Thursday 17 December 2009

Just so you know...

Not all the food on my desk ends up being eaten by me. I can't possibly say how much I do eat, I shouldn't want my capacity to upset anyone - either because you're disgusted or of course, you may be jealous! Despite appalling lighting and worse photography, I can show you some tags I made for me chums. I am happy to know people who craft with me and still include me in their socialising, and I don't need asking twice!
We had a Secret Santa supper on Tuesday evening which was lovely. Pressies and cards, food and chat. You know. I decided on Monday to include a candy cane with each christmas card. Then the envelopes were all bulky and uneven and I hate that. So then I decided to make a tag to hang from each candy cane...and that's why my desk looks like it did in yesterday's post (and still does actually..). I challenged myself to make the tags using only offcuts and snips and I wanted to include each gals' initial. They were originally all going to be the same, and in the same colours as the candy cane.That idea lasted about 30 seconds once I'd seen my collection of christmas paper offcuts! Still, the gals were polite enough to be pleased with them - there are more, but they'll wait for a less linear post! Preparations move apace here; this morning I decided to decorate and beautify the conservatory which will be our dining room for the holidays. Gahhh. Should have done it after three o,clock. Then I wouldn't have noticed the dust and streaky windows so beautifully highlighted by the sunshine. And I wouldn't have felt duty bound to clean them. You'll be unsurprised to read then, that I am studiously avoiding looking at the oven whilst this mood of domestic goodness is upon me.


Angie said...

Love those tags ...such fun ...and you are using up scraps which deserves a pat on the back.

I hate it when the windows look fine and then just before a guest calls, the sun shines,showing up the fact that one is nowhere near being any sort of a domestic goddess ...even at Xmas.

Paige said...

OOOOOO!!! please don't mention the words cleaning and oven in the same paragraph! My poor thing hasn't seen a can of mr muscle in a looooong time! the windows could also do with a good flick about with a cloth but the nets hide the worst of it and they are easier and quicker to clean :)
I really like the idea of the tags and the candy canes! nice!!! and such a good use of your snips and scraps of paper :)

Pam said...

Sorry did someone say oven, I think my hearings gone!!

I've just used some candy canes to make snowman soup for the girls at wine clubs kids for xmas they look so sweet.

Hugs Pam x

Kaz said...

It was on the news last year that it is illegal to clean ovens in 2009 and 2010 and I would hate to break the law just like you!

Love that swirly tree on the first one, is it a die cut? I think I may need it for next year. xx

Linby said...

love these canes and the tags-great that you used scraps too. my bain is my scrap box I don't like it when it gets too full LOL!