Wednesday, 11 May 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 675

Well, you may actually want to look away. 
This shot is taken from the door to the garage again. Apart from the mess, it shows the table has been moved away from the door…work on the patio (or bl**dy huge dig) has begun. Caught me out, actually. I was mid clear out of a cupboard, had dumped it all on a slightly messy desk because on a Sunday morning, that’s a nice thing to do, huh, clear up a bit, make some space, set to on the anniversary ATCs secure in the knowledge that when I’ve made some, I’ll get a better idea. 
And Mr Dunnit announces the need for access to the garden and it’s all systems go. Oh my heart. Actually, never mind my heart…my arms! The wheelbarrow, when full weighs about three tonnes and I tried so hard to help by wheeling it across the patio, up the plank, through the door, then through the garage door, then take a run up the plank into the back of the van to empty it. I managed one whole, spilt the second and then had to stop. It was very hard! Later today we have a man, a mini digger and a barrow ‘assistant’ coming to look at the situation. Can’t let MeBart work 6 days and spend his seventh doing that kind of toiling, it’s not on. And a younger man’s game, frankly. 
Meanwhile, I’m going to very bravely tidy the floor area I can access, get the desk out of the way and at least sort that one cupboard out so that the desk surface can be used. Baby steps. So much better for the dignity than the staggering, huffing and out of control steps of the weekend! 
Share and show please, you will as always be a welcome distraction. Don’t forget to check out the ‘how to’ page at the top of this blog for joining in on the anniversary ATC swap day. Even if you don’t have a blog but would like to join in, we can work it out, let me know!

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 674

This week has been a battle royal between me and Google. Or Blogger. Not sure which, but I’m guessing it’s the lag between Google updating stuff on their side and the boffins in charge at iPad trying to resist. Embedded comments on blogs are really difficult if not impossible to comment on, please don’t think you’re being ignored. 

Blogger has also given me a couple of heart stoppers too, but I finally have uploaded instructions for how to do the Anniversary ATC swap, it’s a page, accessible by clicking the link ‘WOYWW ATCs’ in the top line of this ‘ere blog. 
Right, to business.
A  clean sheet! I’d just finished an ATC featuring the Magnolia stamp (Hero Arts) at left and the ink pads, pots of embossing powder, scissors, cutter and rubbish at the right are accumulated detritus from several makes. So a clean sheet yes, but untidy as reassuringly always! 
Thought you might like to see this pull back shot….
What do you mean, you don’t have a mower in your craft space? I have to admit that I don’t now, it was moved straight after the photo was taken. And I was surprised to see it there. It arrived in a box and needed some putting together, which Mr Dunnit did on Sunday morning. He’d barely had time to stand up straight when the doorbell announced the arrival of a furniture delivery (new sofa, ordered in January). I went to the door whilst, I assumed, he put the mower in the garage. Not so, as you can see. Funny. Especially as I took the photo standing in the door way to the garage from my room, so it wouldn’t have been difficult to put it in there. Maybe it doesn’t deserve to be relegated to the garage until it’s no longer new? Who knows. Perhaps I won’t mention it’s in there until it’s time to use it….!

As always, please link your desk so we can all have a look see. Especially if you’re working on an ATC for the anniversary. Who’s idiot idea was it to come up with a theme? Yikes.

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 673

Now then, (as the Yorkshire branch of my lovely family often say, to start a conversation) there’s a lorra business to be done this morning, please bear with.
My desk has seen no tidying, but some action. I had a lovely video chat with Lunch Lady Jan and whilst she made woolly balls, so I started on my cards for May. Safe to show this, the recipient probably doesn’t even know I have a blog, also safe to say that this is how I left it after Jan and I finished chatting, and I haven’t been back to it yet. That’s part of today’s plan. Darnell will be pleased with me though, this stamp is an age old NBUS! 
In other news, it’s the 13th anniversary of WOYWW on May 18th. I know that’s only 3 weeks away and I’ve dropped the ball in terms of giving notice, sorry. But, if you’re up to it, I’d like to do the ATC swap. Usual details, which I’ll describe in a separate post to save repetitive reading for many of you! I’d like to propose a theme, just to throw a loop in the ribbon. CONNECTION. Connect, connecting. Apart from the crafting, it’s something we do rather well, huh! 
Now, whilst you absorb all the horror of a themed ATC swap, please show and tell about your desk. It’ll help. I’m almost positive! 

