Wednesday, 30 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 704

hey and welcome. Join in with this desk viewing stuff, it’s great to see you!
Well will you look at that, a daylight photo! Yep, taken on Tuesday afternoon whilst I was applying gentle colour to a sheet of reindeer. The green strips are actually unfolded cards that I stamped with a swirly pattern in white and decided it would be prudent to let the ink dry thoroughly before folding them again. Love the SU! White ink pad but oh boy, it needs drying time and I invariably forget. That lovely orange glow n my room is caused by the orange light on a plug in heater, I don’t think the light contributes anything to the actual heat being produced, but it gives a good impression! After I’d coloured and cut out these 8mages, I stuck them on the stamped cards and they  are now drying because I added a big blob of red perfect pearls and then holographic glitter to a certain reindeer nose. Then, because I didn’t have time to start anything else, and clearing up was out of the question, I spent a few minutes cutting up foam pads. Huh?
I bought a huge roll of them and turns out that even though the backing paper is cut, the actual foam isn’t. So now and then, I take five minutes to cut a few up…much more convenient than cutting to order, that roll really gets in the way!
And then 4pm rolled around and I had to down scissors and move onto something else. This morning, I’m out and about a bit too, so please bear with, I’ll be noseying as soon as I can!

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 703

It’s not quite a ‘back to normal’ for me. You can see a tidy-ish desk, pulled forward. Yep. Later this morning, a ‘team’ are coming to fit a new patio style door.
So I’ve had to decant lots of stuff to allow the desk to be freely moved. This is the start of the end of work in this room. Proper architrave, skirting and a bit of decorating will soon be all that’s needed and I’ll be like a pig in poo! There’s also a front door going on today too, so I’m going to squirrel myself away upstairs with ironing and chores that involve checking the Christmas pressie box and bringing the list up to date and generally anything that involves staying as far from cold open doorways as possible! 
The desk shows a few more cards and a couple of packs of blanks that I was going to work with next. And a pack of gel pens that I bought whilst in York…a great souvenir! On the right on the cutter is a pot of hologram embossing powder. It’s there to remind me to order some more. It’s from Hobby Art and I just love the holographic-ness of it, so am hoping that they still do it, I think I’ve had this pot a good five years!  No other action just yet, it all depends how quickly the door is done…I’m going to ask them to do this one first, but they may have their own plan! 
Encourage me do, I’ve been away from the desk for what seems like an age. No doubt yours is in a far better state of use!

Wednesday, 16 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 702

Don’t tell anyone, but Me and Mr Dunnit have run away for a few days, so I don’t have my usual Workdesk to show you. Instead, at the weekend, I kept himself company at the Joinery by making myself useful. We bought some teak patio furniture at the end of the summer (of course in an end of season sale, that’s how we roll!) and I said that before we christen it and put it on our newly completed patio, we ought to brush it with teak oil. So we had it delivered to the paint shop and I pretty much forgot about it! Colour me surprised when I suggested that I’d come and help and he mentioned the teak oil job!
Just made a start, traditional brush painting in the spray section of the shed. Another couple of years of spraying every window he makes  white and we could open a winter wonderland! This is what calendar photos for Joiners should really look like! I’m dressed carefully too, very old gear, that oil is sticky. It’s not difficult, you can tell that, but boy it got boring. I did three chairs in just over two hours. Didn’t occur to me it would take that long and was sort of wishing that I’d suggested we spray it with a shiny lacquer! Only five more chairs and a table to do. As it was cooler inside the shed than the fabulous autumn day going on outside, I think I’ll save the next session for bad weather. I know we’ll reap the benefit next spring and I’m really happy to have a table to work, eat, craft at in the outdoors, and I’m not complaining. I think what I’m really saying is that when I suggested that we coat it all in oil, I really meant ‘he’. Epic backfire!
Come on then, inspire me to tidy up and get back to my favourite desk, it’s not as if I haven’t things to be done in the Christmas department!
Show and tell please!

