Friday, 7 August 2020

Do I like a challenge?

I’m not competitive. It’s a thing. It’s in you or it isn’t, I think. I’m married to a very competitive chap who loves nothing more than a challenge. I think this is evident just from the fact that he plays Golf. A game that never fails to frustrate and show your shortcomings, apparently. I haven’t played, not since I had a go at the driving range in an attempt to find something we could enjoy together. Boobs too big to make the sticks work, players walk way too fast for me, they don’t like to chat’s just a game and they take it too seriously. 

This was the result of challenge 2. 
A sketch and a very complicated method involving my full name,
 numbers, techniques and then, oh Lordy, having to keep it all graphic.  
Perversely then, I quite like the odd scrapbook challenge, and during an online Crop, I stumbled upon a self revelation. There was a particularly difficult to understand ‘blind challenge’ which involves written instructions to describe a sketch and included things that I don’t ever do, like take my time and hand stitching and counting. As soon as I saw the stitching requirement, I was prepared to pass. Skip Challenge 4. But the inner voice said to stick with it because it was in a run of numbered challenges and you don’t want to break a run, do you? Well, turns out, no, I don’t. 
It was so complicated I had to get Mr Dunnit to overview my take on the instructions. But, a credible LO came out of it, despite everything.
You can’t see the left hand picture because of my photography skills and the light.
 It’s the same plant, but just buds, no blooms. 
I was rather pleased with this Peony’s blooming efforts this year!

Here’s the thing: if it had been a sketch, I’d have passed it by. Firstly because well, measuring, then stitching, then time. Oh my, it did take me a long time to use up the alphabet stickers that were never otherwise going to be used. I had to add glue to the back of most of them as they are old enough to have lost their stick.  Bit of an all round win for my efforts don't you think? So why do I make such a thing and a fuss? I have no idea, its just in me. Drama llama. Another thing I’ve learned. I like a cluster. The instructions were to put the title somewhere top right of the LO, but I couldnt, I thought it looked silly just floating above the pics. It probably didn’t, I was probably just falling back on my formula. Who knows. But for someone who isn’t competitive, I quite like a challenge. Huh? 


Kathyk said...

And what a cracking job - so glad you persevered too Julia

Happy Friday


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I like both of these, but I especially like the sewing. I don't hand sew. I would have grabbed the sewing machine and make short work of it. I had to laugh at your comment about the letter stickers. I have found that many of mine are the same. They simply fall off the backing paper when I take them out of the package. You are definitely not alone. Use it or lose it, I've found works best.

Kathryn Frantz said...

Wow!I think I would have left this challenge behind! Your finished one is quite stunning, though. I can't imagine sticking all of those letters on, one by each! I thought it was a printed paper!



Helen said...

I love this layout even though it involves sewing! I love the use of the stickers and well done for keeping on with the gluing!

Sue said...

Great LO Julia. Sue

Susan Renshaw said...

These were both challenging... but you cracked it!

Sarah Brennan said...

Brilliant layouts Julia. Well done!!!!

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I think you've shown great enthusiasm towards these challenges Julia, they can be very difficult when even just one requirement isn't our thing. You've done a good job getting rid of the stickers, your spot on about the glue.. where does it go to it's the million dollar question? Both pieces are fab, you have a good eye for colour and position, when fear of the unknown creeps in when putting titles in an unsure place take pictures in different areas before sticking them down, it may just change your inner voices train of thought.
I'm with you about golf.. i'd rather just go for a walk, I don't need a stick and a small ball to keep me company hee hee..
Hugs Tracey xx
P.S If I can get a blog written and scheduled before bed i'll hook up with you all tomorrow x