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 672

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. It’s been lovely; yesterday I had to look in my dairy to check the day - Mr Dunnit had some sporadic time off too so he was not the usual guide! We had sunshine, showers and lots of family. And some of us had lots of chocolate. Lots. 
I haven’t been at my desk, I’ve been toiling in the garden. I say toiling because it was clearing and preparing and planning…not my favourite part. But, to reward myself (think carrot and long stick!), I ordered some new goodies, and they arrived yesterday. Now sitting patiently on the desk. It won’t be long, I’ve gotta itch!

Sorry but not sorry about the flare of sunshine - delicious isn’t it! My desk is on wheels against a door that gives access to what will be a nice patio area (that’s what the planning part of the weekend was about). Well, the desk had been rolled out of the way and of course, things standing on it started to fall. Oh to be organised. The very foreground shows an MDF thingy that managed to fall off its little shelf and break. Lucky I hadn’t yet decorated it, huh. In turn, it knocked the rack of lovely blending brushes over, but nothing worse happened. I took the photo, picked the brushes up and then distracted myself with coffee. Then the diary reminded me I have a 10am today, so I must away to dress and gather papers. Gosh, ain’t life glamorous! 
Leave a link to your desk for me, I shall need a distraction when I get back! Thank you very much!

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 671

There’s a saying along the lines of ‘if you want to get a job done, give to a busy person’. Well, since we came home from Spain I’ve decided that I am the poster girl for that saying, whatever it actually is. The ‘to do’ list was looking silly and included several cards and nice things I want to make for people I want to be in touch with. Normally, I would let these slide down the list because time at my desk is as much about ‘me time’ as it is about production of cards etc. but this week, (bearing in mind it’s actually only Wednesday), I’ve bounced out of bed and sat at my desk for the first couple of hours of the day and been productive. Then I’ve turned my attention to the rest of the list. It won’t last, but for now, it feels grand!
Works in progress! A birthday card made, a New Home card in the pipeline and real daylight to show it off. I really love the spring timeline!  I can’t say that I’m brimful of inspiration, but I have enjoyed the making and the freedom from the guilt of spending too much time or no time at all doing what I love!
Now then, let’s have a show and tell from you too please!

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 670

My real Workdesk, gentle reader, is piled high with files and month end paraphernalia and stuff that got dumped on it whilst I had family staying last week. Because the work-room has a door on it and is too small to use for any other reason, people stayed out of it and I was able to close the door and walk away from it. I did too. Packed a bag and as I write, I’m in Spain. 
It’s been chilly, very windy and rainy since we got here. We’ve dodged showers and been out and about, a bit of food shopping and some wonderful squally beach walks that soaked us from sea, wind and rain…loved it. Yesterday I caved in a paid for a rain hat. Within an hour, the skies had cleared and we spent all afternoon sitting in the sun. So sorry, if I’d known that it was just about me buying a waterproof hat, I’d have done it on Sunday morning!  Most bizarre weather, but the change is very welcome!  Today’s plan is to return to the village where we took this photo and sit on the beach, one of our favourites on this particular Costa. Thank you all for your messages and comments about Mum’s funeral. It was hard, but lovely; there was a lot of love floating around and your messages were a big help to me. I have since crashed and burned, but am now revelling in the memories as they pop up. And they do…sometimes they hit you like a wave, and sometimes, they creep into a conversation. I love them and they are not making reel anymore, which is a positive that I’m grateful for.
I am utterly distracted by the sunshine, so please only expect me at your place if you see me. The Internet at this resort is good, so I make no excuses other than…well, sunshine!

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 669

And…whoosh. The week went. Today the last of my Americans fly home, the house will return to a quieter, less full home and I will be a bit lost! Mama’s funeral was hard, of course. But also beautiful and filled with the love of a reunited family. The weather was quite beautiful and we gathered in the garden and laughed and cried and ate and drank and reunited and she would have loved it. I can’t tell you what a lift your messages of support and cards have been to all of us, thank you so much.
At some stage this week, my sister had a birthday and we haven’t been together for one of those for over 25 years, so we followed sombre with fun, and I know too that Mama would have loved it. An Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea. Prosecco and tea and sandwiches without crusts and lots of huge scones and cream and cupcakes covered in way too much icing…it was perfect! And that is my desk today gentle Desker; I don’t think I’ve sat anywhere else for long enough to take a photo this week!
Terrible photos even by my standards, but do you know how hard it is to take pictures without people in them when all your people are sitting at a table? And the numbers…oh em gee, it was like herding cats!
Show me yours then, it would be nice to see what I’ve missed! Thank you.

