Wednesday 30 December 2009

LWOTY What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Well people, here we are at the end of the year - like the new acronym? Last Wednesday of The Year, see! And for a change, this morning I've been up and at it. Rushing around a bit; realising that if Miss Dunnit's Godbrothers and Godparents are bothering to visit, we should show some hospitality, tidy up at least! My workdesk, bereft of notebook, looks the same as it did. So here's what I've really been working on this morning:

Domestic bliss - do you think the children (sic) will spot that I've already run out of Christmas napkins? And if my Mum reads this, will she faint because we're using paper napkins? Do you think, as it was so cold in there this morning that the crackers will actually snap? I have my suspicions that they may be damp and disappointing. Blergh. Do you think it will truly ever get light enough to take a half decent photo? I'm very grateful that this area (on the BBC weather chart it is the exact border between South East and South West) is not forecast any of the grim weather that others are experiencing, but the dark sky suggests otherwise to me - after all, this picture was taken at about 9.45 this morning. Still, light or dark, this particular work surface is in for a lot of use today - won't it be imaginative and make a change to have big roast lunch - midweek - how decadent!

Show us your workdesk then - be brave - if you look over previous posts you'll see - it's not about untidy shame - it's about letting us see what you've got and what you're doing. Leave a comment so we can pop round to yours for a rummage. A bit like Santa, we like to see food and drink on your desk. Reassures those of us that can't live without either. You can even have WOYWW button for your blog if you'd lke - code nad such at top left margin.

Oh and..the Housekeeping post yesterday neglected to actually say where Kraft Crazy's in Station Road, Tidworth, Hants. All the workshops take place there. Other, 'on the road' stuff is pimped by me under the 2 Scrap Ladies banner. Unless you have something you'd like me to erm, pimp!


Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

mmm looks like a great table, and yes it is grey here .. in fact downright miserable.. my desk looks the same as last week, but might be tempted to take a pic or too of the floor in my room and show it later.. will be back ..possibly if i don't curl up in a ball and stagnate in front of the telly! lol

Annie said...

Love the table. I'm sure when it's full of family/friends noone will even notice the colour of the napkins. Hope you have a really special day together.
A x

Susie Sugar said...

Table looks great Julia (what time are we eating ? I'll be round !!!lol)it would be great if we could all get together one Wednesday......... impossible but a nice thought.
Its dull here today as well, no good for photos.
Well heres My Desk
Have a lovely meal
Happy New Year
Love Susie xx

Ann said...

Where is everyone? Asleep in front of the
TV? Some of us are still functioning after Christmas Day -- just!
Anyway, here's my WOYWW link Julia:

Ann said...

Oops! Forgot to say that's a lovely table you have set up there and I hope you have a nice time today.
Also, have a very happy New Year as I doubt I will be blogging again this week. See you in 2010!

Kay said...

wow, what an impressive dining table! Very pretty. Hope the crackers do go with a bang!
Have posted my WOYWW on my blog here and, since publishing the postman has arrived with a book from Amazon but still no Craft Stamper!!!

Caryn said...

Hey Jules - thought I'd take a pic and join in this week as I happen to have JUST tidied my workdesk' lol!! I'm usually too ashamed to share a photo of what it normally looks like! You can see it HERE.

Your table looks lovely and festive too - hope your meal goes swimmingly well.

Caryn xxx

Kaz said...

Festive table there Julia. I'm lucky if I use a napkin anytime, let alone a paper one, so don't despair.

Looking forward to crafty mess again next week.

My workspace as such is here

Tammi said...

the table looks so cute! better than my table has looked in a long time. I tried my best to make our Christmas table cute, I used paper plates and napkins with cute snowmen on them to dimish dishes as my in-laws don't use the dish washer. I hope you crackers snap and aren't disappointing!

Milliesmarvels said...

Hello Julia, I thought I had stumbled on some swanky home interiors blog! Table looks v swanky and worthy of domestic goddess. My desk is too, until you look at the floor! You can see it here!

Kathy said...

My poor desk hasn't seen much (any) action this week, but it's still in it's usual messy state.

Please call in if you've a minute!

Annie said...

Mojo found and blog is now updated :-)

Helen Laurence said...

Hi julia, lovely looking table you have there. I thought I'd pop in & see whats going on as I always have a little chuckle at Susie's posts when she does WOYWDW.
Anyways Here's mine!
Helen x

SueH said...

Hi Julie,
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. It sounds like you’re still enjoying the celebrations and
I’m sure that no one will notice the lack of Christmas napkins on the table.

My room is back to its usual mess, so you can see what’s on it HERE.
Thanks for stopping by.

Linby said...

Table looks fab to me and I like the napkins!
here's my desk
oh and at mention of Craftworks went and placed an order myself - I blame you

Angie said...

I cant believe how behind I have got by just being away for 9 days over Xmas ....just had a read of yours I have misssed and found myself nodding and smiling in different parts of your posts. Have managed to blog today but its only photos of a few new tools (for metal work) and Ben and Jake ... ah bless. Must try and catch up.

Happy New Year JD and long may WOYWW continue. I have so enjoyed being part of the club ....infact I really look forward to Wednesdays. xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

The table looks fab Julia ;) I'm not sure we've ever had proper napkins in our family hehe. And as for food I've had beans on toast for tea and very nice it was too. I just need a bit of cake now, but don't have any in. Perhaps I could make some super quick meringues - you can do them in the microwave you know :D
Best wishes for 2010
Anne xx

Paige said...

I hope you had a ncie dinner and your Crackers snapped nice and loud!!! :) I'm off for a curl up in front of the TV tonight after a few day's away from home it's just what i need. :)

Victoria said...

oooh am I too late to pull up a pew? Looks like you were set to have a lot of fun. Hope the crackers cracked!

My crafting space is not what it should be today either!

here’s my desk


Nikki said...

No one will notice the napkins just think of it as saving yourself from laundry.
Your table looks great have a fun time
You'll notice my desk has 4 extra legs this week :P and it's not all that neat either here
hugs Nikki

Claire said...

table looks fab Julia. I will start WOYWW but I'll have to do it on a thursday due to being at work when its supposed to be light.
Happy new year

Milliesmarvels said...

Hi Julia,
Just popping on to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for all your kind comments and support lately.
Hope 2010 brings you and your family all you wish for :-)

Carmen said...

You do realise some poor duckie somewhere is nekked so that cupcake napkin can be used by you and yours? :D I have a similar varient in Christmas puds to introduce some duckie cousins now ;)

Am in the process of waving in a JCB to clear off my desk and return it to Craft Desk status. The girls have been just dumping pressies on there and I'm peeping over it all to see my monitor!

Happy New Year Julia!

Chris said...

Your table looks fantastic! Hope those crackers cracked and you enjoyed your mid week roast! Can't show my work desk this time it looks like your dining table (minus the crackers), back to it's proper use but hopefully to change very soon. Happy New Year to you and your family Julia. Chris x

Linby said...

Hi Julia

I've left an award for you on my blog
Happy New Year

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