Wednesday, 13 January 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 606

The thing is, I’m not even aware of the speed of time any more, it’s just going too fast! Come with me on a leisurely journey around the desk then....
As you can see, I’m in the middle of a scrapbook page, I haven’t stuck anything down at this point, but this afternoon is looking good for another session. The text is a direct quote from our very own LLJ. And the card is a beautiful cross stitch example of a card she made. No wonder it’s going in the scrapbook!  So the scraps to the right are bits from which I’ve cut some tag shapes. Papers are from the 6x8 book of Vintage Christmas designs by Simple Stories, you can just see the cover. In the gloom of this early day, you can clearly see the fluorescent box cutting knife laid gently and neatly on my little drawer unit. No idea why. I use a scalpel; this animal is a bit heavy handed, even for me!  In front of that, propped up waiting for my attention is a set of calligraphy felt pens. Instagram desker, Kathy, will be pleased to see them. They signal intent Kathy, those books are about to teach me something! Please excuse the empty coffee cup. I didn’t even remember it was there till I uploaded the photo! 
Now please upload your desk pics, we wanna see. Also, whilst you’re doing as you’re told, please continue to stay warm, safe and away from illness. If you’d like to hook up for a chat, please say so in the comments, it’d be a pleasure!

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 605

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.
 Here in Britain we’re all in serious lockdown again. It’s all been a bit sudden if not unexpected. My sister and I have decided that it feels as if we are in an episode of Dr Who! Please continue to be careful won’t you. Stay at home and look at desks in intricate detail. Gaze and wonder at quite how much fits so precariously onto one space. 
There’s been some genuine card making, and ‘dumping on the nearest surface’ and some ‘put them on my desk for my attention’. This photo is yesterday afternoon just as the light disappeared. There’s a card on top of the box of pens, and a card on the cutting mat, both now finished. They were being kept apart for reasons of diamond glaze drying. At the left is a really lovely gift box with a really lovely iPad sleeve in it, a lovely Christmas gift. The box is so nice that I’m considering using that as a sleeve for the sleeve. It’s resting on a basket of stamps and a stamp positioned and other bits that I have brought through from the other room. Now these two cards are finished, the idea is that all the ink pads, stamps and other base ingredients go into the basket for carrying back to their homes. We’ll see. On the far right is a pile of Christmas cards, recently moved from their display and waiting for me to go through and re-read and enjoy. The majority of them are hand made which is a real buzz. Their arrival over the last month has really reminded me of the joy of unexpected happy post! They are resting upon my new deckle edge guillotine. I’m enjoying it. But that makes three that I like to have at hand. They are room greedy! 
If you show me your desk, I’ll promise to tidy mine up and write something more interesting!

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 604

I took this picture yesterday just before twilight. I’ve moved my desk back into the daylight of our lounge room. Christmas is pretty much over in this household (he lasted two whole days before going back to the workshop) and I reckon that hiding the desk in the windowless work room wasn’t actually going to get any work done at all. 
The desk has seen some action. I was in the middle of a zoom call yesterday when my internet failed, so it shows some bits and pieces that I was ‘working’ on. Using up ephemera and scraps to make some embellishments and journaling pieces. You can just see them next to the sellotape dispenser. When I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to re-join the zoom convo, I started to match photos to scraps in an attempt to put together the start of a scrapbook page, and that’s what is still on my desk this morning. 
Now, I know I’m full of opinion, and am given to being bossy, but I really need you all to promise me that you’re taking great care to avoid catching this damned virus. UK news really implies that it’s rampant here and even if you aren’t under orders to lockdown, it would make me feel better if you can. I know about work, I know about relatives that need your attention and I know about children who have to go to school. I’m just asking you to be extra super aware, wear the mask, clean the hands. Do what you’re doing, but do it harder. Please. Oh, and show us your post Christmas desk! Have you managed anything? have you a plan?  have you a Looong list of cards required for January birthdays? I’m projecting....

Friday, 25 December 2020

Happy Christmas to you. 
It will be different; it will cause us to pause; and inevitably, we will miss our ‘normal’. 
Isolating doesn’t mean that you have to be alone. If you’re alone and feeling it, reach out. Email or call a friend or relly; get the time zone right so it’s not the middle of the night - otherwise there’s no bad time really! And watch out for pop up group chat invitations, they will be floating about!