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 668

Well gentle Desker, it’s very fair to say that this week, my desk has been largely unused. You know how, when you’ve got people coming round unexpectedly you can do more housework in ten minutes than you’d normally do in a week? Well, when you’ve got over a weeks notice you start doing really crazy stuff like sorting out the airing cupboard and washing duvets. Ask me how I know! 
So, for photo purposes, I thought you’d like to see what I made from the bits of scrap and the stamped images I found on some clear up. I coloured the images to match the colour of the little cards.

I stamped ‘Happy Birthday’ inside each card with ink the same colour as the card. No, I haven’t got too many ink pads. But I have still got lots of scraps and a few small coloured cards to use up; I’m beginning to think they’re multiplying.  It was an enjoyable exercise,I probably made a card a day for a week because I only got to the desk for a few minutes at a time. I might go on with this idea of over doing the stamped images, hiding them a bit *cough* (you call it tidying) and then coming back. This week is filled with the joy of visiting family and the sadness of a funeral service for my Mama tomorrow, so please don’t consider me rude if I don’t visit…so far I’ve only got two extras guests in the house and it already feels as if we’re overrun….by tomorrow we will have swelled to nine and a baby. We’ll be playing sardines! 
Never mind all that though, keep me sane and show me what you’re working on, it really does help!

Wednesday, 16 March 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 667

I bet this week has felt like an eternity in the Ukraine. I know that we are all affected by these events and that we all feel completely helpless in the face of the suffering and displacement. There are plenty of channels of news, plenty of OpEd and commentary to read. This blog is not that place. Greater and more eloquent minds can inform, educate and comment. If you want political commentary, please click away and search appropriately. Don’t email and complain that I have nothing to offer you. That’s just absurd. 
The Wednesday spot on this blog has become a place to lift and support fellow readers. We may and can disagree fundamentally with each other over all sorts of things, but please, not about what WOYWW is. 
So, to the root…..
You find me being a grown up! I’m working on the service for my Mum’s funeral and as you can see from all the scribbling and crossing out, I’m being a good editor and a cr@ppy writer!  I’ve been walking around this for a while and felt the urge to get it done this afternoon, so put it off by tidying, then I rang my sister and we chit chatted about stories to include and then, and then, and then…I started writing. It’s ok, as you can see, it pours out of me, the trick is definitely in the editing. I read it out loud and when it starts to go on, gets repetitive, over explaining or plain drivel..I cross it out. Simple. Messy but effective! The orange tub at right is a container for microwaving popcorn in. It’s not fab, to be honest, but I persist because it’s such a useful snack. And, for the sheer pleasure of bragging for two weeks in a row, here are the blending brushes that on some screens, didn’t make it into the picture. (That’s bizarre isn’t it, probably a photographer or uploading error. Who knows, I certainly don’t!)
Aren’t they delicious. And AND they came with an ingenious cleaner thing. I’ll show you that at some point…first, I’ve got to get over the beauty of these beauties and make them need a clean! 

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 666

I’m not superstitious, but the week number did make me do a double take! Not as much as my desk will make you start though…..
Will you look at that! Tidied! Whilst clearing the surface, I found several images that I’d stamped as test runs and decided to employ them. I’ve managed to acquire a handful of 4” square cards and envelopes of different colours. There’s one of each of about 10 colours, so I’m colouring the images to match the card and then using random scraps and stuff to embellish. As I have about 12 March birthdays and some of them involve men, these will work nicely. New to the view at far right is my set of blending brushes and their clever holder. These were part of a Christmas gift from Kathy and I’ve only just been brave enough to use them…game changing, I can’t show you of course, because my make was so lovely that I got smug and sent it without photographing it! There will be more though, without doubt!
Thank you for your kind words about the loss of my Mama, what a lift you are. Please forgive my appalling lack of comments last week, I visited, but somehow just didn’t have the oomph to talk.
So, give it another go this week, show and tell on the Workdesk and life front, let’s see what you’re doing, please! 

