Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Sorry everyone, a very slow start to the day for me, regretfully nothing to brag about!
Well apparently I can afford the very best baby wipes for my stamps! They were a special offer and oh boy, this 'second pack free' will be donated to someone who has a baby. I don't know why but I assumed that 'perfume free' would mean that they were completely unscented - but they aren't; they have the familiar Johnson brand smell to them and I find it a bit, hmm, cloying. Back to soap and a scrubber pad then.

Then you can see that I've been playing with the new floral stamps from Papermania. They are as so often, lifted (and not very well tidied up) clip art images, but no less gorgeous. Although as you can clearly see, they gave me some trouble. I ended up stamping the tulip image using marker pens and then a damp paintbrush to move the ink around a bit to 'fill' the tulip a bit. So now I've determined the technique I like to reproduce the image, I've simply got to find a card the other elements to make a card up - the idea in the photo isn't working for me just now!
Oh what mojo strain!

There's a sheet of foam pads on the left; I'm anal about the strangest things - I like to use them incredibly neatly, usually with a new sheet I start on a corner and work all the way around the edge, reducing equally. Weird huh!
Finally, and to answer Kathy from last week, you can just see a brown envelope with the small bulldog clip on it. It's an old wages envelope (remember them, anyone?!). I have 27 of them, each holding letters from the alphabet - printed pieces from a box full that I picked up at a sale n my local shop, Kraft Crazy. I don't use them on cards, but quite a lot on scrapbook pages - even this month's calendar page.

So there we are - if you have time now, show us your desk too; link and leave a comment here and we'll all visit. Please forgive me for being slow to visit; I will do it, but at snail's pace!!


Unknown said...

You take your time hun ... and indeed if you don't feel like visiting me ... well I shall understand X
I like the smell of J's baby wipes ... I also work carefully up the side of my foam pads ... but not around them ... just up and down :0) Sending you a hug ... something tells me you might need one today X

Mandy said...

such a beautiful stamp! so pretty!

Linby said...

Well thank goodness you are alright, was getting a little worried. Of course normally I would be at work and obvlivious but have a day off for "tiling" to be done today, so lots of time for browsing. Like that sentiment you have on your desk.

Penni said...

Hi Julia

What a nice budy desk, I do love this stamp, it is really pretty.

I'm also a bit anal when it comes to foam pads. I usually like to use Pin Flair Gel, but whenever the foam pads come out I have to be neat with them LOL!!!

Have a good day.


Victoria said...

oh so very tidy in comparison to my 'heap' of a room. Had to stop mid tidy to pop over and see what you're up to. Those flowers are looking so pretty.


Nicks said...

Hi there julia, hope you are OK, seems we are all quite light on the ground today. I love that new stamp, shame it seems quite tricky to use.
You would hyperventilate in shock at my foam pads, I have no anal order!

Angie said...

I was getting a little worried that you were unwell ...glad you were just busy....what were we to do without your link ...it makes everything so much easier.

Re baby wipes ...I know what you mean ...have you tried Tesco fragrance Free? ...almost no smell at all.

Those stamps, and what you are doing with them, is so eye catching and elegant.....wonderful cards in the making.

Hello, I'm Vicki said...

i'm glad you're doing ok - i was worried that you were ill!!!

and i agree with Angie - we use the Tesco fragrance free ones and they are really good :D :D
I love the stamps, and that card is gorgeous!!!! Hope you have a great afternoon xxx

patcrafts said...

I use Huggies no scent and are good for cleaning art stuff,painting on pages etc and cleaning stamps.
I am known for being exceptionally tidy but not with foam pads they end up stuck all over the place and take a look at my ribbon box.

Kathy said...

Hope you're okay, Julia - see how much we all worry about you! Your desk looks lovely and busy with some great stuff going on.
My photo is on my blog and I'll be catching up with all the others later

Anonymous said...

totally love the 'will show knickers for chocolate' sentiment at the top of the pic, classy bird!

Cheryl Boglioli said...

I found your site last week and LOVED looking at everyone's desks. So, this week I decided to play along. I can't wait to see your final card. Oh, is that a knife block to your upper left in the photo? What do you use that for?

Helen said...

I love that stamp! I use my foam pads in straight lines across-ways. (or I suppose it could be up-ways if you turn it round... hmmm) Posted some more drawers (boxes actually) today....

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Love the stamp Julia. And that card works for me, I love black + white with red or deep pink. What is that! 'I'll show my knickers for chocolate' - did you think we wouldn't work it out even though you've part-hidden it! LOL
Anne xx

Jane said...