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 603

Shambles! Alert alert! I’m just finishing a layout from a crop I took part in at the weekend. Then the desk, the trolley, the stool and the huge waste bin have to be tidied and put away till after the big day. It might actually take me a whole day to get this done. 
The large file at right contains alphabet stickers. I haven’t bought any new sets for six months, so largely, this file is filled with part-used alpha stickers and they aren’t overly useful. Because I have hope in my heart and I’m too cheap to throw anything away, I flick through them and use whatever I can each time I make a page up. There were 6 crop challenges and the first required tissue paper. The LO you can see is for the sixth challenge. The tissue paper from challenge one is in the bag at left, under the roll of foam tape and word stickers. Would have been easy to put away, huh. No idea why I didn’t. That space would have been useful, huh. So that’s it, gentle Deskers, till Christmas is behind us. Here in the UK, things have changed for us all and no doubt everybody’s plans are affected by new rules designed to try to contain the rapid spreading strain of C19. Be careful, be safe. Enjoy a day off for Christmas, whatever your plans are. Meanwhile, please show us your pre Christmas desks. And for once, instead of a cuppa, I will allow egg nog or mulled wine. Except for me of course, I don’t like either. Although I have tried, honestly. No mines still a G&T, but I might drop a couple of halved cranberries in to make it more festive!

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Productivity and the Crop

Remember at the Zoom Crop where a lot of you sat still and enjoyed the moments? I was making up cards. It stopped me being nervous and talking too much and hogging the airwaves. If you were at the Crop you’ll know that I had previously coloured and cut out a bunch of Janet Klein images (my current thing, and it wasn’t my fault. Soojay made me and Neet made me worse.* cough cough*)
So whilst we were listening and chatting, I put them together, the aim was to use scraps and random die cuts knocking about in my er, random die cut folio (that Kelly made me make). 

I managed a few. They are with one exception, pretty basic, but they achieved their objective. I can’t say though that my scraps are much diminished! I inherited a huge range of coloured card blanks that really aren’t very ‘on trend’ now, but I’m still like them and it saves double matting when you’re on a roll, huh! I’ve included the odd bit of ephemera that I’ll likely never use on a scrapbook page, waste not....
This card took way longer than I wanted it to, but once you start....! It utilises the leftovers from a sticker alphabet from a Basic Grey collection. Basic Grey haven’t produced scrapbook paper for some years now, so the stickerinessness of the letters was a bit dubious. So, to ensure that the recipient of this card doesn’t open an envelope filled with letter shaped confetti, I used a glue pen.I’m so so glad that I was listening and talking to you whilst I did this, otherwise I’d have noticed that I’m not really patient enough to do this sort of thing. Now here’s a thing...I only use papers I like, which means that saving the scraps to use is important to me. So if you get ever get a card from me and it looks like the scraps off my probably is, and scraps or not, I liked them enough to use them again! The plain pieces of card that are scrap from stamping are a whole different matter and frankly, that’s the area I need to concentrate on in terms of using up scraps. Thinking caps on, and remember, it has to be simple and quick!

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 602

The photography is awful, but the picture sums it up. Wrapping. Wrapping is happening on m desk. It looks as bad as it is, and at some point today it will all be over and I’m going to completely tidy my desk and reveal the surface. And the dining table. It’s driving me mad.
You can’t see because of the gloom, but there are five pairs of scissors under that lot. The paper in the centre is actually hiding the next present to be wrapped. The coffee cup actually had water in it because I had to take a pill, wrapping gave me a headache! I use the sharpies to write on the gift tags, there’s a red and a silver one on the desk too, somewhere. The strange black ‘thing’ at right is the iPad/phone holder. It took me a minute to work it out when I uploaded the photo, still not used to it being there! The deckchair isn’t retired, it was temporarily flattened to make room for all this other stuff. When all this wrapping nonsense has gone, I’ll show you the cards I put together on Crop day. They are as you can tell, deeply out of reach at the moment. 
Show and tell please, remind me what my desk is really for! And, nine days to go...share your state of readiness please....make this mortal feel a little more in control!