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 665

Welcome Spring!  Well, that’s what the calendar tells me. Wet windy and grey as anything, but spring it is! It is noticeably light for longer every day, so there is a positive. 
What a week. Europe in a situation of war that I never imagined was possible anymore, I’m sure that you’re all as moved as I am by the pictures and news coming from Ukraine. It’s frightening and disturbing; whatever your worries or connections, believe me, I’m holding you tight in my thoughts.
Meanwhile, I took a photo yesterday in daylight. The daughter of a friend is to be married at the weekend and I’m doing the last minute thing because I’m seeing her this afternoon and really want the Bride and Groom to know that we’re celebrating their joy. Seems only days ago that the Bride was one of the little bodies in the back of my car on the school run!
Of course I haven’t actually cleared the desk off to make a nice white card, but it’s getting to the point of topple on the left, so that’s the next ambition. The top of the pile shows a box of acrylic goodies from Bramble Fox, stuff for use in my scrapbooking, so I hope you’ll see them soon-ish. The beautifully decorated box on the right of my little guillotine is filled with ATC blanks -  a gift from our Debbie which I use regularly. The little guillotine is new, a great little cutter which saves quite a lot of room on the actual desk, very easy to sling about! 

A lot of you will know from my slightly ranting post on Facebook that my dear Mama died last Thursday, completely overcome by almost eleven years of Alzheimer’s. So Wednesday takes a different shape yet again as I won’t need to rush out this morning! Please share and tell, you are always a welcome distraction! 

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 664

Another late posting, sorry! I’m out of routine - came home yesterday after 2 days of cropping and felt secure that it was Sunday! 
Anyway… here’s a desk shot from our sojourn in the country:
Really not too bad. This is largely because over the course of the five days we had planned, there were only ever 3 of us scrapping. Work and family stuff kept one or other of us away for some of the time and oh, it got complicated! 
This was my space yesterday after we’d had a cooked brunch. We packed up and vacated at about five, so this was my penultimate LO. It was a slow process getting back into it, but I have at least for now, rediscovered the pleasure in scrapping. Even though we’ve had two daytime crops this year, I felt as though I’d completely forgotten how to, or if I even wanted to! We all agreed that  we’re better at social scrapping, so because we’ve all got far more kit than is decent, we will just have to go on having twice yearly weekends away! 
I hope you’re all safe and relatively undamaged from the chain of storms that have crossed Britain, I was unaware of the flooding until I was at home watching the news last night. I feel deeply for those affected - again. 
Tell us all then, let’s see what you’ve been up to whilst our backs were turned! Please put WOYWW in your post title and link here. Thanks!

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 663

This is late in the publishing, sorry. No reason specifically; well, the usual I typed the post, and then went to get a coffee, doodled about the kitchen, did a test so that I can report a negative result this morning and visit my Mama. Then came back to see who I could visit from the list…only to discover that I hadn’t actually posted. Argh! Too busy thinking about the next thing, must remain present!

I’m looking forward to a weekend away with The Coven. That means scrapbooking. And that means getting my stuff together. I’d like to take as much as possible to satisfy lots of ideas and use lots of lovely stuff, but I want to be economic with the space I take up…after all there will be five of us and that amounts to a lot of stuff!
I’ve already sorted two boxes of ‘stuff’ and chucked out some odd die cuts, marked, creased and damaged tags and such, and decanted bits and pieces, so now only have one box of ‘stuff’. Isn’t it amazing what you keep for years and will never use. I also have a small( and getting bigger) bag of bits to give to a local MIND group who often make cards, so it’s been a worthwhile effort. This photo shows part of my basic scrapping-away-from-home method. I loosely match photos to papers…sometimes three or four sheets, to give me some er, artistic license when I finally stop chatting and eating long enough to make up a LO!
And on my right…a very busy worktop that will pay off when I finally commit and pack the car up…bits and pieces on there that I MUST take with me. They need to stay in my line of vision, you probably understand by now quite how forgetful I am! What with rushing about sorting this lot, making sure my favourite comfort clothes are clean and ready to pack, cooking a few treats and shopping for ingredients for supper when it’s my turn to cook, it’s all added real flavour to my week! The forecast from today in the UK is pretty hideous, high high winds and lots of wet. Take care. Take my advice..stay in and create! But please show off last weeks desk work first, I would offer to remind you to do it later, but I’ll forget.

