Wednesday 30 December 2009

LWOTY What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Well people, here we are at the end of the year - like the new acronym? Last Wednesday of The Year, see! And for a change, this morning I've been up and at it. Rushing around a bit; realising that if Miss Dunnit's Godbrothers and Godparents are bothering to visit, we should show some hospitality, tidy up at least! My workdesk, bereft of notebook, looks the same as it did. So here's what I've really been working on this morning:

Domestic bliss - do you think the children (sic) will spot that I've already run out of Christmas napkins? And if my Mum reads this, will she faint because we're using paper napkins? Do you think, as it was so cold in there this morning that the crackers will actually snap? I have my suspicions that they may be damp and disappointing. Blergh. Do you think it will truly ever get light enough to take a half decent photo? I'm very grateful that this area (on the BBC weather chart it is the exact border between South East and South West) is not forecast any of the grim weather that others are experiencing, but the dark sky suggests otherwise to me - after all, this picture was taken at about 9.45 this morning. Still, light or dark, this particular work surface is in for a lot of use today - won't it be imaginative and make a change to have big roast lunch - midweek - how decadent!

Show us your workdesk then - be brave - if you look over previous posts you'll see - it's not about untidy shame - it's about letting us see what you've got and what you're doing. Leave a comment so we can pop round to yours for a rummage. A bit like Santa, we like to see food and drink on your desk. Reassures those of us that can't live without either. You can even have WOYWW button for your blog if you'd lke - code nad such at top left margin.

Oh and..the Housekeeping post yesterday neglected to actually say where Kraft Crazy's in Station Road, Tidworth, Hants. All the workshops take place there. Other, 'on the road' stuff is pimped by me under the 2 Scrap Ladies banner. Unless you have something you'd like me to erm, pimp!

Tuesday 29 December 2009


It's not a state secret, but I have neglected to tell a few people that the imaginatively named Ludgershall Crop starts on its regular first Saturday of the month slot on January 9th. I am more than aware that this is not the first Saturday of January. Call it a quirk. Call it typical of a female. Call it a glitch in the hall-booking-woman's-diary. Call it what you like....I am big enough to admit that I deliberately booked the 9th because: it was up to me, I knew I wouldn't be prepared enough for an earlier date (and I can smugly confirm this!) AND I don't want to miss the start of the Sale at Kraft Crazy on January 2nd. Which is the first Saturday. See? Clear as crystal sticky back embellishments.
The other bit of housekeeping also involves Kraft Crazy...Shopkeeper Gal has emailed me the new workshop list so in the spirit of beating everyone to it, publish and be damned!
Kraft Crazy 2010
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
As you can see below there are loads of new exciting classes for us to enjoy this year, I know I am looking forward to something other than Christmas cards!
Just a taster of what you can expect to find: 12x12 papers 30p, Christmas embellishments half price, Decoupage 35p per sheet and Wood mounted stamps up to half price. Loads more offers.

