Wednesday 13 August 2014

WOYWW ..What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 271

If you're an onlooker, read the two WOYWW related pages shown at the top of this blog and become a participator - go on, it's harmless - and fun!
I took this photo yesterday at about 4pm.  I thought that I had finished my desk-time for the day, see.  Then Mr D rang to say he'd be later home than usual, so I carried on.  Until 6.45pm! Amazing.  Mind you, it meant that we didn't eat 'till almost nine!  
The mug was freshly empty - low cal hot chocolate, despite the sunshine; it was as near to chocolate as I dared get. You can see that the tree card is the second incarnation on the desk...and that's what the buttons I ordered last week are for. 200 of these little hearts take up no room.  But they do take up lots of patience when you want to thread twine through them. Chump of an idea.
Before anyone gets excited, the syringe is full of silicone glue. Not deliberately out of shot but only just visible...brand new wood mounted stamps.  The love of my craft life. I'll show 'em in more detail soon, I don't doubt.
And then, because my little Alien Crop Souvenir from Mary Anne sparked interest, here he is in full glorious sunshine.  It's the sneakers that do it for me! Such great detail.
So now, decide to show off your workspace too...paper, fabric, food, whatever, we like to envisage you at your desk, doing.  Share and tell, please.  And this week, hopefully blogger will co-operate slightly more and more visits can be made!


Helen said...

I do like it when it's not too hot for hot chocolate!! Love the desk - the tree with the buttons looks fab, even if it's a pain to thread them all... but plain buttons are just plain wrong! Have a great week.

Nikki said...

Wow that would make me go crazy slowly stitching through all those buttons I would do it but it would be a slow process your card is looking wonderful hugs Nikki 5

Ohhh Snap said...

It looks like the Christmas stamps are being used : D. Love the button trees. Your alien is fabulous! The sneakers really are the bee's knees!

fairy thoughts said...

Oh I do like the little alien he looks very at home on your desk. Good that you got to play for longer on your desk, I bet you managed to get lots done especially if it was hot chocolate fuelled.
Have a good week
Janet .... No 2

Annie said...

Love the tree card....just need to find my buttonw now lol
It's an early start for me today....still nothing definite but we are still hoping to move on Friday :-)
Off to pick up my new car...the one we bought only 3 months ago died a death when it's cam belt went!!...just another bit of s*** in our lives eh?
As they say...things can only get better....can't they? :-) [yep I'm still smiling]
Annie x

Anonymous said...

Awwww. He does look cute, sitting on the desk like that. I am just not ever going to escape Christmas on desks, any time of year, so I should just stop letting it bug me. I know If I didn't do everything so last minute I would probably love seeing happy holiday stuff all year...I'm sure it's the envy towards other better prepared crafters that makes me go ACK! CHRISTMAS! :)



Lunch Lady Jan said...

That Christmas tree card is yummy! The buttons work well but to put twine through each one is slightly masochistic!! I'd have lost patience at button 3........
See ya later,
LLJ 12 xx

RosA said...

Oh, too much patience required for those buttons :) I would have been tempted to GLUE them on :)
Love the "desk critter" and his sneakers ... too cute!
RosA # 13

Robyn said...

I"ve had many a great idea that domed in greatness when I multiplied it times 10, or 20!
So glad to see you back to your crafty self!
time for you to make an announcement...
robyn 14

Neet said...

He is so cute! And so is your C Card. Love the button idea but I think mine would have to remain unthreaded.
Thanks for sharing your desk and inspiring us all to follow suit.
Hugs, Neet 11

505whimsygirl said...

I like the overhead shot of your desk. I could be much that way. the card looks very cute at the little buttons are adorable.

The little alien is adorable!
happy woyww,

peggy aplSEEDS said...

Your button tree is soooo cute! And I love how you even put twine through the buttons! Happy WOYWW, Julia!

Unknown said...

Lovely to see you are getting your Christmas Cards done! Have a great week. Karen #22

Bridget Larsen said...

Yeah right...we know what that syringe really holds LOL. That is a late dinner indeed, I would have had instant noodles lol
Bridget #20

froebelsternchen said...

fantastic button trees!

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Julia, loving the alien, and those stamps look very interesting, from what I can see. Can you remove me at 17 please- my phone link didn't work again! I need to investigate this and figure out what I'm doing wrong, lol. Hugs, Shaz xxx

Debs Willis said...