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 662

I think because I have tons of stuff to do, on and off the desk, I’m allowing myself to be easily distracted! Procrastination comes in many forms, doesn’t it. You’d think wouldn’t you, that I might procrastinate by tidying up or unpacking after crop. Neither. I’ve been searching through my clear stamps and deciding that the storage is fine for me, but not very ordered, so that’s to go on a to do list.
I don’t know if you can tell but there are two pairs of glasses visible, almost entwined, and there’s another pair in the fabric holder at left. And there’s another pair in my scrapbooking kit to be unpacked. So many! Proof though, that I return to my desk a lot and that I take a pair of readers with me, just in case I sit down and do something!  You can see too that I’ve rummaged sufficiently to find the clear stamp set that matches the die that’s been lurking on the desk for months.I assumed it would be the same size as the stamps and therefore be really useful. Alas it’s not and will have to be a stand-alone asset. That’s the problem with me and impulse purchasing….!
The big die cut at the back of the desk is from a rack of postcards at Paperchase…no idea for it’s use, but couldn’t leave it in the shop. 
I’m sorry I didn’t get around to every desk last week, it usually takes me a few days but last week just got away from me….must put time management on my to do list too.
Join me then  please, in the show and tell of the week! Put WOYWW in your post title and link here. Easy innit.

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 661

Argh! And Ouch! No, don’t worry gentle Desker, there hasn’t been a break in. It’s just me being last minute, untidy and not able to get back to it in good time. And I’m nothing if not honest about it all, although I don’t imagine that’s actually doing your eyes any good!
There are layers to be excavated that sort of tell the story of my week. Sort of. The wrapping paper at left was for a new home present for a friend who I went to see yesterday. So that is pretty much the last thing I did at my desk; despairing at the mess, I just wrapped on top of it all!
Under the paper is a real pile of clear stamps that I am planning to play with. Amongst them is a set that includes the image you can see that I’ve been colouring in, just trying it out as it’s a new set for me. Gifted by another stamper friend. I love them all, but so far am not sure what I’m doing with them! The brush pens are from Arteza and to be completely honest, I’m not actually getting on very well with them. The brush tips are really fine and my eyesight seems to miss the really fine end until it’s over the line or mixing with another coloured area. Ugh. Believe it or not, I think they may be too good a brush for me! I’ve invested in a different strength pair of readers - my prescription lenses aren’t up to it, I need magnifiers! So I’ll try again, am incredibly averse to giving up on this set of pens! 
So what's on your desk or your craft mind this week? I’m going to a crop this weekend and could do with your crafty inspirations! Show and tell, please! 

Saturday, 29 January 2022

Stamps for sale…

 These will be £2 each unless they are small, then £1. I’m the one who determines what’s small and what isn’t!

Happy to post anywhere in the world and will charge postage at cost, I’ll quote you the price before you commit. In some cases this will involve a trip to the post office so please be patient!
I will happily remove rubber stamps from their wood blocks for ease of postage, but I will not make good or provide new mounting foam.
Please email or message me, either screenshot the stamp or quote the handwritten number on the photo….anything to avoid me sending you the wrong one!

The following selection are from a company that made the stamps so that they could be used on their magnetic blocks. Each unmounted image has some metal or magnet in it, but they are perfectly useable without the specific make of block. Like nearly all of the stamps in this post, they are all unused.

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

What’s On Your a Workdesk? Wednesday 660

Change of scenery folks, not to shake things up so much as to display my utter flexibility and diversity of craft skills. Oh, who am I kidding! But rather than show you a pretty untidy but under-utilised desk, I thought you’d like to see my dining table instead.
I’m in the process of altering a few nighties for my Mum. She has tissue-like skin which can no longer tolerate having clothes pulled on over her head, so the lovely gals at the Care Home suggested I buy her some hospital gowns. I can’t, they are too impersonal and institutional. Emily administrator suggested cutting up the back of her nighties and adding some ties. Brilliant. Lovely soft cotton nighties and ties where they won’t throttle or expose! Mum is actually bed-ridden so exposure isn’t really a thing, but I’m pretty sure you understand my thought process here! I’m using her sewing machine too, mine is broken and Mr Dunnit has just been too busy to look at it for me. For years Mum had a big heavy Pfaff machine and I had no idea that she’d changed it at some point until I cleared their house out. It was where it always was, in the white box it was always in and my muscle memory kicked in and I lifted it with some force only to nearly throw it over my shoulder it was so light! This ‘new’ one is a good runner for sure, but you won’t find me replacing zips in jeans with it, it’s not the incredible machine that the Pfaff was!  I’ll be back at the colouring and sticking pretty soon, but not before I’ve uploaded more stamps for sale to the other blog, please have a look at it in a few days to see if there’s anything you might want to add to your collection.
Now, as with every Wednesday, please show and tell, seeing what you’re doing and reading about your days is a right old tonic! Please put WOYWW in your post title so those of us who are slow to visit can find you easily! Thanks!

