - just show us what you're working on, it satisfies a deep and extraordinary need in all of us, really. But mostly me I expect!

Sunday 6 June 2010

How to prepare for a Crop

Spend nearly two hours looking for one particular picture; although frankly, you're lucky it was only two hours. Allow your family to laugh at you and convince you that you never actually had said photo printed. The implication that you just look at it a lot on that clever computer wallpaper picture thingy is just too sad. Let the lack of one photo stop you preparing something else to do. Really, when teamed with the scabby ticket you've found that set the whole idea off - would it have made an award winning LO?

Dig deep into your reserves of will and go onward with your preparation, after all, you are woman and you are strong in the face of such defeat. But wait till the next day because you can no longer be confident of your colour matching in anything but daylight.

Grudgingly, choose a handful of alternative photos from the huge selection waiting to be preserved for all time. Take out every piece of 12 x 12 paper that you own. Go through them carefully, judging the merit of the photgraph and the occasion against your desire to use each sheet. Finally settle on a paper that can be used without the feeling that you're parting with a friend. Take out every box of stickers, alphabets, embellishments and chipboard that you own. Repeat the selection process. The criteria stays the same...if you like it too much, the photo had better be worth it.
Then, take out your 4 year old Autumn Leaves desk calendar and flip through it, vaguely hoping to find a sketch that will match the previous grudging selections. Don't worry that this would work better at the beginning of the process - if these published scrapbookers are so good, the right LO is certainly there, right? By now you are sitting on the floor amongst every storage box you own, and with every cupboard door open and mumbling incoherently that your family had better not make any sudden moves for fear of moving the calendar pages, laid 'carefully' in your line of vision. And in fading light, so hurry. By now you will be slightly fed up with the whole process, and blind to everything except the fact that no-one will clear this lot up for you. It is, I guarantee, at this stage, that decision making becomes instant and executive. This enables you to pack the bag with alarming and unusual enthusiasm. And then you can use your tool bag for the adhesives and the non paper bits that you'd completely fogotten about. Of course, this incredible forethought and preparation now means that you're ready, 12 hours ahead of the crop starting, which can only mean one thing. It's been a triumph. Sleep soundly until the small hours when you realise you might forget the bag containing tea, coffee and milk. OK. Partial triumph.

Thursday 3 June 2010

That was the Wednesday that was..

This post will mean very little to you if this is your first stop at Stamping Ground, but read it anyway - it's mostly all about me, and how you're never too old to be grateful for any sort of inspiration!This beautiful card from Anne (Liverpool Lou)

So yesterday was the WOYWW first anniversary. Loads of participating bloggers asked if I'd ever dreamed that WOYWW would become such a big thing. No. Didn't consider it, didn't forecast anything for it at all. If I did give it any thought, it would have been along the lines of 'aha, a chance to show off', because that's who I am. But I'm also a middle aged hormonal woman with a memory problem and to be honest, I can't remember any motive other than typing a blog being slightly less crazy than talking aloud to yourself.

This beautiful card from Jane at Milliesmarvels
I did not anticipate or understand the swell of friendliness and serious participation that WOYWW would produce; indeed by January, I thought it would probably die it's own death because it might get boring. It was Angie (Shozzy) who told me about the anniversary, and she too suggested that I mark it with a challenge of some sort. So I thought about it for all of five minutes and came up with AC- Anniversary Challenge - the idea that, as we all celebrate our work spaces once a week, so we should make something to adorn it -practical or not, and to include the blessedly stupid, useless acronym. I thought that a handful of people would participate- after all, my mantra is 'it's meant to be fun' and the last thing that WOYWW should do is induce any sort of stress.

This beautiful card from Twiglet and Wipso
Sisters Crafty Creations

So yesterday was a total shocker for me. It was unspeakably lovely. Humbling. Over 90 Anniversary Challenge projects, all of which took precious time and supplies to conceive and make, and all to mark a habit born of a whim. You will never, ever understand how overwhelmed I was to find that you had bothered. I cried. Not big gulping snotters, but goodness, some very dignified and arty silvery tears sliding prettily and get it. I'm humbled by your generosity of spirit - whether you made an AC project or not, whether yesterday was your first or 52nd WOYWW; your part in the whole is incredible.

And all the lovely messages and plaudits have been very flattering, and indeed, my head is super ginormous today....but you need to remember - I may have started it, but the whole thing is sustained by all of you. Ahem. Speech: WOYWW belongs to the people of WOYWW! We all get a little bit of promotion out of it and the rest is time and good humour. And that comes across the internet waves loud and clear. Thanks for sharing. Do it again. And again!

Wednesday 2 June 2010

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 52

Wednesday already - where did that year go!
I lifted this from my blog post a year ago:

I hit on an idea last night that I thought may be fun - particularly in view of the cathartic nature of sharing. I thought we (that's you interweb, and me) could do a 'what's on my work table this wednesday' feature thingy. Yep. From me, a sort of down market and probably badly photographed version of the sort of thing that real big celeb scrappers do - but theirs involve finished items, links, articles and sponsor giveaways....none of which will happen here. I just wanna see what you're all doing that I'm not...I really like the idea of seeing your work in progress; specially as your finished stuff is always fab. So naturally, it would work if you'll take part - leave a comment so I can come and see what's on your table if you're brave enough!
And do you know interweb, I think if that were the mission, then here we are at an anniversary - and Mission Accomplished! No doubt - none at all, that the sharing and chatting and meeting has been cathartic - and has proven beyond doubt that no matter how many differences, we are still human beans. And we're nice.
I promised bad photography and no sponsor give-aways - and man, I've sooo delivered. And so have you, dear Interweb, so have you. I don't have any idea how many desks I've been able to pick over and rummage through, how many sunny aspects I've admired and storage solutions I've swooned over. Many. I've really enjoyed it. Thank you. The celebrity corny speech thing reminds me to say - there is no WOYWW without you. True that.

Shall we go on? If you like. Same rules, same ridiculous acronym, and it's meant to be fun. So I think I was subconciously preparing a doozy of a desk.......a full shot in bad light - ta na!

If you've made time to join the Anniversary Challenge, thank you again. There are a handful of small non-sponsor (!) gifts to be awarded..the criteria is horribly subjective; the judging will be based entirely on how much the judges like it. Technical skill and time spent will sadly, not count. Remember, it must, however subtly, bear the WOYWW acronym. And be fit to enhance your work area. The judges are Sissy Dunnit and Dori Melton, the two that make the team of the most upcoming paper and textile designers in California, USA, the World inc. My blingy canvas (less than subtle huh!) will make me smile every shines and sparkles, it's going to be on the wall out of the way and it used a lot of stuff that frankly, I haven't touched for ages. Another personal triumph then really!
As ever then, photo your work space, post on your blog and leave your name and link and we'll pop by for a visit...on the basis that this is an anniversary, I will be wearing my paper crown, but to help out, I'll bring my own mug. Deal?

Tuesday 1 June 2010


Hello June. Please - be flaming. I've got lights on and was forced to do some ironing earlier, so cold were my hands. The quick run from car to supermarket to car to Mr Dunnit's factory to supply milk for the tea break and the dash from car to Dentist has satisfied my need for summer rain, thanks.