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 701

Well, here we go Gentle Deskers, into the seven hundreds! 
I’m doing the five minutes here and there thing, the use up odd card sizes thing, the use up odd numbers of card thing, and the use stamps you really like thing. It’s not hard but oh boy, it makes a mess! 
I stamped the folksy Christmas tree on to the last 6 of the skinny pearly cream cards whilst I was waiting for my very s l o w PC to gather itself this morning. I did PC work, a couple of chores and went out for some exercise. Coloured the trees whilst munching my lunch and stamped the images on the purple card. I’ve had to think hard about these images, I stamped some in black on white card at the weekend and spent quite some time colouring a few of them. They didn’t work for me, ended up looking like 3 Kings dressed in patchwork quilts, so am keeping it relatively simple at the mo. Whilst waiting for our supper to cook last night, I coloured them despite thinking initially that I wouldn’t. I hope all of this gives you a slight understanding of how my desk gets so untidy and how my mind is erm, working! The coffee is going down nicely this morning, but it’s still too cold and dark to sit about colouring, so I’ll just look forward to seeing your desks for now!

Wednesday, 2 November 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 700

700! I mean really, seven hundred! Congratulations to you dear Desker friends, you are amazing.I know that there are times when you have to come and go, that Wednesdays aren’t always convenient, that sometimes you (think) you’ve nothing to talk about (you always have, by the way) or that you’re simply sick of this blog. No blame, no fault, this is an entirely flexible place. It has always been and remains a meeting of minds, a safe place for connection and I’m delighted to say, somewhere where friendships are forged. I’ll carry on if you will.
I mean, look at the desk, there’s always something silly to say….
Taken yesterday after a couple of hours of colouring in. I found some unfinished Christmas cards whilst clearing up a bit at the weekend and so set to. I had also finished a bunch of inserts for some other Christmas cards I made last week. Finished off the tape in the ATG gun whilst doing so, so I switched immediately to the roll of double sided tape. Not because I don’t have another ATG roll, but because I know that the battle of re-loading would cause me to waste time and I wanted creative production, not using my time for maintenance. It has a logic, however skewed! See my faded desk bin has become a notice board  - LLJ will laugh but it holds the first of many lists that are likely to be needed as ‘the season’ intensifies on my desk! These dark afternoons are already getting on my nerves, I shall switch my day about a bit and may not comment till afternoons now…because I can’t work at the desk in false light, my eyesight just isn’t up to it! I don’t blame 13.46 years of WOYWW particularly, but am pretty sure my Mama would blame reading under the covers by torchlight and crafting into the small hours when my eyes were up to it. Don’t we take youth for granted! 
Set me a fine example then, share your desk on this 700th week please!

Monday, 31 October 2022

Back to the storage thing…

While I was away with Coven, conversation inevitably turned toward storage. I think we all have it sussed for some stash and not for others. I store my photos in these acrylic packets that each hold about 100 6x4s. 
It’s great, I can just pick up one of the pockets and pack it for crop, confident that I won’t use the whole lot up in one session! It’s also a great archive for the photos that I won’t scrap and the old stuff that would otherwise be in several different drawers through the house. Still in their paper pockets with film negatives. I’ve streamline, my shoebox is now this acrylic suitcase!

I’m mulling over the acquisition of another acrylic suitcase. See, scrapbooking is in the era of ephemera. Every collection has at least one matching or contrasting ephemera pack and journaling labels. Of course, you don’t have to buy the ephemera, but it’s pretty irresistible if you fall for a paper line. But storing loose, printed die cuts isn’t always easy. All of mine are in A4 and A5 acrylic boxes and I rifle through it every time I make a LO to see if there’s something I can use to enhance my pictures. Here’s a birds eye view of how I store and carry the non 12 x 12 stuff….not the only bag full, I should add.
I actually think that storing the ephemera in these smaller boxes and transferring other stuff like labels, brads, stickers, gems etc may well be my way forward.  It means I can pick up and go in terms of packing for crop certainly. I recognise that size will be an issue for some things, but am not particularly against taking one bigger box anywhere. And it would be nice to get rid of the rubber bands! I’m not totally convinced, but it’s always good to have something to mull over isn’t it. And it’s not a bad time of the year to be thinking about making a list entitled ‘I would like’ is it! Your thoughts and opinions are always welcome, storage is such an issue!

