Wednesday, 1 September 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 639

This is scheduled gentle reader, we think I need to be out and about early on Wednesday, chasing down much needed stuff. This has happened before and with any luck, the text message that could prevent me having to leave home at commute o,clock as if I work, may arrive really early. It has done before. It’s all about a client and his requirements and our source and their delivery. And then….
I did something incorrectly and it didn’t publish at all! Sorry, very late posting this morning! Enough. Look….
There’s a piece of old scrapbook paper acting as an ink catcher. This means that I’ve made something! I am truly grateful to my friend Karen, Queen Bee. She and I are doing a monthly ATC swap. You can see the small pile of ATCs that are the ones she’s sent me (excluding this month’s because it’s on the edge of the shelf behind me with a big wodge of blue tack holding it in my line of vision. Serves two purposes: admire the artwork and remember to make one for her. Works well. You can see the basket containing distress inks which gives away what I’ve been using, and there’s a pile of some newer stuff. Looks bigger than it is and sort of includes the card workshop that I still haven’t done. I know. Just do it. But there’s some nice stuff in it. 
And will you look at that, it’s not all Christmas! Thank goodness. Show and tell please, it’s time you did. Soon as I get back, I’ll be feet up, kettle on…indulge me, do.,


Mary Anne said...

LOL! Oh how sad old scrapbook paper has been reduced to ink catching! No, I know you still scrap, and often, but maybe I am commenting more on where scrapbooking supplies are used on my desk - for everything BUT scrapping, I am sad to say. Hope you have a magnificent day out and about and it isn't all chores. Oh and I LOVE love love those stamps. Gorgeous!

Happy WOYWW,
Mary Anne (?)

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Julia, pleased you're here but can't see the link. Angela x?x

NoveltyDMVExperts said...
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Crafting With Jack said...
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Annie said...

Was beginning to get a little concerned but guess it was probably just a gliche in the system. So lovely to see all’s well and you’ve been out and about early today.
Annie x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Yay, you’re up and running! The new desk is still staying tidy then even though you’re well into the crafty flow, it’s looking good. I really like those stamps, matches the very autumnal mood today 😊
Hugs LLJ 1 xxx

Crafting With Jack said...

Good morning Julia! Happy WOYWW, I just commented about Mt Linky’s absence and then there he was! Great new stamps and I hope you get everything you need this morning x Angela #8

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great to see everything back I was getting worried about you. I love those stamps and hope to see how you use them. I have to go out today but will be back later to catch up on everyone. Hugs and wishing you a happy woyww. Angela x6x

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Julia, glad it was just a minor technical glitch.
Nice to see you getting time to do some crafting.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 9

Sarah Brennan said...

So glad that everything is OK Julia, I was starting to worry when you hadn't posted. Hope you get all your business sorted so you can relax a bit and get those ATCs made. Love the new stamps. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #14

Lynn Holland said...

Hope your early start was a successful one Mrs D
We are off out now so I’ll be back later with a cuppa xx

BJ said...

I just think it's funny, I blogged before bed last night woke at a reasonable time 8ish only to find the link wasn't there. Refreshed a few times, wrote on a couple of blogs anyways refreshed some more then decided to get dressed etc. Come back and I'm still the same sort of number as most weeks - LOL. Hope you got or are getting your stuff done. Can still see desk space so the new set up is working, still amazed about all your scissors and especially as they all seem to be finding their new home well cosy. BJ#18

Christine said...

Coming in late as I do, I miss all the fun of Mr Linky not working!
Love that you're swapping ATCs, MaryAnn and I have swapped a couple of times and I must admit that ATCs are my favourite artworks. I love to go through my albums admiring all the different creations.
Hope that the new workload was sorted to everyone's satisfaction . . .
Have a good week
Christine #19

Helen said...

Thanks for linking me , I need a child to show me how to do it from the phone! Glad all is OK. Some nice stamps there . Have a fun week with them Helen x

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I wouldn't have noticed it was late LOL! Sometimes those ink catchers make the best backgrounds! Love the new stamps - it's always so exciting getting new stuff! Hope you have fun out and about, even if it's just for work. xx zsuzsa #20

craftyani said...

Haha I'm ahead of you by 1 hour and couldn't understand why you weren't there, so I blamed the internet. Hope you got all your errands done. Love the stamps. Ani

Stacy Sheldon said...

