Wednesday, 28 July 2021

What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 634

This gal has been horribly neglectful of this blog. I didn’t get to any visiting last week, and I’m sorry for it. Like last week, this is scheduled; you know that Wednesday is one of the days I can visit my sweet Mama in her nursing home, and the need to be at her bedside has increased in the last week or so. Today is also my baby gal’s birthday, and she’s at home with me and her Daddy which is fab! 
I moved my desk into the workroom, but again, it isn’t properly located! 
Despite the mess, I have spent some time sitting and gazing at it all. You can see I’ve made an ATC, which is the first creativenessness for weeks. But look, things are moving on and I will be back in it properly just as soon as the shelf studs arrive….
Which is any day now, according to the billion emails everyone has to send when you order something online. Have you noticed that? Anyway, on the left of this photo is the scan and cut on its high horse. It knows it’s place in the pecking order of equipment in this room, I can tell you.  I keep it covered with two black pillowcases. Because well, dust of course, but also, when scanning, they prevent unwanted light which really helps improve the scanned outline. Two pillowcases? They came in a pack of two! The red box is an art equipment box my lovely man made for me when I went to a class called ‘Drrawing and Painting for Beginners’ when my child was a baby. That child who is 28 today. Wow. It still contains brushes and pencils and even some old rubbery masking fluid. About 18 months after the first class, I discovered stamping. I’m still a rank beginner at Drawing and Painting. Join me, will ya? Let’s see your craft, making space. Put WOYWW in your post title and link here please; see you at your place.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 633

Whew! I’m here! Minor miracle…this is a scheduled post and I very nearly almost came quite close to forgetting! It’s this summer weather, totally addled my thought process. I think it’s that anyway. Sections of England are under a weather warning for extreme heat, if you aren’t used to it, please be very careful. Be as indolent as you like, keep your fluid up, keep the curtains closed and stay in the shade. I’ll write you a note if you need one! Of course, you Deskers in other parts of the world will be mystified as to why we’re not coping…it’s simple though, we just don’t experience temps like this very often. We don’t have non-melt additives in our make up, chocolates, tarmac etc, so even every day stuff is affected. Nor do we have air con. Some of us have fans! 
Anyway, glance if you will, at my desk….
It’s been relocated, but not to its rightful position. There was some work to be completed on the door installation and I didn’t want to be wheeling it in and getting myself situated only to have to move it again. So it’s very temporarily at home against the china cupboard in the dining room. It’s still a mess. The reason for this is two fold. I’m waiting for a shelving unit to suddenly appear in this gap….
It will home all the glues, glitters, bottles, pens, brushes, pots and etc that currently are homeless. (In plastic boxes in the utility room). Then all the glues, glitters, bottles, pens,brushes, pots and etc that are on my desk can be moved to their rightful place and I can consider my desk cleared and sorted. It’s a day that’s coming, I know it. It’s all been a trip round the ground floor of my home hasn’t it. I’m bored of being a builder bore now! Show and tell do; you know the score….

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 632

Hail and well met fellow Deskers! I’m in the middle of some negotiation with a bucket of water, a damp cloth and a LOT of dust.
But who cares…we have light in the workroom and more than that, it’s not light caused by a big hole in the brickwork, it’s an actual door! You may recognise it…
It’s the very same one that my desk always used to sit in front of. It’s a door and a bit because it makes getting stuff in and out easier. The ‘whole’ door is also a half opener (some call them Dutch doors?). It’s jolly useful. I’ve got so used to that room being without daylight that for the last two mornings as I’ve walked past it to the kitchen I’ve thought we must have left a light on in there! 
So that’s where the door used to be…the other side of that is now the lounge wall. So the cupboards and worktop have magically shifted to this wall, the wood mounts are back in their proper corner shelf home and I’m making my way through the cupboard shelves with a damp cloth…despite the doors being on and them being covered, they are pretty dusty! So then it’s a floor wash and the grand clear up of all the stuff dumped in the dining room can get underway. Oooh, I feel that this phase, (#63kerjillion, if anyone’s counting) may actually be ending. I might even take up card making and scrapbooking to celebrate! 
So whilst I’m cleaning and quite literally putting my house in order, please join me in showing off your workspace. Or what you’re doing, even if it’s not in a dedicated workspace. I mean, we just wanna see your stuff!

