Tuesday 30 March 2010

What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Sorry everyone, a very slow start to the day for me, regretfully nothing to brag about!
Well apparently I can afford the very best baby wipes for my stamps! They were a special offer and oh boy, this 'second pack free' will be donated to someone who has a baby. I don't know why but I assumed that 'perfume free' would mean that they were completely unscented - but they aren't; they have the familiar Johnson brand smell to them and I find it a bit, hmm, cloying. Back to soap and a scrubber pad then.

Then you can see that I've been playing with the new floral stamps from Papermania. They are as so often, lifted (and not very well tidied up) clip art images, but no less gorgeous. Although as you can clearly see, they gave me some trouble. I ended up stamping the tulip image using marker pens and then a damp paintbrush to move the ink around a bit to 'fill' the tulip a bit. So now I've determined the technique I like to reproduce the image, I've simply got to find a card the other elements to make a card up - the idea in the photo isn't working for me just now!
Oh what mojo strain!

There's a sheet of foam pads on the left; I'm anal about the strangest things - I like to use them incredibly neatly, usually with a new sheet I start on a corner and work all the way around the edge, reducing equally. Weird huh!
Finally, and to answer Kathy from last week, you can just see a brown envelope with the small bulldog clip on it. It's an old wages envelope (remember them, anyone?!). I have 27 of them, each holding letters from the alphabet - printed pieces from a box full that I picked up at a sale n my local shop, Kraft Crazy. I don't use them on cards, but quite a lot on scrapbook pages - even this month's calendar page.

So there we are - if you have time now, show us your desk too; link and leave a comment here and we'll all visit. Please forgive me for being slow to visit; I will do it, but at snail's pace!!

Ah, choices

So here, in all of its modesty, is the invitation that I made to invite people tour 25th wedding anniversary bash. It's Basic Grey (Origins) and a text stamp - Dawn Houser at Inkadikado. Honestly, I've never met one of her images or calligraphy stamps that I didn't like. Or have to own. I've had this stamp for ages and as you know I've been stressing for ages over these silly invitations as well; so I shouldn't be surprised that a stamp that I almost consider an old friend is the one that does the trick for me huh? Mr Dunnit liked it too. And then I ran out of paper (four A6 cards from a 12" sheet is the best I can do, madam). So Mr Dunnit suggests I stop worrying and use something else. Well he would, wouldn't he? He has absolutely no idea how long it took me to choose these three tiny pieces and how much I worried about them being cheerful and representative and maybe possibly even vaguely tasteful. So then I did choose again, I forced myself to stay at my desk until I'd done the number that I needed.
And this one emerged. Same sketch (I couldn't possibly have changed the sketch as well, I mean, it's getting on to be a 26th anniversary party as it is!) This one is made using new My Minds Eye papers - Oh La La to be precise. As on the other, the only touch of silver is the embossed text. So have I created a choice monster? Is it either/or? It is not. I stacked them alternately and forced myself to write and address them in the order they came off the pile. After all, our friends and family won't know that some of them were different, and of course, just like Mr Dunnit, they won't begin to understand the agonies I went through, just to choose. For goodness sake, it was harder than choosing my Mr Right!

Thursday 25 March 2010

You know it's Spring..

...because it's your sweet Sissy's birthday and she's a natural born woman of Spring. No doubt.
...because your beautiful craft space looks a bit gloomy and in need of an overhaul. And you're in the mood to do it.
...because you've started promising yourself that you'll lose the 'winter weight'; salad season is just around the corner.
...because you've noticed that you can colour in or cut out without having to find your glasses a little later each day.
...because your fingers seem automatically to be selecting cheerful ink colours.
...because the paper manufacturers are definitely working on your personal seasonal tastes - Basic Grey Kioshi. I rest my case.
...because you surprise yourself by promising a workshop or two on themes that do not suit you. Cute. Animals. Huh?
...because you have that 'fresh start' feel; the urge to finish some cast aside projects and tidy up a couple of albums seems to be upon you. Even the EHAS album. Blimey.
...because your intentions to learn a bit more about your camera are suddenly an imperative in view of changing light and potential holidays.
...because you hope that at the next gathering, the family is thoughtful enough to coincidentally co-ordinate their wardrobe colours so that an idea for a new album can be made with a fluid and certain continuity. You predict some bossing about.
...because it's absolutely pouring with rain, the light is on in the work room and you're wearing three layers.
Housekeeping: I'm not deliberately monitoring comments, it's just a glitch I guess. And I haven't been able to access them at all today and I know there are a couple of questions I want to answer! Also folks - congratulations - there are 60 desks to look at - if you missed the last handful cos it was getting late - do back track a bit, it'll be worth it! And a final PS: it's actually never too late or too early, just post it!

