Wednesday, 22 September 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 642

My desk is untouched. Honestly. I haven’t looked at it since last Wednesday. Really.  See, I went to meet my sister on Wednesday and as usual, we visited Mama in her care home. We sat rather longer than usual, or intended, over coffee and lunch because it was warm and sunny and that sort of weather in September is not to be missed. My house was internet deprived until early evening and I was rushing about a bit doing the things that I should have done in the afternoon! Can’t remember why, but I didn’t get to the desk or the computer at all on Thursday either, and on Friday, we left home for a weekend in other parts. 
Strange, sunny, relaxing parts. So that’s today’s picture……I hope it inspires.
It does me. After visiting my sweet Mama again this morning, I’ll be a week closer to the card workshop and no further forward! I’d forgotten how inspirational a deadline can be!
Please join in with the show and tell; I’m about the only one that makes the terrible excuses, so it won’t be hard work to visit some of the other links and when you do….you won’t be disappointed!

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 641

I know. Just like the week before last when I was really late, now, I’m really early. I’m sorry if it makes you question the order of the days! I’m posting on Tuesday night because we’ve been notified that our internet will be off from 6am on Wednesday. Bad timing, huh. 
I had a slight rearrange this afternoon, figure we won’t need the door for access to the garden for a few days minimum, so have put my desk where it’s intended to go. The light is great. 
None of the wires have been sorted, but it’s OK, he’s worked without time off for the last two weeks so things that I can’t do myself are just waiting. And I’ve arranged it so that I can’t see it all when I’m sitting at the desk! My desk surface is tidy at this point. When I’d finished mucking about and pretending I was doing things, I actually got a bit stuck in and stamped some penguins. And a Robin. It’s a sign, gentle reader. A sign of preparing for a day long workshop…not actually a sign of me preparing for Christmas! Ha! Show and tell what you’re up to please, either on this chilly night or tomorrow in the really rather autumnal feeling morning! See you as soon as the magic web waves are fixed.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 640

I think this will work on time this week, gentle Desker. If you were held up or put out by my bad scheduling last week, sorry. In such a situation, I must encourage you to always assume it’s a mistake that I’ve made or a technical problem before you start to worry that I’m poorly or have a real life problem. I will share all of those sort of events, you know how much I like things to be all about me.
No further ado then, have a sunlight full on pic of the workspace taken yesterday after lunch, from the door. This isn’t a huge room. 
We changed our Internet provider. The box in the foreground contained the necessary black box and wires. It was a self fit job and involved a lot of b*@&#y effort if you ask me.’They’ recommend that your landline phone and the black box should not be parked near one another. Look at all the wires gracing the ‘behind me’ worktop and the floor by the door! All destined to be clipped, shortened, disappeared and oh boy, I’m looking forward to that! The desk itself is unused this week, a combination of brilliant weather and visiting chums. Not a bad reason for sure, but I really must improve my at home time management! 
Share and tell then, please. Gimme a chance to visit my Mama and then I’ll visit you. Thank you!

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 639

This is scheduled gentle reader, we think I need to be out and about early on Wednesday, chasing down much needed stuff. This has happened before and with any luck, the text message that could prevent me having to leave home at commute o,clock as if I work, may arrive really early. It has done before. It’s all about a client and his requirements and our source and their delivery. And then….
I did something incorrectly and it didn’t publish at all! Sorry, very late posting this morning! Enough. Look….
There’s a piece of old scrapbook paper acting as an ink catcher. This means that I’ve made something! I am truly grateful to my friend Karen, Queen Bee. She and I are doing a monthly ATC swap. You can see the small pile of ATCs that are the ones she’s sent me (excluding this month’s because it’s on the edge of the shelf behind me with a big wodge of blue tack holding it in my line of vision. Serves two purposes: admire the artwork and remember to make one for her. Works well. You can see the basket containing distress inks which gives away what I’ve been using, and there’s a pile of some newer stuff. Looks bigger than it is and sort of includes the card workshop that I still haven’t done. I know. Just do it. But there’s some nice stuff in it. 
And will you look at that, it’s not all Christmas! Thank goodness. Show and tell please, it’s time you did. Soon as I get back, I’ll be feet up, kettle on…indulge me, do.,

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 638

638. It struck me as I was typing the title, 638 is a lot isn’t it! How many times since you started with WOYWW have you had a conversation with real life friends that has involved you saying something about an online friend who does that/lives there/makes those/has a pet that does that/eats those/uses that….I think I refer to one or other of you in almost every conversation I have these days! Round of applause for yourselves, you’re all so interesting.
So, to the bit that binds….my desk, early Tuesday evening:
I had come home from being out and had half an hour before himself was due home. I did think I was going to put some washing on and get some stuff ready for this morning. In readying mode, I came to my desk and sat down to write an address on an envelope. Then I noticed two bits of patterned paper that had flowers stamped on them. I can’t remember what for, and they’ve been shifted from place to place… suddenly, no time like the present! A quiet twenty minutes of cutting was very nice. And for my next trick…that small pile of stuff with my name written on it is a workshop waiting for me to do. Christmas cards no less. I know.  Now this may not be inspiring or arty, but for the first time in a long time, hey, it’s showing stuff I’ve done and intend to do. Let me work up to arty, creative and erm, inspiring. Yeah, right.
Share then do, good sights bad sights, good news, and if you need help, bad news too, turns out that we’ve been here for each other for 638 weeks, can’t see that changing!

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 637

Well now, I’m at end game. So this section of the workspace is not my desk, but is incredibly useful isn’t it! I’ve emptied the cupboard that contains cards and envelopes and am corralling and arranging and pairing. Again, I’ve got loads and many sizes do not speak to me. DL for example, and A5s and 8x8 squares. Time to admit it it, cull them, move on.
Roughly speaking, the pile at very far left is pre-scored cards and envelopes in packs. So they’re already paired which helps. The pile in the middle of the shot is pre-scored blanks that so far I haven’t found envelopes for. But as you can see, there are plenty of envelopes about, so I’m confident that another afternoon will have them sorted. Spares, sizes I no longer want are, happily, already spoken for, so am not wasting a drop. 
Now I can slide a basket from the cupboard shelf and see what size and shape I’ve got. Don’t faint at all the quantities you see, remember, I conduct workshops (in normal times) and when the samples are popular, I can need 16 of each card at kitting stage. Pleased so far. Relieved too, starting to think I may get an afternoon of cutting and sticking soon!
Join me do, tell the tale of your desk, work surface, creative space, what you’re doing. Puhleeeeese.

