Friday 4 December 2009

How many more?

Ooohhhemmmgee, I'm in multiple card making hell. And of course it's my own fault.
Don't misunderstand me; I love making cards. Stamping, cutting, sticking. It's my thang, my therapeee, my self expression (get your own bucket - I'm on a roll!).
What I'm not good at is repetition...and although I'm doing an order for 80 cards, in reality, it has to be 8 lots of 10 different cards. I lose the will to live just thinking about 80 of the same card. S'why I don't do wedding invitations and other number heavy stuff....although of course, if you're someone I love and you want me to, I'll change my policy. (I'm saying this because I have a brother-in-law who is as yet, unmarried and I would love a family wedding - it's been a while, and a price I'm willing to pay. I know; if I could I'd pat myself on the back.) So on the workdesk this morning you can see the first 30, and this afternoon has been a wrench of brain and willpower to get that number to 60 odd. Marathon people will recognise the white cards with the holly image. That's the wrench - I don't know why, but I hate doing the same card for different 'customers'. I've no idea why; I sorta think that it's a cheek to use an idea that you've already used when people are paying you for some handmade originalitynessish. And there's the willpower - there's so much else to do!
I seem also to be completely unable to do more than one 'project' at once...that distracts me and everything gets splintered, so despite the fact that I'm really pushing deadlines, this is how it has to work for me! That's probably very odd - how do you deal with it?
Anyhow..I just thought you'd like to know what I've been doing today, and probably what I'll be doing tomorrow. Oh, and talking of willpower - check out these babies - intact chocolate bars! Last night Miss Dunnit asked if she could have one and I very nearly barked at her.....I have explained. That nasty yellow light that every after 3pm photo of mine is bathed in - it's the so called daylight low energy, lasts forever bulb that I was conned into buying at Homebase by the guy manning the 'I'm-here-to-save-you-energy-and-money-and-therefore-the-world-by-changing-your-lightbulbs display. Ghastly, huh.
Have a lovely weekend y'all.


Chrissie said...

Oh Julia, you poor little lamb!
I really do mean it too, I can't think of anything I hate more than having to make repeat cards, in fact I refuse to do it anymore.
The last time was my eldest son's wedding cards, that was nearly five years ago now and I remember the boredom as if it were yesterday! Like you, I broke mine down into batches of ten (interspersed with numerous coffee breaks)
What I really want to know on earth have you managed to resist the chocolate whilst doing this? now that's REALLY what I call willpower!

Ruthie said...

Still there!!! So impressed about the choc! Am not good enough to be taking commissions! So will settle for being impressed about the choc!


Susie Sugar said...

Oh My !!!! What's this ...."What's on your desk Friday" !!? Lol
I do sympathize with you, I hate making any two things the same ....and guess what I haven't started making my Christmas cards to send out yet !! Shock horror , I will start tomorrow ....I said that yesterday and the day before !! He he
Thanks for the good luck with The Chip Shop xx

Paige said...

I'm the same I hate making large amounts of the same card. I even managed to get out of making the wedding invites for my nieces wedding by offering to make the wedding album instead. bad I know!
Nice to see all that choccy still intact! heaven knows how you have done that I'm sure I don't!!!

Angie said...

You are doing so well ..... how have you done so many so quickly. I think 10 would be my limit too ... of the same card. Well done at resisting the chocy bars ...I would have munched my way through them by now.

Lyn said...

Now, you see, I am always so surprised to find I've made a card that a) works and b) I like that I am more than happy to make another. Mind you, I don't think I have ever made more than 10 of anything, let alone 80 - eeeeek!

Don't even start me off about low energy bulbs - by the time I have pulled the light on, had a wee in our downstairs loo, washed my hands and pulled the light off again, I've had to use a torch to find the toilet paper to see.....

Pam said...

Oh Julia you poor thing, I'm with you I hate doing the same card over and over again, I actually managed a smile this morning when I counted the contents of my xmas card box as I think I may now have enough which means the pile of already coloured reindeers that were on my desk wednesday and are still there (just moved to one side) no longer need to be finished; may give them to the kids to make them for their friends!! I'm very impressed that the chocolate is still there. On a diffrent subject road tested a xmas pud last night (Matthew Walkers), hubbie said it was a bit too nutty (!!). Oh well back to the drawing board.

Pam x

Carmen said...

And there was me being all self congratulary on making one card yesterday. 80? Getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Poor you Julia!

Pssst. I actually like the orange glow - looks all warm and snuggly.

Ann said...

Making multiple cards the same design is really not for me! This year I've made 30 Wedding Invites and 50 Evening Invites for my niece's wedding. Had to resort to making them by mass-production method (i.e. one stage at a time) to get them finished as fast as possible so I could make something else! I really enjoyed the design stage though!
As for energy-saving light bulbs - I hate the things! No-one will ever convince me they are as bright as they claim to be. Bring back 100watt pearl bulbs I say.

Smudgemakes said...

My christams cards have already been sent out, and yes I did make them! How do we know these are the original choccy bars and not a fresh pile to replace the previous ones??? I too suffer from orange glow syndrome in my little craft corner, we are awash with energy saving bulbs!!!

loulou said...

Hi Jules, finally catching up with your blog, as always I enjoy your ramblings and still wondering what the chocolate bars are for?

Happy blethering Lou x

airing cupboard crafts said...

well done on the chocolate still being there - I have to admit if that was me it would have gone ages ago lol

Ohh I don't envy you making the same cards over and over good luck and when you have finished reward yourself with a bar of choccie!!!