I have left my link...nothing new today though from me..busy decorating our hall...BORING!!

Spyder said...

The flowers are looking good...although like Ann, I too, was reading your chocolate/knicker sign!!


Susie Sugar said...

Hello darling I was getting worried about you, I was early for once
I got in quick this week while my desk was clear, since then the postman has been twice and I have loads of new stash but my desk seems to have disappeared under it all !! Lol have to have a tidy now
Your desk looks nice and productive I love that flower stamp and the red you have stamped in suits it perfectly
I don't like those wipes either they are stretchy and fluff comes off them, I use the toilet wipes sadly they are not a bogof !!! Lol
Hugs Susie xx

Andria said...

Busy busy desk, those flowers stamps are looking stunning.

flutterbycrafter said...

Love that stamp, great desk. xx

Unknown said...

Hi Julia
I use the cheap ones no scent no acohol and no bits coming off.
love those flowers sorry now I walked pass them.
Desk not looking too bad this week.
Christine x

Esme said...

Only my second WOYWW, but I'm loving it! Your tulips are fantastic. I had a big stamping spree on Monday (haven't really done that before as normally I get frustrated when I drop the stamp and it smudges)!

Esme xx

Create With Joy said...

Morning Julia, glad that you are ok and just off to a slow start this morning (boy can I relate to that!) - I was worried when I did not see your post as usually by the time I get on there are, like, 55 people already signed on ahead of me and this morning I kept checking back for you!

I'm glad to have that review on the baby wipes as I know a lot of people swear by them but I've never tried them. The odor would bother me too!

Have a great day! Good luck with your stamp!


Annie said...

Hmmm baby wipes smell...I love it. I also love your flower stamp. Another busy busy day for me. I've done my Brittania outfit but in the time I did that my 'to do' rail filled to overflowing. God knows where they all took their sewing to before Sewing by Annie was set up :-)
A x

Hels Sheridan said...

Hey hun...I don't like the J wipes either...prefer the cheapy Aldi ones, they are really tough and get rid of loads of ink...Gawd knows what they would do a baby's bum though ROFL...hope all is okies..sending you a hug today xx
OH, BTW...my desk is messy today..and..the iron...erm...is for ironing paper napkins ROFL x

Angela Toucan said...

glad you are OK, impressive tupips on your desk

I use diposable nappy liners - I put them in a box with enough water to make them wet. As long as I clean them straight away (or at least place them stamp side down on a "home made wipe" the stamps clean up fine. (The kids clean up fine with them too)

voodoo vixen said...

Tip on the baby wipes Julia, buy cheapo ones... they obviously save on the perfumes!! ;)
Your desk looks very industrious today and the flower stamps are gorgeous!

Kerry said...

Love the stamp. Although I am horrible at coloring things in lately. Re: your comment on my post today lol I can keep busy for about a year or more with all the stuff I have in the underneath cabinet as well as every other available space in my room. Hence the budget from last week. I don't really need anything, not that I don't want anything though lol
Hope you have a great day :)

Sherry Goodloe said...

Here's mine for the week! http://gotart4u.blogspot.com/2010/03/march-31-2010-woyww-and-winnings.html

This is fun. It hasn't helped me tidy up any though *hee hee*. I had thought if I had to show the world where I create that I would be neater . . . NOT! LOL

And have no fear . . .Your mojo will return! :)

Pam said...

The stamp looks fab hon. I do so hope those knicker are clean ones!:-)

Hugs Pam x

Sandra said...

I keep looking at everyone's blog, and love see the WOYWW, but never really taken the plunge - now theres no stopping me LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm another careful foam pad user, I also pick mine off in neat little rows!!, oh the things you make us admit to, I thought I was perfectly normal until I joined in with this group!! Love the stamp, but what I really want to know is why will you shoe me your knickers is I give you chocolate???? That's just soooo not right!


Gez Butterworth said...

Great stamp Julia. Love the whole knickers thing! Sending BIG gentle cyber hugs. Leave visiting me til another day. It's quite okay hun.xx As for Johnson's miles too smelly. Simple make wipes too. :)

kelly said...

Julia how can you not like the scent of a Johnson's baby wipe???? i love the stamp and your desk is quite tidy. Different to how i have seen it before! Hope the mojo strain is not to bad???

Kelly x

Unknown said...

well, even post op - i was here just after 8 this morning with a no show from you so started my visits without you - sorry - but thought you'd be proud of us all - you have us sooooo well trained now!!

great to be back and actually join in this week - and thanks for the shout out on last weeks WOYWW... the support from WOYWWers has been phenomenal - you, yes you set this great feature up... Cheers me dear!!!!