14th Jan, 7-9pm, Julia Jordan
“All Things Bright and Beautiful” Four cards to brighten the New Year. £12
16th Jan 9:30-11:30am Julia Jordan
“All Things Bright and Beautiful” Four cards to brighten the New Year. £12
21st Jan 10:30-12:30am Julia Budd
“Decorative Pegs” Project decorating two giant wooden pegs.£12
21st Jan 7-9pm Julia Budd
“Decorative Pegs” Project decorating two giant wooden pegs. £12
23rd Jan 9:30-12pm Lynda Rouse
“Matchbox Mini Albums”. Two mini albums to create on a Valentine theme.£15
28th Jan 7-9pm Julia Jordan
“Perfect Pockets”. Four cards with a pocket for gift card or special message.£12
30th Jan 10:30-1pm Julia Budd
“Scrap by Design” Project to complete a mini album over the course of the year, each session teaching a different scrap booking design principle.
Kit provided. Album included in first class.
NB: Not compulsory to attend every class.
NB: This is not a crop, with limited space please bring only essentials. £15
4th Feb 10:30-12:30 Julia Budd
“Pretty in Pink” Four cards inspired by DO clear stamps supporting Breast Cancer.£11
4th Feb 7-9pm Julia Budd
“Pretty In Pink” Four cards inspired by DO clear stamps supporting Breast Cancer. £11
6th Feb 10-12pm Lynne Jordan
“Inky Ideas” Using different ink mediums such as Alcohol Inks, Distress ink etc. £12
11th Feb 7-9pm Julia Jordan
“Come Rain Or Shine” Four shaped cards to make you smile. £12
13th Feb 9:30-11:30am Julia Jordan
“Come Rain or Shine” Four shaped cards to make you smile. £12
18th Feb 10:30-12:30pm Julia Budd
“Vintage Ideas” Cards with a vintage feel. £11
18th Feb 7-9pm J Budd
“Vintage Ideas” Cards with a vintage feel. £11
20th Feb 10:30-12:30 Julia Budd
“Decorative Canvas” Two 4" canvas decorated in two different styles. £12
20th Feb 2 - 4:30pm Lynda Rouse
“Mothers Day Project” Another of Lynda's popular mini albums.£15
25th Feb 7-9pm Julia Jordan
“Create a Background” Creating four cards with different background techniques.£12
27th Feb 10 – 12pm Lynne Jordan
“Memory Capsule” Project using Rangers Memory Capsules and Memory Glass
4th Mar 10:30-12:30pm Julia Budd
“Trees” Four cards inspired by trees, including new stamps from Kanban. £11
4th Mar 7-9pm Julia Budd
“Trees” Four cards inspired by trees, including new stamps from Kanban. £11
11th Mar 7-9pm Julia Jordan
“Time for Chocolate” Easter Cards and a project. £12
13th Mar 9:30-11:30am Julia Jordan
“Time For Chocolate” Easter Cards and a project. £12
18th Mar 10:30-12:30pm Julia Budd
“Easter and Spring” Spring themed cards. £11
18th Mar 7-9pm Julia Budd
“Easter and Spring” Spring themed cards. £11
20th Mar 10:30-1pm Julia Budd
“Scrap By Design. Part Two.”
Design principles for scrap booking. Kit provided. £11
20th Mar 2 – 4:30pm Lynda Rouse
“ATC Holder” Project to make your own folder to hold Artist Trading Cards. £15
25th Mar 7-9pm Julia Jordan
“New in Stock” Four cards featuring new papers and stamps £12
27th Mar 10 –12pm Lynne Jordan
“Shrink Plastic”. Have fun playing with a fascinating product. £12
Copic Pen Classes
23rd Jan 2-4pm Ally Fiddy
“Hair Techniques” Learn how to use the Copics Pens to shade hair.£10
30th Jan 2-4pm Ally Fiddy
“I Love my Copics” Cards on a valentine / wedding anniversary theme. £10
27th Feb 2-4pm Ally Fiddy
“Copics Class” Theme to be arranged £10
27th Mar 2-4pm Ally Fiddy
“Easter Copic Treat” A couple of cards and a goody bag. £10
NB. You will require your own copic pens for these classes.
NB If you have not tried these pens yet another basic technique class can be arranged where pens are provided. Please call if interested.

All bookings require a non-returnable deposit of £5, unless your place can be filled from a reserve list.
Please call in or phone 01980 844010 to book.

Monday 28 December 2009

It's been lovely, but I have to scream now..

Once or twice I've mentioned that I visit a lot of blogs, and that some of them belong to er, 'celebrity' scrapbookers. People who have become known throughout our world for their products or style, and quite rightly so. You know of course, that my nosiness likes the blogs because they chat about their perfect, blessed lives and post photos of their immaculate homes and I'm extremely envious, no doubt. I wouldn't swap my lovelies of course, but oh my, the space some of these people have to live in.. Anyway, I thought you may like to see the beauty of my Christmas holiday. Here's my gorgeous tree, it's been up for two weeks and looks lovely. I say looks, because it has of course lost that fresh tree smell. I say looks because you can't touch it, for luck, or to admire an ornament. Because of course, it'll be bare naked devoid of any green if you so much as waft in it's direction. You can see the lower branches are actually drooping, bless it. And this is the result of a pint of water a day! The presents, by the way, are not for show, they are still to be given. Three of them are for friends who came over on Christmas Eve, and I had one G&T too many and completely forgot about them; others are for family who we won't see until this evening - family and giving being the spirit of the Season and all.
And here's a shot of the Christmas table; by day - because I can't get the exposure right to show you the twinkly rich effect of all my candles and fairy lights upon a table laden with culinary perfection. That beautiful snowflake at the window - one of a series by Miss Dunnit, I might add - is a wintery way of letting the birds know not to fly into the glass, birdicide on Christmas day whilst we're trying to enjoy our turkey is a bit difficult to erm, swallow, really. So there you have the perfection of my Christmas....wanna see some of the ghastly reality?
Here's the war zone that my landing has become; that pile of laundry is the tops and darks accumulated since Christmas Eve and the ladder is because Mr Dunnit's idea of a holiday day is to carry on working in the attic (he's converting it....into what, I do not know...and will not go see until there's a proper staircase. No sir. Fat middle aged women with one teeny shred of dignity left do not do ladders.) And then for poops and giggles, gaze upon the pile of clean laundry waiting to see a hot iron. I know. How did that happen? I turned my back and had 3 days off. So there we have it. Now, if you've got 15 children under 10 and have scrapbook product deadlines that only allow you one day off and 6 hours sleep per night, admit it - someone else is doing your laundry, right? And girl, if that's not the case here are two pieces of advice:
1. I do not want to know...there are too many blog posts to write about you.
2. Find someone to help you out. We humans need the work.