Tuesday 23 March 2010

GGIIWA? What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Well, here's a staggering return to form - Brenda, you may wanna look away and wonder how long it really will take to rub off on me!!
I haven't actually managed much since I got home from Belfast - except to dump new stuff on top of the work in progress stuff and move some things around. In the quest for space of course.

The red clock house (unfinished) is still there - at least I have an idea now. And since Scrap Lady Ally blogged about how to alter photos to fit the window sizes, I may actually be able to move on with this one! The yummy Basic Grey is for round two of some invitations - I intend to use the other side of the sheet, so that's unintentionally mysterious! You can see the new stamps I talked about yesterday; other stamps are awaiting attention for a frightening number of workshops that I've committed to. Actually most of the stuff you can see there is for workshop purposes. The silver ink pad is a breath of fresh air - I've been using and re-inking the same one for years, so I think this will be a great treat! Inside the horribly reflected plastic bag is the makings of a mini book that I started around the table at Ffroggie's place over the weekend. Started. Unfinished because it was late and there was chatter and another person's stash to look at; much too distracting!
It doesn't look any more inspiring from this end either. I'm up for a jolly good tidy up and am feeling very much in the 'getting on' mode. That is because for the last two days and most of this morning, I am committed elsewhere; frustrating but to be expected!
Today's edition of WOYWW is for our mutual friend Paula, by now hopefully post-surgery; feel better soon gal, we need you back, pronto!
So come on then, leave a comment, make use of the Mr Linky thingy and show us your workdesk - surface - whatever it is, we wanna see it. And what you're doing of course!

So, how do you?

Yeah. How do you? Choose the rubber stamps you buy, that is. Do you have an occasion in mind? Do you choose a suitable stamp for a personality? Do you see it, like it and buy it? I do. All three. But there is fall-out from methods one and two, and I end up kicking myself for not following my own advice. For a handful of years, I stood the other side of the rubbery line and operated the till. I watched customers choose stamps. There's a lot to it for some people. Some will pick up a stamp, examine and ask for ideas. Easy. Then they would suggest other ways - mask this bit off, stamp this and cut off that - you know, maximum potential use would be discussed prior to purchase. Others would come in and search the shelves for a specific stamp - for the 14th anniversary or the 'you learned to knit' celebration. Unsurprisingly, this is the least satisfactory way to yield a good result on either side of the rubbery line....compromise for the customer and not many sales! And there are the people that for the price, want the Universal Rubber: one stamp with which to make every card ever needed. I rarely had those in stock! So, I soon realised that the best advice I could offer was this: buy an image that you really like. That way, you will use it a kerjillion times and it will fit a kerjillion occasions and sentiments. Buy a stamp to do a specific job and it will forever be just for that one thing - you might use it on other stuff, but not nearly as much as an image that you were drawn to because it was so nice. The last stamp I brought that didn't follow my own advice languishes at the back of the basket waiting to be cleaned. I thought it would look great on our Anniversary invites. I've stamped it 3 times and there's no escaping the conclusion that I don't much like it, however appropriate it is to the theme, party, blah. So at the weekend when the County Antrim coast and our thoughtful hostesses led us to a craft shop (Crafters & Co, in Coleraine) I didn't hesitate when I saw the two Stampers Anonymous stamps pictured. I have no idea what I'm going to use them for, I just instinctively know that I will use them, a lot. And they were a bargain too, which helps. See, if I stick to my own theories, it works - for me at least! So that's how I choose 'em - you?

