Wednesday, 3 March 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 613

So this is March. Bring on the injections! I hope you’re keeping well and being patient. If you haven’t had yours yet, your name is on a teeny syringe somewhere, give them a chance to rummage in the box and find it - they surely will. Meantime, enjoy some ridiculous routine and normal stuff here. I have photographed my desk at an angle that I hope precludes showing you too much of any other space in this house. It’s a building site again...and I am not going to clean windows or dust properly until HE has finished. It won’t be long. I am already a bit on the over excited side because my part of this mess involves wallpaper choices. Haven’t had to do this for years. Prices per roll have erm, well, moved on. And I haven’t! 
Anyway,  can’t put it off any longer....
Tuesday afternoon:  I’d just finished a LO, and I was doing a bit of journaling on a tag that will slide behind the photo. And this is how my brain works...I suddenly thought that it would be better to photo the desk before I tidied up. Then I thought of a blog post about journaling that I’d quite like to do, so wandered about to find my notebook of things not to forget or indeed, misplace. The notebook was on the bar (told you..) and so was the tray of flapjack that I made in the morning. So I cut that up, and bagged it ready for the gals who take care of the Covid testing at Mama’s care home. They deserve a sweet treat. Suck a mint and blow your nose please -  enough said! Then I remembered that I was journaling on the tag, so I finished that, and thought that I might do a blog post about journaling. I think lockdown is winning, don’t you?
Nothing much new...even the new LO features very old stash - Basic Grey again. A sure sign that I really like the photo! Glue in the ‘ready’ position in the clear drawer. Glossy Accents lying on its side instead of lid down in the ugly holder. Sigh. I had to cut a little bit off the nozzle and now if I put it in the ugly holder it leaks into the lid and sets solid. Argh. Anyway, that’s enough. Show me yours will you, makes me feel a little bit grounded!

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 612

Oh no. It didn’t last long. But don’t fret, if you were going to, I will be tidying up before I start again, even I can’t bear this crush! 
I was totally inspired last week by Mary Ann using her TH Crazy Bird stamps. Boy, my mind said to me, I have that set and I have a huge amount of patterned scraps, I need to copy that idea. So I did! Whilst chatting online, I stamped, die cut, stamped again, cut out eyes and beaks and assembled. Then the next day, a little phased by the number of birds I suddenly had, I set to making some cards. I’ve used up some ephemera that I would never use on scrapbook pages and some olds card blanks.(bottom of the pile on the left). I’m so over keeping stuff! I’m also a little bit over the ephemera too, but that may just be because I’ve purchased badly. Time will tell. And so will I, obviously! So the coffee cup is in the normal place...I wonder if Blogger will cut it off this week - when I read some of your comments about not being able to see it, I was a bit surprised, after all, it’s not an espresso cup! But yep, cropped unintentionally! The bin is overflowing with inappropriately sized waste papers etc. This means I was pretty much in the zone, but you could tell that already from the mess. And piles. The strange red dollop in front of the Glossy Accents is actually the holder for the Glossy Accents. It stores it perfectly, upside down, ready to deliver. It’s made from a plastic medium that becomes malleable with the addition of hot water. I made a couple, deliberately ugly do they didn’t get pinched when I was doing a workshop or at a crop. These things do happen. But not, it appears, if you have ugly accessories! 
Before I ask you to reveal and share it all, can I thank you gentle Desker, for last week’s heartwarming stories about and tributes to Shaz. It made last week a bit easier for a lot of people.
Share now, as you so willingly do. Put WOYWW in your post title and link here as you always do. And as I always ask. And as always, thank you.

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 611

This one’s for Shaz.

Pretty tidy, huh! Got a cob on over the weekend and sorted some stuff out. That is not to say that it’s all sorted....but the pushback of the GKW is at least in neat piles against the back of the desk! The charge cable is snaked across the desk, I spent yesterday afternoon in conversation with the Coven, and made two LOs at the same time. Fairly basic and straightforward but I like them. The one you can see I like in particular, features a ‘found’ photo. It’s me and my Mum, at a big old BBQ to celebrate my 30th birthday. Mama came over from Australia to be with us for the event. Special huh. Forgive the dirty coffee cup and see my bag of badges. In the US, you call them buttons. In scrapbook world, they are called Flair. I’ve no idea why, or what that means in relation to a pin-less badge. These badges, buttons, flair are all made by me. I really really wanted a badge maker, even as a kid. So this year, he said ‘just get one’. So I did. Joy. I’ve stopped over-using them on LOs now, but have a lot to learn about the software that will let me print words in circles! The old tidying didn’t stop at the desk either...check out the scraps tray: patterned paper loosely size organised. Plain card stock sorted into colour groups and separated by dividers which were, a week ago, almost impossible to see in the mess. So far, so pleasing!