Saturday 26 December 2009

Technically, it's Friday

..but oh my, doesn't today feel like the Sunday that always follows a great Saturday? I've lost track of days; having my lovelies at home on holiday always does that to me! Yesterday we spent Christmas Day, all day at our own home. For the the first time in 24 years! My beloved parents came (loaded I might add, with prepared everything in terms of the seasonal feast). Friends came round for drinks and present swapping until lunchtime and it was all just lovely, fun and twinkly. Isn't it strange that it feels like all the preparations were ages ago already! Just the day before (technically called Christmas Eve) I had called in to Kraft Crazy to see Shopkeeper Gal - for a free coffee and to hand over a little gift. Note please that despite running card making workshops in her shop, once a fortnight throughout this year, there was no card from me. Slightly huge oversight, huh! How embarrassing. I had a lovely cup of coffee and a couple chocolate biscuits that were calling my name. Mrs Precision was there too, she was helping prepare the shop for the massive January sale. We had a chat around the workshop table and I decided no to outstay my welcome - it's a Christmas miracle. BUT as I turned around to leave - oh my - a whole rack full of new Basic Grey! And I'd been sitting with my back to it! It is fair to say that I am a BG junkie. I have more of that than any other single brand. And mostly I'm scared to death of it. All arty and patterned. Not for amateurs like me. But oh mummy, the colours! That's why I have them. The colours. So of course, I bought stuff. And when I got home, like the big girl I am, I immediately fell on my sword and told Mr Dunnit that he'd bought me some new stash for Christmas. He said: 'OK - do you want me to wrap it or are you gonna sit and stare at it?' How's that for training? He totally understands. And totally doesn't get it. Love that man. So today I've been erm, gloating. I have NO idea what I want to use this collection for, but don't worry on my account. I'll think of something.
Oh and you know that notebook that was on my desk last WOYWW? I finished it. Completely forgot to photograph it. Wrapped it up as part of a gift for a friend. However.......they weren't able to come yesterday, so it's still under my tree. Moral dilemma. Shall I or shan't I actually unwrap it, just for a couple of photos. Really, perhaps I need to get out a bit more. I will - tomorrow. It's Christmas Day at my beloved In-Laws tomorrow. The magic goes on.

Thursday 24 December 2009

The chances of reading a blog post from me tomorrow are nil. Not you understand, because I've run out of things to say. Oh no. Because I'll be too busy. Probably, but no. Enjoying the company of some friends and my beloved parents. Yes, but no. Because: I'm enormously sentimental; I cry at anything.... and a Christmas post would end up being a big ol' wallow fest.
If I could have one wish, it would genuinely be for Peace On Earth. I wonder, often, if there would be so much conflict if women were more deeply involved. And so as not to turn this into a speech by a Miss World contestant, I'll get on with wishing you a really happy and peaceful Christmas, if not surrounded by, then assured of the love of your family and friends.
The whingeing will re-commence - sooner than you'd like, probably. C'mon back y'all.

Wednesday 23 December 2009

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

I know you're all way too busy for trivia, but it'll be good for you. And this will make you feel better anyway, because I'm no nearer to a tidy desk than I was a week ago! The projects are different but that's all.
You can see that I'm using a magazine to protect my mat from inking and such
and it makes the notebook I'm playing with look quite small! So far I've embossed the front with a Cuttlebug folder and inked it with some fluid chalk. I have in mind to decorate odd pages and write in some fun quotations. The embellishments which are frankly, neatly arranged around my magazine mat are from a Scrapagogo kit that I was gifted - lucky me. You can probably make out the pegs...still got a bit to do to one - more on that later, and the other 3 are awaiting the touch of wrapping paper. As is the white foam stuff poking out at left. It's a canvas print that I ordered from Snapfish. The photo has reproduced onto the canvas beautifully, but OMGee, the finish of the canvas around the frame is pretty shoddy - which is why it's on my desk..I need to do something before I can wrap it up. The alternative - send it back, of course - isn't an option for me now, left it too late, see. Of course, I intend to tell Snapfish of my disappointment, so will let you know if they respond positively, in the interest of balance!
There's nothing Christmassy on my desk - except a handful of unwritten cards which will carry forward to next year - at least in my early panic I got enough cards done!
Come on then, take five and show us your desk..we wanna see what you're working on and what you've got. Post a comment here or eme with a photo to upload for you. There's a WOYWW button in the top left margin if you'd like to add one to your blog.

