Wednesday, 16 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 628

Well I turn my back to sort out the post decorating mess, and what happens? A whole week skulks past me. Just like that. Good grief.
In a heat haze too….it’s been glorious here, I hope you’ve all had a chance to enjoy some down time in the shade.
We had visitors at the weekend and in order to be able to fold all the doors back and let the summer in, the desk had to be eased out of its sullen torpor. It wasn’t hard. I stacked everything I haven’t used for ages on top of it and Mr Dunnit wheeled into the workroom.
We didn’t even park it, just left it to sulk. In order to take this photo, I had to open the door to the garage (it’s on the left, out of shot) and then open the garage door. It’s a good strong sunlight isn’t it. See the canvas pic of me and him and the baby her? That’s the wall which will accommodate the new door. Loss of cabinets and worktop there then. I predict an unwilling clear out. Not because I don’t want to have the room back to useable and the desk back where it belongs. No, I don’t lack the motivation for that at all. It’s just, well…now it’s nearly time to do it, I’m suddenly getting rather fond of all my stuff. I can’t really refer to it as stash, some of it must be so old it doesn’t qualify as stash! 
So that’s where I am today, what about you? Show and tell, do. I promise if I excavate anything interesting, I’ll share it with you!
Have a great day. 

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 627

It’s been a week of sunshine and smiles, busy and relaxed, and even…GASP…a bit of desk action. That Annie and her devoted came to Wiltshire in their motor home, and we met for lunch in the sun on Saturday. It was so good. We relaxed, and some of us had very large ice creams. Not Annie, she has self control. We sat in the shade of the awning and had post lunch coffee and chatted. All afternoon. Quite a lot of laughing, and even a bit of cricket too. I am happy to report that Annie is looking fine and well, she and her devoted are getting a lot out of life, family and motor home. We could all learn something.
Me and Jan had a video chat last week too, long overdue. She’s a patient woman and didn’t once complain that all I did was rustle and dip in and out of camera whilst I tidied. Yep. Tidied. Well, as I do, tidied enough to reveal the glass mat and therefore consider the desk entirely useable again. See that scrapbook title under the glass mat. It’s not always on show is it, but it’s always there and really, it’s totally applicable to every day. Annie said something that turned the lightbulb on (Of course, I don’t remember what…) and I’ve since spent a couple of happy hours stamping and cutting and am now looking forward to colouring time! It’s more of the same, but it doesn’t matter does it. 

Those of you that visited Hublet last week on Shaz’s blogspot will have seen the piece of art that Debbie had made for Doug. A memorial piece for dear Shaz; you can see love in every brush stroke and Shaz in every element and colour. Well, there’s limitless kindness in Debbie, and she has offered to make a version for anyone who would like such a keepsake. 

All you have to do is make contact with Debbie; her blog is, or you can message her through Facebook. I can’t think of a better way to remember Shaz than for one of her great friends to make art like this.

And then, as if you’ve got nothing else to do, please show us your desk antics. Blog, link it here and add to the fun please. 

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 626

Do you know that Christmas film, Elf? There’s a scene it in where the Elf finds out that Santa is going to visit the store and he gets a bit hysterical with excitement and shouts ‘Santa! Santa is coming! I know him’. I haven’t actually seen the whole film, but I can understand this scene....just replace the name. SUMMER! Summer is coming; it’s been dry, warm and sunny for the last four days! I’m excited. And amazed. It’s going to be marvellous. It’s all very distracting! 
I am utterly cross about my desk, and to punish it, there’s no photograph. I haven’t done anything at it, except address a few envelopes and reach across it to steady the piles. Doldrums, I think. It’ll pass.
Ranunculus. On of my favourite ever flowers. Probably because it sounds so ridonculous. Also, do you know how much snails and slugs LOVE  them?! 
Meanwhile, I’ve dug, weeded and planted my tiny garden. I was beginning to despair that there was going to be any dry enough weather to actually get all the bedding plants out of their pots. I’ve also painted 4 of 5 fences. Remember creosote? Stinky but oh so effective. Found a big drum of it in one of the sheds where Mr Dunnit works. Useful. One last fence to go, and I’m not doing it again for a couple years. Seriously, time me if you like. 
So please forgive my doldrums, inspire me with shots of what you’re up to, it will give me a boost. Or a conscience.
Also, can I put in a housekeeping note here please? If you didn’t see a comment from me last week, it’s because I couldn’t get my comment to stick. I cleared caches, turned off and turned on, I re-typed several, several times. I just don’t know why and I apologise. I expect that next time a child visits me and I ask for help, it will be made obvious, I’m sure. And they will try to hide their eye rolling and I will be forced to remind them that I used to be their teacher and it will be fine. Or I’ll get the noody baby photos out. Whichever. 