Sunday 21 March 2010


Well, I'm in Northern Ireland, so I am. A long weekend with friends found, made and kept through UK Scrappers; we have a lot to be thankful for. Crafting was the point of our pursuits, so it was. And of course, you'll note from the distinct and unusual lack of photographs for today's post that well, so far we've done some chatting, and very little craft work. Of course, Northern Ireland has for years been synonymous with 'the Troubles' (capital T) and lots of you would avoid it. Really, don't. Since the outbreak of 'Peace' (capital P) this fabulous country has opened, formed a bud and started to bloom. Everywhere is not very very from somewhere, the coast is truly a sight for sore eyes, the fresh air and space is, well, therapy, so it is. The hospitality is legendary, for a reason. Do you know, last night we went to Lisburn for Thai food. (OK, but the National dish will feature later..) There were other people in the restaurant of course, and it was Danny's birthday. And do you know what, his family shared his birthday cake with everyone, strangers to the last. I was incredibly touched by that inclusiveness. And when owner, Robert, brought us our bill and sweeties, he uttered the immortal words: 'don't hurry away, we're here for you' - even though we were the last people there and clearly the staff would cheerfully have cleared up and gone home. I was staggered, so I was.
You may like to know that this morning, we're over the path to the apple store to explain to each other the basics of the projects we planned to do. The sun is shining, splitting the pavement, so it is. There's the promise of an Ulster Fry for brunch. And I have to do the Bristol Fly today. I will miss this, so I will.
Normal service, terrible photography and all, will resume. So it will.

Thursday 18 March 2010

Keeping a sense of proportion

Here's a page from the '12 of 16' album I'm making for miss Dunnit. It's teeny at 6 x 6, but more than often, that kinda suits me - some of my card maker ideas don't always translate well to a 12 x12 LO which leaves me frustrated. I think my sense of proportion has been developed for cards and so I often find it difficult to use a 12" page effectively. That is not to say that I don't like scrapping in the 'full size' - I love it, but I don't think I'm as good at it. I have developed a card sized sense of proportion! Unless it involves me, food, chocolate, or my life, of course. Then it's about the size of a house. It's interesting to me actually, that proportion has become of such importance in my crafting. I occasionally see others LOs and find myself searching for the photo. This can indicate embellishment (product) overload or the wrong size photo for the page. Utterly subjective I know. And there's more than one proportion to consider too - dominance of title, intrusiveness (or not) of journalling for example. I know I would have the Slipper Lady on my side when I tell you that despite everything, for me, the biggest consideration is the picture. Everything else on the page, for me, needs to be in proportion to that - either literally, size shape, perspective - or metaphorically; importance, emotion, tone. I have a lot of pages that aren't quite right to me, and in each case, the thing that makes me realise I'll have to re-do them, the thing that makes my teeth itch is that there is no focus on the proportions inside the page. Gah. And why do my teeth itch over this? Because I am the least likely to get it right without help. GAAAAH. This is meant to be a fun hobby!
The paper is from the Citronella pad by K & Co, so bright and cheerful, it really helps when the yearning for summer is so high!

And lucky me, the lovely Wipso gave me sunshine - such a generous gesture. Isn't a gorgeous picture too - sure these gerbera, daisy type flowers are high, high up my favourites list. It's a constant wonder to me that Wipso has time to blog at all, check her blog and her shop to see why - she and Twiglet have just about cornered the market in handmade gifts for this year! It seems incredibly un-gracious of me to brag about this award and do nothing with it, that isn't I know, in the spirit of the thing at all. So I will. But not right now. At least you're spared another list of apparently interesting things about me!

Wednesday 17 March 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Aaggh I'm all behind. I blame Monday. I spent it in Exmouth (as blogged yesterday) and so yesterday at home didn't feel like Tuesday. So now, even though I know it's Wednesday, I feel like it's Tuesday and I feel like I've got more of the week than I have. Golly, it's making me incoherent! Don't bother to re-read that, it'll probably be more frightening than lacking sense on a second consideration!
Lordy, it's tidy today! That's because all I did yesterday was unpack and put away and then tentatively start on the Anniversary invites. Then I blogged and didn't get back to them, so there was no chance to make a mess. Although you have to ask - why I need 3 rolls of double sided tape. And why I seem to have decided that I can knock out a card without a pair of scissors. Well, how about what is actually on the desk...hmm. A nestabilitie shape with some lovely text stamped upon it. My glass mat which I would run back in to rescue from a fire. The sadly unused Prima and button jars; I think they might as well be put away now, I'll try another tactic for using those. The Martha Stewart border punch (loopy) is still there because I used it yesterday to re-make a card for tomorrow's workshop - I was cutting stock and sorting kits and blow me, I didn't have enough of the same paper to go around. So I've made another card - the same - but in a different colour split. And then the punch stayed on the desk because I was going to use it again last night. But clearly, I didn't. I played scrabble with my phone instead!
There's another Clock House shape for the 2 Scrap Ladies project - now it's painted I've kinda lost my nerve with it, so it sits there waiting for what Paula calls the 'ping' moment. She's right, it will happen. Probably about a week after the event! And the little die cut bunny - the spare from tomorrow's workshop kits...waiting to be used on another card.....which in real life means it'll be moved around the desk until I'm fed up with it and throw it away.