Fill us in then, please; show us your work, work surface or tell us your Shaz story. 

Monday, 15 February 2021

Notes on Shaz

My friend and WOYWWer Shaz Silverwolf died last weekend, defeated by cancer. It may be a cliche, but she fought a long and brave battle; did you ever hear her complain? No,nor me. Her devoted and loving husband told Jan that she slipped away in her sleep and he was grateful to the hospital staff who kept her pain free and allowed him to be with her. Those of us that loved her will be forever grateful for that.

I met Shaz online, in 2010. I was intimidated, to be honest. Her blog was full of interest, and her projects where amazing. But they weren’t the sort of stuff I was doing. Shaz was using brands and products I hadn’t even heard of and making wonderful cards. If you’ve ever visited her desk for WOYWW, you will know about her passion for the research and development....she would plunge in and try everything and anything and report on her blog about usefulness, value, and best ideas. She never failed to share her craft knowledge. Or her stuff. I can still see Doug lugging in the boxes of dies they brought to WOYWW crops so that we could all use them. And we did. I’ve spent some time going back through her blog over the last few days. It is an incredible resource for any paper crafter, I recommend you browse at leisure. 

If you met Shaz, you will hear her voice as you read her posts. I love the bits where she’s honest about the longevity or value of a product, reminds me that Shaz was a woman who could only tell truth, and was rightfully unapologetic about it, whether it  was a craft product, a hotel room without air con or the cake you’ve just offered her. There was no malice, it was just how it was. It’s a skill isn’t it, to be frank and open about everything, and leave no one smarting. She once told me that she thought it was hilarious that someone had described her as ‘a bit marmite’. Love her or hate her. I can hear her laughing and see her shoulders going up and down ; I really think she thought the funny part was that anyone should even bother to have an opinion about her; it never occurred to her to be self important or big headed. 

Lifted from her blog. I don’t think Shaz ever had a naff picture taken!
 I think a lot of people would have had an opinion about Shaz. And had it changed when they met her. I did. She didn’t look like any other ordinary middle aged woman. She dressed in all black and had beautiful long red blue and purple hair. A fan of the heaviest of metal music and a woman who informed herself. Shaz knew who she was and was perfectly happy in her skin; I don’t know if she even noticed the surprise her appearance caused on meeting for the first time. She was certainly too polite to say so, and probably that’s a good thing because I’m pretty confident that I know what she’d have had to say about people judging books by their covers! 

Shaz had Doug her hublet, grown up children, and between them a large, close and loving family. Doug and she drove miles in pursuit of fun and friendship, WOYWW crops were visited no matter how far from Redditch, even in early planning stages when I wasn’t convinced that anyone would come, I remember that Jan assured me that we could count on Shaz and Doug being there. And they always were. Their travels were made of the sort of adventures you get when you take the road less travelled - see a brown sign and think, oooh let’s detour and go see this or that. As long as they were together, they were having a good time.

No memory of Shaz and her blog can avoid the label she quickly earned from fellow Deskers- Chief Enabler. She was terrific at it, not least because as I’ve mentioned, she didn’t just photograph her new stuff, she told us where to get it at best price, how best to utilise it and sometimes, even how to store it. Possibly her greatest achievement in this department would be the purchase by LLJ of the Tim Holtz deckle edge trimmer. I think she was a bit pleased about that! However, there is another side to this enabling coin. Doug. Doug was her enabler. There are countless posts recalling a trip to a shop or craft show where having made some sensible choices, Doug would pile up her basket, particularly with more stamps, it seems. Reasons such as ‘I like it’, ‘I’m pretty sure you’ll want it when we’ve left’ and ‘why not’ seem to be Doug’s stock responses to what I can only imagine would be quite feeble protestation from Shaz. And why not. A partner who understands your ‘thing’ is wonderful, but a partner who contributes and supports you in doing your ‘thing’ is even more wonderful huh. 

My favourite ‘and finally’ from her WOYWW posts. As head of R&D, this could have been true!

My life is the richer for having known Shaz, my blogging improved after reading hers. I stopped fretting about whether I fitted in and just went with my crafting style. I’ve bought some stuff that I probably wouldn’t have: Distress oxides, and ironically, the aforementioned deckle edge trimmer. I’ve rejoiced in her friendship.  I’ve had giggly phone conversations regarding tech stuff that I just couldn’t understand, and wasn’t judged. I’ve had some beautiful cards. I’ve had hugs that made me feel like family. Of all the things I have to say, could say or have said, this one thing is constant - I will miss her.