Tuesday 22 December 2009

..checking it twice, then spinning.

This card has been stuck on my workroom wall for ages - it's my Christmas list, Birthday list and Priority list. Of course, the LOVE part of the message refers to my family, friends and blah blah blah (insert words of joy and humble appreciation) that you expect to hear about. But LOVE is an encompassing thing, and I like to think it includes all my stash - current and waiting to be purchased. And the clothes, and other non-essential stuff I have to have. Because it would look really bad if 'all' I needed in life was a great big long list of selfish requirements AND a gin and tonic, wouldn't it. And I know that Mr Dunnit likes me to have it all because of LOVE. Not RESIGNATION.
Any of you having trouble with your conscience? Let me know, I'll put a spin on it for you, free service!

Monday 21 December 2009

Making a list

Actually, I now have three lists - domestic chores STILL to do, food shopping STILL to be done and crafting that I very badly want to do! I've posted here before - and probably more than once - about how inspiring the world around you is when you're actually too busy to sit at your desk and create. My little scribbled notebook is brimming! Some of it involves the need for good photographs, so there's a challenge - I'm not good at it anyway, but in this weird grey light it's hopeless. I start to understand now why you really good photographers wince when someone uses a flash..oh boy, it does nothing for colour repro!
You'll be unsurprised to know that I'm not big on making New Year Resolutions. It's like setting yourself up really, and I think should be avoided. But, in the very near future, I'm going to become a better informed photographer. I love scrapbooking so much that I think I owe it to my hobby - and every now and then it would be nice to post a picture that needs no apology!

Friday 18 December 2009

In the section of the interweb where I hang, there's a very understandable lack of blogging going on. It reminds me that as a very part time work at home person, my life is a charm of very little pressure and lots of time. Despite what I lead you to believe! My friend the Enthusiastic Educator says that the deadlines and stress that I do stumble into is part of a theory she has - the more time you have, the less you get done - because there's always tomorrow. I couldn't agree with her more. I sit back in awe and admiration at those of you who go out to work full time and still manage all the shopping, wrapping, scrapping, card making and real life stuff.
And just so ya know that as a result of getting hooked into the whole blog thing this year, I'm missing all your words, but more than that, looking forward to when y'all get to blogging again. I have a tiny desk calendar which on Wednesday, revealed this to me:
'Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.' Jane Howard
Geddit? Amen bloggers.

Thursday 17 December 2009

Just so you know...

Not all the food on my desk ends up being eaten by me. I can't possibly say how much I do eat, I shouldn't want my capacity to upset anyone - either because you're disgusted or of course, you may be jealous! Despite appalling lighting and worse photography, I can show you some tags I made for me chums. I am happy to know people who craft with me and still include me in their socialising, and I don't need asking twice!
We had a Secret Santa supper on Tuesday evening which was lovely. Pressies and cards, food and chat. You know. I decided on Monday to include a candy cane with each christmas card. Then the envelopes were all bulky and uneven and I hate that. So then I decided to make a tag to hang from each candy cane...and that's why my desk looks like it did in yesterday's post (and still does actually..). I challenged myself to make the tags using only offcuts and snips and I wanted to include each gals' initial. They were originally all going to be the same, and in the same colours as the candy cane.That idea lasted about 30 seconds once I'd seen my collection of christmas paper offcuts! Still, the gals were polite enough to be pleased with them - there are more, but they'll wait for a less linear post! Preparations move apace here; this morning I decided to decorate and beautify the conservatory which will be our dining room for the holidays. Gahhh. Should have done it after three o,clock. Then I wouldn't have noticed the dust and streaky windows so beautifully highlighted by the sunshine. And I wouldn't have felt duty bound to clean them. You'll be unsurprised to read then, that I am studiously avoiding looking at the oven whilst this mood of domestic goodness is upon me.

Wednesday 16 December 2009

OMGEEE IWA! What's On Your Workdesk?

OK, before you look, sigh, look again and judge me, I have a theory. (Well I would, wouldn't I?)
Everyone knows the saying 'a cluttered desk is the sign of a genius', and we all know that actually although that's true, it's not true. Some of the neatest, OCD style desks I visit as a result of this nonsense belong to some of the most genius like crafters I've ever had the good fortune to stumble upon. So, here's a defence: an untidy desk simply shows how busy you are. Hmm. Try this:
Even for me it's a shocker, the birds eye view reveals lots of tape peelings and offcutty bits, a couple half finished pegs, a half empty box of candy canes (I'll show you why tomorrow) and a disgraceful number of unwritten Christmas cards. My desk has turned into the 'put it on my desk, I'll do it later' station in the house. And it's true. Let's face it, if it's on there somewhere, I'll have to deal with it in order to restore some sort of tidy. So now those among you that were feeling giddy at the first picture should probably click away now.

