Wednesday 29 September 2021

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 643

The weather is broken. Lots of you will simply say it’s autumnal, but despite a good amount of sunny September, I’m still not ready. Got a bit of a cob on about it and guess what…sulked at my desk for an hour or so! Gracious. Not totally a waste of time either. Obviously, I started by picking up bits and pieces and re-homing the pieces and considering the bits, but I actually did stop procrastinating and started on a penguin Christmas card.
I couldn’t make the Penguin co-operate, so moved on to a Robin. Here he is being paper pieced. For no good reason, I picked up a whole pad of 12” Christmas papers. I haven’t, to date, made more than two scrapbook pages about, referring to or vaguely related to Christmas, so am still wondering why I bought it. But look, aren’t they lovely pages. And piecing the Robin at least means that two pages will be slightly used this year. Win *cough* win. You see the pen suitcase is open. I’m not using them for the Robin, they were for the Penguin. But of course, putting them away would have taken valuable time from trying out my idea for the Robin. Are you keeping up?
I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s a list on the A4 sheet hanging off the memo board. It says, from the top, six, five, four and so on down to ‘hurrah’. It’s to count and encourage me to make my samples for the day workshop I’m contributing to. It’s on the first November. No, don’t you panic, it’s all about me! So whilst I soldier on and make my mojo come out to play when I’m bad tempered, you can cheer me by sharing your spaces, inspiring pieces, jolly stories. Especially as your contribution will help me to put off cutting out body parts for Robins!


Mary Anne Walters said...

Oh a workshop! I enjoyed the one card making one I did ages ago and now I can’t imagine going to a real in person one. I have not even thought about my Xmas cards and yes, in recent years I’ve ended a lifelong trend and actually made them. Best get a wriggle on lol!
Have a great Woyww day
Mary Anne

Helen said...

I love autumn - but only dry ones - when it has the cheek to rain I hate it! I got rather wet walking to work on Monday but thank goodness it was this week and not last when I was off work. Well done on working on the workshop ideas. I'd have bought the paper pad too; they look gorgeous pages. Good luck with the deadline for the cards. I actually made 2 last week....

Sarah Brennan said...

The workshop is indeed something to look forward to Julia. I really don't like this rainy, miserable weather either. The robin looks like he is cooperating nicely at least. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

craftyani said...

Haha never thought of putting things away as using up valuable time! Love your little Robin and the Christmas papers. My Christmas boxes are right at the back of my store room, now that is valuable time retrieving them all. Ani

Annie said...

Brrrr. It’s definitely colder here today but I refuse to put my sandals or short sleeved tops away yet ( so I will probably need a cardigan on at some point!). I love Autumn but only when it’s warm! It’s good to see some action on your desk today....yet again I’m ploughed under with work so my blogging will be in fits and starts when I need a break.
Annie x

Crafting With Jack said...

Good morning Julia, the sun is trying to break through the clouds it’s stuck behind this morning, while the rest of the sky is a lovely blue. Judging by the trees it’s also windy so probably not very warm out there.
Your Robin is looking great. Not much colour in a penguin unless you give home a smart waistcoat or jumper. What make are your Christmas papers?
Happy WOYWW Angela #7

BJ said...

Gorgeous Christmas papers, I'd be happy to scrap with those. Scrapping is more about the paper in my one handed state at the moment. Beginning to think I certainly WILL NOT get the other one done. Only time will tell, early days.

I'm enjoying the cooler temps, still have window open at night, in fact I slept through last night which is really unusual. I am wearing more layers in the day though, nice to be snuggly. Hubby put the heating on yesterday!

Good luck with your robins BJ#10

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love the autumn and the cooler temps, it’s all about making a nest at home - I would hate living some there that’s warm all year round! The Christmas papers appeal because they’re not overtly festive (at least from a distance), the colours are fab as is that little robin. I’m glad you’ve got a workshop to prep for, just like the old days, lol!
Hugs LLJ 6 xx

Kyla said...

Ooh must admit i usually make a bunch of xmas cards in January and put them away as i often dont start again until late oct, must remember to find them and see if i actually did that this year!! Must admit also when its a fiddly image, like my tim holtz bird stamps i tend to cut them off when i am cutting them out and free hand draw them back in!

Kyla said...

Sorry meant i cut off the fiddly bits like legs etc and drawn them back in!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

That paper you're using looks really nice though I can't see the detail very well. I've made the odd Christmas card over the last few weeks to get me in the mood but can't say as it's worked very well but I am determined not to leave it while the last minute as I have in the past as someone always ends up with something thrown together and I guess that's not fair right? I'm making some Pinwheel Tower cards at the moment as I have a friend who likes to make things that stand up so we'll see. This time of the year is probably my favourite as the sun shines but not with the same amount of heat. We had quite a bit of rain yesterday which is good too. I do think that we are very lucky in this country as we get most things in equal amounts unlike some others who either get flooded out or dried to a crisp. Hope your day is a happy woyww one. Hugs, Angela x14x

Lynnecrafts said...

