Wednesday, 12 August 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 584

It’s not a heatwave apparently, because it isn’t consistently affecting every part of the country. I do love it, and I will miss it, but the humidity is starting to make me think it’s time for a thunderstorm and a 15 degree temperature drop! I hope if you’re in any hot part of the world that you’re comfortable and well. I have done a lot of paperwork this week, but not of the craft variety. Staying in the shade, see.
But I did make time to tidy and take a long shot yesterday afternoon. 
Here’s a marvellous angle, a long shot of clean and tidy! (Well except for the scraps tray, it’s getting away from me again!) I absolutely have to make a start on something, not sure what yet, but I’m leaning towards Christmas stuff. Just because any minute now I’m going to turn around and it will be September and there will be demand for workshop kits and I want to be on top of it. Famous last words. Watch this space. All of those sayings apply. So what are you up to? Show and tell please, usual way......thanks so much.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Do I like a challenge?

I’m not competitive. It’s a thing. It’s in you or it isn’t, I think. I’m married to a very competitive chap who loves nothing more than a challenge. I think this is evident just from the fact that he plays Golf. A game that never fails to frustrate and show your shortcomings, apparently. I haven’t played, not since I had a go at the driving range in an attempt to find something we could enjoy together. Boobs too big to make the sticks work, players walk way too fast for me, they don’t like to chat’s just a game and they take it too seriously. 

This was the result of challenge 2. 
A sketch and a very complicated method involving my full name,
 numbers, techniques and then, oh Lordy, having to keep it all graphic.  
Perversely then, I quite like the odd scrapbook challenge, and during an online Crop, I stumbled upon a self revelation. There was a particularly difficult to understand ‘blind challenge’ which involves written instructions to describe a sketch and included things that I don’t ever do, like take my time and hand stitching and counting. As soon as I saw the stitching requirement, I was prepared to pass. Skip Challenge 4. But the inner voice said to stick with it because it was in a run of numbered challenges and you don’t want to break a run, do you? Well, turns out, no, I don’t. 
It was so complicated I had to get Mr Dunnit to overview my take on the instructions. But, a credible LO came out of it, despite everything.
You can’t see the left hand picture because of my photography skills and the light.
 It’s the same plant, but just buds, no blooms. 
I was rather pleased with this Peony’s blooming efforts this year!

Here’s the thing: if it had been a sketch, I’d have passed it by. Firstly because well, measuring, then stitching, then time. Oh my, it did take me a long time to use up the alphabet stickers that were never otherwise going to be used. I had to add glue to the back of most of them as they are old enough to have lost their stick.  Bit of an all round win for my efforts don't you think? So why do I make such a thing and a fuss? I have no idea, its just in me. Drama llama. Another thing I’ve learned. I like a cluster. The instructions were to put the title somewhere top right of the LO, but I couldnt, I thought it looked silly just floating above the pics. It probably didn’t, I was probably just falling back on my formula. Who knows. But for someone who isn’t competitive, I quite like a challenge. Huh? 

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 583

August, we greet thee. With some shock, but hey, you’re here now. There’s nothing actually in progress on my desk because I’m mid way through choosing just one piece from a stack of 12x 12 papers. And I have been midway through choosing since Saturday early evening, and just not able to get back to it. So, when I thought to photograph the desk on Tuesday, I thought I’d pull back and provide a little more perspective.
The thing about temporary is that you still need to be surrounded by everything, and in here, that means using the floor. I think since my desk was moved out to this location most of my crafting has been colouring, cutting ( I need the practice) and die cut work because it travels between rooms more easily than stamps and all the paraphernalia. I think. I also have to be mindful that this sort of constant light and warm exposure is bad for pens, rubber, glue, blah blah, so I do move them back into the gloom of the original work room reasonably promptly after use. Mr Dunnit is threatening to have some time off this month to knock the hole in the other wall of the workroom and put the door back in. Might as well, at least all my untidiness can then go back to being slightly out of sight to lounge room users and guests!  You can see more clearly that the coloured balls are actually a string of lights. They’re really pretty, but with all this opening glass, there’s nowhere to anchor them! They were a gift from my sister and I always said I’d wait to use them in this new room, so I shall find a way!  Meanwhile, please show and tell, bet yours is tidier than mine!

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 582

This will publish on time this week. Not because I’ve solved the iPad/Blogger situation. Not because I’m on top of the new Blogger. No. Because I had a word with a child. Seriously. 
Now, the Workdesk. 
Set aside the fact that you can still see building site through the glass door. In fact, get used to it really...we’ve started the clearing of that section but it’ll prolly be next summer before it’s proper.  So the desk is in action, ta na! Everything sort of pushed back on top of other stuff so I could get to a challenge layout. I’ve got the snippy stickers out too...I’m going to use them to add a few words to the title. I think I said I was cutting them up because they are too snippy for real use. The packet of cards leaning against the drawer set is a workshop kit from Shopkeeper Gal. It’s been there a fortnight and I’ve just unearthed it. It’s a Christmas theme, so maybe it was a subconscious thing to ease it out of sight! You can’t see it, but my WOYWW11 snips bin is at the very far left. It would appear to be out of reach, judging from the state of the desk. So that’s it. A layout with a picture of my two year old daughter, completed on her 27th birthday. Seems about right.
So how’s your desk this week? show and tell, all as usual please.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 581