As if a different angle is improving the situation huh. But I wanted to show you that it's OK. I'm still breathing and the world still turns!

Show us your workspace without shame or regret. We don't mind, we revel in your craft related state. Upload to your blog, leave a comment here and we can pop over to see what you're up to, what you're using and in some cases, where we can buy it!

Monday 14 December 2009

Take your time, there's ages yet..

You can see, I had a gruelling day of shopping on Friday with one of my oldest friends (seriously, she's at least two years my senior), I had a handful more presents. She did rather better. And so to the weekend..loads of plans. Unusually, Mr Dunnit had expressed a wish that we put the tree up, so that was a part of the plans. Now I have to tell you that sentiment plays no part in the dysfunctionality of my teeny family unit. We have a real tree as often as rather depends on the cash situation by the middle of the month. And of course this year it's not too bad - I haven't bought all the presents yet! Anyway, for about the millionth year in a row, Miss Dunnit eschewed the opportunity of choosing and fetching a tree with her parents in a wholesome, smiley family ritual. There are no photographs of us at a plantation, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying impromptu kinship with the sellers. She had better plans apparently. So we fetched it home together after a stupid amount of choosing time. Everything was £5 more this year. Then Mr Dunnit went into the roof to collect the stand, ran about a bit with saw type tools to shape the trunk adequately and doctor the really low branches. He even rigged up the socket extension lead. (Another hugely long story which I'll never bore you with, at least, not until I can see humour in it.....). And then, and then. He went off and left me to decorate it. You see this is what he means by putting up the tree. What he means is: 'I'll do twenty minutes of work to get the tree to stand upright, and you spend the rest of a very valuable shopping day making it look memorable'. Which is why traditionally, I do nothing about the tree till next weekend. Time. It takes so long. Ask Carmen! Still it's done now, and looks gorgeous of course. And thanks to an unexpected rush of enthusiasm from Miss Dunnit, there are even a few wrapped presents snuggled under it too. Mind you, there's 6 rolls of paper, offcuts, sellotape, price labels and peelings all over the lounge floor, but what the hell. Don't visit yet, please!
It wasn't all interior decorating though. My friend The Colonial conducted the last workshop of the year at Kraft Crazy, and we made these fab little handbag albums. The woman has the patience of a saint and the skill of a skilled erm, skilled saint I guess. Am really pleased with the result and look hard - behind the cream flower - the closure is fashioned from grungeboard! Heavens. I'm moving into TH territory. Soon I'll be able to make handbag albums whilst choosing, buying and decorating Christmas trees and wrapping presents, thus saving the life of a family Christmas. Somebody stop me!

Friday 11 December 2009

I name this machine.....

A bit of background: Ally (the other Scrap Lady) has a habit of saying things that absolutely floor me. Her great sense of humour could I think, be called 'ironic'. Bear that in mind as I tell you that at the then newly formed Ludgershall Crop, there was a discussion about other people's craft rooms and the decor and storage and such. Blah blah. We got around to talking about the letters and words that people alter and stick on their walls. Home. Wish. Dream. Inspire. Ally expressed her erm, frustration at the prevalence of such sentiment, and announced that if she ever had such a thing, it would have to say 'Bol***ks'. We roared with laughter. And then kinda fancied the idea very much, just for the shock value. It suits too, because at her place of work, Ally is, unluckily, surrounded by men in uniform and 'bol***ks' is the profanity of choice when things go wrong or become a little pressured. More laughter.
It was that conversation that caused me to chat up Mr Dunnit. And for Ally's birthday later in the year, we gave her the very set of letters that she'd wished for. She duly 'altered' them - by which I mean she covered them with nice paper, paint and bits and bobs, and they've adorned her desk since. With hilarious results and rarely in the right order. Because in the right order, they could of course, cause offence.
And that's why, whenever we have a crazy idea - like my recent need for heart shapes, or the frames for the 2 Scrap Ladies event or the bases for the next 2 Scrap Ladies event, or the letters for particular words..we ask Mr Dunnit if it's something that could be done on the Bol***ks Machine. I dunno about you, but I've had a lot of fun thinking about the official factory process for such a job - an order form - for a load of bol....., quality control - this job is bol...... . Yep. You get it. Even at this age, over-use of the odd word makes me giggle like a teenager with a smutty joke.
So to compensate for that, here at last, is a non Christmas card. Now that makes me smile. Although, after yesterday's moaning, and today's shopping trip, I'm feeling slightly less out of sorts!
Have a super weekend...sparkles will adorn this house by the end of it. Well, that's the plan.