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

What’s On Your a Workdesk? Wednesday 636

Thanks very much for asking. Actually, there’s not a huge amount on my desk. Sorry, did you faint? 
I KNOW! There’s so little there and no dust! You’d expect this to be a really short post then wouldn’t you..but it won’t be. It rarely is, let’s face it. Wanna know something really stupid? The desk isn’t positioned correctly yet, it’s not against the window/door on account of architraves and linings. Yawn. That’s not the stupid bit. The stupid bit is that I allowed myself to get so excited about having a desk I could sit and work at that I forgot the location thing. And have hung stuff on the wall according to the height of the desk and my eye level.  The notice board has always been there, but the text picture at right is newly hung. And in totally the wrong place…once my desk faces the door, it will be right in the way or totally obscured by the scissor holder or something like it. Stupid. Argh. The plastic box has picture hanging bits in it, the hammer then becomes self explanatory. The little pile in the middle is the really interesting thing. New stuff! I must be coming round a bit!
Talking of coming around….how do you like the look of things behind me, soon to be at my right…
Am a little bit smug, but don’t worry, it won’t last. I’ve got to do some test run work in this new arrangement before I can be full on big headed. Don’t hold your breath. Am still a bit busy in real life which is by turn lovely and well, work! 
Meanwhile though, share your lovely spaces please, tell of your triumphs and share your disasters. Because they aren’t really disasters, just pretty loops in a long length of ribbon! 

Sunday, 8 August 2021

I’m just tidying..

I’m moving back into my workroom. I will do a sort of ‘tour’ when it’s done and before I make a hideous mess of it all. Meanwhile though, I want to reassure you that I’m not doing a massive purge. Yes, a few things have gone….ink refills for example.  The refills were taking up a whole basket and didn’t match my ink pads, seriously. Anything that didn’t sell in the shop closure came home with me and I just put them away thinking I’d deal with them at a later point. Well, *cough* 18 years..but that’s still ‘later’ isn’t it? 
Ribbons have been rolled, clipped and given away too. 
I had a 12 x 12 Art Bin filled with them that I don’t think I’ve opened since Christmas, so I’m obviously not using much ribbon. I’ve kept a smaller box full, and I’ve written the date on the lid. It will be fascinating to see how long it is untiI I next open it.
Here is another activity (actually more time consuming than I thought it would be).
I decanted a load of inherited cards and envelopes into an under bed type plastic storage box. Long and low. It worked at the time, but I’ve managed to use quite a lot and this storage is a bit big now. So I decided to match every card to an envelope and put them in the storage drawers that will go under my desk. Nice and accessible.
It’s not the time it’s taking me that’s the problem, I have the luxury of leaving and re-visiting when I like. It’s not the quantity even, although there are still a lot. It’s getting over the fact that I’m folding every card. I’m a HUGE and mildly bossy proponent of working on the card flat. I have always stored them unfolded. When you’ve made the crease, they tend to need holding shut whilst you work on the card face and it leads to misplacing, cards pinging open just when you don’t need them to and well, you know, less control. Shiver. But it’s a necessary evil now. If you ever get a card from me, know that my dear father’s paperweight was involved in the making too. I can see it will have stopped being an heirloom ornament and actually gone back to being a useful lump of glass! 
I’ve set myself quite a task involving my clear stamps too, I’ve worked on and tried several ways of storing them over the years and none have really suited me. So the aforementioned drawers under the desk situation will come into play. This will be quite a long game though, there’s a lot to do…I have some in their original packets. Some mounted on their acrylic cover sheets and some others just loose and wild. They all need to be washed to regain sticky, they need at least to have acrylic sheet mounts and then we’ll see. Watch this space. I guarantee photos that will make you shudder.
Now I need to get back to it, or I’m going to run out of whatever it is that makes me want to get on with it. 

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 635

Ta Na! Shelves! I practically had to sleep with the joiner, but they are in, and all mine to arrange as I like. Considering they’ve been like this for five days, it’s me that’s slacking, not him! 

Note the bottom left shelf;  it’s a start and I’m super pleased with my new storage for embossing folders and big dies. The rest of the dies are under the shelf thing in folders, so it looks pretty neat at the mo!
I totally accept that one shelf does not free up my dining table or finish my craft room, but I am doing other things. And now and then I try to decide what needs to be on the next shelf - criteria include frequency of use, ease of reach and tidiness to the eye. Stunning that I should consider that it needs to look tidy on the shelf, but I can’t help it. The frequency of use thing is a double edged sword….if I use it a lot, it deserves an easy reach space. But if it isn’t at least in my line of vision, I probably won’t use it! Argh. So - now you’re lulled into a great sense of reasonable tidy well being…..
Here’s a shot of part of my desk! Argh! It makes me smile a bit actually, because so often I read that one or other desker has zoomed in or cropped a shot so it doesn’t look too untidy, and here am I just showing a portion because it’s no better or worse in full size glory! There’s a good selection of stuff on there too, some die cut snowflakes, some sticker tabs (probably my most used punch/sticker/embellishment in scrapbooking particularly). There’s a water brush a pencil and a glue pen. The glue pen is great, really good sticky, controllable glue (zig, I think), but oh boy, it smells awful. I think it used to be called rubber cement. Stinky when wet. The ATC is on the theme of City, and is far more sophisticated than the one I sent as the swap. Under that is a 6x6 pad of very male suitable papers, sent by a friend as a gift. Nice huh. Not that I’ve come up with any ideas yet, I sure hope that her plan wasn’t to wait for me to come up with ideas in an instant!
Talking of instants…snap a pic of your space, show us your stuff, please. You are so much more interesting than the mess to be found here.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 634