So now, with the help of that fabulous Mr Linky - you know him - the cyber god that can link us all in a big ol' cultcircle thing whilst simultaneously arranging neat rows of numbered names and controlling gigabytes - show us your workdesk. Work surface. Where you craft. We wanna see what you're doing, and what you've got. So link in and leave a comment too, and we'll swing round to your place. Right now I'm off to put the ketlle on. Join me, do.

Tuesday 16 March 2010

I went to the seaside and didn't see the sea!

I went to Japonica's 9th special workshop day at Exmouth and spent the day forcing some really lovely people to make up this mini album from a tin. It was great.
Papers by Magenta, stamps by Artemio. Love both, but the stamps are just sublime! Lots of people eschew the solid stamp styles but I really like them, they speak to me. Actually, all stamps speak to me. Currently, sadly, not one of them is talking to me about a great idea for an invitation. Yes if you're a regular here, you'll be shocked to know that I still haven't made the invitations - I can't find an image. Although while tidying this morning I found a text stamp that I love; I might have a play with that later - trouble is, Mr D has to like it too, so it can't betray too much sentiment! I'm in the middle of another Clock House for 2 Scrap Ladies too - amazing isn't it that you can be half way through something and you find yourself all inspired and moved to do another, but differently. I found that I had to force myself not to hurry the first one just so I could move onto another. A rare outbreak of self discpline I can tell you.

Saturday 13 March 2010

Pimping my other Blog

The die is cast. Pictures and words are posted over at
We're holding a day of cutting sticking gluing painting and squirting to make a Clock House. In May, bookings open today. Please visit for a gander!

Friday 12 March 2010

Excuse me, do you have the time?

Yes. Yes, I have. And absolutely plenty of it. But not all of it is accurate. And certainly it all points to a compulsive personality. This collection is better evidence of that than any amount of showing you my stash! So here's my watch collection.

I've spread them out so you can see 'em a little better. Which caused me to tidy the drawer up a little, so thanks for that! Most of them are Swatch, most of them are plastic and they're all mine. It started way back in an airport and with a delayed flight. Shopping is of course, the only antidote offered by BAA. So I did. Turned out to be a really useful watch to have on holiday; waterproof, sand proof, sloppy-lotion-application proof and pretty much matching everything I took to wear. The love was kindled.

Back then, I was running my own craft shop and conducting in-store demos and workshops a lot. I felt an interesting wrist watch sort of added to that whole 'watch my hands' thing, and of course, they made me feel positively erm, arty and cool. (I know, but it's OK. I'm old enough to admit that I'm NEVER going to get over myself.) I like the designs. I like the way the pattern crosses the watch face and includes the strap in many cases. I like the slightly, lightly coloured bezels that often match the hands. I like the interpretation of a pattern applied to the watch shape. I like the big elastic bracelet types that look like glass beads. Most of all, I like the colours. I discovered that lots of cities have a big ol' Swatch store at their centres and better yet, lots of them have a dedicated city Swatch. I have one from San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Sydney and Madrid. I have two Olympic commerative/celebratory Swatches. One of those is a 'collecter's item' sourced and gifted by my baby Sissy; I wear it anyway; I believe in enjoying what you've got, not locking it away unused. Unless it's a piece of hugely scarey patterned scrapbook paper, of course.

I've been 'collecting' for about a decade; in that time I've worked out that as I get older, I'm utterly pants at reading the time from a numberless watch face. I've also worked out that they tend to need replacement batteries in batches - and the most expensive batch is often in December and costs about 40 quid if I do them all at once. But I don't, obviously! The other revelation has been the noise that a collection of watches produce. They live in this drawer in a neat little half round hall table that Mr Dunnit made yonks ago. This table is on the landing. To be honest, it's an awkward location, but as you know, wood conducts sound. And the night time ticking of 30 odd watches was driving me mad - they aren't synchronised! I love them all, but I'm pretty much over the collecting part now. But I will probably still seek out the city Swatches, I think they're a cool, cool souvenir. There's the story then - bet you're sorry you even bothered to remark on it now!

Tomorrow, over at 2 Scrap Ladies we'll be running details of our next 'day'...do have a gander when you're surfing.

