Friday 21 December 2012

As at right now...

It's 9.00am GMT and it's the 21st December.  This post is not about the Mayan calendar or the potential for the end of the world.  It is a normal and routine post that is as normal, routinely about me.
I thought you'd like to know that as of now:

  •  the tree has dripped dry and is in situ.  There is work yet to be done, but that's a matter of fiddling.  
  • The Christmas bunting is up.  There are even some lights in a window.  And they work.
  • The Christmas cake and pudding have been purchased.  Well, I'm not superwoman you know.  
  • The dining table has been enveloped in my (only) red Christmas cloth and candles and tealights serviced and replenished.  Kitsch glassware abounds.
  • I've decided on a large ham for the 27th, now to find a  nice glaze recipe.
  • There's one more Christmas present to buy.  Don't worry, dear Brother in Law, I will get it.  (Like he reads this anyway!)
  • There still appear to be a ridiculous number of presents to wrap up.  Considering that I've already wrapped up a ridiculous number of presents. 
  • I have two more gift card cards to make.
  • My desk is still under the grip of accounts books, but not for long.
  • I am really looking forward - doing a bit of planning for 2013 already.  Wait, maybe I am superwoman.
  • The yearning to sit at my desk and play with my papers and inks has never been stronger.  Presumably, because there isn't really time.
How is right now for you?  Share will you.  I can't avoid this creeping feeling that I'm missing something.  Lots, actually!


Jacqueline said...

Ermmm..... I have done nothing !! o_O .... Not got a lot to do anyway. Only Cameron and me this year anyway. He's 18 now so there's not so much 'fuss' needed.

I've been laid up with a serious flare up of Sciatica and can barely walk. Not even been able able to go to college. Everyone knows my situation at the moment so that's a big help for me. I'll get moat of the dinner prepared on Christmas eve as well as the table and that will be it.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Take care

Jackie x

Unknown said...

Oh gosh Julia I wish I could be super festive and raring to go but alas I'm not. It's just me and him these days and we never did do Xmas much anyway...I'm so glad not to be frantic over everything and then the next day it's all over - gosh it's a bit bah humbug hey?
But I am glad for those who love this festive season and wish them well.
Hope all goes terrific for you on the day.
Happy Xmas

Virginia said...

Oh you sound like me, I've got loads to do but have decided today to sprinkle in some blog reading in between - why? Because I deserve it! I'm currently moving piles of things around the universe on Christmas morning there will be more stuff to move around the universe I also have a 12 year old's bedroom to attack - wish me luck!

CraftygasheadZo said...

Merry Christmas lovely! Well all is done here apart from wrapping my nieces parcels. I don't do any cooking so I pay mum instead! We go to their's for lunch on Christmas and Boxing day so I contribute financially as I can't help physically. It would all end up on the floor if I did! We're having a quiet few days really, just seeing family and close friends. So it'll be lots of tv and playing board games with the kids. Hope you have a lovely time. Take care Zo x

mamapez5 said...

It's good to see your tree up. I love Christmas, so my tree is up and lit though my Spanish friends don't quite understand why I bother. The other decorations are up, cake is made (we don't ice it because I am diabetic), around sixty dozen mincepies have been made, packaged and sold, so I might make one more batch for us! We don't do presents for the folk back home, as there isn't a decent shopping centre for miles and postage is outrageous, so the family get a good holiday instead. Cards were all posted at the start of the month, and our choir, Cantante, held its final concert yesterday, so today I am chilling. But hubby has just put together the really useful box storage that he bought me for Christmas, so now I shall start re-organising my room.

However, when we went to our local bar for tapas at lunch time, a lady handed me a huge bag of bitter oranges so I guess I'll be making marmalade some time soon now!

There are only the two of us here for the holiday as the family all came out for our birthdays in October, so we will have a relaxing time. The forecast is giving 22 degrees and sunshine for the big day so it looks like cocktails by the pool! Hope you enjoy your Christmas whatever you find yourself doing. Kate x

Claire Grantham said...

My fave part of this post is 'The yearning to sit at my desk....' I have negotiated with my Hubby that if I do all the food and supplies shopping tonight, he will do all the chores tomorrow (Sat) so I can sit at my desk and play ALL DAY! Yay!