This gal has been horribly neglectful of this blog. I didn’t get to any visiting last week, and I’m sorry for it. Like last week, this is scheduled; you know that Wednesday is one of the days I can visit my sweet Mama in her nursing home, and the need to be at her bedside has increased in the last week or so. Today is also my baby gal’s birthday, and she’s at home with me and her Daddy which is fab! 
I moved my desk into the workroom, but again, it isn’t properly located! 
Despite the mess, I have spent some time sitting and gazing at it all. You can see I’ve made an ATC, which is the first creativenessness for weeks. But look, things are moving on and I will be back in it properly just as soon as the shelf studs arrive….
Which is any day now, according to the billion emails everyone has to send when you order something online. Have you noticed that? Anyway, on the left of this photo is the scan and cut on its high horse. It knows it’s place in the pecking order of equipment in this room, I can tell you.  I keep it covered with two black pillowcases. Because well, dust of course, but also, when scanning, they prevent unwanted light which really helps improve the scanned outline. Two pillowcases? They came in a pack of two! The red box is an art equipment box my lovely man made for me when I went to a class called ‘Drrawing and Painting for Beginners’ when my child was a baby. That child who is 28 today. Wow. It still contains brushes and pencils and even some old rubbery masking fluid. About 18 months after the first class, I discovered stamping. I’m still a rank beginner at Drawing and Painting. Join me, will ya? Let’s see your craft, making space. Put WOYWW in your post title and link here please; see you at your place.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 633

Whew! I’m here! Minor miracle…this is a scheduled post and I very nearly almost came quite close to forgetting! It’s this summer weather, totally addled my thought process. I think it’s that anyway. Sections of England are under a weather warning for extreme heat, if you aren’t used to it, please be very careful. Be as indolent as you like, keep your fluid up, keep the curtains closed and stay in the shade. I’ll write you a note if you need one! Of course, you Deskers in other parts of the world will be mystified as to why we’re not coping…it’s simple though, we just don’t experience temps like this very often. We don’t have non-melt additives in our make up, chocolates, tarmac etc, so even every day stuff is affected. Nor do we have air con. Some of us have fans! 
Anyway, glance if you will, at my desk….
It’s been relocated, but not to its rightful position. There was some work to be completed on the door installation and I didn’t want to be wheeling it in and getting myself situated only to have to move it again. So it’s very temporarily at home against the china cupboard in the dining room. It’s still a mess. The reason for this is two fold. I’m waiting for a shelving unit to suddenly appear in this gap….
It will home all the glues, glitters, bottles, pens, brushes, pots and etc that currently are homeless. (In plastic boxes in the utility room). Then all the glues, glitters, bottles, pens,brushes, pots and etc that are on my desk can be moved to their rightful place and I can consider my desk cleared and sorted. It’s a day that’s coming, I know it. It’s all been a trip round the ground floor of my home hasn’t it. I’m bored of being a builder bore now! Show and tell do; you know the score….

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 632

Hail and well met fellow Deskers! I’m in the middle of some negotiation with a bucket of water, a damp cloth and a LOT of dust.
But who cares…we have light in the workroom and more than that, it’s not light caused by a big hole in the brickwork, it’s an actual door! You may recognise it…
It’s the very same one that my desk always used to sit in front of. It’s a door and a bit because it makes getting stuff in and out easier. The ‘whole’ door is also a half opener (some call them Dutch doors?). It’s jolly useful. I’ve got so used to that room being without daylight that for the last two mornings as I’ve walked past it to the kitchen I’ve thought we must have left a light on in there! 
So that’s where the door used to be…the other side of that is now the lounge wall. So the cupboards and worktop have magically shifted to this wall, the wood mounts are back in their proper corner shelf home and I’m making my way through the cupboard shelves with a damp cloth…despite the doors being on and them being covered, they are pretty dusty! So then it’s a floor wash and the grand clear up of all the stuff dumped in the dining room can get underway. Oooh, I feel that this phase, (#63kerjillion, if anyone’s counting) may actually be ending. I might even take up card making and scrapbooking to celebrate! 
So whilst I’m cleaning and quite literally putting my house in order, please join me in showing off your workspace. Or what you’re doing, even if it’s not in a dedicated workspace. I mean, we just wanna see your stuff!

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 631

631 already. And another week *pouf*, gone, just like that. 
We had a Murphy shaped delay in the cutting of the door. He seriously didn’t like the sound of the drill or other noisy stuff. And he very seriously didn’t like Mr Dunnit. It’s been a week! Now the insides of the cupboards are on view in the dining room again. They are modular, two of these sections fit into a frame that has sliding doors. I’d forgotten this and was so relieved when Mr Dunnit just pulled them out and stacked them up…I really thought I was going to have properly empty them!  Re-locating the door has meant a loss of about half a mete of work surface. I’ve brushed this off as a complete non-issue. He’s not to worry or be sorry about that, after all, there’s plenty of room isn’t there. I’m silently shrieking inside though….it means I’m going to have to be a bit tidier and decide on the priority of stuff that needs to sit on the worktop. Turns out half a metre or so is a big thing. Size matters. The shelves on the floor (cream coloured bits of wood) have been washed and reassembled into the corner unit to house my wood mounted collection. I’ve curated them ruthlessly before re-loading the shelves. I’ve thrown two away - perished by age, and I’ve got four to part with. Ruthless. 
Please show and tell your week’s story, your inspiration is never lacking and at some point, I will stop writing about it and actually get this lot sorted. Tally ho!

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 630

Here at chaos towers, there’s been a small change. 

Prompted by absolute need, I moved stuff off my desk onto another pile of stuff on the dining table. Then I did some push left, and created slightly less than a 12” square space in which to create a bit, address a couple of envelopes and well, sit amongst my stuff and make it all feel loved. The door cutting is in the offing…inside is down to the bricks, re-routing of sockets, taking off plasterboard and insulation…all done. Neatly and without too much mess. The lintel has arrived and it feels to me as if it’s going to be at the weekend. But he might surprise me and take an afternoon off - cutting a door shape out of a brick wall is not the sort of noise you want to be making in the early evening, after all! So although my actual desk surface is horrendously untidy, the rest of the view doesn’t look nearly so bad. Smoke and mirrors gentle desker, I do assure you. The roll top bin lid is a mystery placement…I will just assume that like me and my stuff, it’s about just putting it somewhere where it won’t fall or cause something else to topple! Got a few July birthday cards to make, so am hoping for desk time, however cluttered! Look at my latest distraction…
Murphy has come for his holiday. He’s flaked out. We should all be so lucky. To get him into this state, I’ve had to walk about a million steps. Serious scrapbook moments are being recorded. I have to say they aren’t all going to be sweet and butter-wouldn’t-melt memories either.  More of that to come. Meanwhile, show us your desk. The fact that I’ve shown you mine proves that we don’t do much in the judgement department here at WOYWW! 

