Wednesday, 17 July 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 528

I believe really that this time it is week 528. I actually believed it was 527 last week, but had a fat fingered keyboard moment and you were so nice about it that I didn’t even think to make a correction! So, a bit more of the same from me today, a slightly tidy desk, just to facilitate what I was actually doing.If you’re a Brit, and self employed or super rich, you may recognise the printed version of a tax return on my desk. Obviously, that means that I am either self employed or super rich, and I’m pretty sure you know which best describes me! It’s actually phase two of my returns period. Phase one involves a year end and return for the business. I know, it’s riveting. Apart from the admin stuff though, the desk will be party to workshop preparation today, and some scrapbooking preparations too. You’re probably shocked by the use of the word preparation, I don’t do it for scrapbooking usually! I’m taking part in a challenge and I have to make my own version of someone else’s LO. Simple enough, except the only way I can do that this week is to make, MAKE, my own frames and embellishments. Blimey. You won’t hear the end of this for a while, be warned! So whilst my desk isn’t showing ‘it’, I hope yours is. Let’s see.
Put WOYWW in your post title and link it here for our viewing ease please. Pleasure. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 528

As I took this photo, I was trying to think, or make an excuse for,  why the desk looks like this. And then I remembered- you don’t mind; you’re glad it’s not yours and that’s all there is to it! A little retrospective since last whizzday tells me that I’ve had quite a productive week and frankly, my desk looks more ordered than it prolly should do, given my track record for tidying up!
I swear to you that I’m using those Perspextives as often as I can. I can only use them on Scrapbook layouts though because 
I don’t want to give them away. That’s an embarrassing admission really, for a grown up, but I can’t be the only one, surely?! It’s taken me ages to work out what the gold/yellow thing at front right is...ended up going to have a proper look. It’s a Perspextive...2019. I instantly remember that I was trying to make it fit on a LO but it was a bit too big. Or shiny. Or unsubtle. All the reasons I bought it! My needle case is freshly placed on the laptop stand. On Tuesday afternoons I take my sweet Ma-In-Law to a Craft Bee and I work on my embroidery and enjoy a couple of hours of local natter. It was in the bag with the embroidery (I took it all on holiday) and I need it at my desk...I found myself stitching on a LO last month. Although really, never again. 
So show and tell please, make a nosey parker feel at home. Put WOYWW in your post title and link it here for us all to have ease of access to your blog. Super of you, really.

Friday, 5 July 2019

...and then the doors fell off.

In between the real life stuff, I’ve been trying to do a scrapbook page for a challenge. It has a deadline and I’m in front of it, so I thought a five minute here and there method would work really well. By which I mean, five minutes to re-acquaint myself with the plan and twenty minutes of rifling through stash to choose something. Well, as lots of you know, I’m a sitter. I have a marvellous tractor seat stool which was temporarily unavailable to me. Yes, there was another bum in my workspace. Because it’s also the room where we keep the PC and the admin for the business, so I have to let him. Although he usually stands, because I use the chair designated for PC use (which is on wheels) as an extra work surface when I’m erm, in the zone.
Not the LO I was working on, but a LO done for a challenge, so it all amounts to the same thing, huh.
So he used the stool and I cleared the chair of alphabet stickers all neatly filed (really) in colour order. It wasn’t hard, I just put them back on the shelf in the cupboard where they are supposed to live. So then I’m in the choosing stage, and on wheels, so whizzing the 3 feet between desk and paper stash shelf. Now my shelves are hidden by sliding doors. They were meant to have holes drilled in them to avoid the need for handles, but I got impatient at the fitting stage and so I just manage without. Occasionally, I’m untidy in the putting away and things stick out from the shelf into the sliding door runway place area. I didn’t notice that. And I rather over zealously whooshed one. And the doors fell off - with a crash. 
Well, it only looks a mess. I know where everything is. And with the doors on, it’s tidy.
Luckily, he laughed. Explained the laws of runners, blocking the runners, sliding doors, crashing, blah blah blah. And I regretted wearing flip flops. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 527

I had the whole day  off yesterday, out of the house, participating in a lovely luncheon. Great word that, luncheon. Elevates a chicken salad, doesn’t it. Anyway, whilst away, the mouse went mad...
Does it make it any better if I say that I had a card making session over the weekend and decided it was too hot to clear up? No, I know. Oh well. My morning coffee at far right. Looks like a cup of mud in this light. The two cards at the right under my glasses are both made by Tracey  They are in a pile of cards received that I refer to for inspiration. Colouring, images, placement, glitter, mounts, sentiments...all sorts of reasons. It’s a big stack of inspiration too. Nice. I had done a card involving a house stamp but I can’t show you how completely and utterly unlike any detail on Tracey’s cards it is. Because it’s in amongst all this somewhere. I suspect under the scrap I’ve been working on. Which was a 12x12 that I spilt some ink on whilst in a panic to do a LO for a challenge. Deadline. Thank goodness it wasn’t a pile of them! You might notice that our dining furniture is outside. It isn’t really, it’s in the extension what Mr Dunnit is’s weatherproof and with all doors open, a joy to sit at in this lovely summer heat.
come on then, show me what you did to stay out of the heat. Bet it’s all been tidied up by now. Please do not have better excuses than me. Put WOYWW in your post title, and link here. Thank you!

