Friday 29 August 2014

It just came over me......

I was tidying up the horrors of the old workdesk and unpacking from a workshop when I decided that I needed to get a grip and do some sorting as well.  I'm not sure what made me at all; I guess we all have these moments - and this time, I was weak and gave in! I tackled the stuff that was on top really.
I tidied up a large sheet of gems that came to me from Baker Ross...I love it, huge amounts of each colour and now it's tidy, it actually folds and fits into my gem storage.  Which is good, because knocking about on my desk makes it ragged.  And taking off your bra at night to find a lime green gem stuck to your boob - well, it has to stop.
And then gentle reader, I tackled some ribbon.  I had a huge pack of lovely bright satins from Baker Ross and had of course, left them in a heap on top of my ribbon vase.  So, last night, whilst I could have been lolling and gently snoring (not to mention the dribbling), I got all motivated and ironed the ribbons and wound them onto the dolly pegs.  Took the photo this morning when my life partner asked that really, ironing ribbon - wasn't that the limit?
I knew you would understand gentle reader.  Indeed, I know some of you will recommend hair straighteners to whip through 'em.  No need.  The moment has passed and I will be moving on from this.  For quite a while, probably! This 'thing' that came over me - it's gone now.  
Now, if our Annie was on-line after her house move, I'd link this to her Friday Smile feature. Because I'm a bit smug about these little jobs. But, she's still in the void and frankly, it's not as if I deserve a medal, huh.
Have a lovely weekend.


Kathyk said...

You deserve a medal after all that tidying and .... shh, don't tell but I TOTALLY understand about the gemstone incident!


Sue said...

OK what have you done with the real Julia?:) LOL

I put my ribbons on those dolly pegs as well.

Enjoy your weekend.

fairy thoughts said...

Ironing ribbon ? If that doesn't take the biscuit .... And the cake ..... And if I dare say it .... The choc choc too. Well a girls gotta do .... As I usually say!
You deserve cake on Friday .... You know the one

Belinda Basson said...

I had the sewing machine out, now you are ironing ribbon...there is something going on in the universe!

Helen said...

I get the ironing ribbon (not that I do it, but I get it!) and I say medals are for sure in order! That sheet of gems looks fab - and I'm glad they won't get stuck where they shouldn't now... it's like the backing to foam dots.. they get walked everywhere!!
have a great weekend.

glitterandglue said...

Oh yes you do deserve a medal, Julia. I have similar piles of things - but....

KatzElbows said...

Julia next time you get such a strange urge, sit down and wait for it to pass. I I hope that the next time you use ribbon you don't need a crinkly bit.

Debs Willis said...

No way can you be smug with that line green gem stuck to your boob!
Hope the madness has passed!
Big hugs
Debs x

okienurse said...

OMG! I can relate...went to bed with a bat on the boob the other night...Thats what happens when you get up braless and in jammies to craft at night! Congrats on getting organized!

mamapez5 said...

I.m with you all the way. I have just sorted beads and then pens. I'm not sure what is next on the list. I miss Annie's Smiles. Hope she is back soon. Kate x

Hettie said...

Ironing ribbon?????!!!!!! For pity's sake Julia!!!!!!! Go and have a drink or something girl. Don't you realise that if you roll the ribbon onto the pegs it irons them out!
Good grief woman!
Tee Hee

Elizabeth said...

Well, I think you do deserve a medal. Julia! Ironing ribbon before you need it is beyond the call of duty - perhaps you should award yourself the CDM (Cadbury's Dairy Milk):) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Jacki Daniels said...

Gems on boobs yep had that even glitter in me knickers haha
loving the dolly peg idea you can always come and sort my ribbons out hehe have a greaty weekend

Aileen said...

Glad to see someone getting motivated, good girl. I'm love seeing others doing what I could be doing. Great thing about the gem being stuck to your boob is 'its no longer lost, you know where it went and managed to save it'

Robyn said...

Nothing like a good tidy to keep you from doing some other gastely task!

Krisha said...

Had to laugh at the stray green gem on your boob, was beginning to think your dressed fancy for your MR......LOL

Great clean and sort you did, even ironed the ribbons!

misteejay said...

Ummm, are you sure you are feeling okay LOL

I must admit that I occasionally have these mad ideas but I usually manage to resist.

Have a great weekend Julia.

Toni xx

Eliza said...

I have to be desperate to get the ironing board out so ironing ribbon there is no way it is going to happen here. I do sometimes use the hair straightener if the ribbon is really bad but usually opt for covering up the bad bit with some decos.

Sorry not been around and haven't been able to get to talk to anyone.

Hugs Eliza

Leslie Hanna said...

You TOTALLY deserve a medal! Doesn't it feel good to organize, if even a tiny bit, though? I love that momentary "clean" feeling. Then I'm over it and back to normal.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Julia,
Wow, you've been straightening up for next Wednesday! You certainly have a lot of the gems! Now, I must confess, I'm kinda with your DH on the ironing of the ribbon. Haaa
When I was little my mom would pay me 10 cents an item to iron. I was ironing the pillow cases and my dad's hankies! tee hee.


Shoshi said...

ROFL Julia - Bejewelled Julia I should say!! You should have left it there.

Love the gems and the ribbons! What a lovely colourful post all round.


HeARTworks said...

You are always hilarious! And for that you deserve a medal! :^) patsy