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk, Wednesday 610

I was talking to LLJ on Monday about a team challenge I’m in; a layout version of a Chinese Whispers. Wednesday is the day that I have to pass on the LO for the next person to interpret. And that I have been a bit uninspired and feel that Tuesday would make a particularly inspiring deadline. And so it was!
There’s more important news than the mess on my desk though, so for once, I shan’t justify my dreadful working methods.
Gentle Desker, our friend Shaz Silverwolf is in hospital again, seriously ill. Her devoted husband has been allowed to stay with her and via Facebook I’ve asked him to whisper our love in her ear. 
So in our usual but fairly unusual way of supporting each other, please share your work space by linking your WOYWW post here for general viewing!

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 609

Sorry it’s so late, internet problem here. Seems OK now we’ve had a very early morning conversation with the provider. Hmmm.

I took this yesterday, about 420pm. Hurrah, still some daylight. Note that the glass mat is clear of stuff. This means my desk is almost a third clear! As you can see, it was all shoved left and right whilst I made another scrapbook page. At the far end are two A5 (bound with lightly patterned Kraft) folios to go with the two just in the pic at this near end, under the foam tape. They hold die cuts and ephemera and are super useful, if not as well organised s Kelly’s! You can see that I haven’t tidied the scrap tray yet. I might, today. I count 4 pairs of scissors. Not a record, but a decent attempt! The teetering pile at the end is caused by having two small guillotines..the deckle edge TH and the normal straight edge.they do not stack and that drives me nuts. Am going to have to come up with an ‘off the desk’ solution. At least that way, the pile won’t teeter so immediately. Lots of you have asked about Shaz Silverwolf having missed her from our weekly meet for a while. Please visit her blog for an update by her Mr Wonderful. If you’re reading this Shaz, we love you and we send eating, iron and hug vibes to you.
Meanwhile, entertain us do, show us your work surfaces. We visit. Slowly. It’s a good social life. Stay safe all. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

What’s On Your a Workdesk? Wednesday 608

So as not to induce shock, I haven’t over tidied. And the stuff on my desk is actually related to crafting, so that’s not too bad. The tall tube with a red lid is an ex-tube of jellybeans. I altered it. By eating the jellybeans and then filling the tube with brads and metal embellishments. I needed them to complete another scrapbook challenge, it’s been an age since I used brads and such; it was good to use up some genuine stash -as in stashed away and forgotten!  There’s also a couple of pieces of Basic Grey paper on my desk. I had three, used one and resisted even cutting into either of the others. Phew, my diminishing Basic Grey collection lives for another day of admiration and scaring me to death for being so patterned! On top of them is a roll of 5mm foam tape. Generous thickness, big roll, great value - but quite difficult to use without pushing out the middle in handling. But I’ll persevere, being cheap isn’t always easy. I see two pairs of scissors which is really quite conservative after a desk session, I think.  Just look at the state of my scraps tray at the top of the trolley. I use so much of them now, but a tidy is due, it does help when you can actually see what’s available!
Join me do, in showing, telling, confessing......put WOYWW in your post title and link here for our viewing and reading pleasure please!

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Learning about myself.

Its not gossip worthy. Nor a personal epiphany. But, because of the impression you have of me, this will rock you to your core.
My WOYWW photos have shown, over the years, that I’m not prone to tidying my workspace. It is entirely because for the last eleven years, I’ve had an area to craft in that is in a room with a door, which means it’s not on show to the rest of the house. Or, I’m pathologically lazy. Still working out which.
I was doing some gentle tidying during the week,in order to swap hats from card maker to scrapbooker. Actually, I could literally do that with tiaras. I’ve got two on my stamp shelves. One from Katherine because she’s silly and one which was on the 10th anniversary cake at the WOWYW crop in 2019. Really, I could start to believe in my own publicity if I didn’t have to do real things, like tidying.
Pardon the digression. 
As I said, I was doing some gentle tidying, and this struck me:
Not a lot to strike you really, huh. But loads for me. I keep these foam pads in the foam pads drawer, centre back of my desk. They are always at hand and unlike a lot of other stuff, they always go back in the drawer. As I gathered them, I found myself tutting at the untidy way that I’ve been taking the pads off the sheet at the top. They are 3mm pads and I must say that I think the guillotine was a bit blunt in manufacture, because every time I select one, I get two. Not maddening, but well, you know.  Look at the lovely neatness of the 1mm foam pads, taken individually in the round. Nice. Neat. Tidy.  I like the diminishing-to-the-middle-of-the-sheet-ness of the way I’m use them. Very satisfactory. I’m not about to throw any dollies from the pram about the uneven-ness of the top sheet, but mark my words, I shall strive to correct the pattern.
Given what you know about me, what does this say about me? I don’t know. Am I an enigma wrapped up in conundrum? Am I altering my personality in the light of all the tidy and organised examples I see on this very blog every week? Is a new me emerging? Or am I just a normal person with some slightly weird but minor obsessions? Your observations and shared weirdnesses are very welcome. I think.