Thursday 10 December 2009

Now Dash away, Dash away...

How come, when I go Christmas shopping, I see about 8 kerjillion things that I would LOVE to be given and absolutely nothing that would make a great gift for someone I love?

How come, when I make cards until the cows come home, I can't get them to the Post Office without major memory effort - I put them on the hall 'table' and walk past them for about 3 days.

How come, even though I've now managed to make dozens of mini mince pies, there are only about a dozen left?

How come the invitations I was going to include with some Christmas cards haven't been made?

And how come, now it's realistically too late to start anything, I've had some fabulous ideas for hand made presents?

The answer is I dunno but it's not fair, I'm lazy, apparently very hungry (hmm, see Mr Dunnit I think) and unable to look past the next job to anticipate the fun I will be having in Christmas week when all of this is finished, done or too late! Join me - if you need to vent a little stress, you can....right here. It makes us all feel better. And as I've started it, whinge all you like, this blog as you know was built on a whinge! And if Linda posts that she did all her Christmas shopping today in one fell swoop...join me then too as I 'alter' a barbie doll into a resemblance of her with all Tim's products. And then stick pins in its butt. It's the time of year - man I am overflowing with goodwill!

Wednesday 9 December 2009

OMGIWA What's on Your Workdesk?

No really, it is Wednesday already, and because it's December, the Wednesdays are definitely rolling around faster than they usually do. Official. So ask me - what are you working on? You know I've finished with Christmas cards apart from writing and distributing of course, and that's what I was doing at my desk until.......Good grief Charlie Brown! Not even paper stitching or anything too clever; you can tell from the state of my desk that it was almost on a whim - there's paper and card and stamps as usual, plus the sewing stuff. Wipso will probably faint. See, I'm in a Secret Sister Santa thing across the pond and it's all about 'thrift' and re-use, with quite a small budget. Well, I bought some bits and pieces pertaining to my Secret Sister's likes and dislikes and last night, in a frenzy of getting things posted, I suddenly decided that instead of sending offcuts of the very British designed fabrics, I'd use them. So I sewed some into the shape of a notebook cover. (One of the small Moleskines that I mentioned before). As I've already blown the secret part (although I have no idea if she reads this, or if indeed, she knows it's destined for her), I shall not show you the erm, masterpiece until after Christmas when we're all showing off the beautiful hand made gifts we receive and give. Yup. I'm expecting a show and tell!
Workshop preparations today - part of tomorrow's food based workshop (to 'use' up the chocolate at last!) will be this fetching and easy bottle gift label. And to clear up questions over the number of chocolate bars - I'l have to get more, I need 21 and they are 5 per pack. You lot have been like the chocolate police!

Come on then, show us your workdesk/space/floor/lap tray/blah. Be brave, we wanna see what you're working on. Upload to your blog or eme a picture and I'll upload it here. Leave a comment here and we'll all trot round for a gander. Or a turkey. Ho Ho Ho.

Tuesday 8 December 2009

The whole card thing....

I wanna talk about Christmas - of course...every other blogger is, and I'm nothing if not a follower! Specifically though - the cards.....I enjoy the card making - of course I do. I still enjoy writing the cards and sending them, but each year I send less, for sure. There are without doubt, cards that will be received in this household from people that Miss Dunnit hasn't met in her sweet sixteen years. And there are cards that will read to 'Julia and Barry and family' as if we have so many children that they can't be named individually for fear of running out of room in the card. I'm thinking that really, it's probably time that these people stop sending us cards..if we haven't seen them for sixteen years, or they don't know the name of our only child, perhaps we aren't the friends we all think we are. Sounds really humbuggy doesn't it. Hold on though - it's going to get worse: I also think that at my age, it's OK for me now to whinge about the cards that come addressed to me as Julie. I'm not usually sensitive about people calling me Julie - it's a perfectly nice name and when people get it wrong I don't generally correct them unless it's important that my name should be used correctly - for my investiture or when I win a Pulitzer for example, I shall want 'Julia' on the paperwork. I just think if I know people well enough for them to know my postal address, they probably should know my name, huh! And worse again: Nor do I want to get cards with the bragging round-robin letter in it. A quick round-up if we haven't seen you for a while is very welcome, but I don't want a printed sheet of A4 listing the accomplishments of each child and the promotions of the parents. I figure if we're friends, we'll already know - and probably (hopefully)have celebrated with you. So. Perversley though, as if to counter all that - I love getting season's greetings through the post; I'm not a handmade snob, as long as the intention is genuine, there's nothing better than a posted card, and they certainly add a really nice touch to the christmassy decor of my home.
So if you get a card from me, it will have a couple of lines written in it, that's all. And if you don't get a may be because I've forgotten the names of your children. But there's the other thing see...if I know you but not your family, I will only address the card to you, and I'll sign it from me. Not me and him and her. All this reveals lots about me I know: grumpy for a start, and - I may not have an OCD about tidy desks, but I have some strange issues, I do know. But this is therapy. I guess now you've read this far, you don't need me to say 'you don't have to read it'!!
I seem to have a thing for this snowman too - by Inkadinkado - just love him.