Happy Christmas, so happy to have finally found a like minded crafter.


Cardarian said...

Huh you are superwomen!!!! So much done...let me tell you about me...sent all the Christmas cards except 3 ( will try to do it today)... in 2 hours will be getting the Christmas tree, decorating all happens tomorrow - today I am food shopping for the holidays...also the baking with my daughter ( oh dear) happens tomorrow....and the wrapping of Christmas presents is planned for you think I can make it till Christmas Eve?????
Lots of hugs,

Glenda said...

Well it looks and sounds like you have a grip on the holiday. As for me, my poor thumb is healing but still looks doors will do that to a digit! My tree is up, packages wrapped, menu planned and next comes the cleaning of the house. My family get together is planned for the 23rd. so I will actually have the 24 and 25th to play if I can manage. It is super cold here this morning with snow showers blowing. Enough to put you in the spirit! Merry Christmas from across the pond!

Helen said...

Your tree looks wonderful! I went out this morning (having been unexpectedly given the day off) and finished the present shopping (there was only 1 to get and some cash for a nephew to find in a cash machine..) so now just a little bit of gift wrapping. The supermarket was - interesting! - given that I'm at my brother's on Christmas Day I seemed to suddenly need a ridiculous amount - good job the world didn't end!!

Hope you and all the Dunnits have fantastic Christmas, and will catch you at a desk near here very soon!
Love & kisses. Helen xx

Annie said...

Like you, I am getting there slowly. The sewing mountain has been done and is all waiting for collection this afternoon. I will be shut for business at 5 tonight until 3rd Jan so I'm really hoping for some chill out time. I am still wrapping for England [lots of little ones to wrap for haven't I? :-) ].
I will get there and this time next week it will all be over hehehe
Biggest hugs for a wonderful Christmas,
Annie x

JoZart Designs said...

Marmalade and mustard for the glaze DEFO!!! YUm!
Jo x

Kim said...

Sounds like you got it covered...I still need to do shopping and wrapping, And decided not to do a tree, but with luck will get the mantle done and table set before Christmas dinner guests arrive!

505whimsygirl said...

Oh Julia,
But you are superwoman! The tree looks great. As for me, well, I didn't put up a tree but I do have a festive wreath on the mantle. Christmas cards on full display. Presents on the bookshelf.

Still needing to visit some desks from Wednesday....

Like you, I've been thinking about 2013. Usually I don't make resolutions; this year I'm going to set some goals. Maybe if I call them goals I'll be more successful!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


scrappymo! said...

Well, you're nearly done. I have been anttering about being done for days till I opened the guest room door last night and realized iI still have a fex extra gifts to wrap...Oh yeah! Forgot about those ones.

It will be a relaxing evening tonight, interupted by a roll of wrapping paper and tape for about 30 minutes!

Your tree looks pretty with the lights just so, have fun with teh decorating!

Merry Christmas!

Kirsty.A said...

Well done, You! Yep, it's a relief the world didn't end this morning , I'd have been very cross to get this close to being ready for Xmas and not be able to celebrate

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Julia

Oh you are organised - and love your tree very pretty. I've got a couple of birthday men cards to make for birthdays over the festive period and they are so hard to do - so lots of head scratching - but I'll get there!!

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a Heathly and Crafty New Year.



Rachel Mims said...

Sounds like you have everyting under control - or as much as possible at this time of year!! I am done shopping for Christmas but might have to help my dad with one more gift. Today we are spending the day doing fun things like checking out a new scrapbook store! Have a GREAT Christmas!!

Kyla said...

Yay....tree! Well done. You are superwoman, I don't see many men doing all this!

Happy festivities

Kyla xx

Elizabeth said...

Ditto to the parcel wrapping ... I think mine are unwrapping themselves and dancing round the craft space while I sleep! There's just going to be the two of us this year so it's a weekend of driving around family delivering the aforementioned parcels. Can't wait for the big day and relax :) Shame about those accounts books :( Best forget them until the 28th - go craft instead :)) Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth xx

BJ said...