Lovely colours in your papers and your robin is cute. I’m more allergic to Christmas in September than to rain. At least it’s dry today and our builder has started early. He’s nearly finished redoing the stucco and replacing the flashing. I do wish he didn’t feel the need to put his radio on while he does this but we’re lucky to get him at the mo. Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 11

Lynn Holland said...

At least you’re sat at your desk Julia. I’ve forgotten where mine’s located heehee.
Get out there and kick some leaves lovely lady that’ll give you a smile.
Lynn xxx 15

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

take 3.
Lost two comments, I could say it’s blogger which in part it was but also a fried brain.
As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, pray you’ve a good day in your mumma visit today.
My blog post has a tiny peek of a photo of my dad in photo collage, think parents are so precious and we are blessed in having parents till a good old age. I learnt much more about my dad in those latter five years.
Desky share is lovely, Julia, so nice to see, I will do my best to comment on lots, but not well and. that’s how tis. I groan inwardly each day I miss WOYWW, as does matter to me.
I love the paper, totally get why if the pad and love the how too… beautiful Robins. More Robin like paper too.

Lists to exhort, threaten, cajole, I do that too.

Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

The Christmas paper looks lovely - and don't you worry - I have stacks and stacks of scrapbooking paper and I don't even scrap. I specifically have a vast collection of Stamperia papers strictly for stroking - there's more than one way to enjoy beautiful papers and they don't always involve actually using them! Walking home from work yesterday - in the rain - I was thinking how much I prefer this to the relentless heat back in the summer, so bring it on! No complaints here. Although you might hear me complain if the fuel crisis extends to heating the house. Now that, I would not enjoy in the middle of winter! Have a lovely week, Julia! xx

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW. I carefully typed up and published my post fairly early this morning, and then didn't add it to the Linky thing! Easily done, well I am telling myself that. The only Christmas crafting I have done so far is in workshops - I am trying to be good and get on with housework/decluttering, business stuff and digital designing during the day. That doesn't leave much time or energy for crafting in my craft room. Should be posting 2 birthday cards today. May well just go to Funky Pigeon or something similar! Ali x #20

Catriona said...

Love the little robin and also the papers you are using. I has something similar ages ago when I still did scrapping-think they came from Costco. Autumn here now so socks and jumpers are being worn!

Kelly said...

Lovely paper. What I've started doing is if I have an idea for something I buy, when I get home I put a sticky note as to what I had in mind on the item. You know, 'cause my brain is not going to remember past Tuesday LOL
Workshop? Hey, me too. Mine is on blogging... on the 8th of October. I have 2 sessions at a conference that weekend. Am I ready? nope! LOL But I will be by the time I need to pack on Wednesday next. Hugs & Creative Blessings! Kely # 22

Neet said...

That 12 x 12 reminds me of a piece I just used on the cover of my spineless book. Not the same at all but similar colours.
I am the same about the weather - love autumn but the crisp mornings (later - like October end) when I can walk rustling through the leaves not this rain and hail we have been experiencing at the caravan (we were not there but apparently after we left they had hail and it is forecast for next week - eek!).
Roll on summer.
Hugs, Neet 5 xx

Christine said...

beautiful paper! I look at mine and think 'do I really want them to go into the skip?' That's what my girls intend to do . . . .makes me use as much as I can . . . I'm with Mary Anne and having a 'stashout'!
I hope you are not panicking about the workshop . . . . there's plenty of time, we're still in September . . . only just maybe . . .
Enjoy your paper piecing, more patience than me
Christine #

Robyn said...

I swain, I have that same christmas scrapbook paper, and I've made maybe 2 total layouts in my entire life- and they were for someone else and had nothing to do with christmas! Loved listening to your chat with your DD!

Stacy Sheldon said...

those papers make such pretty clothes for your bird Julia :) love that. ~Stacy #26

Caro said...

The papers look gorgeous and well done for starting on Christmas cards - no chance here yet! Thank you for visiting already. Happy belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#16)

StampinCarol said...

Love the papers on your Robin!
Had a giggle about the new tool looking like an air hockey piece! And it does! Never thought of that when I purchased it!
Hope you get everything done for the workshop!
Have a great weekend!
Carol N #23

Shoshi said...

I agree with Jan about nesting at home in the autumn and winter! I love snuggling up by the fire with a kitty or two on my lap, and don't do very well in very hot weather. I love the colours of autumn too. I don't like wind and rain, though! Have fun with your paper piecing and colouring.

Thank you for your visit, and for your advice, but unfortunately Sudacrem is not recommended for post-radiotherapy burns. I am using Udderly Smooth which was provided for me during my chemo for my first cancer, and recommended by the hospital - this time around, they said that it was fine for post-radiotherapy. I think the skin may at last be starting to improve a bit - slightly less itchy and sore today and I've been less aware of it through the day. They said the worst of it would peak at about a fortnigh after the end of the treatment so I think I can look forward to some improvement from now on.

I look on studio organising as quite a creative activity! It is very satisfying. I am really enjoying making the labels and dividers and playing with my new laminator which is great fun. I made a card this week and felt the benefit straight away, of getting the basics done in advance. I am very much enjoying doing the digital creating, too.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #19