Monday 21 December 2009

Making a list

Actually, I now have three lists - domestic chores STILL to do, food shopping STILL to be done and crafting that I very badly want to do! I've posted here before - and probably more than once - about how inspiring the world around you is when you're actually too busy to sit at your desk and create. My little scribbled notebook is brimming! Some of it involves the need for good photographs, so there's a challenge - I'm not good at it anyway, but in this weird grey light it's hopeless. I start to understand now why you really good photographers wince when someone uses a flash..oh boy, it does nothing for colour repro!
You'll be unsurprised to know that I'm not big on making New Year Resolutions. It's like setting yourself up really, and I think should be avoided. But, in the very near future, I'm going to become a better informed photographer. I love scrapbooking so much that I think I owe it to my hobby - and every now and then it would be nice to post a picture that needs no apology!


Anne said...

Ah, now I would LOVE to be able to take better photographs. I agree - in this horrible greyness that just won't go away, it's nigh on impossible to take a half decent photograph. And the one thing I have learned about photography is the same as yours - the flash will do you no favours!

The one thing stopping me is that I know that if I begin, I will go the whole hog. I suspect that will mean a fancy new camera, and possibly lenses and bags and accessories, and then I will want a better photo printer to do the pictures justice... and.. and... Well, you can see why I am delaying!

Chrissie said...

I'm not worrying any more Julia, I've got to the 'if I haven't got it now, it's too late' stage. Don't get me wrong, I DO usually worry about things (anything! everything!) but I've decided I'm not worrying about this. One of the (only!) good things about aging is I can blame it on my bad memory, and I intend to make the most of it.
I'm another one who avoids New Year resolutions, my thought being if it's important you'll do it NOW and not wait for the new year.
Finally, I can't even work out how to USE the camera, let alone take a decent photo with it (hence my 'sweet nothings' to hubby when my scanner takes a dislike to one of my cards)

Annie said...

Hi Julia,
The only New Year's resolution I think I will make is to make more time for fun more often and to try to make it when I'm not too tired to actually enjoy it. Just lately by the time I have any me time I've lost my mojo and cant be inspired to create anything wonderful. So, here's to a great Christmas and a really wonderful New Year for us all.
Love A x

Paige said...

A nice shiney new camera. Now would that be a SLR?? if so get one with a seperate flash that has a difusser (SP?) and then this nasty grey light won't really matter any more. Am loving the tags :)

Linby said...

still lovin those tags!

Pam said...

I'm a bit like Chrissie, if I haven't got it now they aren't getting it, I did try to pop into town today after work and came away with nothing so my lovely Husband is now going to get 2 IOU's for the 2 things he asked for that I couldn't find!! I have now had to add a camera to my wish list along with the new laptop as the brand new one my dad gave me last year has just gone capute like the laptop; I'm not having a good time with electicals at the moment!!

Hope your lists aren't growing too big!
Pam x

Carmen said...

My pc is dying a slow and torturous death. It's why I haven't been blogging so much - for fear I may just karate chop the damn thing and put myself in hospital trying said chop!

I've got lists in my head - it's not a good place to have them as I'm sure I have swiss cheese for a brain - I've seen so many fabulous ideas for next Christmas I really must get me a little notebook to scribble down stuff before it gets forgotten.

Love those tags - literally yummy!

Caryn said...

Hey hun, have been loving your candy cane tags, what a fab idea.
Hope you have have an amazing Christmas and the best of health for 2010.
Hugs to you and yours.
Caryn xxxx

Chris said...

You don't ever need to apologise for anything Julia, it's always a joy to visit your blog, you always make me smile and I think you should write a book.............. day to day posts of a scrapbooking blogger or something like that :D, I think you'd make a million! Yes, the photo catches attention in google reader, it helps certainly but I think your content is worth a million good photographs. I hope you get your lists ticked off and have a very merry Christmas and happy new year. Chris :)

Chris said...

Oops, didn't say................absolutely gorgeous tags! I still have some to make and he who moans about my mess is wanting it cleared from the dining table!!!!!!!

Claire said...

Julia, I always love your photos, I aim to become a better photographer next year too.

Anonymous said...

Love all the candy cane tags. One of the managers at the hospoice used to do a tag from last years cards and attach a tree chocolate from it. A nice thought concidering so many staff