Wednesday, 26 October 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 699

I put all of my scrapbook supplies, a tiny suitcase with a few clothes in it, a Chilli and a Sticky Toffee Pudding in the car, and left home for a few days. The weather was perfect - it was rainy and blustery. No moral imperative for going out for bracing walks! A nice big kitchen and an additional fold up table made the set up ideal for five gals, a LOT of stash, even more food and a conversation that didn’t have to finish because of the time. We scrapped and chatted and stayed up very late! It was marvellous and I actually made quite a few LOs. I shall use pictures of them as diversionary pictures in other blog posts! 
The larger picture shows the end of the wooden table where I sat all weekend. Apart from my trusty paper cutter, I actually tidied up between LOs. I know that I don’t do this at home, but when you’re sharing a space with four others and we’ve all got a lifetime’s amount of stash to rifle through, it’s only polite to keep the clutter at a minimum. Interesting isn’t it. Not my manners…(well, maybe!) no, the fact that I made a surprising number of LOs and stayed tidy. Does one affect the other I wonder? Probably! Am I a spot changing Leopard? At this age, I seriously doubt it! Can you spot the little black cauldrons on the desks? Each one has different coloured handles and feet so that we can tell them apart and we have our sweeties in them. Cute aren’t they; perfect actually, as the husbands refer to us as The Coven!
So, while I unpack and catch up on Monday and Tuesday chores, please sign in and tell and show….

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 698

Today’s post is scheduled…I’ll be around later today; please don’t let the kettle get too cool! 
Well would you look at that. It’s so clear that you could be forgiven that I’m moving out! Well, I almost am. Look…
Empty shelves! I’m going away for a weekend of scrapbooking and chat and that means packing all my supplies. In the past, I’ve laboriously matched photos to papers and taken those and all the accessory type stash. It works reasonably well, but occasionally I get to a photo and wish I’d chosen different papers, so this year, as an experiment, I’ve packed every sheet of paper I own. And a little over one hundred photos. This doesn’t mean I have ambitions for a huge stack of LOs, oh no. I’m really just trying to save choosing time at the preparation end because I’m a bit over committed this week. The left hand edge of the desk was the push back area for the various components I’ve been working on for a few Christmas cards. Now I’ve ‘packed’, I was going to glue them down and call the cards finished - but in the warm light of yesterday’s sunshine, I don’t like the red cards for the base. Argh. Next week, I’ll correct that! Now that really does sound like procrastination doesn’t it.
Don’t be like me, please post a link to your desk without putting it off, and we’ll visit. 

Monday, 17 October 2022

This is no eulogy

In various ‘long’ shots of my workroom over the years, you may have noticed that the walls are well decorated with crafted pieces…pictures, texts, canvases. All sorts. Most of them were gifts and each of them is special in some way. This week, since we learned about the untimely death of our friend Debbie Rock, I am grateful for two or three things that she made for me, but this canvas in particular.
I had checked on her and sent her a couple of cards of encouragement during lockdown - something and nothing, lots of us were doing this for each other, weren’t we. She wrote some words on the back that are as lovely as the Maya Angelou quote on the front, and I have happily looked on these words every time I use my workroom since, slightly awed and a bit smug that she should apply such words to me. She had so many gifts: we knew her artistic flair, her unending love for her family as it grew and flourished, her devotion to Phil. She didn’t believe in her artistic skill, however much we tried to convince her. Her great friend Maggie Craner  has written a beautiful tribute to Debbie and talks about this in more detail. Everything about Debbie though, is now for me, summed up in this Maya Angelou quote. Not only will I always remember her talent, her love, her giggle;  I will never ever forget the way she made me feel. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2022

