Tuesday 22 December 2009

..checking it twice, then spinning.

This card has been stuck on my workroom wall for ages - it's my Christmas list, Birthday list and Priority list. Of course, the LOVE part of the message refers to my family, friends and blah blah blah (insert words of joy and humble appreciation) that you expect to hear about. But LOVE is an encompassing thing, and I like to think it includes all my stash - current and waiting to be purchased. And the clothes, and other non-essential stuff I have to have. Because it would look really bad if 'all' I needed in life was a great big long list of selfish requirements AND a gin and tonic, wouldn't it. And I know that Mr Dunnit likes me to have it all because of LOVE. Not RESIGNATION.
Any of you having trouble with your conscience? Let me know, I'll put a spin on it for you, free service!

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Hels Sheridan said...

Trouble? Conscience? Moi? Of course!!! I am troubled by the fact that it is nearly Christmas and I haven't done half the things I said I would...like all those New Year resolutions...out of the window by Januaury 3rd (I know, I stuck at it awhile ROFL) Anyways..I looove the sentiment there hun...except..can I say...all you need is LOVE and ... A HUGE BAILEY'S (with ice of course). Am just taking photo's of my disgusting desk ... will be back later....hugs x