Good Morning Julia, I am thinking that this gig I have being on the watercoloring team will mean all mine are going to end up being done on Tuesday nights now because, if I have something I am showing for that, that includes my desk it just makes sense to have the post do double duty for me. which is what I did last night. I am thinking that if you leave that paper there for a good little while and do some splattery thing along the line that paper is going to get really interesting soon from all the catching it does. ( I have a piece in the bottom of a cardboard box for that very reason anyways) are you finding you enjoy having the all behind the desk to hold things on? I have had my table face the room for so long that, it just made me curious. a lot of desks you see on a wall but, yours has been mobile for so long it made me wonder. ~Stacy #22

Shoshi said...

So glad it was you posting late, Julia, and not me - you had me worried when I woke up this a.m. and all I could get was last week's WOYWW! I thought Norton was playing its tricks again... Anyway, nice to see you make a leisurely appearance after all! I hope your appointment went OK this morning. It's so good that you are able to make stuff again. Your new room setup is great and you must be thrilled. Just sitting down with a cup of tea now and catching up with everybody.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #17

Spyder said...

Morning, it's Thursday. Hubby has found a way into your blog at last! Its taken ages but well worth it. I love ATC's and used to run a swap on a forum ages ago. I nearly bought one of those big eyed ladies in the week but really had to get something else while they had it in stock, they do look like fun so I've added a few to my wish list for when the rest of them come into stock. Hope everything is okay with you! Happy belated WOYWW ((Lyn)) @ 24!

Lindart said...

Hi Julia - I'm late this week! Darn computer, either it's not working at all, or just not doing what I want it to do! Even Blogger wasn't my friend this week! Those are very interesting stamps you have on your desk! Very cool! We both seem to be in Distress Ink mode this week! Have a great week, Lindart #25

BJ said...

Hi Julia, just to clear things up, I'm going private on my husband's work medical insurance before he retires next summer. I really doubt the NHS has caught up at all although this year's consultant didn't seem to have to fit me in like last year's who was doing NHS in the private hospital and popped me on the beginning for my frozen shoulder operation.
BJ #kinky

Empire of the Cat said...

Nice to see your desk and those new stamps. Hope your early start worked out. Happy WOYWW! Elle #11, EOTC

StampinCarol said...

What I can see of the card, it's pretty cool! Great stamp set!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Carol N #21

Marit said...

Hi there Julia, merry Christmas *teehee* - well, let's wait a bit and have Autumn first... but I DO like the stamps! I 'should' make ATC's as it has been ages since I did that... the last ATCs I made could be for a woyww-aniversary swap maybe 3 or 4 years ago? Ouch, time flies! Hope your weekend is nice and sunny and happy, enjoy! Marit #4

SusanLotus said...

Hi Julia!

I´m a little late on my tour around the WOYWW this time.
It´s so fun that you are doing this every week fo us crafters. <3

Happy weekend to you!
And thank you for your visit at my place too.
Sussie nr 23

Shoshi said...

Thank you for your visit, Julia, and for your lovely comments about my activities this week. I am having so much fun! I've really missed studio time all those months when I was doing embroidery and yarn-based projects, notably the needle books and the kitty throw. I agree with you about the purple ink mono-print - I shall definitely be doing some more of those as time goes on with the DVDs. Shame to waste such glorious colour! I thought "wreath card" too and am wondering how best to tackle it. I was interested in your comments about taking stuff to workshops. I'd never thought of stamps and ink getting messed up. I suppose we assume people know how to use things when we are using them all the time but people can be incredibly careless at times... I think our teacher was most worried about cutting equipment. She said she couldn't be supervising people all the time and a guillotine could have been dangerous with all those children running about. I was also interested in what you said about having a deep layer of cement to embed the mosaic pieces in. That sounds a much better idea than having to glue uneven pieces down with PVA. Anyway, if I can get the DVD tesserae to work, I think that's the way forward for me. I've been working on them this afternoon.


Hina said...

When I open your RSS feed it seems to be a bunch of strange characters, is the malfunction on my reader?
TY, great job! Exactly the stuff I had to know.
Is it okay to post some of this on my site if I post a link to this page?
I agree, ty for sharing this..

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