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Advertising Space

It’s time to get public! If you read here regularly and have crafty products to sell and better yet, if you sell your hand made creations, tell us about it by commenting. I’m occasionally asked who makes cards for sale, and I know some of you are SU! Affiliated and still some of you make and sell other things. I discourage direct linking and blatant promotion of Wednesdays because it’s meant to be about the desks and the inspiration, so here’s a chance to use my blog for a bit of that very thing for a few days. 
I’ll probably ‘catalogue’ your comments so that when asked or if it’s appropriate, I can refer people to you, that way this post doesn’t have to be saved by all and sundry. Go ahead, please!

Friday, 21 January 2022

The Unsung Hero

I have an unsung Hero. It’s been on my desk and on the workshop bench in the shop, quietly delivering. That means it’s been in my crafting armoury for nearly twenty years and I don’t think I’ve once acknowledged it! I’ve talked about all sorts of storage and products and techniques. If this desk tidy could talk, it would have a lot to share!
Its MDF and was sold to me by a Sales rep called Graham Hansford. It was years before any of the big companies had produced their own desk tidied and even more years before these sort of things came as kits to paint and stamp. I can’t remember why I painted it red, but I remembe and still have that lovely Dawn Houser stamp, I remain a big fan of hers, can’t part with any of the many wood mounted stamps she designed for Inkadinkado back in the day. She has a presence on Pinterest but I can’t find her on Instagram and her blog is out of date, but I still love to browse through it! 
An aerial view to make you giddy!
 I’ve no idea who made this sturdy and not about to be under-used desk tidy, but I owe him really. I expect at the time I thought it was expensive, but it has endured far better than some more considered purchases I can tell you! I’m mildly amused to remember that my entire felt tip collection of Marvy Le Plume used to fit in the grid holder along the back. The overall use has therefore morphed a little. Instead of being storage, it’s become a catch all and desk presence, used every time I sit at my desk, as you can tell from its contents. I note too that despite having a deckle edged cutter, I still hang on to the long faded deckle edge scissors (pink handles). Not the first time, isn’t it strange what you notice when you take a photo? It’s not a very tidy desk tidy, but my word it deserves a long service and good conduct award. I think it and me are rather attached, my desk would be bigger without it, but I’m not sure I could cope! I expect if I look around carefully, I might find something else overlooked, but I doubt it could be so overlooked and so useful.

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 659

Its 8:44 GMT which is vey late for this post. I had every intention of it publishing from a scheduled editor, but having typed it out and added the picture….surprise, I went to bed without hitting the Publish button. Then I dashed around a posted it. To the wrong blog. Sorry folks, it’s going to be a slow day! There are no computers that can accommodate this sort of stupid. Argh.
Anyway, here’s the desk
Sort of makes me happy that it’s back to some sort of normal. I still haven’t used the Clarity die at the back right, I might force myself this week as I’m making cards….might. As you can see I’ve added some text to the two notebook pages I stamped and coloured last week, and one of those has even found it’s way onto a card. I promise that the colours match much much better than it appears here! I’m doing a bit of a Cindy actually, there are four cards with already created backgrounds on my desk, (two now finished, two at left). I found them while I was looking for something else (of course) and so have erm, gently challenged myself to use them. If you’re interested, I’ve resumed posting stamps for sale on my other blog They are another tranche from my late friend Mary’s huge collection and so the sales money will go to charity. I’m happy to post worldwide, whatever it costs I’ll quote you before making you commit! This first batch is largely Christian, St Patrick’s Day and some Christmas. Please check back now and then, I’ll be adding new batches every few days until it’s done now.
Before you run over there to have a look though, please add you desk post to the list so that us lesser mortals can be inspired!