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday WOYWW 525

Such a good day, Wednesday, such a good day to have a BIRTHDAY! Happy big birthday Helen! Hope you have a lovely day, we all send birthday love. You’re FAB. Even with an age that ends with a zero - who cares! 
And if you’re reading this Margaret, I’m sure we all hope that your gadding about type sabbatical is going really well. Seriously, none of us are envious.

Now, avert your eyes...even for me this is a bit tiresome....
I can explain. When we got back from our holiday (lovely, thank you), I was officially a week behind with a weekly scrapbook challenge. I’m normally laid back about such things, but this one involves being in a team, and no-one wants to be the one to let it all go to pieces, huh! So in between some serious other stuff, I’ve had to come up with the late scrapbook LO and the current one. They were hard too. So naturally, my desk is a fit of creative detritus. Naturally.
See those little foam flowers at right? They were souvenirs from an ice cream (or two) last week. The box of bagged postcard looking things are actually Perspextives. Words and shapes cut from Perspex. I’m a monthly subscriber and I thought I was using them quite liberally. 
Be liberal with your sharing will you...don’t tidy up, just show us as it is! Put WOYWW in your post title and link your blog here so that we can visit and be wowed. Happy whizz day.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Erika died in the early hours of yesterday, just weeks after a cancer diagnosis. The timeline barely credits the use of the plural. Many of you will know her as a pop-in-and-out WOYWW Desker, she shared her craft passions on her blog, sumbunnehcrafts. You might have connected with her through the Visible Image community, she surely was their number one fan and cheerleader. For no gain, she just fell for the marque and got to know Mark and Helen really well. 
I knew Erika a little. She was much younger than me, I remember her 40th birthday, so it can’t have been that long ago. We were near neighbours for some years and she was a customer in my shop way back then, and when she and her husband Ian moved away into their lovely new home, they commissioned Mr Dunnit to manufacture fitted cabinets for her new craft room. I can still see her smile as she showed me round the finished room and we chatted and giggled over the capacity of stash it would hold. If you met her, you’d never forget her. She was fabulously friendly and very quick to giggle. 

Erika liked to share her experiences and passions; her blog wasn’t her favourite way to communicate - I wonder if it wasn’t responsive enough. Her Facebook presence was marvellous. I learned about Visible Image from her. She helped to establish Chatty Crafters in her new neighbourhood so that she could meet and encourage others to do things that she loved. She loved being part of a twice weekly Zumba class and she adored music. For this gentle human being who I don’t believe was capable of of any sort of unkindness, the best music was heavy metal. I love that about her, such a dichotomy! 
Erika was not vain in any way, and happily posted selfies and pictures so that we could all share her fun. I remember a discussion on Facebook following some unkind comment regarding body shape. She believed, really believed, that who she was and how she conducted her life was more important than how she looked. And that belief shone from her and made her a great role model for women struggling with body image. I really hope she knew that. As with all these things, I really wish I had told her of my opinion.
Because we lived near each other, over the years I have bumped into quite a few people who know Erika. I can honestly say that it’s  a humbling experience to listen to how well liked, how kind, how thoughtful and how sweet Erika is. 

One of Erika’s mixed media pieces. She did love some splat and splash.
 I think that of all the people I’ve ever met, Erika lived up to the sentiment on this piece. I offer huge condolences to Ian and to her family. And to everyone that knew Erika - weren’t we lucky. 

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 524

The thing about having a proper space - desk in my case - on which to work is that anything vaguely related to my hobby is put on it. And if I’m not there to oversee it, it really gets a little out of hand. The neat-ish piles that I create and curate become a bit messed up, and my latest treasures are looked through and examined. It’s fascinating to me, because apparently, no one else in the house is interested in my hobby or the stuff that’s on my desk. Hmm, ok.
So we’re home from a lovely holiday, lots of sunshine. I’m afraid the light in my work room is not as I’d like in on a June morning. But at least I get desk time today. I bought some new pages for my ATC storage whilst in Spain, so over coffee later I’m going to go through the Anniversary ATCs again so that I can start to file them. A complicated process because I don’t like to put similar colours together, similar techniques, etc. Gives me a lot longer to admire and examine, see. 
So clearly, my plan for today is to tidy. What’s yours? Do tell and show. Write yourself a blog post featuring your desk or work area...put WOYWW in the post title. Publish your post and then come over here and link it. Great. Thanks.