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 629

I’ve talked about knocking a big hole in the wall of the workroom and what it will mean in terms of a grand sort out. It didn’t occur to me, not in any form, that I wouldn’t be given notice of such works. I thought I’d be sorting and moving and getting rid of and generally feeling better about the space long before the actual work started. Oh gentle Desker, I was wrong. On Sunday, because it was raining, Phase 3 began…..
This is the dining room. The dining table in the foreground is covered mostly in stuff that I should have actually put away, but had just dumped on a work surface. The PC and printer are on a low sideboard type unit at the back…these two things have to remain accessible, they are a business tool. My actual desk is in the middle…you can tell from the cream legs. Those MDF rectangular units are actually the modules that fit inside the cupboards. I didn’t have to empty them. He just carried them out. The work surfaces have been refitted and one is slightly shorter, so I need to be tidier than ever. She joked. About being tidier, not worktop length! 
So this is me this week, I want, well need, to wade through this lot and be ready to put it all back in good order as soon as the messy brick cutting and lintel work is done. I’m guessing that will be at the weekend. Ugh. The positive in all of this is that now it’s almost impossible to do anything with all of this, I’m really in the mood to do some card making!
Share do, show us your space, what you’re working on. It can’t be worse than this, can it? Put WOYWW in your post title please, it helps. Thank you!

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 628

Well I turn my back to sort out the post decorating mess, and what happens? A whole week skulks past me. Just like that. Good grief.
In a heat haze too….it’s been glorious here, I hope you’ve all had a chance to enjoy some down time in the shade.
We had visitors at the weekend and in order to be able to fold all the doors back and let the summer in, the desk had to be eased out of its sullen torpor. It wasn’t hard. I stacked everything I haven’t used for ages on top of it and Mr Dunnit wheeled into the workroom.
We didn’t even park it, just left it to sulk. In order to take this photo, I had to open the door to the garage (it’s on the left, out of shot) and then open the garage door. It’s a good strong sunlight isn’t it. See the canvas pic of me and him and the baby her? That’s the wall which will accommodate the new door. Loss of cabinets and worktop there then. I predict an unwilling clear out. Not because I don’t want to have the room back to useable and the desk back where it belongs. No, I don’t lack the motivation for that at all. It’s just, well…now it’s nearly time to do it, I’m suddenly getting rather fond of all my stuff. I can’t really refer to it as stash, some of it must be so old it doesn’t qualify as stash! 
So that’s where I am today, what about you? Show and tell, do. I promise if I excavate anything interesting, I’ll share it with you!
Have a great day. 

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 627

It’s been a week of sunshine and smiles, busy and relaxed, and even…GASP…a bit of desk action. That Annie and her devoted came to Wiltshire in their motor home, and we met for lunch in the sun on Saturday. It was so good. We relaxed, and some of us had very large ice creams. Not Annie, she has self control. We sat in the shade of the awning and had post lunch coffee and chatted. All afternoon. Quite a lot of laughing, and even a bit of cricket too. I am happy to report that Annie is looking fine and well, she and her devoted are getting a lot out of life, family and motor home. We could all learn something.
Me and Jan had a video chat last week too, long overdue. She’s a patient woman and didn’t once complain that all I did was rustle and dip in and out of camera whilst I tidied. Yep. Tidied. Well, as I do, tidied enough to reveal the glass mat and therefore consider the desk entirely useable again. See that scrapbook title under the glass mat. It’s not always on show is it, but it’s always there and really, it’s totally applicable to every day. Annie said something that turned the lightbulb on (Of course, I don’t remember what…) and I’ve since spent a couple of happy hours stamping and cutting and am now looking forward to colouring time! It’s more of the same, but it doesn’t matter does it. 

Those of you that visited Hublet last week on Shaz’s blogspot will have seen the piece of art that Debbie had made for Doug. A memorial piece for dear Shaz; you can see love in every brush stroke and Shaz in every element and colour. Well, there’s limitless kindness in Debbie, and she has offered to make a version for anyone who would like such a keepsake. 

All you have to do is make contact with Debbie; her blog is, or you can message her through Facebook. I can’t think of a better way to remember Shaz than for one of her great friends to make art like this.

And then, as if you’ve got nothing else to do, please show us your desk antics. Blog, link it here and add to the fun please. 

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 626

Do you know that Christmas film, Elf? There’s a scene it in where the Elf finds out that Santa is going to visit the store and he gets a bit hysterical with excitement and shouts ‘Santa! Santa is coming! I know him’. I haven’t actually seen the whole film, but I can understand this scene....just replace the name. SUMMER! Summer is coming; it’s been dry, warm and sunny for the last four days! I’m excited. And amazed. It’s going to be marvellous. It’s all very distracting! 
I am utterly cross about my desk, and to punish it, there’s no photograph. I haven’t done anything at it, except address a few envelopes and reach across it to steady the piles. Doldrums, I think. It’ll pass.
Ranunculus. On of my favourite ever flowers. Probably because it sounds so ridonculous. Also, do you know how much snails and slugs LOVE  them?! 
Meanwhile, I’ve dug, weeded and planted my tiny garden. I was beginning to despair that there was going to be any dry enough weather to actually get all the bedding plants out of their pots. I’ve also painted 4 of 5 fences. Remember creosote? Stinky but oh so effective. Found a big drum of it in one of the sheds where Mr Dunnit works. Useful. One last fence to go, and I’m not doing it again for a couple years. Seriously, time me if you like. 
So please forgive my doldrums, inspire me with shots of what you’re up to, it will give me a boost. Or a conscience.
Also, can I put in a housekeeping note here please? If you didn’t see a comment from me last week, it’s because I couldn’t get my comment to stick. I cleared caches, turned off and turned on, I re-typed several, several times. I just don’t know why and I apologise. I expect that next time a child visits me and I ask for help, it will be made obvious, I’m sure. And they will try to hide their eye rolling and I will be forced to remind them that I used to be their teacher and it will be fine. Or I’ll get the noody baby photos out. Whichever. 

