Wednesday, 22 July 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 580

It truly is flying by isn’t it. I’ve finished the cards with gernomies and the gals. They made quite a lot of cards, although there doesn’t seem to be a dent in my scrap collection. Weird. Unsettling. A bit annoying when you’re trying to convince your partner that you use every shred. I’ve got a twofer this week, because I managed to procrastinate the start of coming up with a workshop by needing to make a couple of birthday cards. Which I’ve been doing in that five or ten minute at a time method. Doesn’t suit me much, but needs must.
It doesn’t look too bad does it. Does it? Well, OK, mostly it’s just stuff pushed back and piled, but I really have to get these cards done. And, I got into the mood to do ephemera sorting. Our Kelly Desker had a video on one of her WOYWW posts about how she sorted and stored ephemera. Really struck a chord with me, and just out of the blue yesterday, I decided to have a go.
I was driving home when the need to do this came upon me, and I didn’t get in till after 4pm, so then I had to work fast and smart. Thats  a joke, but I made a start. Commandeered the kitchen island and started sorting my ephemera. Turned out to be an interesting exercise. Loads of tags for writing on, a fair few floral things, some travel theme die cuts and a good few words and messages. So only need five folios. I’ll show you more when I’ve gone further. If you’re interested, visit Kelly, I have absolutely no improvements or tips to add to her excellent video, of course. The motivation for finishing is strong...I need the worktop back for proper domestic doings. Like food! So, in the same week - birthday cards, folios, blimey, am I mojo specific? it would seem not! show us what you’re up to please, it’s no fun without you. Put WOYWW in your post title and link it here. Ever so many thank yous.


Susan Renshaw said...

Think this post needs some fixing Julia

glitterandglue said...

Hi Julia. Ummm... think something's gone wrong ths morning - it's showing last week's post? Love to you


Neet said...

Thank goodness it is not just me.

Hugs, Neet xx

Lynn Holland said...

Thought I’d gone a bit barmy myself then and everyone was up early today haha

Sarah Brennan said...

Until I looked at the date I thought you were late posting again Julia. Has the new Blogger got gremlins? Sarah #?

My name is Cindy said...

Too early to play with my head like this lol!! Cindy xx

Sue said...

Hi Julia, A busy desk as usual. I love to have a sort out and get things put away neatly and so I can find them again.

You take care.