So this time it’s late because of Gremlins, blogger and the iPad again,  not me! sorry if it affects you, gentle Desker. It’s only a bit of fun though, so no probs really, huh?! 
Whoa. This whizzday thing is just getting out of hand! This post is scheduled, not because I want to avoid being so late to publish like last week, but to give me a head start on the day. I have visitors! Miss Dunnit and The Current Squeeze are at home at last and how marvellous it is to have the dynamic of the house upset! It won’t last, they have to be grown ups and go back to their own lives tomorrow, but for now, I’m getting on their nerves by following them about and insisting we do things together!  So there’s been a lot of dumping at the desk section. However, I did finish my ephemera folios and have almost posed them for your viewing pleasure!
The folios really make sense to me, and I will be able to test them a little this weekend as I’m ‘attending’ an online crop and looking forward to it, I must say. Haven’t made a LO for a couple of weeks now. See the empty plastic boxes at right? they were the ephemera boxes that I was wading through each time I wanted an embellishment for a page. Now I have a folio for tags, florals, get it. It should work.
The stickers are Miss Dunnit’s business identity, The Shrieking Wizard Co. in the 24 hours that she’s been home I’ve blagged a few bits off her for scrapbooking purposes. Bragging, she calls it. But hey, I’m the mother and I’m allowed. I accept that there’s some serious clearing up to do before I can use this esk. It shall be done. But probably not today! show me yours then, bet you’re not in this state!

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 580

It truly is flying by isn’t it. I’ve finished the cards with gernomies and the gals. They made quite a lot of cards, although there doesn’t seem to be a dent in my scrap collection. Weird. Unsettling. A bit annoying when you’re trying to convince your partner that you use every shred. I’ve got a twofer this week, because I managed to procrastinate the start of coming up with a workshop by needing to make a couple of birthday cards. Which I’ve been doing in that five or ten minute at a time method. Doesn’t suit me much, but needs must.
It doesn’t look too bad does it. Does it? Well, OK, mostly it’s just stuff pushed back and piled, but I really have to get these cards done. And, I got into the mood to do ephemera sorting. Our Kelly Desker had a video on one of her WOYWW posts about how she sorted and stored ephemera. Really struck a chord with me, and just out of the blue yesterday, I decided to have a go.
I was driving home when the need to do this came upon me, and I didn’t get in till after 4pm, so then I had to work fast and smart. Thats  a joke, but I made a start. Commandeered the kitchen island and started sorting my ephemera. Turned out to be an interesting exercise. Loads of tags for writing on, a fair few floral things, some travel theme die cuts and a good few words and messages. So only need five folios. I’ll show you more when I’ve gone further. If you’re interested, visit Kelly, I have absolutely no improvements or tips to add to her excellent video, of course. The motivation for finishing is strong...I need the worktop back for proper domestic doings. Like food! So, in the same week - birthday cards, folios, blimey, am I mojo specific? it would seem not! show us what you’re up to please, it’s no fun without you. Put WOYWW in your post title and link it here. Ever so many thank yous.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 580

Sorry to publish late, all well here, just a woolly brain!! It truly is flying by isn’t it. I’ve finished the cards with gernomies and the gals. They made quite a lot of cards, although there doesn’t seem to be a dent in my scrap collection. Weird. Unsettling. A bit annoying when you’re trying to convince your partner that you use every shred. I’ve got a twofer this week, because I managed to procrastinate the start of coming up with a workshop by needing to make a couple of birthday cards. Which I’ve been doing in that five or ten minute at a time method. Doesn’t suit me much, but needs must.
It doesn’t look too bad does it. Does it? Well, OK, mostly it’s just stuff pushed back and piled, but I really have to get these cards done. And, I got into the mood to do ephemera sorting. Our Kelly Desker had a video on one of her WOYWW posts about how she sorted and stored ephemera. Really struck a chord with me, and just out of the blue yesterday, I decided to have a go.
I was driving home when the need to do this came upon me, and I didn’t get in till after 4pm, so then I had to work fast and smart. Thats  a joke, but I made a start. Commandeered the kitchen island and started sorting my ephemera. Turned out to be an interesting exercise. Loads of tags for writing on, a fair few floral things, some travel theme die cuts and a good few words and messages. So only need five folios. I’ll show you more when I’ve gone further. If you’re interested, visit Kelly, I have absolutely no improvements or tips to add to her excellent video, of course. The motivation for finishing is strong...I need the worktop back for proper domestic doings. Like food! So, in the same week - birthday cards, folios, blimey, am I mojo specific? it would seem not! show us what you’re up to please, it’s no fun without you. Put WOYWW in your post title and link it here. Ever so many thank yous.

Friday, 10 July 2020

Fussy cutting.

I think I must have phases of specific mojo. I have recently been fussy cutting. A lot. And I’m not a patient woman and don’t normally set myself up for such things. I stamped a couple of A4 sheets with images confident that I would avoid the cutting impatience by using my Scan & Cut machine. Couldn’t load the mat...., didn’t even get as far as struggling to make the images scan! So, to show the machine just how much it was in my bad books, I cut the lot out with teeny scissors that made my fat thumb sore.
And then, my beautiful Aunty Sue’s birthday appeared in the upcoming events page of my diary. So I decided to stick to what I know for her card, and selected a big hydrangea stamp that I love. Stamped it, embossed it and thought it looked a little flat and dull. So I stamped three more on different papers, and set about paper piecing the thing. Oh my word, why, when I’m so impatient?!! Pleased with the finish though, and happy to report that Susie liked it, which is absolutely what I was aiming for.
Here’s a thing. I didn’t have a big enough piece of the black floral outline paper to adequately cover the card front, because of the shape that had previously been cut from it.The hydrangea is quite a large image so I had no choice for card size. So I ripped up the paper and stuck it on in a wanton collage fashion. Perfect coverage, if a little arty for me. And then, because I just don’t know when to stop, I added a coating of pearlescent shimmer to the flowers. 
I’m thinking that this fussy cutting phase is probably at end. As I type, I’m thinking about a new stamp that I feel may need to be coloured with a nice easy thump from an inked sponge. 
I wonder if I know this mojo thing at all.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 579