Saturday, 29 May 2021

So, this Looping..

I actually have no idea what this method of creating a blanket is actually called. I’ve referred to it as Looping because that makes sense to me, and there’s nothing on the yarn label to suggest a method name.
It all started when I crocheted a baby blanket from a soft, fleecy, tactile and thick yarn. Quick to come together and not difficult. Perfect for me. My nephew and his partner are expecting a baby girl in July, so this was for them. Well technically it’s for the baby, but you know what I mean.
My sister was very taken with the soft, tactile yarn and whined that she wanted a lap blanket too. I directed her to the correct section of the Wool Warehouse website and told her that if she ordered the yarn, I’d crochet her a blanket. After all, it’s a nice thing to offer to do  - and it stopped her whining. 

Of course, it did not occur to me to exercise any erm, control over her choice, after all, I knew she was in the right section for the big balls of quick to crochet thick fleecy stuff. Trust her then, to stray. Less than a few days later, a big bag of balls of lovely bright multicoloured yarn arrived and, weird, it was loopy. Having tried and failed to teach her to crochet, I knew I wasn’t going to get much interest when I told her how strange it was and what a b**** it would be to crochet, I mean, how big was I going to have to make the stitches, and how on earth would I be able to distinguish them from the weird loops afterwards? I did a chain of about 25 very loose stitches and 2 rows of very loose crocheting later, had used a whole ball and had something that was a soft and tactile pile of mess, frankly. 

I had a word with the Sissy. She said something that amounted to ‘oh I don’t care how it looks, I just want a lovely soft blanket to sit under whilst I watch TV’. Which she thought let me off the (crochet) hook, but in fact, made it worse because I knew I couldn’t do it. And going on the sample piece, it would require about 300 balls. And they’re a tenner each. 
Now, in these circumstances, my procrastination gene would usually kick in and I would subconsciously set the whole thing aside to erm, well let’s say - think about. But the other of my big problems is an unfairly large share of the guilt gene. I worried that Sissy had spent a ridiculous amount of money on this yarn and that I wasn’t as capable as she thought. Or indeed that I’d led her to believe. I was noodling over this with a ball of the yarn in my lap when I noticed the two icons on the label that indicate no crochet and no knit. Duh, how had I missed that?  And what to do? Took the band off and was led to a You Tube vid that showed me how to loop the yarn together. 
Genius. No tools required, but a flat surface helps. Basically, lay a row of yarn above a row of yarn and pull the loops of the top row through the loops of the below row in an ‘under through and up’ technique.

It is easy. A bit tricky as the blanket grows in size because you have to be able to reach the top row and it really helps to keep it flat...turns out tension is an issue. But not as big an issue as not having the yarn flat too, and missing a loop. Makes a big hole, I can tell you. So I’m in the habit of checking every 20cms or so. Much easier to undo a short length than a million rows, believe me. It’s fascinating stuff. I haven’t quite worked out how I’m going to cast off, but I’m miles off needing to know, so will save the you Tube search for nearer the time. It’s such a rabbit hole, isn’t it, You Tube. 
You need to maintain a persistent tension or you can see the rows changing, especially from the back; the er.....knots(?) are a tell tale and you can see it in the hang of the blanket too. This particular yarn is superbly random, but there are some lovely loopy single colour alternatives if you’re interested. But, um, don’t ask me to do another. 10 balls of this and it may be more than the yarn that’s a bit loopy. See what I did there? Yep, maybe expected, and I hate to disappoint.
I’d also like to point out that this isn’t a paid advertorial, it’s my real life happenings and I mention where the yarn came from to save you having to ask. 

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 625

Whew! Last week was fun and I really appreciate that y’all were so ready to celebrate an anniversary a mere 24 weeks after we’d all done so much for the big 600. Some ATCs will still be in the postal system, winging their way. Be patient, it’ll be a lovely happy mail day!
Miss Dunnit was home for the weekend, first time since August, so I threw a load of stuff on to the desk and rolled the it out of the way; and haven’t looked at it till last night when I rolled it back into what will be it’s day lit temporary crossed my mind that I need to get a grip. 
Told you!  There’s my sexy pen case at right, and the whole draw of made cards because they’re easier to choose in daylight and having that particular draw storage unit in here as a temporary thing is pushing my luck in terms of taking up room. Then there’s the hastily tidied away bag of yarn. You have to understand that the desk has spent the last four days in its original position in my workroom. There is no natural light in there and we’re currently using it as a store room whilst we decorate and finish off the downstairs. So anything that need tidying away - yep, it just gets slung into the workroom. Nice multicoloured yarn in a pretty bag there; I’m making my sissy a lap blanket. Not crochet or knitting. Looping. I kid you not. I will do a show and tell later this week because it’s starting to look as if I know what I’m doing! And to prevent you falling into a coma because of a super long post, I will also do a separate gallery post to show you the beautiful ATCs I’ve received. So much to do! Join me in this part of my week please, as we push into the thirteenth year of checking on each other via the desk. 

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 624 - 12 years in weeks

12 years in weeks. Twelve years. Good grief. Seriously, can you tell me where it all went? Mr Dunnit was moved to make remarks about how fast it’s gone and how well we’ve all held on. And do you know, I think that may be the thing, and that may the obvious thing but it is the thing. We’ve held on. And especially in the last fifteen months or so, when we rather needed to put a shape to the weeks. On here, on your own blogs, on messenger, zoom and by post, we’ve been hanging on with and for each other. And the amazing part of all of it is you. Your contributions make it and mean everything. So please don’t stop. 
Now then.
I’ve taken a picture at an angle that makes feel a bit sick, actually. And in the best traditions of full disclosure, you can see that I’ve run right into the deadline for this anniversary. 624. It’s a big number. It may not be a brilliant ingenious idea for an ATC, but I like the big number!

So now, remember to add an asterisk to your name if you’re linking to join in the ATC swap. The postcard idea has actually been quite difficult for some, so here’s the thing: send an ATC without a postcard. No one will mind and it won’t matter. Link on, Deskers - who knows what every week for the next twelve years will reveal!

