Wednesday 27 December 2023

What's On Your your Workdesk? Wednesday 760

Posting this early early...just remembered a ridiculous appointment at the gym first thing on Wednesday morning (seemed like a good idea last week when the gym was encouraging us to 'squeeze' one session in between Christmas and New Year!)

Happy happy betwixtmas gentle desker. I very much hope that Christmas has been kind to you; I must say it seems strange to be writing this so close to Christmas, it's been a struggle to keep the days straight...I wonder if it would be kinder on brains like mine if we could make Christmas always fall on a Sunday? You know, a moveable feast like Easter. Would certainly help me!
And because in the run up to it, I was confused by the whole Christmas on a Monday thing, turned out that Christmas Eve found us ready earlier than anticipated! So, we went for a walk and then, I made a couple of scrapbook LOs! Colour you surprised? Colour ME surprised!
 So here is how it looks right now. Not too bad actually! The sheet of tissue paper with the little charms in are a Christmas Day addition, a present from Elizabeth . I love them, thank you! The worktop sides are cleared and clutter free. Although, despite what you may think, it was just untidy; I do not feel the need to have a de-clutter in order to work better. What I've got, I like! The A3 paper has been successfully homed and all is well - even a little productive! 

Now as we turn our faces to the clean slate of a new year, there is some good news and I hope, a really fab way to start your new diary....A WOYWW CROP! On the 18th May. Save the date, details of course, will follow, but the date is set, and learn more over at Sarah's blog. a>,  as she is to be our hostess. Fab, huh!

So when you've taken all that in, please remember to show us your desk, table, worktop....whatever you're doing: baking, writing thank you letters, crafting, eating, booking a holiday....please show and tell! Our last desk hop of the year. All the cliches about time passing and speed of time apply. Just in case you don't venture back this way between Wednesdays - Happy New Year to you, may it be all it promises and all that you need. 

Saturday 23 December 2023

Happy Christmas

We are safe, warm and comfortable; looking forward to having family gather at our house for 
Christmas. We know how lucky that makes us.
Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, happy Christmas. 
Peace on earth.

Friday 22 December 2023

Across the miles.

Two or three weeks ago, I mentioned that I was making Christmas cards and had added embellishments to some. Specifically, buttons. This sparked quite a few comments to remind me about the cost of postage and worse, the cost of postage for items thicker than 5mm. I know, it's not cheap and because we are all over 21, so we are all old enough to have had to absorb quite a few rises to the cost of posting anything. Everything. 
Here's the thing though. Paper crafting is my game, and more specifically, I make cards. I really like to make cards and I really, really like to make cards to send to people. I know the postage costs are dramatic, and when there are a lot of cards to post, at Christmas say, it can be prohibitive. This is how I look at it; a second class stamp is now a pound, I think. I cannot, under any circumstance, deliver a card to anywhere outside about a 20 mile radius for a pound. I hand deliver a lot. I post worldwide and nationally, with a blink or two to be sure, but I do constantly remind myself that a card posted to the USA for 3 quid is about 696 pounds and a lot of effort less than I can deliver it for. For me, this cost becomes a part of the gift of the greeting that I've made.

Now I'm not telling you this to cause controversy. Cost is a consideration for all of us, and I know that there are plenty of people who choose to make a charitable donation rather than send cards. I've never thought of this as a method to avoid postal costs, rather a generous gesture at a busy time. Giving to a charity is connecting, just as sending a card is connecting. And my word, despite differences of opinion, we need to stay connected, don't we.

Wednesday 20 December 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 759

I've moved back into my workroom for this week's photo, the dining table surface is still erm, busy. Fortunately now, it's small piles of presents or cards, or cake, chutney and fudge to be distributed as I go out and about in the next few days. But the desk....well of course it needs a btidy. 
But before I tidy that, which really isn't too daunting, I have to tackle this...
Because I need the work surface space - to at least lean on whilst I put baskets back onto the shelves! I'm driven to distraction by the A3 paper that we need for the printer. The tray won't carry even half a ream and when it needs refilling, it somehow is never put away properly. Interesting that actually, I haven't yet got a 'proper' place for it, so putting away isn't easy anyway. Argh. I think cupboard doors would make everything look tidier but I really prefer the way it all works without. 
Now, you don't need me to tell you that this time next week it will all be over, good grief. Nevertheless, there are still days to go, so if you've time and inclination, please show what you're up to. This is scheduled because I'm out in the morning, but it won't hold me up for long. So it may be tea, not coffee, but after a marathon making stint yesterday, we have mince pies...just ask!

Wednesday 13 December 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 758

Well, Deskers, I've moved from my real desk to the dining table. My real desk is the usual mess and the stuff on this table is more time sensitive at this point! Mr Dunnit has employed his skill and CNC machine to do some cutting for me, and I can safely show you because these presents are destined for people who don't read this.
Some explanation first, by way of an apology for the rude words.  You know the words that are often seen on very posh craft room walls...'live love laugh', 'wish' 'dream' 'create' - well these words are the antidote and are destined to fulfill orders from my sister and one of The Coven. Nice font though!
The baked bean container in the middle of the table has a couple of gnarly old brushes and some turps in it, fresh (stinky) from the workshop. I've been painting little wooden beads with red enamel paint to decorate these chopping boards...
Next they'll need a good coating of oil (cooking), and a day or two to absorb and then they'll be ready.  Hurrah! Over the next year we're going to cut a bundle of these sort of things and I'm going to have a go at a craft stall or two. Remind me, won't you?! 
Christmas decorations are still lacking, but I'm getting on it...I cleaned like a demon yesterday so the spaces for tree and such are now ready, so the next couple days will see some sparkle.
I sincerely hope that in amongst all of the hustle there is some fun and anticipation for you, if it's too much, step back for a while, seriously, having you whole and happy is more important than having anything else. See, I may be bossy, but it's caring bossy.
Meanwhile, please show and tell, I've got marshmallows now, so you non-coffe gals are at last able to have a melty hot chocolate when you come here. 

Wednesday 6 December 2023

What's On Your Workdesk. Wednesday 757

Ha, and I thought the week before went quickly, I don't think I'm keeping up. Ably illustrated by my untouched desk....
In the pursuit of using things up, I found a handful of charity christmas cards from waaaaay back. I think I always intended to add to them, so at the weekend, I had a go. You can just about make out the ingredients, blue ink, silver leaf flakes, glue pen and stencil brush. can't see the ton of patience I had to use.......
Here's the progression...
I think I should have used gold leaf, and I had definitely forgotten about stamping on coated board - it's like a pigging ice rink! The only plus is that if you do skid or slide the stamp, with a fast swish of a wet wipe, the ink will come off. Then you have to dry it. Ask me how I know. The other thing I learned is that if you want to stamp on these highly coated boards, you have to emboss the Versafine. It will dry without being embossed, but not without heat and not without the amount of heat that warps and browns. You're welcome. 

Anyway, today's a day for clearing this lot and actually writing in some of these cards, a job that, given the time to do it, I really enjoy! 
Tomorrow we're away up to Yorkshire, sadly for a funeral....that old cliche about family reunions occurring at weddings and funerals has really rung true this year for me. Anyway, all that to say that my visits may be even more sporadic than usual! 
We want to see what's going on in your world though, please!