Well. Boom. Whizz, actually. It’s ridiculous isn’t it. Is this font OK? I’m back to using the Blog Touch app because the changes to Blogger haven’t made any difference to the ludicrous and incredible difficulty involved in blogging on an iPad. Moving on....There couldn’t be much less room could there. I fussy cut all the little gals and am now trying to make cards from them, using the coloured cards. I need the cards to be relatively uncomplicated and quick, so far so good. You can see the snarky sticker book on the right under the ATG gun and on top of the small paper trimmer. I’ve started to cut the stickers up and use them as alphas now, I can’t let them just sit there unused and some of them I’m really not going to use, they’re too mean. I think Amelia asked if all my scissors have a specific use and if so, how do I tell them apart. Only one pair has a specific use and they are black Teflon for cutting sticky stuff. Every single other pair is just used at will...mostly when I can’t find the pair last used because of the mess - and that only takes minutes, frankly. The Teflon pair were brilliant. But.....they dulled and so obviously, I sharpened them. And that took off the Teflon coating, from right where it’s most needed. Sigh. Still use them for sticky stuff, but really, they’re only sharp snippers now. That little turquoise-y book at left is my re-purposed photo album, now containing die cuts that I didn’t use at the time of cutting, or multi cut because I could. Slightly smug about this organisational tool, of course it was a tip from Kelly Desker, not a brain wave of mine! So my desk will remain a mess till this round of cards are made, then I’ll have to tidy up. Really, I will. Show and tell then, gentle reader, show me how neatly you work......

Saturday, 4 July 2020

PHD UFO US, you name it....

Weeks and weeks ago we had a splurge of discussing Unfinished Objects. Unfinished Symphonies. Projects Half Done. (UFO, US, PHD). Actually it was the WOYWW anniversary that set us all off,  huh. Anyway. I had to confess at the time that I don’t really have such things because, well, I’m a procrastinator. Which basically means that I don't get around to starting a project rather than leaving it half done! Now, here’s another thing about me. I’m very much a ‘one thing at a time’ person when it comes to my hobbies. 
Yesterday I had a face time call with the Coven and because we primarily meet to scrapbook together, I cleared my desk of what I was doing and made a scrapbook page whilst we chatted. 

I lifted this pic of Helen off FB, I love it. There’s not much to the LO in terms of work, but no need when the pictures are so good huh. Also, remember, all the time I’m cutting and sticking, I’m chatting as well. Multi- tasking! Although it doesn’t always pay off - I have to rewrite the little tag, shocking word order in that one sentence!  
So the desk is now covered in scrapbook stuff which knocked the stamping and colouring on the head. So I went back to that today because it turns out I cant bear to leave them unfinished. Not because I’m hugely distressed by the thought of a stack of unfinished stuff, to be honest, but because I don’t want them hanging about in my way for the next however long. Even if I move them from my desk, I have to shoe horn them into my workroom and they’ll be equally in the way! So, whilst chatting on the phone this afternoon, I finished the colouring. 
And now I’m fussy cutting. 
OOh that’s a large pic. It wont reduce! Anyway, after this, these little images are destined to go on cards. I need to get them done because I have a bunch of other things to be done, quite specifically, some cards for a workshop! Going to try and come up with a kit pack. And my brain will not let me move on yet. Crafting is a therapy I know, but do you quietly think I need a bit more therapy? Ah well.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 578

I have two blog posts on the burner. I was going to blog in between Wednesdays, but *pouf* the week disappeared!  Good grief. I’ve managed some in-between stuff this week. You can see that I’ve employed some of the gnomes - again, trying to use up card blanks inherited from Mary and scrapbooking scraps. Mary left me a lot of coloured cards. I favour white, really, so it’s a challenge! I’ve been able to stamp some particularly pertinent sentiments on the cards thanks to a great clear set that Kathy sent me. It’s a collaboration between stamp companies to fund COVID related charities. It’s a great set. The large unmounted floral stamp is a declaration of intent. I have a birthday card to make and this will be perfect if I can get what’s in my head onto paper. If it works, of course, I’ll show you, if it doesn’t, well I’ll probably whine at you. There’s a lot on the desk, and stories for all of it. See that lovely new girly stamp on the iPad stand? A gift, for which I thank you Soojay, I love her. I’m going to end up with an army of these characters, I just know it! Here’s a few more gnomes before I sign off and ask you to share some real inspiration:
And perlease tell me that you’re reading and pronouncing the word as gernomies...its not just me is it?!
Show and tell please - you know you want to. Need to. Have keeps the world balanced. HA!

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 577

Please be keeping well, and looking forward. It’s going to be a lovely summer. If you need company, please reach out, we could set up a group chat if you’d like to spend an hour at your desk so that you can chat and erm, work. Seriously, don't be without company - as you can see, I’ve a lot of colouring to do.
I spent a happy hour stamping and embossing these images over the weekend. The idea was to then scan them, so my Scan and Cut machine could cut them out for me - all that fussy cutting! Well, I cant get the machine to recognise the scanning mat, so after a bit of a tantrum, I’m doing that thing - walking away from it and thinking when I go back and try again, it will have magically sorted itself. Believe me, it doesn’t need a good talking to, I have already done that! All the stamps you see laid out and propped up are new to me. The gnomes and the girls are a direct result of a WOYWW post from Soojay about a month ago. I can’t even lay ‘blame’ on her, it’s been so long since I was moved to buy new stamps just for fun! You can see that my Tri-Blend pen collection is growing nicely. I really like them, far more than any others ‘felt tips’ I’ve had.  So now, before I bore you rigid, lets see the colour of your desks then! Please put WOYWW in your post title and link it here, as usual. Thanks, you’re special.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 576