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 623

Seriously, this past week has overtaken me completely. I’ve been out out, I’ve done 6ft socialising, I’ve been cold. I’ve been caught in the rain and I managed one more afternoon of fence painting. My desk has not been so active. 
There is one of the wallpaper samples unrolled. I was going to cover a book and was utterly distracted by something. On top is a sheet of the ATC backs that Mary Ann has designed for next week’s anniversary swap. At some point this week I’m fairly confident that I will have at least stuck these backs to ATC size fronts. They may not be started or indeed finished fronts, but at least they will be closer to being finished than they are at the mo! It’s not that I’ve totally lost my mojo, it’s more that there’s been so much else to do. Emerging from lockdown is causing a little more out and about and it’s the end of April, which in this house means four tax returns and a VAT quarter. My life, it’s all glamour! And then.....a real thing happened. A last minute, not much notice visit from Lunch Lady Jan and her groom. It was so so good to see them. We chatted a lot. It’s been over a year and you could easily have been able to tell if you’d been able to join us. I only hope that your reunions are as much fun and as lovely. What a tonic. And talking of tonics, without panic or pressure, remember that your ATC and postcard are needed for next week? So, would you like to show your desk and the work in progress? Ooh, thanks very much.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 622

Theres a post here about the ATC anniversary postcard swap thing. Sylvia asked about the rules regarding decorating envelopes. As far as I can tell, for post in and to the UK, as long as the address and particularly the post code are clear and legible, then there’s no problem with decoration. I browsed the Royal Mail website and can’t find any particular directions about it at all. 
Now then, to the desk. 
Unusually for me, I have to admit to having done absolutely nothing this week. I’ve moved the LO I was working on and slung the rolled up wallpaper sample pieces on my desk. I’m going to use them for GKW. There’s a little (4 x 4) box of Origami paper at the front too. Found whilst clearing out a cupboard. Unused. Destined to remain unused by me, but certainly not destined to spend another few years in a dark cupboard! There is intent on the desk...a pile of ATC size blanks. I’ll definitely make a bunch up, just not sure yet on the what or the when part! The sun is streaming in, the blind is down to prevent over exposure etc. I should add that the wind is so strong it’s taken small branches off the hawthorn and the rain is ridiculous. May. Sheesh. Anyway, crack on lovely Deskers, show us your stuff, it’s very necessary. Thank you. 

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

So, the ATC thing...

So, for WOYWW week 624, we’ve planned a little occasion, to mark 12 years of desking. We’re going to send an ATC and a postcard to a fellow desker. This post will explain how that fellow desker is chosen. 
First of all, some words from our sponsor - 
Marking WOYWW12 is entirely voluntary. If you don’t want to, for any reason, you don’t need to, nor do you need to explain yourself. This includes a reluctance to join in because of any potential C19 virus transition by post; don’t worry about it, just choose not to take part. Please take postal costs into consideration before you commit. Postage isn’t cheap and if you can’t manage it this month, please don’t. We’re as happy to see your arty products online, believe me.

The ATC part: you need only make one ATC, no particular theme. Please note on the back that it’s for WOYWWs 12th anniversary. You will only have one official recipient. However, lots of Deskers make a bunch of ATCs and offer to send them to anyone that would like to ask for one. As you visit the desks, so you’ll see who is offering. 

Now, the postcard part: I thought it would be fun to see something of where you live. If you can’t find a postcard, you could make one; draw paint sketch photo...or, you could forgive yourself and just send the ATC. 

Moody local skies. Taken last Friday through the car windscreen. In a traffic queue of course. 
That’s what locals think of when you mention Stonehenge: traffic.

How it works:
When you join the link list on Wednesday 19th, if you want to take part in the swap, please add an asterisk * to your name when you enter into the Mr Linky fields.
It’s easy to forget. If you want to add an asterisk * to your name this week and leave it until the 19th, it would not be a problem, we’ll only take any notice of it on Wednesday 19th.
If you forget on the day, link yourself up again. (You can’t delete your original link, but I shall try to be on hand to do that in a timely way where necessary.) This will mean that the number you end up at on the list will change. 
Now, concentrate:  The person below you displaying an asterisk * on the link list becomes your recipient. Visit them, ask for their postal address and commit to sending as soon as you can. The last person on the list with an asterisk* will send to the first person on the list. The satisfaction in that being a circle of friends does me no end of good. 

Lots of us link at the same time every week, and therefore you will already have a good idea about who you’ll send your art to. Could you consider mixing it up a bit and posting at an entirely different time? Up to you, of course. I realise that along with having to add an asterisk * to your name, posting at a different time might be a reach. Would be for me. I was going to suggest a different way to find a recipient but frankly, it all gets over organised and the fun starts running away from it.

So that’s it. Please question me if you need further explanation. I’m trying to keep it simple and straightforward, but am aware of my ability to use twenty words when two will do! 

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 621

I think on the whole there’s been a positive response (and certainly no alternative ideas!) for the WOYWW12 anniversary, so in the coming days I’ll post some detail about how and when and who and what, because we will have some first timers which is a joy! 
Meanwhile, get me, I’ve cleared the old desk.
Actually, there’s not much to see is there! I cleared at the weekend and haven’t been back to it since. I actually in real life, pinch me, went to Kraft Crazy the shop on Saturday. It was lovely to see Shopkeeper Gal in her natural habitat and she very quickly assumed her typical role and relieved me of a wedge money. Some of the spoils are in a small pile under the double sided tape. More Janet Klein figures. I’ll get over them soon, probably. I’m still doing the rainbow scrapbook challenge but am not really feeling it to be honest. While I was searching for red last week, I managed to marry this photo of my sister with this long ago painted-on paper. That’s as far as I’ve got; even my formulaic formula isn’t doing it for me at the moment! The presence of the tea towel shows that I’m still trotting the plants in and out. We’ve had three consecutive frost free mornings now, but the ground is so dry that the plants are better off in pots for a few more days. Talking of better off...that’s how it works for me if you show and tell too please. Don’t forget to put WOYWW in your post title! 

