Friday 7 December 2012

COOKIES! Well, OK, Cookie cutters.....

You knew right, that if I had cookies, I wouldn't be sharing them.  Frankly they wouldn't last long enough to be photographed.  So lots of you were interested in the cookie cutter project that was on my desk on Wednesday.  Despite waiting for better light, the finished item has bad photos.  Use your imaginations won't you.  
These are not difficult.  They only need drying time.  I used paper scraps, and bits of ribbon, nothing I didn't already have.  The one thing I used that made it really easy was that red glasseine backed double sided tape.  It is nice and aggressive in its sticky-ness, so can be used with confidence for this sort of thing.
I bought a set of 3 heart shape cutters.  Most likely from a £1 shop, but I honestly can't remember....they've been knocking about for too long.  They just about qualify as metal, they at least have a folded top edge to stop you wincing every time you put pressure on them to cut cookie dough or pastry.  I used my Cropadile to cut a pair of holes in each one, about half a centimetre apart.  First things first, huh.  Don't do this if you don't want them to be hanging decorations.  Waste of effort.

Choose scrapbook paper or card or hand made paper or stamped and decorated stock or.....whatever you like (it's easier if it's non-fraying) to 'line' each heart. Draw round it..hold the pencil against the metal and the larger heart shape it creates will be enough to snip lines to make folding easier.  Cut out and snip.
Now, put the strong tape all around the'sharp' edge of the cutter on the outside.  Place this on the cut out paper heart shape with apparently frilled edge and fold the cut pieces up to stick to the tape. Simple.  Now it looks really ugly, so put another layer of tape over this and stick on a length of lovely ribbon..the ends of the ribbon should meet tidily in the top V of the heart.  Now, run glitter glue around the inside edges of each heart.  You can see, I used different colours.  When it's dry, you can thread the hearts.  Flood em with some UTEE and arty stuff...put lovely pictures in them and have them as tree ornaments....

or you can get horribly involved and decide to make it a bit more of a single decoration....(or, put another way..I don't know where to stop, so I didn't...)

I threaded each heart onto the same ribbon and used buttons to divide them to make it all a bit more rigid.  Be patient and cut the ribbon end to a really fine point to make threading easier...and yes, expect to keep cutting it, so use a longer piece than you think...

I actually put a spot of glue behind the two nested hearts in the end, I didn't like them being a bit loose inside one another.  You might like that though, and it will be fine.  I'll still be talking to you and the world will continue to turn.  So then I only had to add interest to one heart really, so I die cut a sweet birdy and a branch (Memory Box and Joy, respectively) and used Glossy Accents to stick it to the thin cutter top edges.  And then I used Glossy Accents again, to coat the branch and the bird and then added a sprinkling of Glamour Dust.  Because I could...and the recipient likes a bit of bling.  Honestly, allow for drying time of the glitter glue, and the longest part was the ribbon threading.  You could cheerfully make more than one set at a time and in total only spend about half an hour on each.  Nice, huh.  It's why I like paper crafting.  Results, quick gratification.  Works for me.
Have a lovely weekend.  And if you make cutter ornaments....please let us see them!


Helen said...

Wow, Julia, this is wonderful! I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw them on the desk, but it looks amazing!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I saw these in real life - they're very pretty!! :) Thanks for the crafting session xx

Jenny Marples said...

Now that is a clever idea! Who doesn't want to know how to keep costs down and interest up?! I'm thinking many pound shops are going to sell out of these very soon:) Thanks for the inspiration, hugs Buttons x

fairy thoughts said...

hi julia
these are great.
trouble is what would i use to make my cookies.

Linby said...

oh I do like these. My fav colour and I collect hearts (not real ones or lonely ones you understand!) perfect.

scrappymo! said...

