Friday, 27 November 2015

Well, that's that.

Last night I 'conducted' my last Christmas card workshop. There was no teaching of techniques, nothing but chatter actually, these gals are seasoned card makers. It was lovey. I just sat and chatted, basically. Shopkeeper Gal had to run around and find substitutes for things I'd left out of the supplies, and I just let it all happen . Works for me!
Woodware stamps set. The label at foot says We Three Kings, but you probably guessed that.

 Please et aside the fact that these cards are badly photographed. Its fair to say that this morning's light is no better than yesterday evening, so I've lost patience with the camera.All I want to do is show you!  I don't know if you're ever inspired by such card shots or not, but they at least go some way to proving that I craft rather just whine about no time and no mojo and everything being untidy. And dark.

Spellbinders dies. Cuttlebug embossing folder. To stick glitter paper to glitter paper, use silicone. Nothing else in my gluery woud grab it.
I started to write in my Christmas cards yesterday. And then had to explain myself to Jan. It's nothing at all to do with being ahead and smug. It's to do with using them and then seeing how many more I need to make. I could make a list, but I need to remain fluid about such things. And besides, I'd probably lose a list.

Woodware text, spellbinders snowflakes used as stencils.
What is already clear to me is that I take too long choosing which card to send to whom. I need to make greater numbers of each style to prevent this. Trouble is, I find that boring. What is even more clear to me at this point is that I need to make more cards. And now, now, I start to wonder why I ever thought I had made enough. Should've made a list...I may not have remembered all the recipients, but I'm beginning to think that the shock of the quantity would have kept me focussed!


Barb said...

Your cards are lovely Juia. All very different and I couldn't pick a favourite.

I only started writing mine yesterday although I usually try to get them all written before 25 Nov. I'm not being smug I promise. It's the absolutely only thing I'm generally organised with .....

Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

misteejay said...

Lovely cards Julia and I'm glad you were able to take some time and enjoy the last workshop.
Toni xx

Sue said...

Beautiful cards.

Hope you have had a fab Friday and you get a nice weekend. Sue

Helen said...

Firstly, in response to your comment, I have no intention of writing my cards yet (a job I hate, truth be told!) but I know I should...I will at some time soon find the list I keep from year to year, (it's around here somewhere..!) so I can check how many more I too, need to make! Oh, never mentioned - I LOVE your cards!

Tracy said...

All of your cards are lovely..I really like the white on white.
I used to make everyone a different card, but like you, I would agonize on who gets which cards.
Then I would make the same card but a few with a red theme, blue, etc.
Last few years I have just made them assembly style..but I was late so had to make them quick, lol.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

I have a few minutes!!! Having an ice and snow storm so things are shut down. Your cards are so pretty Julia. I pick my cards for the person also, It'd be easier if they were all the same but somehow I don't make my life simple.
Hope to be able to partake.WOYWW dealing with a roto cuff issue and swollen thumb joints. ! Have a fun week.

Kim said...

Your cards are lovely! I love the white snowflake. I know what you mean about choosing who gets what card; I usually make 5-6 designs, and as I use up my favorites I start second guessing who's left on the list! Takes forever!