Wednesday 17 April 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 776

I've captured myself in reflection! This was Tuesday night, I was wearing a fleece lap blanket because I had the shivers and felt quite unwell. I am fine though; think I was just super tired. There hasn't been much let up in the old schedule, but im happy to say that the untidy ness of my desk is not representative throughout my life!

I've committed to doing a workshop in May and so you see the beginnings of trying to make some samples. Trying. Golly, the odd half hours that I've snatched aren't the ideal way for me to work, I don't like unfinished! So...the jar actually has water in it, but I try to screw the lid on when I think I've finished with it. Because usually I haven't. Honestly, I've made a background for one image four times and I still don't like what I've done...I think the gap between brain and finger is too big. I shall mull it over a while! The mess is a bit worse than it looks I'm afraid...the journal and pad beneath it were moved to allow me access to the wet wipes in the green lidded box. There's   Umber of discarded stamps, ink pads and erm, GKW under the journal now...time for a clear and re-start. I don't know when though, this week is against me already! Please be sure to visit Sarah's blog if you want news of the WOYWW Crop next month. Meanwhile, enjoy some browsing amongst the inspiring and the tidy!

Wednesday 10 April 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 775

This week's edition brought to you by some sun and almost relentless heavy showers, and on a Tuesday afternoon, which isn't very Wednesday at all is it! I have to be up and at it on Wednesday morning so this is scheduled. There is a silver lining, I think. Whilst I was waiting for month end paperwork to sync and print, I tidied a bit! I made a few LOs at the Crop over the weekend. I've stopped dragging my file full of alphabets to every crop. It's a ridiculous number of alpha stickers, most of which don't have enough vowels for matching font words, so I gave myself permission to bring untitled LOs home and decide if they need a title or not when I unpack. So that's what I do now, and it hasn't bothered anyone and my scrapbook world hasn't caved in. Amazing what 'rules' you set yourself isn't it. So and anyway, that accounts for the middle pile. At left of the LO is a pile of mismatched paper napkins. Waiting for some decoupage action. Don't hold your fairly sure that they'll be re-homed reasonably soon, not sure my desk can take many more 'pending' projects! And at the right is the result of bit of a splurge last week...some projects to contemplate and a couple new stamps and some new coloured embossing powders. Nice. 
Please also be super impressed that the gold foil of Easter egg chomping is still in the tray at the back...and it still has some chocolate in it! 
Share and tell please, make my lunch break less work and more craft!

Wednesday 3 April 2024

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 774

Doesn't a long weekend make the week very short! I hope your Easter was lovely; uplifting, a break, a chance for some quiet, a chance for some noise! Ours was a bit of everything and a lot of rain. Now we have altered our clocks and have lighter evenings, so I would very much like some drier evenings to go with! Here's a little summary of my work surfaces this weekend.
We are calling these Hot Rock buns. I made the dough for Hot Cross buns and totally forgot to smooth them into bun shapes (distracted by the arrival of my baby gal and her Squeeze). I had already planned to omit the 'cross' part of the bake because last year they were blobby and not crossy, so I didn't think anyone would mind. But there was surprise at the erm, rocky effect....still, they tasted good!
Miss Dunnit and I ventured into our small town for a lovely couple of hours of pottery painting. I painted a Unicorn for my new Great Neice. Of course I did.  You can see the sun was wonderful, it was warm under glass and really quite glorious for about an hour. And then it rained so hard I thought we were going to have to stay all night, but it happened, and cleared and we walked home in more glorious sun. Weird. 
....and, I made a Layout! It's for a Chinese Whispers swap amongst the Coven so there's a Post It note attached to it with some notes to help me remember where it comes in the chain. There's gold foil at the back of the desk which evidences Easter egg noshing...and just a lot of detritus from the scrapbooking. I really would like to do a couple more now, I'm in the mood. We'll see. Since the 'children' have left us, I've had a sore throat, so am hoping that it goes and causes no time wasting or temperatures. Or tantrums!
Show and tell then, gentle Desker, we need post holiday inspiration to keep going!  Well, I do! 