Plus ca change, la meme ca change. I’m blogging on iPad, using the app. The new dashboard on blogger wont let me perform any basic functions, like add a photo, choose a font, blah blah. it seems last week may have been a happy fluke. We’ll see. This is a scheduled post; the gas man is coming to remove unused pipes in the old kitchen. Sometime between 730 and 9am. Yikes. You just know, don’t you, that I’ll make a coffee, sit down to start blogging and he’ll turn up, need my attention and make me a) very late to post or b) forget to post. Given the early start, either would make me a bit cross! I haven’t quite put tape on the floor, but I have worked out a safe distancing strategy and as he’ll be working in the old kitchen, he’ll pretty much be isolated! 
Good lord, the mess never stops! I’m contemplating a title for a scrapbook page I started on Friday. You know, a bit here and there when there’s a lull in activity. The canister bin at a ridiculous angle because I needed the surface room for other clutter. That lovely pink envelope at centre stage is from Kathy (she’s an Instagram desker).At left hanging in a bunch from a stick on hook is a bunch of string lights with colourful ball shades, a gift from my sissy some years ago which I promised to save for use in the new kitchen. Well, they’re out, but not actually ‘placed’ yet....turns out I could do without 20 metres of them!  At bottom right in the front of the basket there’s a green envelope that I found this week when looking for something else (of course). You might just be able to make out a picture of a slightly raggedy looking me, 26 years ago. I can be precise because I was pregnant and on holiday in Australia, two things you don’t forget, huh! I’ve no idea why it’s in the envelope (or indeed the other pics with it that are unrelated). What occurred to me about it was the hair problem. Here we are a quarter of a century later, and my hair is behaving just as badly, but this time I blame lockdown instead of salty seas and the care less attitude of comparative youth. Ah, me. Gosh, stop me wallowing and show me your desks, please, as usual, I will be happy and grateful and I hope, slightly quicker to visit. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 575

I’m trying Helvetica today. Slightly less wide that Verdana, but still not seriph-y which is my preference. Thanks for the new interface input after my last post, all very helpful and very interesting; we do blog differently! Enough. To business:

I did quite literally take my glasses off and walk away from this last night. Then went back and took this photo...look, the sun finally showed up and cast a shadow on the paper! I’m mid way through a LO as you can see. I’ve cut paper and stuck on to another and now am not convinced its going to be right..I think the paper, whilst a good colour for the photo (both of which look very dark, but aren’t really), isn’t a great match to the subject. Does that even make sense. Lawks. The usual suspects appear..3 pairs of scissors, two pairs of long handled tweezers, lots of new scraps and a basketful of acrylic embellishments from Bramble Fox. Look ‘em up if you aren’t familiar...I use a lot but the basket doesn’t seem to reduce. The Corona Virus information leaflet is on the iPad stand as a safe place. I want the words for use on my actual Lockdown LOs. As opposed to my non actual lockdown LOs, which are just pages I’ve made during the period of Lockdown. Not about lockdown. Oh this needs editing. Forgive. Show me what your work surface looks like to prove you forgive the waffle! Put WOYWW in your post title and link here as usual. Lockdown or not, some things will not change! 


Sunday, 7 June 2020

It seems to be working.....

This is almost a test post; to see if I can use my iPad directly through the Blogger interface - as you know, I was driven to pay for an App to be able to blog from the iPad. The first thing I notice about this new Blogger is that the font I use, Trebuchet, has changed! This one is called Verdana and is crisp and clear and Sans, which suits me well. It’s not too different to the font in my last post, in Trebuchet. But now, Trebuchet looks like this. So, has Blogger had it wrong all these years or just chosen to reassign names and styles? I do not know. Changing back now, this font does not suit me.
An almost decoy; one of many LOs I’ve done during lockdown and whilst gossiping online with The Coven. It details the beginning of my shop, Stamping Ground, back in 2000 when stamping was fairly new in this country and not many people were foolish enough to make a B&M business out of it. So if Billy Jane reads this, it will make her gasp, because she scraps chronologically and isn’t far behind in terms of years. This pic is twenty years old. But take heart BJ..the photo I used on a LO yesterday was taken last month!
I should like to know if you’re sticking with Blogger ‘legacy’ or trying out the new interface and more, I’d like to know if you find it use-able. I’m a bit change resistant and didn’t like the idea of it, particularly this thing about using little icons instead of words. Tapping on little icons with fat fingers often results in the wrong, er, result. I may have inadvertently helped Blogger out with this though, as I’m sure a lot of you have too. I have a lovely screen tap tool- an Apple Pencil - it’s the best investment I’ve made in terms of iPad usage. However, thats coincidental to the Blogger changes. I got the Pencil because ha, well, my daughter had one and she let me play with it and I really liked it and I’m such a kid.
Accessing photos hasn’t been difficult either, although I cannot yet work out how to enlarge them! A greater mind than mine will tell me very soon, I hope! One of the 
Problems that originally drove me to use an App for blogging on iPad was that I could type as far as I could see on the screen and then it wouldn’t scroll or allow any further content. That doesn’t appear to be happening. Indeed this post is two photos and lots of words longer than I would have previously been able to achieve. So I’m going to encourage you to try new Blogger, send them your thoughts, hates, problems but also tell us! The more we discover, the more likely that we can write sentences about interfaces and such that make us sound as if we really know what we’re doing! OK, I accept it, that was very probably a ‘royal’ we!