Thursday 11 March 2010

And the day flew by...

I'm sure at Oh My Gosh o'clock this morning that the list of things I had to do was beginning to get the better of me. So when I remembered that I'd booked a play date with The Colonial, I knew the right thing to do was cancel. She knows all about being flexible, she'll be the first to understand. So while me and Miss Dunnit are doing the finely tuned both-getting-seperate-breakfasts-in-a-tiny-kitchen dance, we discuss our plans. She very sagely advised me not to cancel. She said it would make me grumpy and feel cheated. She said I would be energised and feel like really tackling afresh the list of undones. Oh my. I know some of her advice was born out of self preservation, but she was right that sweet chil' o' mine.
Me and The Colonial we had coffee, chatted and laughed and all the while worked on a canvas to give each other. At the Make It! show a couple weeks ago we had each bought a Prima Iron On transfer - for each other. And the canvasses were the plan. I really enjoyed my day. Except the Iron On part........the instructions say allow 15 seconds. Well, I allowed about 15 minutes and still ripped the damn thing. Ah well. Probably because it was canvas and not a flexible t shirt! Won't stop me buying another though, am pleased with it nonetheless. I kept my canvas relatively minimal - I didn't want another unfinished work on my desk; I wanted the Colonial to have something fresh and painty smelling to hide in her loo - today! We did break for a cream tea lunch (something we'd also promised ourselves) and then we did a show and tell. And of course, after she'd left, I dashed around a bit and started the catch-up. Miss Dunnit was right. I feel cheered, I love the canvas, enjoyed the day and am feeling slightly more inclined to have another stab at those darn invitations. Promise you'll stop me if I threaten to cancel!
So, credits: to Prima Inc and ippiti for the stamp I used. Other images are painted or letter stickers.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

IIWA? What's On Your Workdesk?

Early for me - pictures therefore a little dark - which will or will not add to shock factor - depends how strong you're feeling! There's not a lot of evidence of anything going on, but I had just finished my zillionth attempt at making an invitation for our Silver Anniversary party. It's in the bin. I need to think again. Funny how you can trot out a load of stuff that's quite nice, but as soon as you start wanting it to be fabulous dahlink, it doesn't work! You can see the Prima flower jar (just) -pushed back. I'm using it to prop stuff against, which means it's time to put it back in the cupboard and forget about using flowers! There's a tiny easel card next to the button jar - a work in progress for a Spring themed workshop. All the usual tools, including a mini bin which apparently I didn't use yesterday! The big pink flower shape is a journalling spot - I'll show you in detail when I've erm, journalled on it. Next to that is a couple of sets of clear stamps that I've borrowed from the Shopkeeper Gal. Because I don't have enough of my own.
And then there's the whole ribbon jar thing. All I needed was a short length of white organza and the whole thing chucked up on me. I have lost the will to live. This jar may look pretty but it renders everything but the top ten percent beyond reach, so it's a gonner. Sooner I think, rather than being put off forever! A job to do in front of the telly.

So that's me this morning - show us you work surface and perhaps a teeny bit more of your stash or space - go on. It's painless and we just want to see what you've got and what you're using. It's not nosey. It's humancraftnature. And, Mr Linky helped so much, we're doing it that way again. Please comment too though if you can be bothered, it's still fun!

Tuesday 9 March 2010

OK, so I'm a large behind..

Apart from checking that my scheduled post for yesterday actually happened, I seem to have only had about 5 minutes at the computer in the last handful of days. Seriously, I need to get a to do list for my lists. No stress nor nuffink, just more to do than I can, clearly! I am late thanking Paula for an award; she said some terrible lies about me in her acceptance speech and worse, she seems to understand me a bit - sort of knows already that I ain't going to bore you to death with any more of my trivia lists! You should read hers though, her antics at 'work' are great fun, or naughty - if you work at MI5!!
In lieu of the trivia lists, and because I forgot to photo my watch collection, I'm going to answer some questions that have popped up as comments:

1. Being born in Hong Kong makes me erm, British. My papa was in the army see, and did a two year 'tour'. Frightfully un-exotic!

2. I don't eat seafood because I'm a foolish, squeamish 'eat-with-the-eyes' type of gal; fish looks somehow so like, well, fish. Head, poppy-out eyes, and worse, shells, eyes on stalks..oh lordy. This makes me peculiar even in my own family. I know.

