Wednesday 17 April 2024

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 776

I've captured myself in reflection! This was Tuesday night, I was wearing a fleece lap blanket because I had the shivers and felt quite unwell. I am fine though; think I was just super tired. There hasn't been much let up in the old schedule, but im happy to say that the untidy ness of my desk is not representative throughout my life!

I've committed to doing a workshop in May and so you see the beginnings of trying to make some samples. Trying. Golly, the odd half hours that I've snatched aren't the ideal way for me to work, I don't like unfinished! So...the jar actually has water in it, but I try to screw the lid on when I think I've finished with it. Because usually I haven't. Honestly, I've made a background for one image four times and I still don't like what I've done...I think the gap between brain and finger is too big. I shall mull it over a while! The mess is a bit worse than it looks I'm afraid...the journal and pad beneath it were moved to allow me access to the wet wipes in the green lidded box. There's   Umber of discarded stamps, ink pads and erm, GKW under the journal now...time for a clear and re-start. I don't know when though, this week is against me already! Please be sure to visit Sarah's blog if you want news of the WOYWW Crop next month. Meanwhile, enjoy some browsing amongst the inspiring and the tidy!


Chana Malkah said...

Hey, Julia!

I think your desk looks fine! Creation is always "messy!" I am sure that you will have amazing projects for your workshop! Good Luck!

I can't believe I am the first one here. That is a first! It is 12:30 AM here and I am off to bed!

Chana Malkah, WOYWW #1

Helen said...

I am sure you will come up with a good plan for the workshop soon! I am impressed that you are screwing the lid back on the water jar each time though...It was definitely chilly yesterday evening though, I'm not surprised you needed a blanket! Happy WOYWW Helen#2

Neet said...

I hope you are not coming down with a cold of some kind but it has been cold these past few days here, despite the sunshine at times between the hail/snow/rain.
Good luck with the samples and the plan for the lesson. Yes it does look a bit of a mess but then what else can you expect when you are creating?
Hugs, Neet 3 xx

BJ said...

Gosh you are so busy these days, I hope you find some more time at your desk soon. I'm suffering with heat flashes a lot more these days but sometimes I get the chills for no reason too. My body thermostat is really messed up. Just woken from 3 hours sleep with severe hand/wrist/arm numbness/pain, oh man. Hugs BJ#4

Mary Anne said...

I so enjoyed the one workshop I attended. All those cards really helped me build a stash and they were all lovely! Looking like the crop is a go so will hope to see you there!
Happy Woyww!
Mary Anne

Anonymous said...

Morti here - will comment later from a real computer cos my phone won’t do the Google thing!

Crafting With Jack said...

Good morning Julia. I don’t see a mess! I see creativity at work! I hope you are not coming down with a cold, it has been quite cold outside lately. We had hailstones yesterday! Happy WOYWW. Angela #7

Twiglet said...

I'm glad you enjoyed a bit of crafty fun tho it is frustrating when things don't quite go to plan. x x Jo

Kyla said...

Ooh love a fleece blanket too. Also super impressed you are screwing the lid back on, i know i would have spilt it many times and STILL not learnt, lol.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Looks absolutely normal to me. I'm doing a class too in May and trying for once to get samples made early as they will want to see them at the end of this month. Pleased to hear the shivers were nothing to worry about. Happy woyww, Angela x11x

Susan Renshaw said...

This looks like my desk!! Without the lid on the water...

Lynnecrafts said...

I hope it was just tiredness and you’re well today Julia. I never think of keeping a lid on my water jar, but maybe I should!
Good luck with your workshop planning
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 10 xx

Sarah Brennan said...

Hope those ideas flow! Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #13

Spyder said...

Morning Julia! Yes, the first thing I saw was you!! Great Picture! And about that wooden mouse, (T for Tuesday) when I first read it I was thinking of someone famous years and years ago, that had wooden false teeth! (erk) Your worktop looks fab to me! Have a great week ((Lyn)) #16

Kelly said...

Good morning, Miss Julia

A class sounds fun and I'd be happy to learn whatever you want to teach. Take a breath and dive in! You got this!

the desk looks like it should for someone who is snatching a few minutes here and there - which leaves no time for putting things away.

Creative Blessings & Hugs! ~ Kelly #17

Morti said...

Back again as me this time, I really don't understand why my phone won't sign me in on my Google Account for commenting, most bizarre!

So, this tidying malarkey.... what's that then? ROFL


Kathryn Frantz said...

So good to “see” you again! Made me smile!
What class or workshop are you teaching?
Is all of Mom’s moving, unpacking and wallpapering done?
Say “Hi” to all!

Happy Wednesday (err..Weekend)

Kathy #1