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 574

Whizzday? You bet. I am struggling with the speed of time. I could do with some lessons in quantum physics so that I can understand why my life is passing at such a pace. But obviously I can’t take lesson in quantum physics. Quite apart from my complete inability at sums and especially the ones that involve brackets, I haven’t got time.
This morning’s desk shot shows very little of what’s actually been happening. I’ve stamped a load of pics and spent the last hour of the last few afternoons colouring in. Sitting in the garden and enjoying the shade, gentle breeze, the perfume of my wonderful roses and the sound of a neighbour using a very whiny electric sander. Seriously, if he was sanding garden furniture, it must be doll’s house furniture by now. Five full afternoons in a row. I wonder if perhaps whilst on furlough, he’s taken to restoring or upcycling. Who knows. Might not even be a he. Damaging to my mojo though, that sander. But hey, it’s weekdays and let’s face it, usually we aren’t all at home. Which leads me to another thing. I’ve had to work this week. Really. Proper, wear-steel-toe-caps-in-the-workshop work. So the colouring in has been bliss. You can’t even see the felt tips because I store them in the dark of my real workroom; now I’ve found pens that I really like (the Tri-Blends), I’m not about to leave them in the sun and heat!  Anyway, digression aside, I’ll photo the cards I make from the random pictures I’ve coloured and you will see just how random my stamp choices are!
Meanwhile, show us your desks, please, its the name of the game! Put WOYWW in your post title and link your blog here, as usual please. Apart from shopping, I’m having the day off. Don’t tell anyone.

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 573

Congratulations one and all, last week was a triumph, what a great way to mark our eleventh anniversary! Loved seeing and reading the stories behind some very old, not so old and new intentions that IWOYWWs anniversary may have pushed you into! I admire you all enormously for making and then taking the time, thank you. And I hope you all feel really good about yourselves for the achievement! 
Talking of achievement, my desk was tidied ready for a card making day (mindful of the UFO snowmen, see), but I didn’t get to them. Shopkeeper Gal has been working really hard creating workshops and delivering or posting them, so I went through my most recent delivery to ‘do’ the cards and have the nice surprise of discovering what I’d ordered to go along with the workshop! That’s that thing about seeing good samples and delivery to your just say yes and forget about it till it arrives! There were three dies, so I had a pang of guilt about that for a couple of minutes and resolved to do some extra housework. You can see my newly altered bin, in full use. The smaller pot with the feathers on is already getting on my nerves because since I untangled the spare die cuts and put them into a little photo album, (thank you for the idea, Kelly, you genius gal), I don’t need it so much. Watch that space! There’s a large scallop shape at the far end of the table which is an ‘edger’ shaper from Bramble Fox, also new. I know, now you’re starting to feel a bit embarrassed for me aren’t you, the guilt is appalling. It will stop soon, I shall need all my spending money for when the hairdressers are allowed to re-open! 
Please join us in a look at busy desks here and there. Put WOYWW in your post title, link your post here and put the kettle on. I wonder if we’ll still be doing this in another handful of years!

Monday, 25 May 2020


In this Time of Pandemic, lockdown has forced a few changes (!) and for me, one or two of them have been positives. One of those is that I’ve never seen so much of The Coven. We usually try to get together once a month for a pub supper and catch up, and once a month we all go to the Artful Angels crop. as you know though, gentle reader, we gals have to be flexible and it’s sometimes 3 months before we can all be together either at Crop or in a pub. That’s real life, innit.
Over the last eight or nine weeks though, we’ve managed at the least, to get together online once a week to craft whilst we chat . It means that I’ve disciplined myself to be ready for the call, and have done many more scrapbook pages than I would have normally in two months! I’ve also sorted through some old photos and been ‘inspired’ to use them. You can tell they’re old because in some cases, the colour in the picture is decidedly iffy, and other big clues like the fact that you know already that our baby gal is actually a grown woman who chooses not live with her Mummy and Daddy anymore. 
I’ve also been using my Basic Grey collections. They no longer make/print scrapbook papers and I think I felt it might be wrong to use them. But of course, I’ve seen the light. Even if I use them, they’re still in my possession after all. This may be subtle way of saying you may never get a card made with scraps of BG from me! They are, in the main, frighteningly busy patterns, which makes me sort of shut my eyes and just get on with it! I’m still scrapping in that one photo format, it clearly is my formula. although these pics are old, I also think that I’m aware that this is my formula because despite digital photography and that thing where you take 10 pictures of the same thing because you can, I often don’t now. Subliminally unable to cope with the choices I end up with!
I’ve made quite a pile since The Coven began meeting once a week. When this is all over, some sort of ‘normal’ returns and my furloughed friends have to return to their real days, I wonder if I’ll miss this feature of lockdown? I would very much like the opportunity to find out!

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 572

572. That’s a ridiculous ELEVEN years. The WOYWW years are not in any way related to our growing up years. They can’t be, I’m not eleven years older; I can’t be, the weeks go so quickly that I’m not keeping up! There is a community here and especially now, during this Time of the Pandemic it’s important to me, I hope it is for you too. From the heart of my bottom, I thank you for every single post and every single comment. 
Meanwhile....there’s a desk and a challenge. 
 This is yesterday’s desk. I was on the phone for a while and decided it would be a good chance to attack another UFO, so I coloured the snowmen. I wonder how long it will be before they find themselves on a card. More interesting....can you see, just visible to the right of the big orange scissor handles, there’s three large chocolate buttons. They aren’t there now, obvs. They are the new Cadbury’s milky dark chocolate. Absolutely delicious, smooth creamy dark chocolate, not bitter or harsh. Definitely a new favourite. There’s a geo tag cut file slung in the basket, I made a LO yesterday and thought the cut file would make a perfect background. Most of it didn’t make it onto the page. And then there’s a sneak peek of my challenge UFO...
It started life as the cotton bud tub you have seen on my desk many times with it’s fellow, the hot choc tub.
Well, ignoring the tray full of flip flops and thong thingys, I generously coated these tubs with gesso. Took two days to dry type of generous. Forgot to take a photo, obv. Then I painted them with blue and then random strokes of green sparkle paint (the one that gets all over my skin, including my face...I was nothing if not intrepid for this challenge.) 
Betcha you can’t see a single shimmer or sparkle, can you? I honestly don’t know why I bother. Meanwhile, I expertly moulded some feathers and stars with my incredible moulding foam, detailed moulds and another day to dry. Yawn. I used a creme shimmer thing by Cosmic Shimmer people to burnish the moulded shapes and then I glued ‘em on. Tip...silicone glue makes the paint go black. I don’t know why but it looked horrid, so I changed to regular PVA and sunshine. Oh and some pegs to save my little fingers after the first star. And because you know, patience.
...ta na...two useful tubs, altered to be two useful tubs! With huge thanks to Marit’s Dutch Summer and Szaszu for the inspiration and you, gentle desker, for the motivation.
 Can’t wait to see what you all managed. I should add here that dragging out and working on a UFO is a great thing to do...but don’t be stressing about finishing it...the whole point is that you’re doing it! 
Show off and tell then, and erm, drinks are on me. Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 571

Believe it or not, this is a scheduled post, I’m actually busy first thing this morning. I’ll explain after you’ve seen my desk. As it still is, actually. I thought I’d get more done before I had to photograph it, but something else distracted me.
I was chatting online and crafting at the same time. Clever, huh! As you can see, my lovely easy to use moulding foam and a couple of moulds are in use. And can you see the jar of gesso under the iPad? Well, all three items are to do with next week and the Anniversary Challenge which some fool came up with. Good grief, I could very easily not be ready. I’ve changed my mind about exactly which UFO to tackle so many times! There’s evidence also from Saturday’s garden work. As in, I sat in the garden and fussy cut everything you can see in the blue tidy tray. It’s a lot of flip flops stamped on patterned scraps and the thongy bits that hurt the gap between your big and next toe are cut out separately. I’m just steeling myself to glue them all together now; I had this idea to use silicone on the thongy bits to get a bit of dimension, but I need the will to do it. There’s also a sheet of images that I stamped and embossed on Sunday, waiting to be coloured. So that’s another set of UFOs right there! There’s a hair band on the table too. Abandoned because I realise after using it that it’s not the fringe/sides getting long that irritate me. It’s the way it curls and sticks out around my neck that’s driving me nuts. It’s all part of the growing out process so I won’t be taking up offers or ideas for cutting. Just whining. 
So I’m out early today to collect my car because it had to be towed away after some idiot filled it with unleaded petrol instead of Diesel. And then drove it nearly a mile before the missing and bumping made me her realise why. Because it was filled from empty and because modern cars are fitted with anti-syphon technology, the whole fuel tank had to be removed in order to drain it and start again. So that record of going 9 weeks on one tank of fuel? Slightly bu**ered by extraneous costs! 

So now, join us do; in celebrating lockdown and being well by showing us what you’ve been up to. If you aren’t well or need a chat, say so please. And if you’re getting better, we celebrate you.

Monday, 11 May 2020

No change here

Our Prime Minister has asked us to stay at home if we can, go to work if it’s necessary and safe to do so. Whatever the media and the critics say then, no great changes were announced.  So, to stay well, no change here then. 
                                                                     Except, loads of things are changing.

The cherry trees blossomed under blue April skies and reminded us that the weather was unprecedented and  not to be taken for granted. 
Then I changed my walk to take in some changes in the woods. The bluebells and wild garlic completely change the groundscape.
And my red Peony and scarlet poppy have grown themselves stacks of buds. So there’s a rather spectacular change coming there.
And, apart from some plinths and a lot of tiles, the new kitchen is finished. Well I say finished. There’s a snagging list as long as my arm because Mr Dunnit is a perfectionist. It involves taking off all the doors and worktops so I’m enjoying this space before it changes again!
Change isn’t bad. It’s not always good. But it is always happening. Sometimes you have to make the change. I’m almost grateful that the rest of this house now needs attention. One change I can’t deal with is Mr Dunnit with nothing to do!

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 570

It’s extra super whizzday isn’t it! My word, I thought that we were meant to be a bit fed up and bored by now? Obviously not enough of us are, because even these lockdown weeks are speeding past. I hope they are for you; if you’re having one of the fed up days, reach out. I’m very confident that any of us are up for a chat either by typing or speaking! Anyway, here’s a long shot, incorporating the top layer of my lovely, uber useful trolley.
You’d never know it, but I’ve used so many more scraps since I transferred them. Mind you, it’s been during lockdown that I’ve done loads of scrapbooking and created more scraps! You can see there’s a finished LO on the desk, and considering how busy a LO it is, it’s a minor miracle that I’ve kept the desk so tidy. Laziness really, the boxes of embellishments and other stash are all on the floor under the desk and even picking them up, let alone going through them and making decisions seemed like hard I used what was knocking about on the desk surface.  You can judge..
Yep, more from the WOYWW Anniversary Crop last year. And, talking of Anniversary......number 11 is week 572 already my life. So in these strange times, I am setting you a challenge which you can read about in the previous post HERE.
Now, usual rules apply here, please share your desk by blogging about it. put WOYWW in your post title, exclude blatant promotion and link here. Thank you very much!

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Anniversary Chat

I’ve been pondering and wondering about the occasion of WOYWW’s eleventh anniversary on Wednesday May 20th, number 572. To be honest, it’s been a sort of frantic pondering too, because despite the slow pace of our current days, Wednesdays have rushed toward May and of course, I hadn’t decided.
There’s a lot of pressure on every service at the moment and several people have pointed out that our usual ATC swap would just add to the burden that the Post Office is experiencing. So we won’t do that. 
Of course, a lot of us make extra ATCs for trading at the crop. and we aren’t doing that.
So I think we should really make something of this locked down Anniversary and take the opportunity to do something lovely for our enjoyment. So how about this: drag out a UFO (any craft, any age) or a kit, or ‘thing’ that you’ve promised to do ‘at some point’ and actually do it. Take the challenge and show us on WOYWW 572. I’m such a skilled procrastinator that I have quite a selection to work from.  
These cards are a case in point. Shopkeeper Gal has been putting together workshop kits and posting them whilst we’re all staying at home. This was the first workshop, I did it yesterday. It’s been in kit form on my desk for a month. Must be maddening for you doing types! Select and commit then, tell us what you’re going to do for yourself for the Anniversary, I’ll be collecting answers!

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 569

My desk is busy but to be honest, it doesn’t look very different to last week. It’s covered in scrapbooking stuff and apart from the page that I’m working on, I don’t know if you could tell the difference. So I thought you’d like to see another surface that we’re both using for pretty much everything except it’s intended use. This is the island in the new kitchen. You can see, I’m using it to sort and select photos and also as (temporary) home for my Big Shot and die folder. The torch and livid pink string and other bits and pieces are from Mr Dunnit’s tool box and are in constant use between cup of tea time and sitting down to supper. Lockdown means that the final pieces of work that were to completed by electrician and plumber have had to be postponed and it’s starting to frustrate him. So he’s been doing as much as he possibly can to be absolutely ready...for example, the cupboard under the sink has to house the ‘box’ that will heat the water to one of those fancy taps that delivers boiling water as well as hot and cold. Well, he’s cut a hole in the base of the cupboard to drop the box into so that it doesn’t impede the waste pipe plumbing or the fitting of a centre height shelf. Loads of things like that. You know, stuff that might slow the final plumbing down. So hey, we’re sharing a workspace! 
Now, please share your’s interesting! And if you can’t/don’t want to, it would be lovely if you would just leave a comment so we know you’re OK. Ta.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 568

I hope those of you operating in another time zone or actually having to work to a time frame here can forgive me, it’s currently 8am and I’m only just starting my post! I’ll keep it brief!
The right hand end view. At least it gives you some idea of the situation. LOTS of light and the remainder of the patio that is still a building site but I’m slowly reclaiming it. I’ve got, plenty of light (!) at this desk and because it’s actually in our lounge, we’ve already learned to ignore the mess. So you can see my Options bin, which gives evidence that I’ve been crafting, and the little pot of unused die cuts that I put on cards etc seems to have emptied itself. They are a bit difficult to wrangle into any order...I must store them flat really. Or use them! I tidied after having the plastic boxes open and strewn about yesterday, so any productivity doesn’t show. The red basket contains my Bramble Fox collection of acrylic words, sayings etc, called Perspextives. I was a monthly subscriber but had to stop when they started to get the better of me. Now I enjoy having them at hand but they don’t appear on every LO anymore. At least that part of my formula has changed! 
I hope you’re keeping well and able to observe lockdown without too much difficulty. I know we’re very much at a geographic disadvantage, but if you need company, you can find it here, just say the word and one or all of us will work out how to connect with you, seriously. And comically too - I’ve experienced a lot of ‘can you hear me now’ and ‘can you see me now’ type conversations in the last month!
Join in here as well and tell as usual. Put WOYWW in your post title and link here. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 567

I expect the way the numbers fall for this week is pleasing for Jan. She likes that sort of thing. I spent all of yesterday afternoon with The Coven, via Zoom. I only made one scrapboook page because I wasn’t really ready, so in the end I went back to scraps and card making. What did I make? A mess!
All my scrap stash boxes are open and piled on the left as they were last week. You can see from the working space that I’ve used a Distress Stain to colour one of the snarky comment stickers - trying to use the least offensive! Distress Stain.....I felt like I was doing retro crafting! I really must get back to some proper, ink-on-paper stuff. Let’s face it, there’ll never be a better time! Meanwhile, lemme talk you through a couple of newbies on my desk. Lookit, lookit, I’ve got the most fab little Polaroid type camera. It was a Christmas present from my Sissy and till today I’ve been ridiculously mean about taking pics. Only ten in a cartridge which isn’t cheap, huh! But yesterday I downloaded a cut file from Paige Evans that I thought I could use today, with 2 or 3 of these little photos showing life in quarantine. but I took rubbish photos. Really. So now I’m waiting for Paige to come up with a suitable cut file for them. You can also see my coffee stained drinking vessel, in front of the cylinder bin thing. I like to put my cup there because it lessens the chance of spills in that sort of ‘cage’ arrangement. No spills today, but a lot of little bits of paper and tape peelings ended up in it...should have moved the bin forward! Now I have tidying up agony. Year end and a strange form from the Office of National Statistics that I have to fill in before May means that I’ve got to get into normal work mode. When I eventually go upstairs to shower and dress this morning, I may have to put on a suit!  

Before I ask you to blog, join in, link, please can you join me in sending healing vibes and frankly, whatever it takes to recover, to a couple of deskers who are suffering from COVID19. Christine will tell you how awful it is, she’s recovering. Love and strength in waves to all. 

