Monday 4 August 2014

My Life is in a Teabag

It was a crop weekend and a very lovely day I had, thank you.  I was so exhausted when I got home that I didn't unload the car. Well, OK, Mr Dunnit had timed the cup of tea making so perfectly that I walked through the door, went straight to my armchair and clean forgot!  
A conversation about how much you get done in a day when you're at home all the time was very interesting. The Enthusiastic Educator is of course, on school holiday.  I work from home *ahem* and was able to enter the discussion.  Of course, my specialist subject is procrastination.  We did talk about how you start the day full of intent to get to a specific chore/thing, and by the end of the day, although tired, one is left wondering why the 'thing' isn't done and where did the day go?  

Well let me use this very morning as a fine example of that which the girls called Tea Bag know, it gets in the water and spreads out until all is tea coloured spreading and touching it goes with chores, I think.     

L-R Papers and photos, inks, sponges, pens, embellishments boxes, dies, assorted 'mayneeds', and the beverage bag...containing real needs..tea, coffee, salad dressings, oh and collapsible bins..

Today, I have a school friend coming for lunch; second catch up of the year, so quite a big deal.

I got up early because as a priority, I need to do some grocery shopping. The cupboards are bare and if I'm to display any decent hospitality, it would be nice to at least have some milk in our coffee.  So the washing's on, as usual, but other jobs have been re-prioritised as it were, to do in an order that will get 'visitor welcoming' jobs done first.

I figure that food shopping is the priority whilst its cool and others are at home doing their chores.  Saunter to the car, open the boot to check on the number of shopping bags and find the bagged up stash. Obviously, I took photos - which involved going to get the camera, and turning on the PC for its warm up routine.  The car is unloaded..all the bags are now in a heap on the workroom floor...I should prolly put everything away. But the PC is warm and I'm ready to type.  Already much later than I anticipated going out, I'm now typing a post which I had rather relegated to an afternoon position on the old mental list. 
Now I can hear the washing machine doing a last-but-one spin, so I may wait now and hang that washing out before I go.  And while I'm waiting, I may have to throw the hoover around downstairs.  And in just considering this, I have remembered the pile of papers and such that I promised Mr D I'd deal with before my friend arrives.   You're getting the picture. I think, for lunch, I may take my friend out.  Then we can pop into the supermarket on the pretext of needing milk and I'll just carry on and get everything on my other, real list.  I would show you the LOs I did at Crop, but I really need to get on. And that reminds me, I need to add teabags to the shopping list.


Julia Dunnit said...

Don't ask me why the font size changes. I cannot fix it!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Ha ha! I can totally identify with this. Being a SAHM and also 'working' from home, I find the chores expand in length of time taken, to fill exactly the amount of time you have available.

fairy thoughts said...

Ha ha that's so funny must remember it on Friday

Morti said...

That, my friend, is Parkinson's Law of Economics - "Work expands to fill the time available for its completion".

Something we all suffer from....

shazsilverwolf said...

Very funny Julia- mainly due to the truth of it! I smiled at your 'mental list'- reminded me of a conversation a while back at my Sons house. Can't remember exactly what it was about, but Beloved Hubby asked our DIL Becky to make a mental list. Up pipes my Son, 'That'll be easy- all my wifes lists are mental'. And he still lives, lol. Hugs, Shaz xx

Eliza said...

Yep I have days like that too but working from one day into the next the days all get muddled, good friends don't worry about food they just tag along and chat .

Hope you have a fun day

Hugs Eliza

Helen said...

oh Julia, you had me laughing out loud at this post ! I hope your day went well and your list of things to do before your friend arrived, happened... well I think I know the answer to that one! Now I know why when I came to stay for the WOYWW crop we ended up in the supermarket, ha ha ha!!

Sue said...

You did make me laugh:)

When I worked I always got things done at home, but now I am home all the time I tend to think, oh I can do that tomorrow. Trouble is there's always another tomorrow:)

Hope you had a lovely catch up with your friend.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Actually that sounds a bit like MY day, except I call it "often distracted by shiny things." I can totally relate!

misteejay said...

I sooooooooooooo know what you mean. One thing leads to another and before you know it the day has gone.
I hope you had a good visit with your friend.
Toni xx

Mrs.D said...

Good Morning Julia, isn't is wonderful to be so flexible about your day, instead of trying to stick to a timetable which clearly isn't going to work.
We tend to keep our carrier bags on the back seat of the car so have done the shopping then opened the boot to put it in only to find it full with stuff.
Hope you enjoyed the workshop.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Julia the things that teabags do to us .. really sad isn't it.. or is it??
... doesn't it make life more interesting ... that is my excuse and am sticking to it! :D Shaz in oz.x

Elizabeth said...

I'm backtracking Julia, but I just had to read this and now I think we are living in a parallel universe - that so sounds like my life :) I call it the cobweb syndrome ... you see a cobweb, go to fetch a duster, notice the cupboard it is in needs tidying, etc., etc. What happens to the cobweb - you spot it again the next day ... and so on, and so on. Hope you had a lovely lunch and catch up with your friend. Elizabeth xx

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