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 697

My desk this week is photographed in the gloom of sundown on Tuesday. It’s untidy, messy and in a state that is generally a reflection of a normal week of to-ing and fro-ing that as you well know, I don’t tidy until it drives me mad. It doesn’t matter - it never matters really, but this morning it feels like a weight. A silly, foolish thing that makes me feel lazy. Funny how mood affects you, gives you an overview. I will be tidying up and setting things straight, it’s overdue.
I found out yesterday that our WOYWW community has lost another great friend, a great artist of a crafter. Debbie Rock died recently and suddenly. My heart goes out to Phil, her literal and absolute Rock, and her extended family. There is more to be written.
Meantime though, and in the best tradition of WOYWW, please show and tell your desk story this week..Debbie always enjoyed looking in, and I can’t think of a better reason to rally to the call this week!

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 696

Not my Workdesk this week friends, lots of yours. Huge, silly enormous thanks to Jo and Annie for the organisation, the venue and the work involved in hosting us for the Crop. It was lovely. Truly lovely.  Lockdown may have got in our way for two years, but once we were gathered, it felt like five minutes. 
Chris was working in a very mini journal, with her travel case. impressive, huh, both the fab little journal and the amount of stuff that lives in the zip case!
Helen had travelled light too, but was still pulling out her fab style to make a journal page to record the Crop. Note the words on her stamps…so apt. 
Caro sat down, unpacked and launched…immediately. No humming and hawing or procrastination at this desk! Note the cup of tea…this girl is fuelled by it, believe me.
Eva was putting the finishing touches to an amazing selection of her cards. Honestly, she is a master of so many styles, and the Parchment styles were, well, sublime. 
Neet was putting together a journal that she’d die cut, and planned to fill and decorate. Typical of her, it was an odd set of page shapes that ‘lock’ together at the spine with a key. Don’t hold your breath, but Neet gave me one to work on. Gulp.
Sarah was using her envy-inducing coloured pencil collection to watercolour on a page from a colouring book. Intensity of colour or what!
With huge thanks to Bestest Friend Dee, Christine made it!  And she had made up the parts of ATCs to swap, so was happily assembling amidst chatter and dreadful colour drinks.
I took other photos gentle reader, but I’m not a good photographer and I don’t want to post the ‘candid’ pics of people who may think they’re unflattering. Let me just say that everyone looked well and as lovely as ever. Here’s a group shot without me…
you will see others - big thanks to Chris’s Tony who took a proper group shot that included all of us, so we do have one for the record! 
This card was made out of leftovers from my Crop ATCs. Sums it up really. At the Crop or not, you lot are great friends. Meeting and gathering is a wonderful treat, but here on the strange internet thingy, we can meet anytime. Perfect for a community like this, huh. Thanks.

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 695

Here we are gentle Desker, a return to form.
I’ve been doing the five minutes here and there thing which is frustrating but also ultimately, more productive than not bothering at all! I’ve just declared this layout finished. I don’t know why but I had ordered 2 copies of the print and so layered them as you can see. It’s not the most significant photograph without the story, so I’ve taken some time to wander around it before writing the bones of it. The rubber stamps you can see scattered vaguely are leftover from an ATC I’ve made for a swap, now in an envelope and ready to fly to Lincolnshire. That LO uses some of my precious lovely Basic Grey papers and alphas. I’m happy to use them because I keep my scrapbooks, but my Basic Grey stash is dwindling now and I shall miss having it within my choice! 

