Friday, 28 December 2012

Just hangin'

 Miss Dunnit went back to work yesterday, Mr Dunnit has spent a few hours at work today and I've um, er, been at home, sort of hanging around.  I've cleared up and put away a lot of crockery and glasses that we used for entertaining yesterday, I've made the bed, I've erm....made a couple of lists and even had a short snooze in the armchair after my lunch.  I've got a lot to do naturally, because in this house, turning my back on the laundry basket for two days causes it to fill to overflowing.  And for reasons not described in any 'perfect housewife' manual, there's suddenly more ironing to be done than my will to live can contemplate.  
 I want to do some more sewing, there's a bit of a cooking session to be had in front of New year's Day and there's the calendars to play with.  So I've got plenty to do.  And it's stuff I want to do.  Instead though, I find myself walking around the house snapping  photos of stuff that currently look Christmassy in the gloom of this dank day.  
 Not one single picture has been posed - although I did go to the trouble of pushing the plate of bread a little closer to the little pot of jam-(to show off my apparently kitsch spoon!) .
It would seem I'm putting off doing anything, not just a basket full of ironing.  Ah well, I guess if I hang around being unproductive for long enough, a deadline will wander into view and I'll be all Mrs Motivated and going for it.  So I better make the most of my just hangin' day.  I'm outta here.


Kezzy said...

There's nothing like having an hanging around day, the day where one can wonder around thinking of doing but not actually doing, such bliss. I'm afraid today was the day for my ironing as it was trying to creep into my side of the craft room, so I thought I better tackle it lol, Boxing day was my hanging around day and it was bliss. Hugs Kerry xxx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Hi Julia, it's nice to just hang around, not doing anything specific, you make the most of it and forget that ironing pile. Love the festive pictures, so much nicer than an ironing pile. All the very best for The New Year. Tracy x

Kyla said...

Get to that ironing lady.... ;)
Fabulous procrastination hun!

Kyla x

Helen said...

I've been hanging around for days now - thinking I should be doing things, and not actually doing them, so I am right there with you! Glad you had a good Christmas.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Julia, personally, I can't see anything wrong with the occasional hanging around kind of day - I had mine yesterday :) Today, I've been a little more productive ... just a little. Oh, and it is a horrible day here too - will it ever stop raining and will the sun ever return?!?!

I can see these photos making their way into a scrap page to remind you of your 'just hangin' day' 2012.

Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Darnell said...

Well, you didn't do nothing as you've shared your home decor and your photographic skills with us today. That's something and I enjoyed it.

I have those days, too, after a big "do." I think it's a need to decompress after all the highs of the holidays. That and low blood sugar from the sudden drop in pile-driving sweets.

Happy New Year Cheers!! Darnell

Unknown said...

Seems we're all just hangin' Julia, nothing wrong with that at all......the ironing won't go anywhere and who knows, someone else might do it!

fairy thoughts said...

Sounds like the calm after the storm to me. Christmas does that to you doesn't it. we had a chill out day on Wednesday, after all the work and excitment of the big day it was great :)
hopefully you will feel more like doing stuff tomorrow. I'm dying to get my new sewing machine out maybe next weeek

Judys Lace Creations said...

Hi Julia!It is perfectly ok to have that kind of day.What a BUSY year you have had! Those hanging around days are when our brain is often getting ready for the creative and busy times ahead.
You haven't taken much of a break you know.Can you take off somewhere for a while?
Enjoy New Year's Eve!!Have a sip or two for me!!

Redanne said...

The ironing will always be there another day, glad you took some time out for yourself Julia. Love the very festive photos, that heart top right is a really beauty. Hugs, Anne x

Di said...

You and me both Julia - right now I need a hanging around week or two and the ironing is also leering at me :(

Lovely piccies - have a great New Year!

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a quiet day with a bit of a snooze and a bit of puttering about. :) I've had a very similar day myself. I don't have to go back to work until next Wednesday and although there is laundry shouting my name, all I did is move it closer to the cellar stairs. But! I've got all the DD pages ready for the last few photos, made my Tim Holtz December tag, put away lots of stuff, and got some things organized. Hmmm, that doesn't sound like a lot . . . lol

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Julia,

Oh, I've had several days like this. I will be off work until January 2 and I've been taking advantage. Naps most afternoons, getting some card stuff out and knitting.

I even read one book and have started another. If my knees were better I'd but up and moving around but found out my left knee will need replacing in the future. Bummer.

I want to thank you so much for starting WOYWW. It was Di that suggested I join in some time. I'm so glad that I did. Without meeting you I feel as though we would get along great, along with LLJ and many more.

Can't wait to see what 2013 brings.


Sandi McLean said...

The perfect day! Ironing...while I have been tempted to splurge big time for one of those new fabulous irons that practically do it for you..I have instituted a better plan! Almost any new clothing items are wash and hang dry - no ironing! Have a lovely New Year's eve and day!

My name is Cindy said...

Pretty much sums up my post Christmas mood. Can't help feeling next week I will regret all this unmotivated lazing around. But for now I am enjoying it. (and how does that ironing thing happen? Same thing here....)
Happy New Year!! Cindy x

Glenda said...

It's ok to sit and enjoy every now and then. I've spent the whole day taking down the tree and storing everything Christmas. Now I'm ready to play a little. Happy New Year my friend!

Twiglet said...

It does you good to just "hang" now and again. Happy New Year. x Jo

Hettie said...

I'm with Li'l Pidge! Can I bring my ironing over to you please? It is growling at me in the "Den". I just walk away and shut the door!
Happy New Year to you and yours.

misteejay said...

'Hangin' can be certainly has been productive - look at all the super photos you have.

Enjoy whilst you can.
Toni xx

Anonymous said...

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