Monday 7 December 2009

This is what the bars of chocolate are for. Workshop on Thursday, thought it would be fun to use up some offcuts of card making papers and create some stocking or little take 3 bars, ease off the original outer wrappers, re-wrap them and add ribbon. And a little tag to remind you of life's priorities and wham, litle pressie. Rocket science it's not, but you can guage now why I'm trying not to eat all 17 bars of chocolate. Because it would be very piggy. Because I'd have to buy more. Because the workshop is this week. But 'trying' is the operative word today. Have managed thus far to do domestics this morning, and now want to tidy up in the craft section of the house (!) and crank out a few more cards. Nearly there now. Then the list of non-card stuff can jump up and bite me in the butt. I've had a few gift ideas for months..but I don't seem to be able to make them until December, when the spirit of the season is upon me. Or is that stress of the season? I dunno, but it's certainly ridiculous. My friend the Efficient Educator suggested actually that it's because I'm at home. If I worked, I'd probably be much more ruthless in my efficiency because there's no time to put things off or think long and hard. You just get it done when you're free to do it. I think there's so much truth in this that I'm embarrassed to be worrying over things I've got to do. Maybe I should just go and do them. No wonder the chocolate is causing me trouble today.

Friday 4 December 2009

How many more?

Ooohhhemmmgee, I'm in multiple card making hell. And of course it's my own fault.
Don't misunderstand me; I love making cards. Stamping, cutting, sticking. It's my thang, my therapeee, my self expression (get your own bucket - I'm on a roll!).
What I'm not good at is repetition...and although I'm doing an order for 80 cards, in reality, it has to be 8 lots of 10 different cards. I lose the will to live just thinking about 80 of the same card. S'why I don't do wedding invitations and other number heavy stuff....although of course, if you're someone I love and you want me to, I'll change my policy. (I'm saying this because I have a brother-in-law who is as yet, unmarried and I would love a family wedding - it's been a while, and a price I'm willing to pay. I know; if I could I'd pat myself on the back.) So on the workdesk this morning you can see the first 30, and this afternoon has been a wrench of brain and willpower to get that number to 60 odd. Marathon people will recognise the white cards with the holly image. That's the wrench - I don't know why, but I hate doing the same card for different 'customers'. I've no idea why; I sorta think that it's a cheek to use an idea that you've already used when people are paying you for some handmade originalitynessish. And there's the willpower - there's so much else to do!
I seem also to be completely unable to do more than one 'project' at once...that distracts me and everything gets splintered, so despite the fact that I'm really pushing deadlines, this is how it has to work for me! That's probably very odd - how do you deal with it?
Anyhow..I just thought you'd like to know what I've been doing today, and probably what I'll be doing tomorrow. Oh, and talking of willpower - check out these babies - intact chocolate bars! Last night Miss Dunnit asked if she could have one and I very nearly barked at her.....I have explained. That nasty yellow light that every after 3pm photo of mine is bathed in - it's the so called daylight low energy, lasts forever bulb that I was conned into buying at Homebase by the guy manning the 'I'm-here-to-save-you-energy-and-money-and-therefore-the-world-by-changing-your-lightbulbs display. Ghastly, huh.
Have a lovely weekend y'all.

Thursday 3 December 2009

Safety in Postage...