Love the little alien! And looking forward to seeing the stamps :-)
Debs x

Jackie said...

Love the little red heart buttons you ordered !
They look great on your card!
Nothing to beat new rubber stamps!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing them in there full glory!
Jackie 16

glitterandglue said...

Morning, Julia. I confess that I am back on the hot chocolate too! Comfort food, you know!!
I love your little alien - great fun - and that card looks lovely - even if it does take some patience to thread the buttons - well worth the effort.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #27

Sharon Madson said...

Good morning Julia! I couldn't sleep, so here I am in the wee hours visiting you. :) Wishing I had some hot chocolate! What fun things you are doing with the buttons. TFS

sandra de said...

Lovely Xmas card and I do hope those little buttons came already threaded with twine otherwise it is a labour of love.
Sandra de @ 33

Carol Rigby said...

Love the design of your card. Even though I looove Christmas, I can't get over the shock of seeing Christmas cards in the summer. But I know card makers have to start early.

Twiglet said...

Perfect little button tree - great idea! Have a good week. x Jo

Bernice said...

I like your little alien companion - much less destructive than a cat in the craft room! Those buttons do look fiddly, but worth the effort - just as long as you don't have too many of them to do!
Bernice #37

Anne said...

Fan card Julia! I still haven't started em! After having to buy them last year I'd vowed to start early but 'twas not to be' Happy WOYWW Anne x @35

Gillian Pearce said...

Love the alien's trainers too! He's very cute. Really like your christmas card but think I would have to stick the buttons on. You're sewing is much prettier though.

Have a fun week!
Gillian #33

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Julia...really like your Christmas card...oh yeah and tying bows through them, mmm well!!!! I saw on FB today there are 20 Fridays till Christmas-that is scary. Now your alien is just fabulous, Mary Ann is very clever. Cheers and have a super week RobynO#39

Sue said...

Loving the little card

The alien is cute:)

Hope you have a happy WOYWW
Sue 38

Tertia said...

How cute is that little alien?!! Love him.
So glad to see what you are going to do with all those buttons, I was getting very curious, but... I would hire a little one to thread all of them. They need the practice, now don't they?

Diana Taylor said...

I love the Christmas card - those buttons are definitely worth the effort - they are a great idea and look fab on it. Love the little robot friend too! Hope you have a great week
Diana #45

misteejay said...

Love your alien.

I think those little buttons would have been out on the lawn by have more sticking power than me when it comes to fiddly stuff.

Toni xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Julia, lovely Christmas tree card, but I don't think I'd like to thread twine through more than a few of those dinky wee heart buttons, delightful though they are :)

The little alien is adorable - love the trainers too. Mary Anne is so clever.

Hope you are keeping well now. By the way, hot chocolate, even the low calorie kind, is, in my opinion, no substitute for the real thing :)

Hugs, Elizabeth x #47

PS: those are beautiful layouts in your previous post.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great idea for a christmas card.
Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #46

Francesca said...

Hi Julia, back again hopefully longer this time. Love the little alien looks so cute. Francesca #48

Christine said...

Julia you have no idea how much I love Wednesdays, to go visiting and not even get wet!!
It was nice of Mr D to work so late, I hope you thanked him properly!!!
Thank you for the close up of MaryAnn's alien - I never saw them up close at the crop, but they are a great work of art!!
Love the button trees!
Bishopsmate #50

pearshapedcrafting said...

Hi Julia,
Love the card, although it does look like an in front of the telly job threading those buttons. I used to love it when T said he would be back late. Of course now he's here ALL of the time - still no hobby!!!! Not taking part this week - still feel bad about not getting back to some folk last week and I know we'll have the same connection problems this week! Hugs, Chrisx

Anonymous said...

How nice to see a bit of Christmas on your desk, makes a nice change! Diet hot chocolate really doesn't sound very nice though, you can keep that, lol! Love the funky little alien, that MA is so clever at construction and stuff like that. Me, I measure three times, cut once and then go "bugger" and do it all again!

Brenda 53

J said...

Hi Julie, busy desk as usual.
I agree about the Alien sneekers, just brilliant
Have a great weekend
Jan S no 55

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love your Christmas tree card, and may need to try that idea this year. The alien you got is really cute, and I agree that the sneakers were a great finishing detail. Happy WOYWW and Blessings!

