Monday 18 October 2021

How to give a gnome a puffy beard….

Last WOYWW I caused some questions by posting a picture of a gnome that had a dimensional white beard.  I used Fluffy Stuff, a product from those Cosmic Shimmer people. The ‘stuff’ isn’t new, but the availability is. It behaves just like the stuff I used to use way back in the mists of time. It’s been so long that I cannot, for the life of me, remember what it was called. No doubt I will, at an inappropriate time and place where no-one will be even vaguely interested in my sudden knowledge!
It has the consistency of thick glue and needs to be applied in a whole thin layer rather than blobs. Like glitter glue, it’s better applied straight from the bottle, using the spout to distribute. Then, heat it up. Takes a bit of heating, but keep the heat gun moving…that lovely white soon turns charred brown if you don’t! The product dries out and puffs up…
Fun. Putting it inside a key line (like a stamped beard) makes a thrilling adventure of the hit and miss variety because you can’t control the finished ‘mass’ of the er, puffiness. Well, you can, a bit. Heating it straight after application is satisfactory and puffy. But if you can apply it and then leave it overnight, the results are twice as good.
It takes a little longer with the heat gun but it puffs up much more and is very satisfying indeed! Now, the trick is to wait until it’s completely cold before leaning on it. I know that sounds bizarre. But, when you’ve done something like this, you may want to stick it onto a card, and putting it face down and using your tape runner on it may well squash it and it won’t bounce back if it’s still warm. It might be one of those things though, that you have to do before you really get. Once it’s good and cold, it’ll bounce back pretty well. 

There is also the possibility of colouring it. Scribble your felt tip onto a non porous surface (my glass mat or a handy bit of waste plastic usually works on this desk) and then squeeze an amount of the Fluffy Stuff onto the colour. Mix well. I use my pointy tool. Saves me getting up. It takes work and patience to get a deep colour but worth it if you absolutely need it. 

That’s it. The depth of my Fluffy Stuff knowledge. And how I made my gnome a puffy beard. You’re welcome.


Helen said...

your fluffy stuff makes such good beards!
Was it called liquid applique - in little tubes? and before you ask, no I won't still have some as it dried up and got chucked out.....probably!
I seem to remember it came in different colours too.. none of which I used but of course, thought I would!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I'm sure I've got something like this somewhere, think I used it to make snow a long time ago.......! xxx

Susan Renshaw said...

Don't think I have any - I think it all got split and outed...

Neet said...

Liquid Applique - and I still have some. It can be a bit creamy white now that it is so old but it will do for what I want.
Hugs, Neet xx