Saturday, 29 May 2021

So, this Looping..

I actually have no idea what this method of creating a blanket is actually called. I’ve referred to it as Looping because that makes sense to me, and there’s nothing on the yarn label to suggest a method name.
It all started when I crocheted a baby blanket from a soft, fleecy, tactile and thick yarn. Quick to come together and not difficult. Perfect for me. My nephew and his partner are expecting a baby girl in July, so this was for them. Well technically it’s for the baby, but you know what I mean.
My sister was very taken with the soft, tactile yarn and whined that she wanted a lap blanket too. I directed her to the correct section of the Wool Warehouse website and told her that if she ordered the yarn, I’d crochet her a blanket. After all, it’s a nice thing to offer to do  - and it stopped her whining. 

Of course, it did not occur to me to exercise any erm, control over her choice, after all, I knew she was in the right section for the big balls of quick to crochet thick fleecy stuff. Trust her then, to stray. Less than a few days later, a big bag of balls of lovely bright multicoloured yarn arrived and, weird, it was loopy. Having tried and failed to teach her to crochet, I knew I wasn’t going to get much interest when I told her how strange it was and what a b**** it would be to crochet, I mean, how big was I going to have to make the stitches, and how on earth would I be able to distinguish them from the weird loops afterwards? I did a chain of about 25 very loose stitches and 2 rows of very loose crocheting later, had used a whole ball and had something that was a soft and tactile pile of mess, frankly. 

I had a word with the Sissy. She said something that amounted to ‘oh I don’t care how it looks, I just want a lovely soft blanket to sit under whilst I watch TV’. Which she thought let me off the (crochet) hook, but in fact, made it worse because I knew I couldn’t do it. And going on the sample piece, it would require about 300 balls. And they’re a tenner each. 
Now, in these circumstances, my procrastination gene would usually kick in and I would subconsciously set the whole thing aside to erm, well let’s say - think about. But the other of my big problems is an unfairly large share of the guilt gene. I worried that Sissy had spent a ridiculous amount of money on this yarn and that I wasn’t as capable as she thought. Or indeed that I’d led her to believe. I was noodling over this with a ball of the yarn in my lap when I noticed the two icons on the label that indicate no crochet and no knit. Duh, how had I missed that?  And what to do? Took the band off and was led to a You Tube vid that showed me how to loop the yarn together. 
Genius. No tools required, but a flat surface helps. Basically, lay a row of yarn above a row of yarn and pull the loops of the top row through the loops of the below row in an ‘under through and up’ technique.

It is easy. A bit tricky as the blanket grows in size because you have to be able to reach the top row and it really helps to keep it flat...turns out tension is an issue. But not as big an issue as not having the yarn flat too, and missing a loop. Makes a big hole, I can tell you. So I’m in the habit of checking every 20cms or so. Much easier to undo a short length than a million rows, believe me. It’s fascinating stuff. I haven’t quite worked out how I’m going to cast off, but I’m miles off needing to know, so will save the you Tube search for nearer the time. It’s such a rabbit hole, isn’t it, You Tube. 
You need to maintain a persistent tension or you can see the rows changing, especially from the back; the er.....knots(?) are a tell tale and you can see it in the hang of the blanket too. This particular yarn is superbly random, but there are some lovely loopy single colour alternatives if you’re interested. But, um, don’t ask me to do another. 10 balls of this and it may be more than the yarn that’s a bit loopy. See what I did there? Yep, maybe expected, and I hate to disappoint.
I’d also like to point out that this isn’t a paid advertorial, it’s my real life happenings and I mention where the yarn came from to save you having to ask. 