Its taking me a bit of time to get round to everyone but now i know you've posted and mr linky is up it might be easier - it wasn't there when i last checked on your blog... hope you feel a bit better. x x x

Littlebearcrafts said...

Hi Julia,
I use my foam in lines, I hate if I forget and go out of line!
Sainsburys basic baby unscented baby wipes are great - no smell and cheap too. I use them to clean just about everything!
Well I won't hang around, lots of desks to visit!
Hugs, Clare x

Kaz said...

Glad you showed up today!! I love that stamp and think the card you're making is fab. How about moving the flower up just a bit? It looks lovely cut in that frame.
And do I spy some flowers on your desk? Have you opened the jar? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease tell me you have!! xxx

Minxy said...

I posted early as was working last night and i waiting up till gone 11 this morning but the Zzzz got to me before you posted, hence my late link, hope your ok, 1 question though.. why does it say you posted at 21.30 on tue 30th? did i miss something, you are in the UK arn't you?

KateT said...

Lol, love the chocolate sign, is it a stamp, if not then someone needs to make one! ** Kate **

Nikki said...

Hey Julia
That tulip stamp is beautiful I just love the way they can look when they have all the shadows on it , cute choc sign maybe it should go digi too :)
Hugs I have a small giveaway to win a digi too was saving it for here
hugs Nikki
I'll snoop in everyones stash in a bit

Mummylade said...

ooooh, wages envelope... I think I remember those... very thin weren't they? ;)

Love the flower stamp

peggy gatto said...

My first post here at this fun place!!!!
Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Pretty stamp! Would've linked earlir, but have been trailing around shops after my DD! xx

shirley said...

Well thank god I'm not the only one who uses foam pads like that. I was starting to think I was odd.

Anonymous said...

Hey..it's been a trial finishing a card for day's so to prove I am still around I have added my desk...I can't finish a darn thing lately my mojo's bit the dust!!!
I am trying though...honest!!!

Julie said...

I zoned in on the chocolate message straight away!! Those new stamps look interesting - great colours with the bright red Stazon!!! I'm a huge fan of push back and pile up!! Juliexx

Siobhan Brignull said...

brilliant idea for the letters in the envelopes, might have to do that myself, will join in soon

nicandalfie said...

love the stamped image, so pretty!! huggie pure baby wipes have no scent at all, they are strong and thick, i use them for my 2 year old and to clean my desk and the leather sofa, and my stamps and my hands pretty much anything that you can wipe gets it!

Unknown said...

just a thought = in weeks gone by, i've seen loads of peeps with tesco value baby wipes and these are what I use (for what its worth)... i think you were just trying to be posh by having the johnsons ones... ;O]


ps thanks for hosting another great, successful week of desks. i enjoyed it and it kept me entertained being as my activities are somewhat limited and i had nothing else to do. It took me longer to do though, tired now, hope your back is easing up a bit.

Gentle hugs (for both our sakes)

Paula x x x

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Great desk as usual, and as for baby wipes.. I just get the old packets left around when DD comes home and forgets to take her packets with her! Tesco's blue stripe brand at the moment! lol

Ann said...

Sorry I'm late Julia. I've got visitors here for Easter and although I'm desperate for my time blogging it does seem a bit rude to disappear for 2 hours (or more)!
Even more people taking part. It was a great idea of yours to start WOYWW. Must be nearly Week 52 by now - it needs an Anniversary-blog-hop-type-thingy or a giveaway don't you think?

Unknown said...

love the new stamp and the way you have coloured it, I am a bit late posting but photo was taken yesterday

Tracey said...

I am late but have posted, but no pic, explanation on my blog.
Well have Tesco own brand wipes but don't live near Tesco anymore so will probably change to Asda or Morrisons lol.
Love the stamp Julia, very pretty and the sentiment of the mat on your desk.

Caroline and Jayne said...

one day i'll do this but not brave enough right now ...actually i might not even be able to get to my desk let alone see it to photograph lol !
Good luck everyone x

ikki said...

Hi Julia, I popped by yesterday but I was too earlier for you! And, then I went back to bed, is this where you were? Anyway, I'm back nearly as bright as a new button (lol - if my chest didn't hurt) to see these lovely stamps. Don't you get great results experimenting with different colours! I'd say you had a good buy here to make up for those BW's. Sorry WOYWW'ers I'll be late visiting you. ikki

Caroline said...

Hi Julia - I've blogged my WOYWW, I know its Saturday, but better late than never, eh?
Good idea about holding the alphabet in envelopes too - very organised...x :o)

Anonymous said...

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