Now. Please blog, join in, link. See you at your place. Actually, even if you don’t want to join in, perhaps just leave me a comment to say you’re well? Thanks!!

Friday, 10 April 2020

Learn from this, I do it for you... !

I’ve been hoarding these ingredients. My friend Kathy (you know her from WOYWW on Instagram) sent me these fantastic embossed panels on various metallic finishes. Aren’t they plump and marvellous. I’ve been hoarding them because well, hoarding means I can enjoy them for longer.
Here’s an interesting fact about Kathy that has just occurred to me. Even though she lives all the way over there in Washington state, she is amongst only a handful of Deskers who have met Mr Dunnit. Clever. 
Aaaaanyway. I am totally doing what hundreds of others are doing and casting about to make nice things now that I have, apparently, more time. And I have some lovely ingredients with which to make nice things, thanks to Kathy.

I very carefully and incredibly patiently (patting myself on the back because you might forget), applied the turquoise Nuvo Drops to each join, I think it really adds to the plumposity. Then I waited for them to dry. More back patting. 
The word stamp is also from Kathy, isn’t it fab, and I think, rather pertinent. I embossed it with gold EP. It stamped beautifully, so no infill or obvious ‘squishing’ of the silicone which spreads the image and makes it look, to me, less clear, often times a bit smudged.I was pleased with it. Then I rummaged and found a crown stamp, from a We Three Kings Christmas set by Woodware. I know! Genius cross pollination of themes and justification indeed for buying a hitherto unused set. I think Darlene would be proud. It’s all coming together, I can smell a batch of satisfactory cards coming on. Fiddled about with a frame for the text, another colour, maybe the crown just stuck straight on the top of the white card...oh you name it, I invested time in it. I was really pleased with the finish. 
And then I dropped the dirty stamp on it. Not once either, as you can probably tell. This is not a tale of woe. It is a horrible warning. About hubris and smugness. And utter, foul language tainted clumsiness! 

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 566

I really hope that you’re all well. To improve your week, here’s my desk from the right hand end.Ya see, I got involved with the idea of using scraps to make up some cards. Then I realised that I should be using some of the scrapbooking stuff that I likely won’t use on pages too. Cue all the boxes and balancing. There’s a die cut flamingo peeking out of the tub at right of the cutter. I’ve done a few cards with multiple layered die cuts on them. Actually it’s all a bit of a lie...I’m making card fronts, there aren’t many that are actually made up onto proper foldy cards yet. I need to stop and do that otherwise they will be UFOs and I can just guess they’ll turn into a chore of a job, like adding inserts! Ages ago I bought a book of snarky comment stickers from the Tim Holtz range and I’ve been able to use one or two. Most of them though, although amusing, are a bit too snarky to send on a card in my opinion; it wasn’t my most cost effective purchase!
Show and tell then gentle desker, we want to see what lockdown is doing for your creativity. If it’s a big fat nothing, don’t worry...we’d like to see your ‘desk of intention’! Please put WOYWW in your post title, it really helps those of us who visit late. (Me!)

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 565

Sorry it’s late...I can’t imagine how I over slept....It’s a bit of an achievement is this. I’m not sure that I’d be keeping track of the days if it wasn’t for WOYWW! I was chatting to a new online acquaintance last evening who said that she was bored to death and had done enough cleaning to last her a decade. I could only sympathise. Because I’m not....I’ve got loads to keep me occupied and frankly, spring cleaning is pretty low on the list! Am so grateful that I have hobbies.
I’ve done a lot of scrapbooking in the last week, and inevitably in doing so have created scraps. The LO you can just about see on my desk is waiting for some journaling. And then, card making for me. I need to use up some scraps and there’s no better way to make a big dent. Do you like my new trolley? Cart, I believe some will call it. It was a panic purchase because I need to keep things relatively tidy in here and I find myself carting stuff from my workroom and not really putting them back (see dining chair at left!), and...oh I don’t know. Mr Dunnit put it together for me without complaint. I still have that desk top bin (the Options hot chocolate powder drum) and I use it, it’s useful. One day, I might spare some scraps to decorate it. Disguise it a little! Show and tell then won’t you, above all, report in and let us know you’re OK. and if you’re not OK, please say...we may between us, be able to help!

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Scrapbook Times

It seemed appropriate to at last make some Layouts of last year’s WOYWW Crop. I have had the photos for months; I don’t scrapbook chronologically, I leaf through my photos until one or more ‘speak’ to me. It sounds very arty and pompous - perhaps I should say that I leaf through them and find the photo that I’m in the mood to make a LO with! Anyway, I had the Crop on my mind, after all having to postpone Crop11 this June was, however inevitable, a bit disappointing.
So I had some fun with some of my bad photography. Now, if you were at that Crop and don’t appear here, don’t be offended. I’m a rubbish photographer and combine that with all the moving and chatting going on - many of my pics are not good. And if there’s one thing I always try to stick to is the rule that if I think you won’t like the picture I took of you, I won’t publish it on here - or elsewhere for that matter. It could also be that I have a nice photo of you that I haven’t actually used on a LO yet! 

These were done as a result of challenges set by the Artful Angels Crop team - obviously we couldn’t crop together last weekend so we did it all over Facebook. There is a clear format to my scrapbooking...I like a single photo LO and a cluster of embellishments. I cant help myself.
I have a thing for colour too. As you already know really. I can just about do creams and vaguely ‘heritage’ layouts, but I default to bright. Some say kitsch. I won’t say who (LLJ), but I dont think I have actually mastered that yet. Don’t mind if I do!