Neesie said...

What are you talking about Julia...LOW CAL CHOCOLATE! Come on a girl can't live on that especially when there's creations in the making!
Gorgeous Christmas tree cards.
The buttons definitely look the part ;D
Love the alien too
Have a happy WOYWW and week
Neesie #62 xoxo

Mrs.D said...

Well I've arrived, late in the day, but glad to see you are doing Christmas cards now and I'm not the only one.
that syringe on your desk is very similar to one on my desk much of the time, it is because we are 'craft junkies'
Thanks for hosting
Chris #63

Angie said...

It is NEVER too hot for coco and pish-posh to the low cal stuff, give me fully leaded! Heck I drop a scoop into my coffee some days! Love the busy fun that's returned to your desk. And your post ;)
Angie # 64

April said...

Your alien needs a name! He is absolutely adorable. I'm sure the twine in the button is worth all of your suffering. Beauty is painful you know. :-)

sandysewin said...

I hope you're not making that little tree with ALL its buttons in huge multiples. Wait, you said 200 buttons? You're not threading them all yourself? (I'd be running out screaming somewhere around the second or third card.)

That alien IS darling. What a fun little desk mascot.

Happy creating and Happy Woyww,

Sandy #55

Eliza said...

Are you bonkers Julia? 200 bloody buttons to be threaded and stuck on cards, blimey you really are a glutton for punishment.

I do love your little desk critter and those runners, brilliant.

Hope you have a productive week.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

Claire Grantham said...

I like the Christmas card. Great use of the buttons. Are you going to get tired of making them though, as they seem quite fiddly! Cx #68

Unknown said...

I love those little Christmas trees you're making. I'm always trying to get in some crafty time before I make dinner which usually happens around 6. The problem is I'm a morning person, and I'd rather craft first thing in the morning every day! Have a great week and hugs! Sandy Leigh

BJ said...

As I have actually done some crafting today and was doing a blog post it seemed only natural to link up this week. Love your alien and the buttons! BJ#69

Amy E said...

Still loving those little buttons and what you're doing with them on the tree card! Adorable!!

Happy WOYWW!
Amy E. #8

Princess Judy Palmer said...

It took me awhile to find your pointy-eared alien last week so I'm glad he is center court today. Nice shot of the desk with lots of things happening. The card is great but I'm always leery of weighting things done with button. I love that style of Christmas tree.

Unknown said...

Hooray...finally all ducks lined up and I get to link again. :) Thanks for hosting xoxo

okienurse said...

awesome looking desk with all sorts of fun things to snoop through. Looking forward to seeing the new stamps! I am home and hoping to be able to spend more time crafting. Looking forward to a quiet fall! Vickie #75...a good year!

Nikki said...

I like that die it's simple an sweet try moving the tree off center and adding in a sentiment at the bottom along side and voila cas card :)

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

It is never too hot for hot chocolate. I have taken to adding sachets to my travelling crafting bags, even when the temperature is about 25. Hope you have a great time playing with those new stamps. xx Maggie #76

Ali H said...

Love your Monster companion !! How funky-cute is he ! Ali xx

VonnyK said...

I'd definitely give up on the thread in the buttons, too much pain there. It's looks great but at what cost to your sanity. I'm really looking forward to seeing the stamp on the bottom of the two in the bottom of the photo, it looks beautiful from what I can see. I love, love, love your little alien, he is so gorgeous.
Have a great week.
Von #30
P.s. I'm trying to get wall space in the shop for Nov and Dec, so fingers crossed there.

HeARTworks said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Julia! I loved talking about my favorite things and showing it off! Guess that's why I like WOYWW too- I get to show off my mess (which is dear to me!) Some folks are just plain weird!!!! Thanks for showing off your alien- I was really curious about it! patsy

Ohhh Snap said...

I left you a note on your facebook timeline thingy, and then I found a note that someone left on mine but didn't show up on my timeline. So I'll add it here as well.

You had pondered finding embossing powder that looks like iron filings. I recommend these people (they have over 200 sorts I believe).

And I thought Tim Holtz had a recipe for making sand embossing powder and that you might be able to combine some of the elements of that with the colour and dull shine of the Sparkle and Sprinkle embossing powder.

Anonymous said...

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