Saturday, 26 June 2010

Talking of WOYWW

Remember, ages ago it was the first anniversary of the WOYWW nonsense. Remember, I set a challenge and called it - because I am a woman of enormous imagination - the WOYWW Anniversary Challenge. WOYWWAC for erm, short. I said there would be prizes, and I beetled around a few of the WOYWWers that sell their stuff and bought a handful of things; I thought there would be a handful of WOYWWAC projects because after all, it's all nonsense. And then as you know, from this post, the day after - there were finally over 100 Anniversary Challenge projects posted and each as important as the last. No 'handful' of small gifts, however beautiful, would do it. So, in partnership with Mr Dunnit, we set about simply giving everyone who had taken part a teeny gift to remind them of their efforts and participation in this big ol' blog hop. I think by now if you haven't received your easel it will be because you live overseas. I've sent all of them, except two - Joey and Candace, if you'd like one, please let me have your address!
As you can see, I've already tampered with mine - filed the letters with Glossy Accents and half a pound of glitter. Sparkly! There are three types of wood in use, no idea which one you got but they are all naked, so if you wanna 'alter', go ahead, or leave it! If you have Ash or American Oak or Scots Pine, they will soak up fingerprints etc - sand 'em clean and or varnish or wax or whatever if you need to prevent it!

So that was the criteria - take part in the WOYWWAC. However, because it's all for fun and because I hate a clique, if you're a WOYWWer and would like an easel, eme your address.

And you may have noticed a lot of us now have quite unique buttons that warn or explain away our WOYWW habits. They were made by Nicki - and she gives 'em away out of the kindness of her graphically skilled heart.
This is the link - and I've put it in full, just in case the 'link' thing doesn't can just copy and paste it. Go get one, I now have 4 and am dithering about how often to rotate them. Based on this post, it'll be WOYWW Blabber. Watch my (right hand margin) space!
Thanks Nicki, love the fun!


Kate said...

Hi Julia, I meant to email yesterday to say a massive thankyou for my easel. I love it, so glad you have altered yours ....was gonna ask if you would mind me doing mine? but maybe i will leave it in all its wooded glory. I was gonna add glitter and glossy accents to the know great minds and all
Anyway massive thankyou to you and the obviously talented mr Dunnit.
Kate xxxx
PS ive already used it photo on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't received mine yet, but thank you and Mr. Dunnit sooo much! They're fabulous :D

Claire said...

Those easels are fab Julia, I solemnly swear I will make more of an effort to join in on should be easier when I change my hours at work in September :)

Joey said...

Hi Julia

oh I was admiring these on others blogs :O) I did return your email when you originally emailed me, Honest I wasnt ignoring you!!! I shall send you another! :O)

Penni said...

Fab easels Julia - I saw some whilst hopping around this week !!!

I've emailed you!

Have a fabby weekend


Scrapcat 1 said...

OH Julia, I would love a WOYWW easel I could use it when taking pictures of my projects.

Gez Butterworth said...

I love mine Julia. Thank You so much.xx Such a clever idea. I haven't seen anything like them before.... can't wait to get tinkering. :)
I am cameraless at the mo but it doesn't stop me crafting!
Hope you have a lovely weekend. Gez.xx

Helen said...

Julia, I love what you've done with your easel - not sure why I hadn't thought of doing anything to it - other than it's a lovely piece of wood and I'd hate to spoil it.
Thanks also for the birthday card, have just emailed you to acknowledge, but let me tell everyone here, it's lovely!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE my easel very much and am currently torn between leaving it naked or ... erm ... dressing it ;0) It now has pride of place on my desk so a BIG thank you to you and Mr Dunnit!
You keep being amazed by the WOYWW numbers Mrs D and I will keep being amazed by your thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit and Mr D's ever growing list of talents!
Thank you again X

Kay said...

Receieved mine yesterday and it is beautiful. Thanks so much to you and Mr D, I love it!! I haven't decided whether to do anything to it yet because it is such a lovely piece of wood :)

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ohhh they look lovely. I have spied some as I hopped round blogland.
Congrats you are in this months Craft Stamper. There is an article on Blogging and WOYWW is mentioned.
Hope you have a fabby weekend. Love Hazelxox

Diane said...

I would love an easel Julia, but as I haven't been participating long I feel a bit cheeky requesting one so will completely understand if I am not allowed. I will email you.