We are just days away from the WOYWW Crop which is very exciting. I have totally dropped the ball on the challenge…I should posted about it a while back of course. No idea why I didn’t and by the time I received some gentle reminders, it was too late. But, maybe it’s not too late to ask you to make a name badge, please? It would be jolly helpful…although a lot of us know each other, new to Crop people will appreciate not having to try to remember! 

So while I’m rummaging to find a clear alphabet with which to stamp my name, please show us your spaces, what are you up to?

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 694

Here in the UK, there was a Bank Holiday on Monday so that we could observe mourning and watch or take part in the State funeral for Her Majesty the late Queen, Elizabeth II. It was an extraordinary day. Despite the pageantry, it was subdued, respectful and oh, so sad. Beautiful. Millions of column inches and hours of tv have been produced, so you don’t need to read more here, especially as I’m a bit intolerant about WOYWW posts being used as OpEd opportunities, as you know.

Now, brace yourselves. In between holiday washing, tearful moments on my sofa and some work in the garden this week, I’ve cleared my desk. I just got a need to do some scrapbooking, which I haven’t done for months. 
Would you look at that. This was about 11am yesterday. Chores done. Mr Dunnit had just rung to say he’d be delayed for lunch, so I just went for it, knowing I could have at least a couple of hours. Well, gentle reader, here’s this morning:
Floor and second stool employed for balancing boxes. The set of drawers that are usually at left have been wheeled out of reach to prevent me piling stuff on it to the point of collapse. It all looks rather tame doesn’t it! It is. It won’t last, I’ll soon get in the swing and carried away and lazy again, be assured!
Im at home and surrounded by broadband this week, missing the heat of Mallorca but looking forward to catching up with your desks, so please do me the favour…show and tell!

Sunday, 18 September 2022

The triangle foldy card….

I’m sure it has a proper name, but I can’t remember it. Anyway, some of you wanted to know how I did it. I thought pictures were more helpful than words, but of course I’ve had to write on the pictures because I couldn’t miss a chance to do some bossing about. If I don’t make any sense, please ask! 

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 693

We are fast approaching the WOYWW crop, details on a separate page, click the link under this blog’s header. Join us if you can, it’s going to be fun. Meanwhile, my desk has been on tour!
Me and Mr Dunnit are in Mallorca. Actually, unless you’re one of the early bird readers, technically we are making our way back today.  I did actually get the embriodery out of that bag, and added a few stitches. It’s got to be the slowest growing of any of my intended or actual projects. If nothing else, it proves I have a bit of tenacity about me!
As for so many, the sudden deterioration and subsequent death of our beloved Queen has been deeply affecting. I understand the wheels of State and the historic reasons for such quick declarations concerning our new King, I get it all. But I feel deeply for the Royal family; to dress up and be public at just a time when a duvet day involving tears and snot would be such a good thing…it’s all a continuation of Elizabeth II’s utter commitment and example.

Please join the constant exposure of Workdesk, it’s easy and it’s just a breather in your week.

Saturday, 10 September 2022

Puffin Breakout

I’m not very good at cute cards. I love ‘em, don’t get me wrong, but I think I’m a bit heavy handed when it comes to light touches and cute stuff. Anyway, in this fleeting self examination, I have determined that I am attracted to a nice strong keyline and they usually appear around images that are more fun in terms of description. Once stamped, I like to colour in. I guess that’s me not straying far from the first card making experience I ever had! 
I’m not great at light colours either, definitely drawn to brights and strongs. No harm with that, but sometimes I do frustrate myself. I recently invested in a set of pastel felt tips (by Zebra) to help me with this plight.
If you read WOYWW posts you’ll remember that I brought a pyramid card home from a workshop, to be finished. Well, I did! Not quite a first, but certainly the most timely finish I’ve ever got around to! These lovely puffins (SU) are about as cute as I get - and actually probably fill the fun description rather than cute - and you can see the nice, easy to colour outlines - just the job for me.
I used the new pastel felt tips for the first time. Some of them are more like highlighters to be honest, but that’s ok, particularly on cards like this where you’re trying to project a bit of fun. What I did immediately notice though, was that between pen and eye and brain, I wasn’t enjoying the light application…I went over everything twice just to increase saturation/depth, I dunno, call it what you will, to make it less, well, pastel! 
The ribbon tie makes the card easy to send because it lies flat, and hopefully, at the receiver’s end, the ribbon makes it obvious that it needs some assembly. By which I mean following the fold and tying the bow, I don’t think it needs instructions for the recipient. Wait till I send it to someone and I’ll report back! Making this card was much much easier than we all thought it was going to be…I won’t do the details here, but if you do want to know, I’ll happily do a post showing the pieces and etc, because I want to make a couple more with the upcoming season in mind.