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 620

OK Deskers, before it gets too complicated, there’s an anniversary coming up and I’ve posted about it HERE  Housekeeping  WOYWW12. There now, you that don’t want to read any further don’t have to! You’re welcome.
Meanwhile, this edition of WOYWW could be subtitled “you can’t see green cheese”.

I can’t see even green cheese without wanting it, and this desk proves it... lump number one is the folios at front and centre. Kelly had some, so I had to have some too. I followed her YT videos and have used them almost every day since. Lump number two is the big box of Arteza brush pens that were delivered this morning. Jan had some see, and that meant I had to have some too. It’s not even enabling, it’s me wanting what you’ve got even when I’ve got stuff of my own. Just think how much room I’ll have when I finally grow up and get over myself.
The mess is almost at the stage where I can’t even clear it up. I had just finished the Blue LO for the Rainbow challenge. And I must confess to using the kitchen worktop because there just isn’t room on the desk. I’m fed up with myself too, so it will be sorted. The trick is to put it away, not just gather it into a basket and dump it in my work room!  That is a tea towel on the floor at left. In the evenings it holds the trays of small plants that are being hardened off, you can just see them on the bench in front of the washing line. At this rate, they’ll be over before I can put them in, the forecast is for cold and frosty mornings for another week. Good job the days are being rather lovely. As you can see from the sunlight on the desk. I even had the doors open, but have to admit, it was chilly in the shade.
This is scheduled; if you would be so kind as to link your desk pics here as usual, For a change, I’ll make my own cuppa when I get in. How’s that?!

Friday, 16 April 2021

Housekeeping WOYWW12

Remember late last year there was a huge party, fuss, zoom meet to mark and celebrate WOYWW 600? We did it because 600 is a big fat satisfying round number and well, everyone seemed to want to! My, it was a highlight of the year for me, that zoom meet.
The actual annual anniversary never falls on a memorable number really, and this year is no exception! The twelfth anniversary will be WOYWW 624, which is in a matter of weeks. Actually it is Wednesday 19th May.

Almost a decoy photo, but it does flower in May and so is at least appropo....

So now then. Think On. as Lyn would say. We usually successfully do an ATC swap in a circular fashion to acknowledge the occasion and to achieve some happy mail. Well, I’ve been thinking about this and wonder if you’d like to expand ever so slightly. As we’ve all spent some months (pigging ages) learning to appreciate our own homes, backyards and localities, how about an ATC swap but with the addition of a local postcard in the envelope? Of course I mean a commercial one that you buy, but if your photos are better, make one! It will be fun to see a bit beyond your desk top, particularly as many of you have shared wonderful pics of local parks and things over the last few months. I don’t live anywhere particularly picturesque or architecturally notable, but I can still buy a postcard of the high street, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. And frankly, if it is, don’t do it, just send an ATC. After all, it’s meant to be fun and it certainly isn’t meant to cause stress! 
Are we on then? I’ll flag this post up next Wednesday for reference and I’ll take comments and questions. Get me, sounds like it’s important!

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 619

Again this week, I’m starting with the weather. What’s going on?! Wake up to snow and then sit in the garden with a cuppa after lunch? Huh? 
Never mind. It won’t distract you at all from this lot....

Seriously it’s balancing on stuff that’s balancing on stuff. I’m sending a parcel to my American Sissy and I always throw in a few thank you cards because she likes to use them. Well, turns out I don’t have many ready, so thought I’d spend an hour just making some up. Again with the ephemera, but this time, add in the box of stickers (so old I’m using Basic Grey sticker sheets). Then add the glitter glue and pearls (I think the Nuvo Drops bottle I was actually looking for is already buried on the desk. Slight shame, to be honest. Then I had to rush outside and get the washing in, and rush back out to bring in the plants that you can just see on the floor. On a couple of trays, apparently hardening off, but there’s a limit - I don’t want them to be hailed or snowed on! I managed about four cards. Not many considering it’s all a bit peel and stick, but really, I blame the weather! 
Here’s a couple of pics for Shoshi, interested to see the inside of my sexy black and white pencil case thingy.

The elastic loops are encouraged to hold 2 pens each, 3 in the case of my slimline Staedtlers. There are 3 pages with loops each side and the inside front and back have loops too. Works for me! It’s by Arteza.
Some more news....if you’re a BT internet customer, unless you use your mobile phone, you’ve had problems accessing this old blog. Well, I’ve phoned, emailed and Facebook messaged them a LOT in the last few weeks. Fed up of Ludgershall, me. It seems, she says tentatively, that things have been adjusted and you may well be able to access this blog like you would any other. Please try and let me know! If not, Di Wray commented this:
  “ Hi Julia! I was one person who had trouble getting to your blog and eventually we went into our online BT account and turned off 'web protect' - the fancy addition they imposed on BT users a while ago to keep us more secure. Goodness know why it picked out your blog as unsafe - which casts doubt on the efficacy (snuck a COVID vaccine expression in there see!) of the change. Unless it doesn't like people who like cake? That would be all of us then! Snigger. Di x”
Of course, adjusting your settings just to read this may be a step too far, and I would understand. But.....I might know where you live, so do consider what you’re not being here would mean to me. 

Ok, housekeeping finished. Over to you. Show and tell, encourage and enable. As we seem set to start the gentle emerging from lockdown, please take care and continue to be cautious, remember, your workspace is a safe place. Well, mine’s a bit of a hazard, but you get what I mean.....

Friday, 9 April 2021

Partial rainbow

I’m taking part in a Rainbow scrapbook challenge. A LO every few days featuring a specific technique, product  AND a the LO has to be obviously and predominantly a single colour. So that we end up with a bunch of  LOs that make up a rainbow when spread out next to each other. The challenge is set by Julie over at Scraptastic Inspirations on Facebook. I do a few of Julie’s challenges..she allows time and it’s all generally less fast moving and pressured than other groups I look in on, much easier for me to cope! 

