Wednesday 30 September 2020

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 591

and just like that, it’s Wednesday again and I’m in a right old state of behind!
A bit gloomier and a longer shot. Sorry if it makes you tut. See that cardboard box? When they’re all tidied away, my scrapbook supplies and papers are in there. Saves me trudging from the other room every couple of minutes. In full flow, the boxes with embellishments perch on the coffee table, my file full of alphas sit in the armchair at left of the desk and still the surface of the desk ends up like this! There was an online crop at the weekend courtesy of Scraptastic Inspirations on FB. I managed to keep up on Saturday, but didn’t get to my desk until tea time on Sunday so am now playing catch up. The challenges have really erm, exercised me. Here you see the remnants of a LO that I did with a Christmas theme which I don’t often do so had to dig very deep. The challenge was actually to document a photo that captured an embarrassing/unintentionally funny moment. 
It’s a very unflattering pic of me from 1992, but that’s the hazard in letting other people have the camera! Back to the desk....
There’s a piece of black card slotted at an angle above the tape gun...looks like a black hole developing! The hideous fence looks really close doesn’t it, like horrible curtains! I’ll try to remember to take a pic from outside looking in during the week, it may give you a lot more context! 
Never mind all that anyway, show us yours will ya? Got to be a more interesting mess than mine as I dive into another challenge.
Please put WOYWW in your post title and link your blog post here. Easy. Friendly. And the kettle is always on. Actually, especially round at our Cindy’s this week, she’s throwing an online Macmillan Coffee Morning. If you’d like to join in, she’d love to see you, and I really look forward to virtual cake!

Wednesday 23 September 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 590

Seriously as the a pandemic news causes more and more of us to consider self-lockdown, please know that even though we’re far apart and the days go by at a ridiculous pace, ther’s always time and opportunity for a chat, online, face-time or its equivalent, old fashioned phone, whatever. If you need or want to chat, get a cup of something and reach out, please.
Now look here:

Yes yes, but in amongst the mess, there’s results. Finished results! In the heart shaped dish, you can just make out the circles with glasses that I have cut out from the sheet that was on my desk last week. I’ll show you why at some point. The turquoise mini album next to the sellotape is the freebie type that you used to get with developed photos. Thanks to Stacey, it now contains excess or unused die cuts. Get me taking good advice! You can just make out the lid of a clear plastic tube on the right of the pink handles ATG gun. It’s a button tube, the type you select buttons from in the haberdashery. I bought two or three from a lady on a fabric stall at Bath indoor Market and use them to store and lug about the brads and eyelets. Old fashioned but incredibly space saving and useful, and lets face it, old fashioned embellishments nowadays too! There’s a small pile (4) layouts waiting to be finalised...I don’t immediately put finished LOs in their albums see. I walk around them for a couple of days to see if I’d like to add anything or have a better way to journal on them. Mostly I don’t, but occasionally an improvement of a brad, gem or blob of something is very satisfying to my ‘how do I know it’s finished’ thing.
Now, I know this post is finished, and it’s your turn. As always and usual, please link your blog post here and show us the what and the where. This is scheduled because, glee of glees, I have to help out at work on Wednesday morning! Catch you very soon.

Wednesday 16 September 2020

What’s On Your a Workdesk? Wednesday 589

First of course, apologies for last week’s missing link. Well, disappearing link. Because I think the missing link is something else entirely isn’t it? And then reappearing link which threw every thing.  It was not Mr Linky’s fault. It was mine. There was a cocked up link so I went to the Link dashboard to delete it and managed to delete the lot. Easy. Got Mr Linky out of bed at 5am and was unable to make his fix work. Not so easy. So I gave in and put a fresh link list up. And that was just the start....!

Oh it’s been a week. Photo taken yesterday afternoon after I’d finished a scrapbook layout and had a little, effortless go at tidying. 
That sheet of paper is destined to be cut up, you might just be able to see the pencil circles around the erm, circles. My guide for cutting. I’m taking things a bit slow and easy, see. I’ve had a hideous ear infection that whilst controlled, just won’t go away, and then yesterday, 15 days after I sought emergency dental treatment, my appointment led to the offending tooth being taken out and it’s made me feel battered and sore and a bit low. So, some good weather means fussy cutting whilst sitting on a deckchair. Not planned, but oh such a great opportunity to make the most! The small pile of papers under my ephemera folios are new ones; the one you can see is covered in Christmas text. I bought it for card making, because of the pattern on the other side. Let’s see if I remember I’ve got it when it comes to actually making some cards!
Now, please, run the risk and join the only link list of the day, promise......!

Wednesday 9 September 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 588

I’m sorry that the link is missing, it will be restored as soon as poss! Another edit...I’ve started a new link list, sorry, much easier than correcting the original mistake turned out to be!

I would be pushed to account for the last week. Obviously, I’ve done stuff.  I mean, this mansion doesn’t run itself. But hmm, not a lot of anything in particular I don’t think. I had this idea to do all sorts at my desk, but it didn’t pan out. I’m not really feeling it at the moment and I know better than to sit there trying to get an idea from head to paper. 
I did make a couple of scrapbook pages to try to catch up with an online crop I missed last weekend, but even they seemed a bit lacklustre. The ‘fun’ on my desk was supposed to look really good on one of them, but it didn’t. Thanks to Stacey, I’ll just pop it in my mini album for use later. *smug*.I don’t know if you’ve noticed over the weeks, but the bin that I painted has really faded.
I didn’t notice until it nearly fell off a pile involving pads, tape and the cutter. I grabbed for it and managed to pull off one of the stars, but it was a lightning fast reaction that prevented a load of small scraps and strips hitting the floor, so I forgave myself immediately. But it’s revelatory in more ways than one. I’ve glued it back on, and if the old mojo stays away, I might be moved to repaint the tub. Roll on returning to the workroom! Come on then, show me what I could be doing ...let’s see your desks.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

What’s On YOur Workdesk? Wednesday 587

Well hello! Is it Wednesday already? Good grief. How?  I’ve been a little bit over-involved in the last week, but did manage to tidy and clear the desk so that I could attempt to take part in another online crop last weekend. I didn’t manage it - what you see is the day one first challenge which I was working on yesterday and that clearly remains unfinished this morning! 
There’s a good mix of gubbins and GKW, but generally it’s quite tidy isn’t it? For me! It’s only because I’ve only done part of one layout so far. The lovely boxes at right are packaging for a glass pen with a barley twist nib and lots of little bottles of mica enhanced ink in various colours. The idea is to dip the nib and the twist in the glass keeps the ink moving sufficiently to write without running out of ink after about 3 letters. Works too. Wish I had calligraphic skills to really make the most!  Show and tell will you, I’m slow to respond, but I will!