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 692

Well, you see a shambles. I see creativity. No seriously, it IS a shambles but it’s a genuinely-in-the-middle-of-making-something shambles. I’m a bit hooked on this set of penguin stamps at the mo, and am having a bit of a retrospective in that I’m doing stacks of lovely bright shiny heat embossing and I’m loving it! The big magnifying glass thing clipped to my desk was in use yesterday for the removal of a big old splinter. Honestly, there’s so much in this craft room that can cross into real life, I mean a couple of weeks ago I had to rescue my scissor sharpener from his workshop and how often do my scissors cross the border into real life? Admittedly, less now that Miss Dunnit lives elsewhere, but really, this household would be lost without this workroom stuffed full of stuff. I consider this logic and justification for my crafty space a non copyrighted piece of writing…if you need to use it, please repeat as loud and often as you like! See the state of the darker pink ink pad wedge? The foaminess has disappeared. It’s the second wedge in the erm, cheese that this has happened to. I think it must be just bad luck, I’ve got much much older pigment ink pads that have stamped kerjillions of images and they’re fine. Strange though. See I’ve got two pairs of scissors in use again…despite having had a sharpening session, I’m finding the orange handled ones a bit fuzzy edged…probably need to be a little more patient in the sharpening! 
Show and tell then please, it won’t be as messy as on this page, so you’re safe to do a desk expose!

Sunday, 4 September 2022

Copying the Master(board)

I needed a card and decided to use a NBUS Penny Black solid floral stamp. And then I was stumped. This often happens to me when I can’t find a card that is suitable from my already made drawer FULL. I think making a card with a particular person in mind is really quite hard and made worse of course, by my magnetic attraction to deadlines.
I fiddled about with this stamp for a long time, colouring it with felt tips to get colour splits on the image. Then I gave up for a little while, but of course didn’t tidy up. I was browsing my wood mounts for a phrase stamp to use on the inside of a card I’d already made. I give up easily don’t I? Anyway, the browsing made me pick up a text stamp and a pattern image that I thought I could use lightly behind the text. And I set to. 
Then I realised that with some additions and decent colours, I could copy ANGELA, who is a fine example of productivity, and I made a masterboard. 
The original card that I wanted looked nothing like these, but it escaped photography by being made way too close to the postal deadline! I added the ‘just a note’ text so that I can stick the cards in my stash if card to give away……if I’ve discovered nothing else over the years I’ve been stamping, it’s that people who buy cards like them to announce themselves on the outside. Can’t count the number of wedding invitations I’ve made that have to have ‘wedding invitation’ appear on the front, even though in my eyes, the design is obvious enough and hey, just open the card to see what the inside says! Anyway, you’ve gotta do what people like so it’s not really a biggie. (Although sometimes it is - I’m just trying to be expansive, understanding and generous!)
I did a second set in pinks and purples….they have cut up well and use some slightly odd sized pre folded cards that I inherited from somewhere at some point. Better to have them used than just sitting about being oddly sized.
Huge selection of stamps used, and deep joy - they were all wood mounts. The floral one is Penny Black, the background swirly text is A Stamp in The Hand, there’s a diamondy shape on some parts by Hero Arts and the little sentiments are by SU. Idea by Angela. I think that’s all the acknowledging I need to do! Definitely not the last copying though! 