Sue said...

Hi Julia
oh i saw theses as i was traveling round, they are brill hun, will mail you, sue,x

Unknown said...

i got mine and used it this morning on a card i made yesterday - which is erm... winging its way in the post to you - as it happends!!!

Thank you again soo much i'll treasure it forever along with my other stuff

Paula x x x

Create With Joy said...

Ooh how awesome - I can't wait for mine to arrive!

Ramona :-)

Jane said...

Mine arrived yesterday, I love it!...thank you soooo much! That must of taken you both ages!!!!!

cheryl said...

oh hun these really are gorgoues,such a great idea,too what a wonderful,team,you are love to you both,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Angela Toucan said...

I've been coverting those eseals - thank you for your generous offer I'd love one. email coming shortly.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You really started something here. You have been generous to a fault and the bestest hostess of any challenge blog I've seen. In case no one thought to mention it, the cost of postage alone may be why you are now working for extra cash, as well as sleeping with Mr. D.

Darcy Marshall said...

I love mine too, it matches my craft room so perfectly as I have light coloured wood, it sits on top of my promarker storage which is also light coloured wood, so I am not going to alter mine, but I will probably pop some clear wax on it. At the moment it still has the little business card in it lol need to remedy that and make a card. Thanks again, lovely

Linby said...

Mine came yesterday and it is so wonderful - THANK YOU to you both. Never thought of "altering it" oh dear what a dilemma you have given me now LOL!
I think it fits the Wm Morris ethos perfectly and can't wait to use it.

Kirsty.A said...

I've sent an email to say I would love an easel and would you like a pair of earrings in return. Let me know what colours you wear

Hels Sheridan said...

I just have to say Julia and Mr two are superstars!!!! I love love love my easel...THANKYOU both... that is soooo kind of you both... big hugs xx

Annie said...

Like the others before me I am so grateful for my beautiful easel. I am a lover of anything crafted in wood so this is very special. I think mine will just be lovingly polished because it's not easy to dumf it :-)
Thanks again to you and Mr D
A x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I have received mine thank you so much Julia and Mr D - it's splendid, so great for sticking cards in to photograph :-)
Anne xx

Sarah said...

Thank you Julia and Mr D!
My easel has already been out and about in use displaying my bagged cards for sale.

Spyder said...

I love mine and I'm gonna keep mine naked!! Thank you Mr and Mrs D

from Mrs Y

Siobhan Brignull said...

WOYWW is brilliant, us crafters love to craft, shop and be very nosy, LOL.
I have emailed you as had wondered what i would have to do to get an easel, I wont tell you how far I was willing to go, LOL.
Congrats also August Craft Stamper has an article on succesful Blogging and you and WOYWW are used as an example, think it might be even busier on there next week.
Just a thought is there a way we can blog hop from one entry to the next, or is that too much work.

Carmen Wing said...

Mine came yesterday Julia, honestly what a surprise, I never expected to get one. Thank you and Mr D so much. And also for my birdies - they are gorgeous and so MANY, Devon has already snaffled a couple away. I never knew when you started WOYWW what it would turn into and what great people I would meet along the way that I probably wouldn't have discovered on my own.

Thanks Julia :)

Macpurp said...

these easels look fab , i would love one too!
I shudder at the thought of sharing my messy workspace, but when i clean up too much i cant find anything! yeah...thats not teh answer is it!
love teen x

Chrissie said...

You and Mr D are such stars! Generous, enterprising, creative,skillful,thoughtful stars!
Thank you so much once more for mine... I shan't alter it I shall probably just stroke it now and again... I love wood, what a wonderful commodity.
Long live WOYWW!

Stressed Stamper said...

Ooooooooh if you have any spare - please may I have one - will email just in case - I do the WOYWW but did not make a challenge item...also just seen another blog where they are taking your idea of WOYWW

Stressed Stamper said...

OOOhhhh put the night owl WOYWW on my blog too - love it

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

I got mine! I love it! Thank you so much for the thought that has gone into making this, and it will be proudly displayed on my desk:) As for altering it...mmmmm like it in its naked form for

Nicks said...

I just love my Easel, THANK YOU Mr and Mrs Dunnit!!

Lisa said...

Got mine yesterday and it's perfect. Thanks you very much Mr and Mrs D!

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