Wednesday 27 March 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 773

The last week has been quite overwhelming, not for any bad or sad reasons, just tiring and ridiculously busy. Amongst other things, it's been lovely but emotional to move my sweet Mother In Law into her new home. Partial other thing...the process for advising change of address is absolutely a nightmare in some cases and swift, easy and almost a pleasure in others. I've spent over three hours on the phone to a single utility company this week. Arrrrgh. So what you find on my desk...even more images to go on change of address cards. Another 10 needed and a lovely way to ignore the neglected housework and do some cutting and colouring! The desk is almost at the point of being unusable it's so untidy, but that won't last, some very real deadlines for an ATC and a scrapbook page for a Chinese Whispers round means that I need to focus. See that lovely ATC just above the birdhouse images? that's the swap I've received for this you get the motivation, it is somehow embarrassing to get the swap before I've made the swap if you see what I mean! 
I neglected visits last week and I'm very sorry and feel that I missed out, this week will not be so; if you have already forgiven me, can I have my share of last week's biscuits as well as today's? I plan to make some Easter biscuits before Miss Dunnit and the Current Squeeze come home, but so far my plan is already a bit, well, falling apart! I hope you all enjoy a spring warm and comfortable Easter weekend.

Wednesday 20 March 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 772

This 'ere is a scheduled post...I'm going to be up and at it in the morning, hopefully to give me some afternoon at home! So, on Tuesday evening, the mess looks like this...
Last week I stamped a few sleeping ducks (I really did, no euphemism here!). They sat untouched until the weekend, and on Sunday I turned them into cards. Cute - it's an old image but I do like it. The card you can see is one of four the same, the other two are new baby cards. 
I don't know if you can see well enough but the card has little cups stamped all over as a background, and that, in a roundabout way explains the presence of the two SU! Stamp set cases. They often have little and very useful stamps in them, and I use them a lot. Probably more often than the main image that originally sold me the set! The beautiful hard back journal with the teapot pouring me a cup of love was a gift from my Kathy #1. I'm not journaling, but recording my 2024 projects, card making, scrapbooking, gift making and embroidery. I've never done it before, but my Coven friend Lolly did it last year and I really enjoyed looking through hers and seeing all her achievements. It'll be interesting to compare year on year too. If I get that far! 
The best part of my rubbish photography is that at 5.30pm, it's still light outside. We're getting there, Deskers. I hope that longer, brighter days will add some happy to your days. 

Wednesday 13 March 2024

What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 771

It's been a week already. Good gracious. 
My nephew and his wife have announced the arrival of their second daughter, Penny. All safe and well. Really emotional, Penny was my late sweet Mama's name. Wow. Doesn't matter, it's just love poking through.
I decided to make a welcome to the world card for Penny, and guess what - I've only got about three stamps that are anywhere near qualifying as 'baby'! 
Whilst I was having post lunch coffee, I bashed out a few of these little sleepy duck images, painted them with the glittery paint pen things (can't remember what they're actually called) and left them to dry while I went out to paint. I hope that each is slightly different, the bottom left image is really quite paint heavy so have pretty much already ruled that out for use.  So this is yesterday's desk, but totally untouched this morning, and will be till much later!  You can see the Paper pad in all its glory....I've rifled through it at least twice now. One day I might use something from it!
Join in then if you will, and if you're just here to read that's fine! You're welcome here, to contribute or not. Sometimes we just don't have the puff!

Wednesday 6 March 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 770

I've managed some time at my desk, and I have to say that I really enjoyed a bit of messing about!
There's detritus from various things, including at far right a gift from my Mother in Law which was a lovely gesture. It's a book of die cuts, labels and papers all on a theme, should make for some easy quick cards which will be a welcome thing to make in times of erm, being short of time!
I've stopped ignoring them and had a bit of sticky fun with the cookie cutter hangy decorations. Not enough to make a mobile but each will hang sweetly from door or cabinet handles. This is how I left them late yesterday afternoon, drying time if not time to rummage and find some other bits to stick in or on. Turns out that I have no mini Easter embellishments at all, and I don't have it in me to make any, so I'm just casting about for nice little things!
I'm sincerely hoping to get my desk/life balance a little more equal in the coming week, we shall see. Meanwhile, if I didn't make it to you last week, apologies. I'm hoping it means double biscuits with the coffee this week!