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 625

Whew! Last week was fun and I really appreciate that y’all were so ready to celebrate an anniversary a mere 24 weeks after we’d all done so much for the big 600. Some ATCs will still be in the postal system, winging their way. Be patient, it’ll be a lovely happy mail day!
Miss Dunnit was home for the weekend, first time since August, so I threw a load of stuff on to the desk and rolled the it out of the way; and haven’t looked at it till last night when I rolled it back into what will be it’s day lit temporary crossed my mind that I need to get a grip. 
Told you!  There’s my sexy pen case at right, and the whole draw of made cards because they’re easier to choose in daylight and having that particular draw storage unit in here as a temporary thing is pushing my luck in terms of taking up room. Then there’s the hastily tidied away bag of yarn. You have to understand that the desk has spent the last four days in its original position in my workroom. There is no natural light in there and we’re currently using it as a store room whilst we decorate and finish off the downstairs. So anything that need tidying away - yep, it just gets slung into the workroom. Nice multicoloured yarn in a pretty bag there; I’m making my sissy a lap blanket. Not crochet or knitting. Looping. I kid you not. I will do a show and tell later this week because it’s starting to look as if I know what I’m doing! And to prevent you falling into a coma because of a super long post, I will also do a separate gallery post to show you the beautiful ATCs I’ve received. So much to do! Join me in this part of my week please, as we push into the thirteenth year of checking on each other via the desk. 

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 624 - 12 years in weeks

12 years in weeks. Twelve years. Good grief. Seriously, can you tell me where it all went? Mr Dunnit was moved to make remarks about how fast it’s gone and how well we’ve all held on. And do you know, I think that may be the thing, and that may the obvious thing but it is the thing. We’ve held on. And especially in the last fifteen months or so, when we rather needed to put a shape to the weeks. On here, on your own blogs, on messenger, zoom and by post, we’ve been hanging on with and for each other. And the amazing part of all of it is you. Your contributions make it and mean everything. So please don’t stop. 
Now then.
I’ve taken a picture at an angle that makes feel a bit sick, actually. And in the best traditions of full disclosure, you can see that I’ve run right into the deadline for this anniversary. 624. It’s a big number. It may not be a brilliant ingenious idea for an ATC, but I like the big number!

So now, remember to add an asterisk to your name if you’re linking to join in the ATC swap. The postcard idea has actually been quite difficult for some, so here’s the thing: send an ATC without a postcard. No one will mind and it won’t matter. Link on, Deskers - who knows what every week for the next twelve years will reveal!

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 623

Seriously, this past week has overtaken me completely. I’ve been out out, I’ve done 6ft socialising, I’ve been cold. I’ve been caught in the rain and I managed one more afternoon of fence painting. My desk has not been so active. 
There is one of the wallpaper samples unrolled. I was going to cover a book and was utterly distracted by something. On top is a sheet of the ATC backs that Mary Ann has designed for next week’s anniversary swap. At some point this week I’m fairly confident that I will have at least stuck these backs to ATC size fronts. They may not be started or indeed finished fronts, but at least they will be closer to being finished than they are at the mo! It’s not that I’ve totally lost my mojo, it’s more that there’s been so much else to do. Emerging from lockdown is causing a little more out and about and it’s the end of April, which in this house means four tax returns and a VAT quarter. My life, it’s all glamour! And then.....a real thing happened. A last minute, not much notice visit from Lunch Lady Jan and her groom. It was so so good to see them. We chatted a lot. It’s been over a year and you could easily have been able to tell if you’d been able to join us. I only hope that your reunions are as much fun and as lovely. What a tonic. And talking of tonics, without panic or pressure, remember that your ATC and postcard are needed for next week? So, would you like to show your desk and the work in progress? Ooh, thanks very much.