Saturday, 10 December 2022

Winter. We know you.

The last few days have been very wintery, cold and overcast. We all seem to respond much better to cold and bright days, but the low cloud that has made short days shorter and well, grey, are helping in a way. Yep. Really.
I was bundled up…puffa coat, gloves, scarf and walking at what I consider a reasonably brisk pace towards the post office. My husband would tell you that I was strolling. I always, always end up doing a double step to keep up with him…even if we hold hands I can tell that he’s deliberately slowed his pace. It’s maddening for both of us, I mean, sometimes I end up out of breath and can’t talk! Gosh, revelation….perhaps that’s why he walks fast! 
Anyway, walking at my pace, I get a chance to look about me a bit, and these cyclamen are sheltered under some overgrowth and seem to me to be surviving frost. How cheering they are. 

I did the post office thing, photographed these lovelies and because I had gloves on, I cleared the obvious litter. I think a lot of garden refuse has been dumped along this stretch of footpath over the years, but the cyclamen were such a lovely surprise. I gather they multiply a bit like primroses, and I love that they’re benefiting from overgrowth and cloud. Makes you happy while you’re walking around cursing the lack of bright skies. 
Have a lovely day!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

They are lovely indeed. Those little, delicate pink flowers made me smile. We've had three hard freezes here, so only the hardiest of plants have survived the cold. Fortunately, we've had no snow yet.

BJ said...

Defo need some in my garden. Glad you did the litter thing on the way home. My hubby decided to do it on the way out for a walk today so I decided not to go with him, couldn't bear the thought of holding hands, even with gloves on after that. BJ

Kyla said...

love cyclamen so pretty and fair play for clearing to litter too

Helen said...

Such pretty flowers! I hope they've survived the snow (unless unless you've not had any there)