3. This morning, I got a bit down and dirty with paper glue and ink. Can't show you yet, but I will. And I should tell you, that this whole altering problem....yep. Clearly it's because I don't like the waiting time for drying!

4. This is Ginny's comment. It is one of the most profound comments ever left on this blog:
'as to the "basic" kit...I'm sure there's a LOT of things here I wouldn't bother to replace but there is still sooooooooooooo much I just HAVE to have...'
To which I'd like to add: Bejeweller, anyone?

5. The garden bin is fine Rosie, and not at all neglected. Following a day of sunshine, it is currently digesting a Christmas tree. A return to photographic glory is not guaranteed.

6. And finally. If you're going to be at Japonica's Workshop day next Monday, please say hi in the comments. Then next week when I tell you the story in photos, we'll know you! And I might tell the story about me and Janet and the photo saga.

Gah - forgot to add that the card is made using Kanban's clear stamps and Basic Grey Origins papers. But you knew that. They've been all over my desk in pieces for a couple of weeks!

Monday 8 March 2010

Sticking Pins in...

Here's a card featuring the Daring Cardmaker's challenge. Aquamarine. I must be honest and say that I did not for one minute consider the deeper meanings of the colour, the stone or its origins. I was simply moved to use this lovely paper and make a card. See: sometimes, all I need is the smallest nudge. And then you only have to suffer a short paragraph of the how and the why. Yeah. No! I originally intended this card would be for my sweet mother-in-law next weekend. But the inclusion of the pin instantly rules that out. Even though cards will stand on a shelf at least a foot taller than her younger grandchildren, and even though both of the 'little 'uns' are well trained not to touch, she will perceive untold peril in having a stray pin within a forty metre radius. So before even opening the card, she'd be trying to pull the pin out - which would, inevitably cause the embellishments to fall off and the card would be spoiled. Then she'd tell me what a nice card it is and could I please save the lives of her younger grandchildren by doing something safe with the pin. Like - ooh I don't know, swallow it. Do anything as long as you remove the danger! Honest. That's pretty much how it would go. Miss Dunnit is one of her 4 grandchildren, so I'm au-fait with her caring levels when it comes to her children's children. The youngest is nearly 3. Grandma still tries to put cushions over the corners of her coffee table, just in case. I bet she thinks my generation of mothers are a bunch of slackers! The best and easiest way to handle this sort of stress inducing behaviour is to avoid it. And so I shall keep this card for something else and make another, more safety inclined one for her Mother's Day greeting. I expect a lot of you are thinking that it should therefore go to my sainted Mother. It can't. Despite my pleasure at the presence of that long pin on the card, I'm not sure I wanna post it. What do you do - post and be damned? (or worse, arrested!?) I'd be mortified if Gorgeous Gordon was wounded in any way in his diligent and cheerful delivery of my post. Do you double wrap, bubble wrap or disarm? I need to know. Before last post for Mother's Day. Advice please.
Are ya free on May 15th? 2 Scrap Ladies had a committee meeting today and that's the date. The Clockhouse project. More during this week and full details at the weekend. Yikes.

Friday 5 March 2010

Here's one of yesterday's cards. Tree made from Nestabilities shapes and the owl is part of a stamp set by Dovecraft. And just so we're clear - it is an owl, standing on a branch. Not a sheep. Or a frog. Because I don't have the imagination to put anything other than a bird in a tree, see. Other stamps by Hero Arts and papers from Basic Grey and Core'dinations.
It's Ludgershall Crop tomorrow. You will probably understand when I tell you that I turned the computer on about an hour and half ago, ostensibly to print some photos. Haven't been off the web yet, so suddenly the time thing is going to be an issue again! How come this interweb thing - which I so enjoy - means that every other job, chore or 'thing' ends up being done in a hurry? I don't get it. I thought that having a baby was the biggest soaker-upper of time ever in the world. But she was born pre-internet-in-nearly-every-house. Imagine how neglected they'd be if I had babies now! Or would I just be a really media savvy well informed Mum? Hmmm, no need to answer that. I wanted to thank you for your responses to my iPhone lunacy - I really need you to understand the lunacy part of it. Like: unless I suddenly move into a job that involves a public transport type of commute, I know that I won't ever use it as an MP3 player. I already know too that I won't use the 'notes' section. Like: at this stage I can't see my downloading an 'App' for anything. Like: the keyboard's small-ish and hugely touch sensitive-ness is already driving me nuts. I will definitely go on doing what I always did - phoning and messaging. Because that's really all I 'need' it for. And in case you thought that having the iPhone is all about me showing off to you - no, definitely not. The showing off part was the almost loving, romantic part of the acquisition...not the actual 'objet'. It's about letting me think I am cool. And I know that you are generous enough to allow me this delusion.
Have a super weekend.