Great idea! These would look cute with pictures of the grandkids in them. Every year the kids make an ornament for the grandparents. So far they have been lovely clear glass with their hand print made into snowmen, or clear glass with
their picture inside on clear acetate.
This will go on the list for next year...Thanks for the inspiration!
You did a gorgeous job on yours!!!!! Love it!

KatzElbows said...

I thought they were nice, but when I saw them nested inside each other they'd gained a real wow factor. Stunning. May have to give it a go. I especially like the use of buttons.

Thanks for the how to.

Kim said...

Oh, I do like these! And nesting was a great idea. Hmmm, I might have kitty cutters that nest. And again, I really like the blogs' holiday look. Have a happy!

Redanne said...

Julia, these are beautiful! Love the nested ones and like your use of the buttons. BEen in the £1 shop today so may have to go back tomorrow........ Hugs, Anne x

Di said...

Brilliant result - you clever little crafty sausage! Hugs, Di xx

Candace said...

Oh I love those!

Great idea x

Candace said...

Oh I love those!

Great idea x

jodpea said...

The birdy is just the right touch so apparently, yes, u did know when to stop! I wonder if u could loop the ribbon to form the hanger for those of us who don't have metal chomping tools...?

Unknown said...

Ooooh Julia these turned out lovely and the little birdie and branch is just the right touch for this......well done you.

HeatherM said...

Very pretty! Love the purple and all of the sparkles. :-)

Renee B. said...

Oh, I'm loving these & wondering how many I can get made before next weekend!! Great little gifts!
Hugs, Renee

misteejay said...

Lovely idea Mrs D and so pretty.

Toni xx

Anonymous said...

What a fab idea. Next year??? Ali x

sandra de said...

Ms Dunnit you have done it again. Simply gorgeous..... Sandra

Carmen said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What a great idea Julia :)

Monica said...

Super idea and instant gratification.

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

So pretty. I like them individually, but they look even better concentrically.

JoZart Designs said...

AS good as a posh shop buy! Love'em!
Jo x

LisaDV said...

That is just too dang cute. I'm so going to have to go find heart shaped cookie cutters.

Hettie said...

Pwetty! And being purple you get an extra Brownie point. Please put them on recorded delivery for me so they don't get lost! Tee Hee!

Deanne said...

totally love this julia, colours are fab and great decoration idea x

BJ said...

Adorable Julia, you are so talented. BJ

Ann B said...

Very clever idea and a great result Julia - very pretty.
Ann B

Anonymous said...

They are lovely!!! I didn't know what to expect when you first mentioned them...wonder if you can do them with other shapes as well??!!!

SusanLotus said...

Wonderful creation! I love it!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Beautiful! And clever. I wondered how you were going to get backing onto them, now that I see it I can't imagine why I couldn't figure it out.

RosA said...

WOW, this is SO cool! Especially the nesting one! Great colours too.

Craftychris said...

ooh its so gorgeous! I am definitely going to have a go at something like this myself, thank you for the idea! xx

Minxy said...

This project is absolutely stunning xx Love it <3

Unknown said...

WOW Julia - I love your ornament! Who'd have thought to use cookie cutters? Of course there is no way i'd have anything like that hanging around here because I've never made anything remotely like it!!! Plus at Christmas, my MIL sends 2 boxes of baking at Christmas. A tutorial too!

Love the new blog look - very decorative and festive. I have a nightmare when I change mine because I am so fickle - I spend hours changing things beacuse I can never decide what I like - but yours in the mutts nuts!!!

big love
Paula x x x

Lizzie said...

You do make me laugh about your not-sharing-cookies - I have chocolate and I'm glad it's not possible to share it over the 'Net, because I might feel selfish when I didn't want to...
Fun ideas for Christmas Decorations with cookie cutters. It would probably mean mine got used for a change! Time to bake cookies - well, once, about 12-13 years ago, when DH was little, we had time to bake cookies now and then....
Christmas decs sound cool - then I can just put away the cutters after crimble and forget about them until next year.

Anonymous said...

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