Friday 22 August 2014

Something for the weekend?

It's a Bank Holiday weekend here in Blighty and that usually means rain. Not to automatically fall into a British stereotype and moan about the weather, but oh well, I have. This summer has been fantastic.  And I think that's why we're all noticing the changes now..they seem so sudden. Mornings are distinctly chilly, the sun seems very slow to rise and in the evening, it's dipping faster and has a definite tinge of autumn to it. It's too fast!
So as a last hurrah, yesterday's workshop was 'Summer Grunge' and there we were in the shop, using bright colours and grunging stuff up in a summery way...wearing sweatshirts and long sleeves and surrounded by newly arrived Christmas stock.  Bizarre.

 The flip flops and text from a set by Woodware, the damask style stamp is by Kaiser.
Shopkeeper Gal didn't turn so much as a hair when I handed her the flip flop card as a sample. After all, they're erm, flip flops.  But the next one, with a chair on it...well. See, her logic says that an unpholstery person or furniture maker would want a card with a chair on it, but no-one else. I say she's too literal. And her logic is flawed in my opinion. Does that mean that the flip flop card can only go to a cobbler?  Blimey, my card collection and worse, my stamp collection would suddenly have very limited use!  
Text stamp by Kaiser, emboss folder is a Cuttlebug one and the chair die is Marianne.
She doesn't get it at all, and I almost get her not getting it, in the literal sense of what goes on a card.  Her nearest use of furniture on a card was a chandelier and I think it gave her the wobbles to actually give it away in case the recipient 'didn't get it'. Well I get it. It's a nice card, with a nice image, handmade especially for you.  What's not to like.  And to be honest, if my card to you features furniture or teacups, be happy.  It means I was humming along in my comfort zone and having a great time making your card.  
And so back to the weather..which just may give me an excuse to play....
Whatever your plans, I hope it works out to be a fab weekend for you!


Sue said...

Both cards are fabby.

Hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Helen said...

I get the flip flops more than I get the chair, but I appreciate the work you put into them. Hope you have a crafty weekend - I will, I'm away with mates at crafty classes! A fab way to end my week's holiday.

fairy thoughts said...

I get it ... The flip flops say... Chill and the chair says ... Put your feet up and ... Well chill because you taken your flip flips off I'm probably to literal too
Enjoy the weekend ..its not going to rain

scrappymo! said...

I titally get them andlove them both.

For me, life is better in flip flops. that is all i bring to the lake other than my indoor runners (trainers) which are only for the gym. The gym I need to visit more often...but best laid plans and all! lol

The chair is so inviting to me...we all get sidelined by life and forget to sit awhile. The chair to me is a reminder of the impartance of "me time".

Sorry I have not dropped by in a long time. Hope to change that up once home again and back into Fall routines!

Krisha said...

I really do like both of these cards Julia. I am a flip flop wearer for sure!

I can't believe she doesn't see any possibilities in the chair card! I can see Sit Awhile....and celebrate your birthday, or and enjoy the view, your new home, and hold your new grandbaby....etc., etc. As the flip flops, come off, slide on and go "flip" "flop" LOL

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Debs Willis said...

Love the flip flops, very summery. The chair says,
"Feet up, have a cuppa" to me!
Debs x

pearshapedcrafting said...

End of the Summer and time to put you feet up - yes please(actually I am!) Have a great weekend, Chrisx

Robyn said...

Hand made, I love it. You don't have to explain it to me!
If you had a cutting machine, you could cut our 3D flip flop file! Remind me and I'll send you some.!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Had to laugh at the cobbler comment. And I get BOTH cards. Must be my dry British inherited-from-my-Grandmother humor coming into play. What's not to get, I ask!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I love the chair card!! We had rain yesterday but today is looking up (and sunny!).

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Julia,

I like both cards. The chair card is definitely an invitation to sit and relax and enjoy the day.

Funny you mention the weather. It's the same here. The evenings are cooling down and the leaves are starting to change! We may have a nasty winter if this is the sign of things to come!


Monica said...

One for someone with a foot fetish and another for the home decorator.

Kim said...

I love both cards, the colors are great! And to me the chair is a"welcome" , "congrats on a move" or just plain "Relax". And I've used flip flops for birthdays forever. (well they are summer birthdays, and we come from Cape Cod...perfect sense to me!)

Eliza said...

I'm blonde and I get it what's not to get, the card is made with love with a particular person in mind so they should be happy to receive a card made for them.....I like chairs, tea cups and other bits and bobs stuff. Honestly the person receiving should be eternally grateful we had them in mind when creating. So what's not to get, I ask you now. Alright I have just had a brilliant idea where does garden furniture come into the equation with her. Tell her to go and take a long jump of a short pier. Oh and the are Thongs in Australia and not the ones you wear under your clothes. LOL

Hugs Eliza

VonnyK said...

I'm blonde and an Aussie like Eliza and I get it too. When I saw the thongs (flip flops to you) I loved it. Now, not that I'm rubbing it in, but next week is the start of spring for us, so the thongs are very appropriate. What's not to like about the chair, it's gorgeous. I think that girl is just not arty farty like all of us!!

HeARTworks said...

I love chairs!!! Birdcages! Chandeliers! Whatever! Doesn't have to mean anything! ha ha! :^) patsy