Thursday 4 March 2010

Romancing the phone

Of course, there's background. I'll try and be brief. Don't count on it. About fifty years ago when Apple produced the first iPod, I whinged and moaned and generally made life unbearable enough till Mr Dunnit bought me one for my birthday. People, this is pre 'iPod Classic' day I'm talking about. We still had dial up internet. The itunes store was a thing of the future in Great Britain. And to be honest, the motivation for my desire was much more about how totaly COOL I would be if I had an iPod. I have to say that the iPod packaging in terms of design and function were to me quite, quite sublime. It took me almost two days to open the thing completely; I was so unhappy about spoiling it! And then I discovered my inner Luddite. Turns out that I found listening to music in public was incredibly inconvenient and a bit anti-social. Turns out that I felt a bit foolish. Especially as the uber cool control dial and 'touch' operation was so easy that I simply couldn't remember how to use it if I didn't practice daily. And then I managed to change the language setting to Japanese...and it took ages of just 'touch and guess' to change it back...(I was way too embarrased to ask for help!) - eventually it turned into French and I was at least able to follow screen indicators back to English. It was at this time that really I discovered that Apple saying that something is easy is not really in my-line-of-vision 'easy'. They pre-suppose that I know waaaaaay more than I do about computers, technology and well, everything really, even the wires. So Miss Dunnit inherited my Toy of Cool and she was incredibly happy about it. She still uses it too.
So, lesson learned huh? No. Of course not. When the iPhone was introduced I of course, expressed an instant desire to own one. I mean - how cool? And really, I have a mobile phone, so it's not like it would be so difficult to learn as the iPod, I reasoned. Anyway, then we discovered from the safety of the sofa in front of the tv that it would be a one network, set amount a month type contract, and I shelved the idea. I have a perfectly good, FREE phone. I don't know if you know this, but my mobile phone is a perk of my job as Mrs Dunnit. See, Mr Dunnit has a contract at work for the supply of a number of mobile phones for staff and blah...and I'm the blah! I guess there's a point at which for the provider, it doesn't matter how many phones as long as there's a good contract. So lucky me huh!
Phones are replaced annually, I don't know when, to be honest, I've only just found a confident way around the two features that I actually use on my current phone (making calls and sending text), so had no idea that I've had it for a year already! Mr Dunnit came home the other night and gave me an acrylic box with an iPhone 'sleeve' in it - a sort of non slip holder thing. When I worked out what it was, we laughed at it being a freebie which would be the closest I'd come to an iPhone. And then he gave me the beautifully compact black box containing the actual real thing. Apparently, it's phone upgrade time on the contract. His partner had mentioned that he was ordering Blackberry types and Mr Dunnit had told him not to include me (Julia) in that; he was going to buy me an iPhone, because that's what I really wanted. Did you hear that? He was going to buy me one even though I haven't whinged or moaned or really even talked about it. And, and - he didn't set it up or charge it or anything because he didn't want to spoil my opening and enjoying the packaging experience. He remembered! Oh I'm feeling giddy just telling you. You see why I'm excited!! Double spontaneous gesture alert!! Lucky for him and me, business partner included an iPhone with their order - apparently he chose Blackberry off the list for the guys in the offices because he thought the iPhone was a bit girly! Oh my. It IS a very clever phone, and it is going to take me a while to get my head around...but it is much easier to use than the iPod was - or have I just learned more in the last 5 or 6 years? Whatever. Who cares! So that's the romance. Again, lots of you won't even have recognised it as such. It was. And I'll take it. And apparently, brag my breeches off about it too. You get that it's really not about the phone don't you? Like I said to Mr D, really I am deep. Just a bit deep shallow. You know.

