Wednesday, 11 September 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 536

Well, how do you like these onions? It’s not quite going to er, plan. I’m just transferring some Christmas stamps into a basket that takes up less than a quarter of the floor space in my room. It may help my Christmas mojo mood. Also, I need to get them ready for re-homing. And loads of other stuff...the floor in this room has to be partially pulled up by the electrician in a couple of weeks and I want to be in charge of my stuff rather than leave it to Mr Dunnit and the Sparky to do it. Perish the thought that Mr Dunnit realises quite how much is crammed into this room! So it’s sort of official, with 15 weeks to go, I am definitely making workshop cards on a Christmas theme. Or I will be just as soon as I free up the space to actually use my desk. Watch this space? I’d rather watch yours! Put WOYWW in your post title and link here please. Thank you, and enjoy, it’s a visual feast!

Friday, 6 September 2019


It Was Something Carol Said -  probably without knowing the impact her words would have on me. Describing a small pile of stuff to be put away as a pile of ‘goodness knows what’. Well if that isn’t an acronym waiting to happen! It nearly made me spit coffee at the screen, it so totally sums up how things accrue on my desk.
The good thing is that as soon as its tackled and dealt with, it becomes individual things and I know why I got it out in the first place.  I’ll probably never be able to explain why I didnt put it away when I decided not to cut it up, stick it down or turn it into ‘art’, that’s for the psychologists amongst you to explain. It’s not just idleness though. I think it’s about being in the erm, throws of inspiration and the need to create rather than tidy. Isn’t it? You get that, I know you do.

You could just stick it all down in a random fashion....
That tidying up thing; where there’s a pile of GKW that breaks down into fifteen pieces of YNKW (You Now Know What) and that requires fifteen different boxes, cupboards, pots, drawers, boxes to be opened. Sometimes, it’s just easier not to. After all, as soon as you YNKW, you can perform an assessment about the likelihood of needing it tomorrow - and there’s always that likelihood, n’est pas?
This logic is brought to you as a public service. The acronyms....well, another of the hazards of reading this blog. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 535

According to my diary, this is the first Whizday of September. I dont know if I have a legal case or not, but I would like to argue that it’s occurred too soon. TOO SOON! That’s my mood today, sort of capital letters day!  Luckily, you wont have to suffer it because this is a scheduled post. Im off for another day with Miss Dunnit and her Current Squeeze. It will involve Ikea, so think of me as you settle in with a cuppa and your feet up. Particularly as I’ve decided to swing the camera round and show you what a bit of tidying and trying to sort out has done to me. 

I’ve tidied my desk in an effort to shake off the ridiculous number of erm, ‘drafts’ that I ended up making before the card with the houses on came together. I want to use house stamps, really like them. Turns out I can’t do a thing with a solid house stamp! And I’m trying to organise the scrapbooking cupboard ahead of a crop at the weekend..which is why the plastic boxes are teetering...they contain embellishments, ephemera and erm...GKW.  And then spin again and a box of card stock is supporting the box of Christmas stamps. I cant even recall the contents of the baskets; good grief. No wonder I’m running away to Southampton for the day!
Make my day by sharing and telling just as I have done won’t you please, put WOYWW in your post title and link your blog here. Job’s a good ‘un.

Monday, 2 September 2019


This. This. THIS is what happens when I tidy up.
All I wanted to do is create some space for the next splurge of inspiration. (!).
Cue a lot of sighing and eye rolling and some wishing that there was someone else to blame, stamp my feet at and generally be childish. These silly candy things have lain unused in a draw for I don’t know how long, but long enough for me to have forgotten that the bag was open. Even more annoying, I wasn't looking for those, I just picked them up to move them! Fret not though, gentle reader, I really have sifted them from the rest of the dustpan contents and put them in a ziplock and they now nestle nicely in a box marked ‘donate’. And clearly I was in a bad mood, because I then made this Layout, and it appears that I shouted on it.
But you really can see why, huh. I would have shouted at the time, but I didn’t have the breath. 
It’s OK though, that was then and everything’s fine now. Really. 

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 534

This is scheduled for your viewing horror. Luckily, when I get home, I really do PLAN to tidy up. Unless somebody can come up with an alternative that isn’t housework, that is. Last week was a write off for me, I hope you’ll forgive. I’m battling an ongoing trapped nerve in my shoulder and some days are written off simply by doing the normal chores of day to day house-ness. I’ve got medical assistance now,(Mr Dunnit got tired of the yelps and bad tempered lack of sleep). So this weekend, I took part in an online crop and made a huge mess . It was great. Price to be much clearing up to do before month end! But, here’s something - some of you were involved without knowing it! 
 Ignore the wonky placement of the background words, I genuinely cannot do straight or even anymore. But I don’t much care. Scrapping Crop 10 made me smile. So I did another, unfinished for now....I have to put the story on it....there’s so much to say that it may well go on a separate sheet of paper clipped to the back of the LO, not sure yet.

The colours are stuffed up by a rubbish photographer, but you get the gist. Now sweet Desker, gimme the gist of your work space this week then, please. And by gist, I mean the hi-low, history and current, the what’s On, what’s In with you. Now that’s clear, see ya later.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 533

Welcome to Whizzday. Actually, every day of the week could be called that, coudn’t it! I’m reporting in from messy desk land. It was a very productive messy desk over the weekend, although I did nothing with the embossing folder and inks problem mentioned in my last post. Instead, I just made some cards. It was fun! I tidied up a little bit and found the foamy modelling clay in the moulds that I was trying out weeks ago. My memory..sheesh.Don't rely on me for R&D!! Anyway, thats my next job...
I had a lovely day yesterday involving three stationery shops and I bought something in each. You can just see the spoils on the right edge there. I like to buy a handful of funny, loving, motivating postcards and send one to her now and then. Just to keep her Mummy in the forefront of her mind! The pencil case at far left is full of sparkly gel pens. Remember them? Now I have to do some tidying. Workshop preps and a need to stay productive are on my to-do list. Yeah that one - the one that’s longer than my leg! Show and tell then please, we wanna see what you’ve been up to. 

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Watercolour is messy.

The fabulous blue that a lot of you saw on Wednesday’s post came from two pots of Spectrum Noir Sparkle inks. Incidentally, if you saw the post about a messy workshop where I managed to get ink on my face, these are the culprits. Trouble is they are too nice to resist and so I plough on, making a right old mess.

The graduated light to dark with a watercolour feel was not quite what I achieved and so this is an/the experimental piece. On that basis I’ve foiled the windows in the embosssed houses and scuffed some pearly white stuff over the sleigh in the sky. Too hit and miss; it looks a mess. And not enough embossed definition if you ask me. 
I actually found it hard to crank through my Big Shot in the plate sandwich which was going to achieve any embossing, so am now in considering mode. Of course, I’ll get better definition if I don’t use a watercolour card stock. But I still need to use something reasonably thick to withstand water and ink....the edges of that cut out portion particularly. Buckled supports are rubbish supports, lets face it! For now, I’ll soldier on with this; I know others will wonder what the problem is as a first draft, but I’m not a great reasearch and development type crafter - I really like to sit down and MAKE something, even if it’s only one card after a couple of hours of cutting papers and choosing stamps!
If this works out at some point, I’ll show you, of course. Look for a blog post entitled ‘triumph’ or ‘smug’!