Hey not so bad. DS has had a great birthday and is now 14yrs. I managed to get the manderin cheesecake from Sainsburys while he, DH and some friends went to see "the Hobbit" We had cake, they went home and then DH and I went to replace the Nerf Gun DS had managed to break already!
All done for today now - phew - BJ

Redanne said...

Congrats Julia, you are so nearly there! I feel a bit lost this year because instead of the family coming here, we are going there. It will be madness in the kitchen on the day but I have had plenty of time for baking/wrapping and whatever else. Go on, give in an do a couple of hours of crafting, you will feel so much better for it - especially if you make things to put pressies in....... Hope you and yours have a wonderful festive time. Hugs, Anne x

Carole said...

I don't think you missed a thing. Sound like you have it all covered. Thanks for the visit and your kind words. Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas. Carole

fairy thoughts said...

Is this a dream? will you walk out of the shower looking like Nigella?
janet..... nothing done!

Anne said...

Oh how I wish I was so organised :-( have a great Christmas. Anne x

Renee B. said...

Your tree looks lovely & it sounds like you have everything else under control! Have you ever had curried fruit with ham? (I know it sounds odd but it is delicious!) You use a variety of canned fruit like pineapple, pears, peaches, mandarin oranges & some marishino cherries (drained) Make a sauce with 1c. brown sugar, 1/4tsp. salt, 2tbsp. curry powder, 1/2c. butter & 1/2c. juice from the fruit....bring it to a boil, pour over the fruit & bake at 350F for 1/2 hr. My family gets very upset if I don't make it with ham!
I am pretty well set for the big day. For the first time in many years I am not cooking the dinner. We are going to my nieces house (but I'm responsible for the ham & curried fruit!) I'm getting a little panicky worried that I'm forgetting things because I am never ready ahead of time!
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Hugs, Renee

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

As I am writing this on 22nd Dec, I am assuming we all survived. Have a wonderful Christmas. Not sure yet how I am using those acrylic inks - need to talk to daughter first - they were on her wish list and I thought they looked fun. xx Maggie #48

Crafty Lark said...

Also jolly glad we all survived yesterday, I think I am still in the same world - at any rate I'm pleased to be in the same world as other crafters. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a great 2013. xx Flora

Jenny Marples said...

If only I could be that organised! So much still to do but if it doesn't I don't think the world will end (again!!) Have a wonderful Christmas, hugs Jenny x

Angie said...

Happy Xmas dear JD ....its the 23rd ...totally not prepared ...thankful for having two loo's bug still not left us although we are on the mend.I hope your festive time is awesome with few hiccups ...well you have to have a few or it wouldn't be Xmas ....hugs xx

Morti said...

Hey Julia - you ARE Superwoman! I think we all are though, even my heroic mother who as I type is sitting across from me falling asleep over her crossword having fed herself with coffee and Baclava from Salisbury market!

You are far more organised than I especially having done so much in the way of creative items - I'm getting there slowly but Mr Mojo is just not playing ball yet so I have lots of things I haven't done/made and I feel very behind in that respect (certain cards, gift card wallets, baubles) but I have managed to make a start on wrapping and I'm about done with my cards...

Lil Miss B was dropped off today at her Real-Mum's for Christmas so it's just Mr B, Mum and me... sigh....

Hope you have a good one!

SueH said...

It sounds like you’re Superwoman to me Julia, you’re well and truly organised!

I know I’ve not joined in with WOYWW just recently but I’ll be back in the new year for sure.

I just wanted to pop by and wish you and yours and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


HeARTworks said...

Hi Julia, I think I'm finally finished with all the wrapping and have decided to drop by my blog friends because I have been neglecting them sadly. It's a good thing the world didn't end- I'll miss WOYWW! Or maybe we'll have a WOYWW convention on the other side! A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones. May you have the choicest gifts of the season- love, joy, hope and peace beyond understanding. Patsy from

Princess Judy Palmer said...

See, this post just goes to show you that I know absolutely nothing about Christmas. I had no ideas that trees had to drip dry. AH..... well. Hope it all comes together for you, but remember it will happen rather you are ready for it or not. And no one but you will know what you planned but didn't get to.

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