Well, the hearts are done. Photographed badly. And posted. So no matter how many times I panic over them, or how often the nagging doubt creeps back, there's nothing else I can do. Now, if you are involved in the swap, please forgive me for previewing them here. But I reckon it may be easier on you if I dilute the horror by exposing them can keep coming back then, and the shock won't be so great when you get one!
So they're wooden hearts painted and glittered on the back, and on the front I've used blue pearl gloss paper, old book pages and pink glitter to loosely 'represent' the Union Jack. I mean loosely of course, and I mean no disrespect. They are glittery to within an inch of my life, and I think individually, nestled in the low light and green fronds of a christmas tree, they may be OK. Of course, I can't photograph them under those conditions - I'm about a fortnight away from putting up a tree, for a start!
A badly lit close up doesn't help,but shows the vintage-y creased look I was playing for...the pink St George's Cross (for want of a less serious description!) is done with Glossy Accents so adds relief, and also is more 'scribbly' than it looks.
I think that's enough excuses. Now, I have 10 hearts left over. All painted by Miss Dunnit on one side with red and gold, a couple are glittered on the other side. All have a pair of holes drilled in them - as per the pics! If you want them, let me know.

Wednesday 2 December 2009

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Angie, keeper of family history, recorder and all round statistician, will tell you that this week marks six months since we started this WOYWW nonsense. My greatest thanks to her for actually bothering to count - and a big up to you lot for joining may be six months, but I'm not bored yet! So bring 'em us your work surfaces...we wanna see the mess, the tidy, the glory. We wanna see what you've got and we wanna see what you're working on. Easy!
This morning I have a handful of pictures to share:This is the workshop surface at Kraft Crazy in Tidworth, my LSS (local scrap store). Shopkeeper gal was just applying finishing touches to an order of Wedding Invitations. Impressive huh, when you consider all the other stuff involved in running a shop.
And here is my can't see the ridiculous amount of glitter that's dusting everything..suffice to say that I'm wearing the same top as yesterday until these heart shapes are finished and packed!
You can just see mess, huh! Well, the hearts are a work in progress..I've tried to turn them into glittery and shiny representations of our Union Jack, and I'm very nearly ready to wire them and pack them. Hooray! The obvious 3rd cup of coffee lurks (the biscuits to go with are just visible in the bottom right, nudged against the orange handled scissors) and you can see the Stampin' Up! pick-up truck stamp that I was using for some commissioned cards. Note the past tense. Was using. Have abandoned the idea. It's about the quality of the stamps, so will save that for another day. Oh and just to reassure you - the mobile phone is in the puddle of paint...but the paint is dry.....and the puddle of paint is not on the surface of my desk, it's on a piece of acrylic that I ripped out of a box of something-or-other!
And here, as a way of sharing your interest in Mr Dunnit's ability and DIYishness, is a view of one of his work surfaces.

He and a partner run Banner Joinery Company, in Andover. He's the 'hands-on' guy and that's hard work. This is the CNC router. Think of it as a giant Cricut, for wood. And then think of how ridiculous it is to get him to cut me out a dozen teeny heart shapes from 4mm thick MDF. You get the picture. This machine has a unique history amongst me and my scrap pals, and because I like to talk about Mr Dunnit (on the basis that me being his wife is the biggest brag I could ever tell,) I will you tell you the story. Soon.
Meantime, share your workdesk/surface/area please! Leave a link or comment here and we'll come round to have a nosey. Get the kettle on!

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Tidying Up....not..

This card, made using a Magenta stamp that I've had for years, was possibly the most well received of the dozen that I submitted for the Marathon session on Sunday. The stamp image is about an inch wide, and called 'Dotted Stems'. I used a 1 1/2" punch to create a mask for the centre; and as you can see, added a ribbon to turn it into a wreath, and although you can't see, there's blibs and blobs of platinum glitter glue on it too. Funny how it's the simple ones that hold biggest appeal...I guess because they're easy to replicate, even if you don't have the same stamp - in this case any branch, twig or border image would work really.
I still haven't quite unpacked yet. I'm delighted to hear from you that I'm not alone in my delaying tactics.. isn't it a strange thing! I've pulled out the stamps - they need a good clean - and I've topped up the files that hold the card stock....but the baskets containing ink, tools etc are intact..because we're doing it again this Sunday coming...if you have a last minute day off and wanna make some Christmas cards - come!

Despite the lack of unpacking, I have been busy honest! Actually, am waiting for glitter to dry whilst I type; the hearts are nearly finished! And that's a load off, I can tell you! They're not too bad an interpretation of what's been in my head. But goodness, three types of glitter and some more sanding surely takes a toll on your clothes, desk, floor! I don't know how long they'll take to get to their destination, but will picture them here as soon as I can, if only to prove that I didn't let the swap down - no matter how amateur my tree ornament making!

And of course, in other news...I've been too dang busy to eat the chocolate's safe whilst wrapped to be honest. The smell of tonight's gourmet adventure is now reminding me that I need savoury first. Mr Dunnit will be especially pleased with gourmet supper tonight...I'm road testing a Christmas Pudding. This is a double delight - he loves Christmas Pudding and it means there's a pudding. Not at all a normal part of my gourmet service!