The challenges aren’t arriving in Rainbow colour order and are also slightly more inclusive.....for example, I’m about to start working on a Pink LO. Now, y’all know the old Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. No room there for a P. But it’s OK, I’m more than happy to do more than the standard seven, it’s not as if I haven’t got any photos!
No, the tooth itchingly difficult part of this for me is that the challenges aren’t arriving in colour order. I know. Why should they? I don’t know particularly, it’s just well, there is an order. What if chaos breaks out because I’m not doing them in order?
Consider this gentle reader. I don’t scrap in any sort of timeline or order or to any long sighted plan. There is no plan; I just choose a photo I like, and I make a page. To prove my point, the Pink page will feature a photo of my father in 1956. The yellow page shows two young blades taken in 1989. And the first page featured one of those blades about a month ago. (Don’t make me digress about the missing ‘young’ part of the description there, we’ll never get anything done.) So why do I need them to be in order? I don’t NEED the order, I just lived by that order until this challenge and it’s a surprise, that’s all. I think.
You can be sure that they will be filed in rainbow Richard-Of-York-Gave-Battle-In-Vain order, to stop my teeth itching and to make sure the world still turns on the right axis. And, as the album is a page turner, no one will ever notice the rainbow effect anyway. So no, I don’t get my problem with it all, either. It’s ingrained, embedded and probably inherited. Blaming the parents is still a thing, isn’t it? Obviously I blame Julie in the first instance, but she, like you, will just laugh and move on. I wonder if I could try that.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 618

A twofer today...a long shot taken yesterday, sometime in the afternoon. Note how good the light is. I can’t recall if it was before or after the greying of the skies and the immense shower of hail that turned into snow. Yes, I speak with umbrage. Harumph.
The stuff I was ‘working’ on is completely covered by the cutter. My MrDunnit had to fix it again and so it was in prime position for testing and cleaning...the cutting edge had developed a teeny snag which was preventing the blade going all the way down....and pulling the blade slightly right, away from the burr was causing a step in the finished cut piece each time. He fixed it. 
So I thought a closer view would cheer you up, because a long shot featuring a cutter is a bit pants, huh.
That’s better isn’t it, the mess you’re used to!  I’ve been playing with some new stamps from Francoise and Janet Klein again. Using up ephemera from scrapbook kits that I won’t otherwise use. See I’m working on top of scrapbook papers. The green piece is a remnant from last weeks rainbow challenge...I dropped an ink pad on it, so it’s just scrap now. It will be used. Meanwhile, I’m using it to protect a couple of sheets of 12 x 12 from the limited range of yellow patterned papers I have. This week the colour was yellow and despite it being my favourite colour, I found it a right old challenge - note my lovely WOYWW needle case...the challenge involved sewing. Seriously, I think my life is too short. I need to have a proper tidy up, got a couple of specific cards to make and a clean desk just might give me focus. Might. You can help though, show me what you’re focused on and nobody will be hurt. 

Saturday, 3 April 2021

Apparently, it’s my fault...

I have a younger sister. Younger by not very much at all. We’re very alike. Friends of our parents used to have trouble telling us apart, and when we were at boarding school, even Mum had trouble working out which one of us was on the phone.
For reasons of family, years and language, my younger sister’s nickname is Grillos. Its how she appears in my contacts, how I address her and how I think of her. Neither of us know how it started or how it morphed into and stopped at Grillos, but I do know she wasn't always called Grillos, even as a nickname. Anyway, we get together once a week when we visit Mum. We help each other through the gaggy part of the Covid test by laughing and making awkward gagging noises. We visit Mum and always spend a good few minutes discussing which one of us is her favourite. I often wonder if Mama would actually like to be able to sit up and bang our heads together. Anyway, despite being alike, we’re very different, and until very recently, Grillos would not have claimed an enjoyment of much that’s creative for a hobby. 

That’s her in the front, acting all tiny and youngest-y. Back when we all called her Sally.

Couple of weeks ago, I ordered some yarn to crochet a baby blanket for her coming grandchild. We had a short discussion about how she’d like to learn to crochet but being left handed meant no one would teach her. I’m right handed and do not believe that makes it impossible to show someone, and I believe it’s easy to learn. So this week, she came to see Mum armed with a packet of yarn and a collection of crochet hooks.

And there I was thinking that I’d rummage in my yarn stash for some leftovers and a hook for her to trial! It all started well. We sat opposite each other and I said, ‘make a slip knot’ which she did with alacrity. Then I talked her through making a chain, insert hook, yarn over, blah blah. While she made a chain, I talked about slip stitch and using a chain or slip stitch to turn corners, fill spaces etc. How to do one extra stitch at the end to ‘build’ the height for the next row. She totally got it all. So, move on, turn the chain and work into it as the foundation for the first row of stitches. Not possible. Way way way too tight a tension. Surprised me! So, I taught Grillos how to frog her work. She was unimpressed, I can tell you. Apparently my fault for not knowing she would pull the yarn so tight. Then I did a few chain stitches and she noted the relaxed tension. So she did some more. Better, but still quite tight. Turn, hook through, yarn over, etc etc. Again. But of course, the tension made getting the hook through quite a fiddle, requiring her to use fingers to loosen the yarn. Then she forgot that she was working in a row rather than a column and lost control of the way to hold the chain. This was my fault because I was crap at explaining. She was starting to fizz. So, I suggested she try again with a much bigger hook and to keep the tension more relaxed. She was difficult to convince, to be honest. But, fair play, she did start again. A chain of ten plus one for turning...she was really getting it. Then the hook wouldn’t go through too easily again. And the yarn she had bought is acrylic and you can hear it being all man made on the hook. Very annoying apparently, and my fault. She managed a double and I said cheerily that all she needed to do was finish the chain in the same way. A chain of 10 stitches, so just another 9 doubles to do, by the way. Just to remind you. The chain was still having to be loosened to get the hook through and that, suddenly, was it. Grillos and crochet were finished. I expressed surprise, cajoled, encouraged and tried to get her to carry on. But she wouldn’t. She said she already knew that it wasn’t for her, if it drove her mad that quickly, she didn’t want to do more. I laughed. Probably made her more cross.

I have to admit that this is one of the things that makes us different. Especially having brought the set of hooks, I’d feel a small obligation to bite down and carry on. But no, Grillos was having none of it. Consequently, the above pictured set of crochet hooks and stitch markers are looking for a home in which to be useful. If you’d like it, please get in touch, as it’s all my fault, the least I can do is offer the RAK and not let them clutter up my sister’s house!