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 631

631 already. And another week *pouf*, gone, just like that. 
We had a Murphy shaped delay in the cutting of the door. He seriously didn’t like the sound of the drill or other noisy stuff. And he very seriously didn’t like Mr Dunnit. It’s been a week! Now the insides of the cupboards are on view in the dining room again. They are modular, two of these sections fit into a frame that has sliding doors. I’d forgotten this and was so relieved when Mr Dunnit just pulled them out and stacked them up…I really thought I was going to have properly empty them!  Re-locating the door has meant a loss of about half a mete of work surface. I’ve brushed this off as a complete non-issue. He’s not to worry or be sorry about that, after all, there’s plenty of room isn’t there. I’m silently shrieking inside though….it means I’m going to have to be a bit tidier and decide on the priority of stuff that needs to sit on the worktop. Turns out half a metre or so is a big thing. Size matters. The shelves on the floor (cream coloured bits of wood) have been washed and reassembled into the corner unit to house my wood mounted collection. I’ve curated them ruthlessly before re-loading the shelves. I’ve thrown two away - perished by age, and I’ve got four to part with. Ruthless. 
Please show and tell your week’s story, your inspiration is never lacking and at some point, I will stop writing about it and actually get this lot sorted. Tally ho!

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 630

Here at chaos towers, there’s been a small change. 

Prompted by absolute need, I moved stuff off my desk onto another pile of stuff on the dining table. Then I did some push left, and created slightly less than a 12” square space in which to create a bit, address a couple of envelopes and well, sit amongst my stuff and make it all feel loved. The door cutting is in the offing…inside is down to the bricks, re-routing of sockets, taking off plasterboard and insulation…all done. Neatly and without too much mess. The lintel has arrived and it feels to me as if it’s going to be at the weekend. But he might surprise me and take an afternoon off - cutting a door shape out of a brick wall is not the sort of noise you want to be making in the early evening, after all! So although my actual desk surface is horrendously untidy, the rest of the view doesn’t look nearly so bad. Smoke and mirrors gentle desker, I do assure you. The roll top bin lid is a mystery placement…I will just assume that like me and my stuff, it’s about just putting it somewhere where it won’t fall or cause something else to topple! Got a few July birthday cards to make, so am hoping for desk time, however cluttered! Look at my latest distraction…
Murphy has come for his holiday. He’s flaked out. We should all be so lucky. To get him into this state, I’ve had to walk about a million steps. Serious scrapbook moments are being recorded. I have to say they aren’t all going to be sweet and butter-wouldn’t-melt memories either.  More of that to come. Meanwhile, show us your desk. The fact that I’ve shown you mine proves that we don’t do much in the judgement department here at WOYWW! 

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 629

I’ve talked about knocking a big hole in the wall of the workroom and what it will mean in terms of a grand sort out. It didn’t occur to me, not in any form, that I wouldn’t be given notice of such works. I thought I’d be sorting and moving and getting rid of and generally feeling better about the space long before the actual work started. Oh gentle Desker, I was wrong. On Sunday, because it was raining, Phase 3 began…..
This is the dining room. The dining table in the foreground is covered mostly in stuff that I should have actually put away, but had just dumped on a work surface. The PC and printer are on a low sideboard type unit at the back…these two things have to remain accessible, they are a business tool. My actual desk is in the middle…you can tell from the cream legs. Those MDF rectangular units are actually the modules that fit inside the cupboards. I didn’t have to empty them. He just carried them out. The work surfaces have been refitted and one is slightly shorter, so I need to be tidier than ever. She joked. About being tidier, not worktop length! 
So this is me this week, I want, well need, to wade through this lot and be ready to put it all back in good order as soon as the messy brick cutting and lintel work is done. I’m guessing that will be at the weekend. Ugh. The positive in all of this is that now it’s almost impossible to do anything with all of this, I’m really in the mood to do some card making!
Share do, show us your space, what you’re working on. It can’t be worse than this, can it? Put WOYWW in your post title please, it helps. Thank you!

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 628

Well I turn my back to sort out the post decorating mess, and what happens? A whole week skulks past me. Just like that. Good grief.
In a heat haze too….it’s been glorious here, I hope you’ve all had a chance to enjoy some down time in the shade.
We had visitors at the weekend and in order to be able to fold all the doors back and let the summer in, the desk had to be eased out of its sullen torpor. It wasn’t hard. I stacked everything I haven’t used for ages on top of it and Mr Dunnit wheeled into the workroom.
We didn’t even park it, just left it to sulk. In order to take this photo, I had to open the door to the garage (it’s on the left, out of shot) and then open the garage door. It’s a good strong sunlight isn’t it. See the canvas pic of me and him and the baby her? That’s the wall which will accommodate the new door. Loss of cabinets and worktop there then. I predict an unwilling clear out. Not because I don’t want to have the room back to useable and the desk back where it belongs. No, I don’t lack the motivation for that at all. It’s just, well…now it’s nearly time to do it, I’m suddenly getting rather fond of all my stuff. I can’t really refer to it as stash, some of it must be so old it doesn’t qualify as stash! 
So that’s where I am today, what about you? Show and tell, do. I promise if I excavate anything interesting, I’ll share it with you!
Have a great day.