Wednesday, 31 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 691

Last Wednesday, I spent the day at a Stampin Up! a summer party. It was fun, made cards designed and kitted by other attendees, went to a pub for lunch, bought some retired stuff and saw some new stuff. The stack of cards on the left are all packs of Hero Arts blanks - some beautiful textures and colours. The teacups are resting on one such blank. Not sure if you can see the texture of the card, it’s so pretty. This card was going to be for a Ruby wedding anniversary, but I couldn’t make it go anywhere. So I made something else, on top of all this paraphernalia. So much for that. I needed it for last weekend so you can see why it’s still there, I need a fresh start with it but am not ready to part with the original idea. Can you imagine being so craft stubborn with YOURSELF? Argh. Above that, in navy and white is a folded/collapsed pyramid card which I didn’t finish the other day. I intend to, especially as those that have since finished theirs have posted them and they are really lovely. No pressure there then. 
No pressure here, please report in, show us your Workdesk and what you’re doing. School re-starts here this week, I hope it’s not stressful or germ ridden for those of you that have to go in!  

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 690

I found a pack of crown shaped cards and immediately felt the need for some bright colours and Janet Klein. So I actually tidied my desk, put stuff away and gave myself a clean Workdesk to start on. I haven’t finished with this pack of cards so I haven’t tidied up yet. Of course. The blending brushes are out in force and for a change, so far, only one pair of scissors! The mug is nearly empty, it was coffee. Can you see a pattern in the bottom right of the window? I was looking at the desk trying to work out which stencil was reflected in the glass. But it’s actually not a reflection, stupid woman that I am…it’s the bottom of a screen leaning against the fence! Good grief. 
Join me do, in the great show and tell, it may take a while to get round but hey, it’s lovely to be allowed to gaze at your desk, thank you!

A Desker friend, Jo Pritchard, has died. She had been very poorly and receiving palliative care for some weeks. Her blog, JozArt (no longer accessible) was a treasure trove of paper and mixed media crafting. Her style was unique and eclectic. We met at a Crop and she was exactly as you thought she’d be - warm, generous and fun. She managed to get WOYWW a mention on local BBC radio once, by ringing in to talk about hobbies! At some point she gave up paper crafting and went back to her first love, fabrics, quilting and soft media. What a skilled woman she was. I didn’t know her terribly well, but no doubt that my life is the richer for her having passed through it, I’m grateful for that. Sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Sunday, 21 August 2022

Let’s talk about THE CROP

Cindy and I are retired. But it’s taken nearly two weeks of texting ‘is now a good time’ to return her call. Don’t ever let it be said that retirement is any sort of a soft option, although I do admit that because there’s tomorrow, it has improved my procrastination techniques for things like housework and weeding. Anyway, I digress enormously. Surprise.
Cindy wanted to chat a bit about THE CROP. Aha, can’t wait. What else can I tell you? Well, at this point, I need to tell you that we certainly could do with hearing from you if you intend to come. I hate to say that you have to commit, but of course, there is a minimum number of Deskers required to make the hall hire and lunch costs viable. I’m sure you understand. 
It’s on Saturday October 1st in Radbrook, Shrewsbury. There’s a page about it, click on the link just below this blog’s header. 
Not quite a diversionary picture. 
These acrylic 12 x 12 paper racks, (ex Shopkeeper Gal’s).
£10 each, Icould probably get three in the car to bring to Crop if anyone would like one? 

Here’s some housekeeping…..
We really need to know about food allergies and vegetarian and vegan preferences. This isn’t a thrown together event you know! If there is anyone who is Gluten free, would you consider bringing a cake to share please? Thanks!

I will be staying overnight on Friday and will have my car, so can collect from Shrewsbury station if that will help you. If the train is part of your plan, let me know the time of your arrival once you’ve booked. 

