Monday 29 September 2014

Creativity, and how it works for Me

So this post is part of the The Creative Blog Hop, that started so many links and posts back in time that the originator is unknown. Imagine that. My invite came from Sheri, known to Deskers for sure.  I strongly recommend that you visit her blog and take browsing time; my word, you'll get far more creative sense from her than you will here.

I'm actually going to do this in a Q&A format because otherwise I will run off at the keyboard and you will be asleep before bed time...
What are you working on at the moment?
In true Autumnal style, I'm actually working on Christmas cards for workshops. Here's one for this week.  I will soon be very fed up with Christmas greetings and in all likelihood, will not bother to make any cards to send as some sort of ridiculous counter-reaction.
Cuttlebug embosing folders, Woodware stamp.
How does your work differ from others in your genre?
Truly it does not.  I'm in the cutting and sticking section of the 'genre', a true follower, often very late to even pick up on a trend.  I cannot even pretend that anything I make is out of the ordinary.  The nearest claim I can make really is that I STILL prefer wood mounted rubber stamps, and that is very likely to set me apart.  A bit.
Why do you create?
Oh because making your own cards and scrapbooking is so much cheaper than buying commercial cards and creating online albums.  Said no card maker ever.  I erm, 'create' because I can. makes me happy. 
How does your creative process work?
Well,  first of all I get all the necessary chores done, then I whine about not having any time to myself and then I sit at my desk and wish I knew what to make, then I get an idea and I spend three hours trying to force it out of my head and onto card stock.  Then, when that fails to bring about art, I make a five minute card in an effort to justify my time wasting selfishness. It's a process, it's just a bit ugly and has nothing about it that could redeem me in the face of real artists.  The secret?  Use great's proof:
Quietfire images, notepage die by Joy.  

So there we are - another day not wasted in finding out the truth....when I say I'm as shallow as a puddle, you've got to believe me! It's been fun, people.  Look out for real crafters and artists doing real Creative Blog Hop posts near you!


Helen said...

This really made me smile! I love the Christmas card, it's beautiful. cut and stick indeed - no way! Have a great week.

Sue said...

I prefer wood mounted stamps as well:)

I love the card.

Hope you have a good start to the week.

shazsilverwolf said...

You always make me smile, Julia! Love the comments, and both cards are fab. Brilliant in their simplicity! Hows that for you? Hugs, Shaz xxx

froebelsternchen said...

two beautiful creations!

Krisha said...

LOL! Oh Julia, you know we ALL go through the same thing! Your just brave enough to put it into print!
Great cards. Always like the 2hour/10 minute ones the best...LOL

Unknown said...

When I read your post I just had to comment. We are very much alike. I too follow and put up obstacles that 'must be done' and then complain I have no time, get the time and my juices for creativity cant go from head to paper. Hello there Sister!!! heehee I too did a quick card this morning. I tried to make it meet a couple of challenges but all this takes so much time for me, not sure I will enter in time. But visit my site because I will post it, even if that is as far as it goes. See you around the 'obstacle' course my dear!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are my hero. Even when you're being serious, you're funny. Laughed and laughed.

Like you, I prefer wood mounted stamps. So many of my stamping friends (OK, three to be exact) have removed all the backs from their stamps and bought that horrible gray stuff to mount them on. They say it's to save on storage, says the gal with an ever growing number of wood mounted stamps (BTW, most came from Michael's and cost $1.00 USD).

Loved the cards. And I like your style, too. What I like about them is you can fit them in an envelope and they go for regular letter postage rate. I've seen some that either had to be hand delivered, or it cost a fortune to send them due to thickness.

You go girl!

Unknown said...

What a great post! I totally know what you mean about making all manner of Christmasy stuff and then not even sending out cards. :)

Cardarian said...

Very interesting reading - ha, ha a bit of a look into Julia's thinking process! Love all the cards you have shown - he, he will come handy for Xmas ideas! I am still not in Kent but I am hoping to be there soon and then we will have a weekend of fun!
Lots of hugs,

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I came back to comment that the square cards cost extra to send in the US. I see so many of them that size in the UK, it must not cost extra.

I'm having a whale of a time keeping my computer going. I need to get guru Scott to see if he can work on it. Although I planned to join WOYWW tonight, I don't think the computer will stay stable long enough to make the rounds. I truly apologize and hope to be back next week. I miss my WOYWW friends and family.

Elizabeth said...

A great post, Julia, and I know just what you mean about making Christmas cards ... there comes a time when I'd rather glue my eyelids together than make one more! That said, your cards are lovely and you definitely have style :) Thanks for such an entertaining post. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Kelly said...

Lovely little post. Psstt. I really prefer wood mount stamps, too. I often pick the polymers from SU simply because they are less expensive and take up less space. Sentiments are the only thing I'm a stickler for woodmount from them.

Christmas will be here and gone soon. Then the wheel starts all over :-) Creative Blessings!

Unknown said...

I took part in this blog hop back in August but it was called by a different name. Was fun and I have enjoyed reading the posts of others involved. Your Christmas card is very cool! I've been taking part in some challenges all year which has helped me get mine done with minimal frustration, and I'll have enough this year plus gives me blog posts. And I think I'm in some swaps this year so I need a bunch! Enjoyed reading this!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

In all the posts for the creative blog hop, yours must be one of the funniest, Julia. Even if you think your cards don't differ from others (although I quite admire them), your humor truly sets you apart. You never fail to amuse me!

Robyn said...

enjoyed getting to know you a bit better, and of course, seeing a Quietfire design stamp staring back at me!
and who are you inviting next???

Darnell said...

I'm so excited that you took part in TCBH, Julia! You could have talked much longer and I would still be awake! You leave us wanting more, that's for sure. I enjoyed reading your interview with yourself, although I think you were too hard on your creative process, your work product, and your shallowness. You have the fans to prove you wrong! Hugs, Darnell

HeARTworks said...

Such a wonderful post! You are funny without even trying! And the cards are beauuutiful!!! I could read your posts forEVER! But alas! I am trying to make a travel expense account and it is driving me CRAZY!!! The receipts are in Korean, why did I not consistently write what we spent on!!!! So I am taking some time off to lower my frustration!!! Patsy from

Anonymous said...

Great post! A peek inside your head :). I like wood mounted stamps but hate the expense. For me, the ideal situation is the red rubber, already cling mounted but without the bock. Storage is easy, the cost is less and the stamping better than clear stamps. Wouldn't it be nice if every stamp could come in your shoice! :)

Just killing time awaiting WOYWW ... Since 4:10 actually, if it were light enough and not disruptive to the snoozing family I'd be crocheting.... :)


Anonymous said...

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