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 607

I took this at nine o,clock last night. You can just see Mr Dunnit’s hand at top left. That book under his hands doubles as his mouse mat and his laptop is on the table in front of him. It’s a table-come-toy box, he made it with a sliding top so that we could chuck toys in it and the end of the day and have a bit of space. At the time we lived in a teeny house. We don’t live in a huge house now, but it’s definitely bigger; and we really should be using a proper coffee table, but hey, we still like the storage-ness of it. It no longer contains toys though. In fact, it just occurs to me that in lockdown, I probably should go through it. Yeah, right. 

I made a few cards, as required, and tidied a little before starting something new. There’s a scrapbook challenge to make an ‘aged’ LO, and I’ve picked a photo of me (that’s at least 30 years old) and have decided to try to give it a 70’s vibe by rounding corners and using shades of brown etc. Refer to photo, lots of sand and not so much of anything else!). Tim Holtz, eat your heart out over the browns, baby. Sorry - that is an old joke now; his colour range is very, very much broader than the original 7 shades of wee wee. You can see one of the cards, actually, standing up at left. It’s a Pink Ink design that I’ve coloured with sparkly paint. It’s waiting for me to come up with a ‘finish’. So that’s me on this day. What are you up to? Show and tell please, as always! Put WOYWW in your blog post title and link here as per. Thank you, I thank you.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 606

The thing is, I’m not even aware of the speed of time any more, it’s just going too fast! Come with me on a leisurely journey around the desk then....
As you can see, I’m in the middle of a scrapbook page, I haven’t stuck anything down at this point, but this afternoon is looking good for another session. The text is a direct quote from our very own LLJ. And the card is a beautiful cross stitch example of a card she made. No wonder it’s going in the scrapbook!  So the scraps to the right are bits from which I’ve cut some tag shapes. Papers are from the 6x8 book of Vintage Christmas designs by Simple Stories, you can just see the cover. In the gloom of this early day, you can clearly see the fluorescent box cutting knife laid gently and neatly on my little drawer unit. No idea why. I use a scalpel; this animal is a bit heavy handed, even for me!  In front of that, propped up waiting for my attention is a set of calligraphy felt pens. Instagram desker, Kathy, will be pleased to see them. They signal intent Kathy, those books are about to teach me something! Please excuse the empty coffee cup. I didn’t even remember it was there till I uploaded the photo! 
Now please upload your desk pics, we wanna see. Also, whilst you’re doing as you’re told, please continue to stay warm, safe and away from illness. If you’d like to hook up for a chat, please say so in the comments, it’d be a pleasure!

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 605

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.
 Here in Britain we’re all in serious lockdown again. It’s all been a bit sudden if not unexpected. My sister and I have decided that it feels as if we are in an episode of Dr Who! Please continue to be careful won’t you. Stay at home and look at desks in intricate detail. Gaze and wonder at quite how much fits so precariously onto one space. 
There’s been some genuine card making, and ‘dumping on the nearest surface’ and some ‘put them on my desk for my attention’. This photo is yesterday afternoon just as the light disappeared. There’s a card on top of the box of pens, and a card on the cutting mat, both now finished. They were being kept apart for reasons of diamond glaze drying. At the left is a really lovely gift box with a really lovely iPad sleeve in it, a lovely Christmas gift. The box is so nice that I’m considering using that as a sleeve for the sleeve. It’s resting on a basket of stamps and a stamp positioned and other bits that I have brought through from the other room. Now these two cards are finished, the idea is that all the ink pads, stamps and other base ingredients go into the basket for carrying back to their homes. We’ll see. On the far right is a pile of Christmas cards, recently moved from their display and waiting for me to go through and re-read and enjoy. The majority of them are hand made which is a real buzz. Their arrival over the last month has really reminded me of the joy of unexpected happy post! They are resting upon my new deckle edge guillotine. I’m enjoying it. But that makes three that I like to have at hand. They are room greedy! 
If you show me your desk, I’ll promise to tidy mine up and write something more interesting!