Wednesday 19 June 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 785

My desk resembles a control centre. Our lovely daughter is at home and working remotely. She has two screens and a keyboard and a mouse and .....drum roll.....a notepad and pen. Although, I suspect it's more a homage to working at a desk than an actual working tool. I can't photograph it because both screens are open and contain information that is not pertinent to WOYWW! 

I want to show you this
It's a Swatch. I bought it with part of the massively generous gift you Deskers gave me when I retired.  I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm a bit of a collector and Swatches are one of my collections. However, I'm not a collector for display and investment purposes. I wear them. And this one I thought, is a perfect arty/ATC type that will remind me of WOYWW every time I look at it. It does and I love it. Thank you so much. The crown on the face is a tad embarrassing but I loved the overall design enough to think I could overlook it, and I'm hugely amused that it's in 'seven shades of wee wee' which I once (and in many cases will continue) to observe about lots of Tim Holtz style work - in fairness though, that was in the early Distress Ink years and he has since 'found' colour! 
The rest of 'that' gift voucher is waiting. I could accuse of it of burning a hole in my pocket, but it's more about me parting with final;  a great deal of the pleasure of such things is in the anticipation and browsing. The idea that 'I can afford that treat' makes me giddy when I look at something I'd like. As it happens, so I shall brag!