At the last crop, for the tenth anniversary, Twiglet came up with a quiz…it was hilarious. Would anyone like to try to produce another?

Standby also, there’s a couple of challenges to make you visit your desk too, we’ll give info when we know how many are coming. There will be time, don’t worry!

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 689

Well, someone broke the weather! It rained, as if it was trying to be epic. But, the dust settled, the smell was lovely and while I was out and about not one person has complained about being too hot, so it’s all good! As you can see from the picture, I’m finding a use for my desk….
There’s so much going on that even I’ve forgotten which layer is for which ‘project’! I was making ladybird cards last week, and on top of that layer and at centre front is a sort of shiny ATC that is also a work in progress. It involved using an alphabet set which it turns out, I hadn’t used before and so you can see the little wooden pegs strewn about whilst I sat and stuck the rubbery letters onto the pegs. At first, I did think of only doing the letters I needed for this particular job, but really, that is a step too far, even for me! At the back of the desk is a bag of badge fixings and next to that my lovely box what Debbie made for me to store blank ATCs. Blooming lovely useful thing that. You get a good view of the tools used on the patio too, now finished but for ‘grouting’ which I have to say, is tedious and fiddly, just as it is in regular sized tiling. And of course, needs to be done in dry weather. So we’ll see how long that has to take now! 
I’m off to see a Grayson Perry exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral this morning, so please bear with on the visiting front. Please don’t use it as a reason not to join in though, I need to see you’re finding stuff to do!

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 688

I’ve moved on from cherries. Now I’m playing with Ladybirds. Also new stash, the ladybird punch.
I confess that when it arrived, I’d forgotten why I ordered it. Yes it’s cute, but generally I don’t do much cute. However, it may well have been as part of an attempt to use up scrap. I like to think so. Although, like the cherries, my goodness, they don’t use up a lot per punching! It doesn’t matter, it’s all useful making. As you can see, I’m back in the kitchen, and the not tidying up of the desk top persists. I was in Costco on Sunday (the air con was rather nice) and the box of pastel felt tips fell into the huge trolley. Everything else I bought was on the list. Call it a pay off for doing a shopping run on a day when I think half of the population of Southampton had decided to go there too. Mind you, the longest and most persistent queues were for the petrol….20p PER LITRE cheaper than the high street. That’s quite significant isn’t it.  Anyway, I haven’t tried the felt tips, nor have I seen them before. But like a lot of things, once you’ve seen something, then you see them everywhere don’t you….I looked them in the eye in Tesco yesterday. I took it as a sign that I was meant to have them. Obv. 
The summer temperatures will probably mean I don’t sit at my desk for a couple of days now; I’ll probably be back to gentle stitching of the embroidery while I chase shade around mine or some one else’s garden. I know it’s hot and a lot of people can’t cope and it’s causing a lot of problems, but ah, I do love it. Just please take care of yourselves! Go on then, before you check out the ice tray in the freezer, link up so we can see how cool you are!

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 687

I spent some time last week tidying including de-gritting the workroom. As I’ve mentioned, we’re now laying a new patio and my goodness, I did not account for quite how much grit and sand and general filth it would cause. The workroom has a door from house-to-garage and a door from house-to-garden and so we use it as the route for anything that needs to go from front to back because otherwise it has to come through the lounge and dining room! Anyway, I cleaned and tidied and moved the desk back into the workroom. 
I’m using new stash. Just playing positively at the mo, (which means that I’m making stuff so that I don’t feel I’m wasting valuable time…it’s a curse.)  I’ll make multiples of the designs I like and squirrel them away. I like to give a bunch of useful cards at Christmas to people who I seek regular services from during the year and as hostess gifts if we are invited…I don’t know if they are ever used, but it avoids awkwardness when it’s just a bunch of cards that can be used or passed on! 
Loved seeing everything last week, please carry on, or join us for the first time, or dip in and out as you wish!