Tuesday 2 March 2010

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Well, not really a lot going on here this morning. I'm trying to come up with another card for the 'Trees' Workshop. It's tomorrow. I have NEVER left it this late before, but me and the Shopkeeper Gal were holding out for a delivery that hasn't materialised. So another idea is needed for the fourth card. Then there's one of the stamps I brought from Stamps & Memories at the show in Farnborough last week. It's on the desk to remind me to play with it a little..I think I want to use it for some party invitations, but until I've fiddled and faffed, I will not know for sure. Story of my life, fiddle and faff! In the absence of any more room to 'swing' to, I thought you might like to see the heap of stuff that accumulates on the worktop to the left of my desk. Inevitably, because it's a corner, I tend to completely overlook it in terms of tidying. See I have an admirable collection of beautifully coloured Shimmering Mist. They are on the surface to remind me: to use them and to use them on the 2 Scrap Ladies project I should be half way through by now. You know how that's going then.
I think that's it then for my desk. Am amused and amazed by your interest in my watches and mobile phone (see yesterday's post). But I'll blurb the stories over the next few days; hell you already know I'm untidy, hormonal and a little strange, you might as well know about my collecting problems too!

Meanwhile, I'd like to see your desks please. Show us what you're working on and give us a chance to see what you've got. Lovely. And, cometh the hour, cometh the man. Mr Linky that is. (And that's if my understanding of the instructions has been successful!) Probably easier. Please leave a comment as well as your post link though, it's still fun to have your reactions!

More about interesting ol' Me

Really, there is some sparkle on this..
the horrible grey colour is the Sakura sparkly pen which is applied rather too liberally in real life. Hey ho. It's an entry for Susie & Vicki's Christmas Club challenge - girly. I kinda knew - as I'm sure you did - that whatever I did, it wasn't going to be lacy or include an image of a young girl, either in a long dress or with a ginormous head!

Anne has shared a blog award with me, and there are rules for accepting:
I have to pass this on to 5 other bloggers, write a top ten list of things that make me happy and 5 pieces of trivia about myself. There is a risk of boring you to death with these, but as they change daily, at least you get a better idea of the confused and hormonal old bag that Mr Dunnit has to live with! So currently, these 10 things make me happy - and they are not in any order:
1. My marriage
2. The story behind my new cell phone; it's almost romantic!
3. The message alert on that new phone! Great sound.
4. My daughter.
5. Being part of an extended family that still includes babies.
6. March; feels like the year really begins this month!
7. Planning for the Crop this Saturday.
8. Cooking
9. My current hair style
10. Browsing junk mail at coffee time.
And five bits of trivia:
1. I don't eat seafood (unless you count fish fingers!)
2. I can't remember the last time I wore nail varnish
3. Or earrings, actually.
4. I have 36 watches. Most of them Swatch.
5. I was born in Hong Kong.
Man I'm so interesting. Now you just know I'm going to cop out of extending this award to anyone in particular; I can't: it makes my teeth itch. Maybe I'll come up with a way to do it and pass it on late in the week. OK? And thanks Anne...am sure the money will have arrived by now!

Monday 1 March 2010

Well now, I just whizzed through my Google reader and decided that I need to get fresh air before I settle in for a good read. But, Angie's post caught my eye and here I am explaining myself! I've been having a think about this for a while....Angie has been inking and spraying and stamping and squirting and frankly, getting down and dirty fingered with it. And the tags that she's shown us are just fab. And certainly not in the seven shades of wee wee that so often crop up with these techniques.
I think despite my 'need to be creative' dahlink, I'm limited by my skill. So I think that in order to make my time pay off with a decent result, I avoid this sort of 'try this and see where it takes you' stuff. No doubt that as I approach my desk, I have an idea in mind that I want to at least get close to finishing. I also usually have a picture in my head that I want to commit to the card or layout. No doubt that the extent of my frustration is always merely that what comes onto the paper is frequently no match for what's in my head. Is there an exercise - you know - jiggle your head and flop your arms around, warm up style - to allow me to let these images out and approach the desk with a blank and creatively open mind? I do not know.
Could it be that I don't work this way because most of what I do is procrastinated for so long that I can only be creative to some sort of a deadline and therefore do not have (what appears to me to be) 'experimental' time? Possibly, for a lot of that is true (!). Or could it be that, despite all the proof that I offer every Wednesday, I just can't bear the mess? Actually, I have a feeling it's a combination of the two. Angie, send me some vibes, I wanna get into that zone and try it out. Then I can get over it or add it to my 'range'.
But I don't want to clear up. Which is why I'm going out for a walk now. If you're booked into the day long Workshop sessions at Japonica in Exmouth this month, you will be delighted to learn that I'm avoiding clearing up after cutting chopping measuring and checking stock for 44 kits. See, told you I need fresh air.