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 658

I’m fiddling about with posting times to shake the list order up a bit…no specific reason, but I’m thinking that the overseas Deskers might like it for a while. I don’t know, but I am open to comments! 
Meanwhile, January is picking up a pace if you ask me. I’ve been making, forcing myself to address the birthday book so that I can prepare in advance. Or at least try, I really like to enjoy the making process and they’re easier to send. I do make in multiples - if I manage to get the idea from head to card and I like it,  I then send the original to the person I was originally making it for, and put a couple into the card drawer for panic requirements. You know.
I haven’t played with the now new-ish die yet. I moved instead to new stamps and spent a happy couple of hours last weekend plotting and planning and eventually, stamping and then spritzing. I used some Pixie Powders - had to take the seal off both the bottles. I don’t know when I bought them, but have silently promised that if I buy new ingredients for any technique, I will bring them home and at least try them before parking them on a shelf! 
So that’s pretty much what’s going on at my desk, can’t tell you why it takes three pairs of scissors, or two glue types, but hey, it may just be the habit of reaching to the useful holder which is at left and should be at right, judging from where I leave everything! Again, comments welcome!
Show me yours then, it will help me enormously.

Sunday, 9 January 2022

Putting Christmas Away

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I like to spend December surrounded by Christmas stuff. Apart from the home stuff and decorations which are a given, I have a few bits and pieces of erm, mobile decoration. I have a couple of nice scarves to wear under my coat….one with reindeer and one with robins. I have a Christmas handbag, red wool, embroidered with nutcrackers, rocking horses and other ornaments. You have to get quite close to see them so it’s not too embarrassing to go out with me. When I can find them, I have a lovely scandi style pair of red and white gloves. All of these embellishments are in use from December 1st until twelfth night. I love having them and particularly love that they are useful decorations! 
This Christmas I had the ultimate accessories.
Yep. A glasses case, a foldy-in-on-itself shopping bag  and a little purse. Now, Lunch Lady Jan may have looked at this fabric and thought of my Christmas accessory thing with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek glint in her eye (pardon the mixing of metaphors), but I can’t tell you what a fab gift this set has been. The fabric just fills me with joy! I obviously don’t need to explain the virtues of a fold flat shopping bag. The glasses case has snuggled my essential ‘price label, shopping list and menu’ reading glasses without slipping or loss and the little purse has been home to a power pack type charger and some wires for my old and constantly needing charge mobile phone. 

When I’m out shopping or coffee-ing, being able to literally pull these out of the bag has been such a pleasure. Caused smiles, laughter, joy and conversation. And a few times, I could have sold them! I did direct a few people to the Harbour Lights Cafe at Burry Port for purchases, (Jan sells her makes in there, entirely for RNLI fundraising). Mostly though, I was unforgivably smug and on enquiry would just say that a friend made them for me. 

These 3 amigos are now in the airing cupboard after their wash and will finally go into the storage bag of Christmas napkins, table runners, bunting, hand towels and erm, bath mat and shower curtain to wait till next Christmas. It’s no wonder is it, that I look forward to December like no other month. Huge thanks to my mate Jan, as usual. Even though she ran away from living near me, I carry her laughing with me! Or at me, I can never quite decide when it comes to the Christmas stuff! 

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 657

Well, hello and happy New Year! I wish you a healthy, productive, creative and very happy year. It may seem that there’s plenty to conspire against these ambitions, but that’s all on a national and international scale if you ask me. Keeping it at our own level will be our way to keep control and enjoy. Obviously, you may disagree with me, but this is what we Dunnits have decided!
And so… to some desk action:
And there is action too! I’ve launched into January’s birthday card making, although to be completely honest, I’m not sure where this is going, I just wanted to stamp that lovely doodle border and fussy cut it. So I did. At left you can see my increasing collections of Janet Klein stamps, and a very arty new set which I only brought for the images with text in them. Top right is a new die that will, I hope, match to size of a stamp set I own. I bought it when Sarah announced Clarity Stamps was having a sale, last year, but definitely in the winter - it hasn’t been on my desk for that long!  I must get around to a play with it soon! The great thing about this photo is that I’ve found the blu-tack. It’s quietly sitting under the drinks coaster. I was looking for that on Sunday. And Monday. Not in a great, open-every-drawer way, but nevertheless, this is proof that a photograph can make you feel foolish without you even needing to be in it! 
Please share your crafty new year desks with us here - did you have to clear it off for a wild New Year party, or did you escape to your desk for some peace and normalcy? Show and tell, do!