Wednesday 27 July 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 686

I don’t know about you, but oh boy, I’ve had a week. Last Wednesday my brave Mr Dunnit had surgery to replace the lens on each eye so that he no longer needs glasses. It’s worked, he’s pleased. For me, the big ‘but’ has been that he had to have a week off work. For 48 hours he wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavier than a mug of coffee, and needed to wear sunnies to protect his very dilated pupils. There wasn't any advice from the clinic however, about how to actually contain him. He was pacing about an hour after I got him home from the clinic in Southampton. Seriously. So the last week has actually about keeping Bart busy, but away from jobs. And let’s face it, jobs are what you do when you’re at home but on holiday, huh!
He helped his Mum empty the greenhouse ready to dismantle.
He did chopping and buttering when friends came for supper.
He pretended to enjoy a bit of farmers market type shopping.
And yesterday I let him loose on fixing some guttering because it’s not heavy lifting. And in turn, he erm, treated me to a sandwich and a coffee in the village on our way to the builders merchants. It’s been a week. I miss my desk. I didn’t realise how much I took for granted the fact that it’s there and that it keeps me occupied if I want it to! Gratitude overload today, for desks and benches..he’s going back to work with the clinic’s blessings, so you can guess what my plans include!
So, please, save me by inspiring me…I need some routine and some lovely crafty stuff to gaze upon!

Wednesday 20 July 2022

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 685

The record summer temperatures across Europe mean that the media has us in the grips of ‘hell on earth’ and that ‘ thousands will die’. I am hot, often sticky and sweaty and worrying about older friends, relies and poorly people. But I’m not hysterical. I’m not sure I have the energy for it all. I’m checking on them all, and in one case, we have done a very slow walk around a very air conditioned store to pass a pleasant hour!
I’m lucky, I have no trouble sleeping and like to sit about. It’s not a perfect recipe for everyone, I understand. It means that my activities have largely been in sort of holiday mode….
I don’t want to sit about being completely unproductive, so I spent a couple of happy hours in the shade adding some more stitches to the embroidery that usually only comes out when I’m on holiday. I have to say that half an hour prior to the mixing of the Pimms, Mr Dunnit had been hard at work around the corner, laying patio slabs. You can see that it’s not really finished, but it’s a flat surface in the shade…perfect for an impromptu desk! I’ve realised that this embroidery has still a long way to go…I don’t intend to up my game but it is going to take an awful lot more holidays to get it finished! 
I hope you’ve managed to stay safe and comfortable in whatever hemisphere…both are experiencing extremes of weather and it does cause me to think about you. Miss Dunnit and her Current Squeeze where home this weekend and each time we discussed a place that has clearly been affected by Global Warming, one or other of them would say “suppose you’ve got a Desker friend there, haven’t you?” They think they’re being funny and cheeky, but mostly, they’re right and I love that!
This is a scheduled post, got to be in Southampton before 9am today, I’ll catch you as soon as I can settle with some WiFi, my role in the day is mostly about waiting.  

Wednesday 13 July 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 684

Well, a week may be a long time in British politics, but it isn’t in the very everyday life of this very average woman. I’ve had a lovely week, but my goodness it’s flown by! Started last Thursday with a visit from my life pal Jan and her gorgeous G. We chatted and laughed and caught up over tea, supper, breakfast. We were so busy enjoying ourselves that we didn’t take any photos! I’ve been away for the weekend to celebrate family birthdays and the celebrations were enhanced by the absolutely gorgeous weather. And yesterday, I met up with a school friend; first time since before lockdown. So my word, you’ll expect me to be exhausted from chatting! Of course not! But as for desk time, hmmm. 
1I’ve had time to turn the stacks of birds into two cards. They are drying - I blobbed some glossy accents on the eyes. I think altogether these two cards have been the feature on my desk for three weeks. I’m so very sorry that it’s been like that. I will of course fail to do better, but will compensate by taking pictures of interesting things when I do them so that I can at least distract from an empty desk! I was rummaging for something in my workroom yesterday which involved moving a box of Christmas stamps and do you know, it sort of tweaked my inspiration chord a little. I wonder if I can make the most? Tune in next week to see. after all, what else would you do in the hottest weather that Britain has experienced in a generation?! Wherever you are, keep safe and hydrated, and show us your Workdesk, please!

Wednesday 6 July 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 683

I was supposed to be making a sophisticated and lovely birthday card for a cherished aunt. It didn’t work out so I went back to paper piecing the stack of birds!
You can see the first ‘stack’ at top right, I was using scraps and think I over co-ordinated the colours and patterns, think they look a bit bland. Am preferring the newer, yet to be finished stack, using SU! Papers…I even have an idea to actually mount them and make a card! As for the birthday card - it’s a deadline event now, so will be spending some of today having another crack at that. Last week lots of you mentioned the old red book on my desk - not reading material, well, not for me anyway! It’s an old novel in foreign, so I use it to stamp on and generally rip up…I know a lot of you will swoon at the thought, but I think of it as rescued from a bonfire or landfill, so it’s ok for me. 
See that brown paper bag under the stack of purple birds? See how it looks unused and brand new? I bought a costume jewellery bracelet, wrapped around a piece of card in a sello bag. The whole package is about 10cm square, and I ‘had’ to have the bag because it acted as a sort of receipt. I turn down receipts quite often when asked these days, but have never had a bag insisted upon me before! I shall re-use, it’s actually very nice! 
Talking of insisting, please join in and show us your Workdesk, surface…..armchair…wherever and whatever you’re doing. It’s fun. And a welcome distraction.