Wednesday 30 August 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 743

Credit for this scenario goes to my lovely Sissy, who drove from her seaside home (call it my beach house, if you will) to show off her fresh and rather beautiful tan after a lovely holiday. I sat her just slightly out of the way with a coffee and tidied while she told me all about it. It was marvellous. The holiday, that is. The tidying, well, much less tedious.
 The basket is full of cards to be delivered to my friend's new shop. It's been fifteen years at least since I made cards to sell and I have no idea if they even will sell. There's a mix of styles and occasions. I'm more than happy to have them back if they don't sell, I figure that I'll know within a couple of weeks. I plan to change them quite frequently. There's four of each style, in two colours, so if any do sell, then I might be able to get a feel for popular styles. Who knows. Next to my glasses are two of the small brushes from an invaluable set that Kathy gave me -  they were in the kitchen after a hair wash, now drying nicely. Honestly, if you use ink in a direct to paper way, I can't recommend this type of brush enough, and as Kathy knows, you need at least one set. Not one brush. One set.
Here's a drawback holiday gardening, some decorating, month end and a trip coming up mean that the desk will probably stay tidy! Ridiculous! Show and tell please, all absolutely as usual!

Tuesday 22 August 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 742

Well, this will set you up for the day. It'll make you glad it's not yours. It'll help you to appreciate your attitude to clearing up in between things. It'll relax you when you approach your stash, knowing you can actually find something. I've just realised, I'm doing a public service! You're welcome.
This taken at about six yesterday, isn't the sunshine lovely. I had decided to start tidying up but got totally distracted. Made an ATC that I've been mulling over for a long time. Frankenstein theme. In the end, I just sat down and did it, but it's amazing how many times I thought about how hard it would be! And...I didn't think to photograph it before I put it in the envelope and trotted it to the postbox. Doh! Ah well. Then, instead of tidying up, I got stamping again...and now it's all waiting for my return for a lot of fussy cutting! The only thing that isn't in the photo that was on the desk is the empty glass that I used to hold the brushes I was using to apply Distress Oxides to the ATC. I have actually taken them to the kitchen and washed them properly already. I know, I'm untidy but not neglectful. Here's a close up of my I inability to be tidy..
Don't fret, the brush you can see was unused. Good shot of the layers though, huh. So now gentle desker, it's up to you. I will take on board your tidy and organised spaces, but I cannot make any promises...

Tuesday 15 August 2023

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 741

The work that caused a scheduled post last week has come to fruition and is causing a second scheduled post. I'm doing a lot of helping aren't I? We're off in the van to do the fitting of the windows that were In manufacturing progress last week. The lack of stew on a caused by not working very much over the last two years totally caught me out and my desk visiting did not happen. Epic fail, for which I'm sorry, because that may well be the case this week too, real work and possibly sketchy internet because of the location. Time will tell. 
Anyway, to make y'all grateful that you don't have to visit in person, I thought I'd show you the non-panoramic, panoramic view of the way I left my little workroom..
This is the 'centre' shot, the actual desk, although it's getting hard to tell apart from any other piled up space. There's a few cards waiting to go into cellophane bags and the mustaches and glasses are a NBUS set that I fancied trying whilst putting off something or other. Oh I remember, I was having a face-time with my Sissy because she felt the need to show off her high temperature, blue sky, swimming pool type holiday location, so I felt the need to treat myself to doing something for fun. Ha. Joke's on her, don't you agree?!
So, swing left..literally . My swively tractor seat means that this is at my immediate left, don't need to leave my seat...
A basket of card blanks in various sizes and a new scrapbook album, some empty 12x12 acrylic boxes and GKW else sit on top of a RUB set of drawers. The drawers hold all my clear and unmounted stamps with the exception of the top right one which is where I keep cards that I've made. Stock. Not for selling, for me to use or give away. I used to think that I could whip up a card that was personal to a recipient the day before their birthday/anniversary/cheer up need, but that was just naive. If I don't have a stock I can't cope. Actually, I can't cope anyway, but the chances are much improved by having a stash of made cards!
So, swing right. This is far enough away to require me to stand up and take a step to this worktop. But you can see, I just dump stuff on it until I can't use the die cutter anymore and it makes me want to yell at myself.
Apart from being the owner of all this lovely, gloriously disorganised stash, the really best thing about this little room is tan at one of its 3 doors leas into the rest of the house, so I can close it and no one can see what lies beyond. And out of sight means I don't have to tidy up if I don't want to! And I never do want to. Even when I tidy up.
Hope you've had a good week, please join in and link as usual. See you at yours!

Wednesday 9 August 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 740

I'm on a roll. Well, a stuttering one. Well, a week of doing a couple of hours at my desk nearly every day. Is that a roll? I think it qualifies.
The Versafine Clair ink pad is positively perfect for the sketchy detailed Art Impressions stamp of the teapot, they cards are spread out because it's a pigment ink and so, however fast, it needs drying time. The pink of the background stamping is a Distress Oxide called Spun Sugar which is very pale and I really wondered how anyone would use it. That is until Sally Patterson did something gorgeous and then I had to rush out and buy it! Still don't use it a lot, but love it against the white with the blue. I finished these cards after I'd taken the photo yesterday...they are not as I planned. But things morph and change when you don't actually take size and shape into account. a bit gung-ho, but it was ever thus! There's no sign of it today, but lots of you asked what the egg cup was for....well, I water colour using a water brush and a distress inks or felt tips scribbled on glass as the paint. The egg cup holds the water in which I wash the brush, so as not to run out of water in the barrel. Bit crackers, but works for me. Also scattered on the working part of the desk is a new black pigment ink pad and four new stamps, freshly tipped from their envelope. Including the Kate Crane balloon dog. It's really quite small, but will appear relatively soon, I hope! Brilliant service from Stampers Grove, a company I would not know about if it weren't for several of you WOYWW enablers!
This is a scheduled post, I may be slow to get to you (and the kettle) today, am actually working for a living today! Please link as usual for a bit of show and tell; see you later!

Wednesday 2 August 2023

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 739

In order to avoid talking about a portion of photo that you can't actually see, I've focussed the camera over the *cough* most interesting section of my desk.
At left, where it looks as if it could be tidy, there's a basket of pens, so not so much of a miss if you don't see them. Of course, balanced on the basket is a bunch of cards made and finished yesterday. I used a Brayer to make a casual inky background. I almost couldn't believe it myself, even as I was actually doing it! You can just see the edges of the inking on my scrap paper, under the crabs. The crabs are waiting to be finished...slightly boy/male variety birthday cards I hope! Some of the stamps I've used in the last couple of days qualify as NBUS; I do hope Darlene will be proud! No doubt that I'm incapable of working in any way other than a mess,  but I am actually clearing up between card sets. Yesterday I had the french doors open and a gust of wind just as I was shaking embossing powder onto an image caused me to have to clear up and actually sweep the desk off with a dustpan and brush - working on a gritty surface would make my teeth itch! Made me a bit sweary for a minute too, lost quite a lot of embossing power! Please show and tell then, weather 💨 stories and all!