Friday 31 December 2010

I love to reminisce, good times and happy moments are worth talking and laughing over from a distance of an hour or many years, for sure. I'm a scrap-booker, so I have created a sort of provenance for my collection of memories, that's buying into retropsective isn't it? My birth sign is Cancer, which means I will remember for centuries little tiny details that others don't and worse, it means I can hold a grudge for a lifetime too. Although in my forty something years I must say that I've learned very well that holding a grudge is a pointless exercise. Considering my birth sign and my incredibly wobbly hormones, it is then a surprise to me and lots of others that I can't bear the retrospectives that take place now, just as the calendar brings us a new year to fill.
I have no idea why, I don't think they're mawkish or sentimental, I don't think they should be discouraged, I mean - where's the harm in hearing the top 10 singles (that ages me!) of the last year just before we blare into the next? I dunno. I get really fed up with it. I understand you can't really make good TV or Radio based on music or celebrities that haven't yet been written, invented, blahdy blah, I just prefer to look forward; how many times do I want to have the last year raked over in how many guises? Is it my age? Could it be the security of place and people that I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by? Perhaps that security means that I don't feel a need to remember old times, for better or worse? Certainly could. Although I have no problem telling my child that crisps were less than 10p a bag when I was her age and going to the cinema didn't cost 3 people twenty quid and need weird glasses (but I grant you, the weird glasses do cause the most fantastic effects!)

So perhaps I'm selectively retropsective. Hmm. As I've cruised around blogs this week, I've come across a really lovely bunch of retrospectives - favourite 10 cards of the year and so on. I've enjoyed them enormously. Of course I haven't even contemplated a similar post for this blog - it would take me till next Christmas week to choose, apart from anything else.
Of course, if you were to back me into a corner and deny me gin and tonic for a couple of days, I'd admit that the best part of my crafting life in 2010 was the maybe I do need to become a fan of the retrospective. Then I can have an exhibition. It would be an empty space, bright yellow perhaps. And I would invite you to wander around and imagine all the wonderful things I was going to make, just as soon as I finished typing about them. See I'm all about the future.
Happy New Year; may it be all that you want it to be. May you have the strength to make it what you want it to be.


Helen said...

Being another Cancer, I don't much like New Year either, although that may not be exactly what you're getting at! So let's look forward together and hope for a healthy, happy, (preferably wealthy so I can buy some new stash!!) creative New Year!! I already miss your festive background, though!

Carolynne said...

Happy New Year to you too and I look forward to a future of reading your fantastic blog.


misteejay said...

Love your new look for the New Year.

I look forward to many more visits to your blog so I can see what you have made and have a chuckle about what you've been up to.

Wishing you a fab 2011

Toni xx

sandra de said...

Lovely look for the new year. Looking forward to many visits to your blog always fun. Enjoy your new year celebrations.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm racing against the clock to wish you a very Happy New Year, filled with happiness, good health, and art. I look forward to having as much fun reading your blog in 2011. Have a wonderful and safe New Year's celebration.

Kay said...

Like the new decor for the new decade. I'm a Gemini, but not really in to the whole looking back over the past year either. Mainly because my memory isn't what it was and remembering what happened yesterday is enough of a problem let alone what happened over the past twelve months!
Wishing you well for 2011 and looking forward to seeing what you fill your empty bright yellow room with :)

voodoo vixen said...

Lovely post Julia, I actually enjoy a bit of the retrospective - mostly because I find out what happened during the year whilst I had my head down and bum up over my desk and missed all the news! LOL
Looking forward to another year of having a giggle over your antics and looking at all your new projects!
Happy New Year to You and Yours!

jude said...

Love the post too hun .Here's wishing you a very Happy Healthy Crafty and (Wealthy) New Year!
Huga and all the best for 2011

nicandalfie said...

I must admit i dont enjoy the change of the year, for ereasons unknown to me, i feel a sence of bleugh from Christmas day night until well in to Jan/Feb! I hate change and even thought the only physical change is the date i feel grumpy! Happy New Year to you and all the luck for 2011 fou you and yours. I am so pleased i found this corner of blog land, you certainly make me smile on a regular basis!! xx

Kirsty.A said...

Looking forward to sharing your blogging in 2011. Happy new year

Annie said...

It's down to you that 2010 blogging was so special for an awful lot of folk Julia so here is a pat on the back for you. Lets hope 2011 allows us all to really enjoy the new made friendships and the blogging fun that's in front of us.
I'm on the Libra/Scorpio cusp so have the indesisiveness of Libra and the sting in my tale of scopio [but as I age I see that less every day :-) ]. I live for today and aim to make someone smile every day [ I never fail on that score].
Now all I need is to get well so I can start to enjoy the new year :-)
Big hugs to you and yours and I wish you all you wish for yourselves for 2011.
A x

Claire said...

Happy New Year Julia, I loved your blogging in 2010 too, keep up the good work. I'm a Piquarius (cusp of Piscses & Aquariaus) so I'm a bit of both lol

Pam said...

Happy new Year Julia to you and your family. Pam x

Deanne said...

love the new look blog julia :) i always enjoy visiting to read your quirks of the day. have a wonderful 2011 x

Anonymous said...

Guess what? Today I got an email from someone (I didn't read it because I am lazy and wanted to look at blogs instead to find someone to copy off of) about the significance of my birth sign. THEN *creepy* you post about birth signs, and THEN *Creepy!* I remember to read blogs and see your post.
I still won't read that email, though, because I already deleted it and I don't understand how to use the mail program on this machine.
Happy New Years.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and I like the way your blog looks now. It's different from before but I am unobservant so I don't know exactly how.

Mummylade said...

now isn't that a fabulous idea! I'm looking forward to your bright yellow vision of what to come =)

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy ready your blog as you make me smile often - another Cancer here so maybe that is what it is.
Happy new year to you and like the new blog look.
x Tricia

Rhonda said...

Happy New Year Julia! Loved today's post and I agree with all you said. Looking forward to 2011 as well. As I like to say, "keep a project moving forward!"

Ann said...

I like the new look for the New Year - not least because it's my favourite colour, blue ;)
I think one of your highlights for 2010 must be your WOYWW Birthday Celebration. That event got everyone involved and planning their 'crafy makes' for weeks in advance! It was a great success.
I always enjoy your posts and your huge following proves that others do to. So here's to more of the same in 2011.

donnalouiserodgers said...

I infected the population of Derby with my diseased body by going to the public cinema to see 3D tron last week and it was worth it for over 20 quid for two people - but we get to keep the glasses (!?)

we were in a group of six

We then went to Nandos and all wore our glasses to get our moneys worth, we laughed alot because we forgot how daft we look and it is impossible to take a person at All Seriously when they are bedecked with Joe 90 dark glasses (see i can date myself too)

i have become senile with illness and 40 (ish +) year old hormone variations and so have already forgotten last year - so you will find no retrospectives from me....

Happy New Year Mrs D

akilli melek said...

well 2010 was my first venture into blogland, and hence WOYWW. I have to say, I have had a blast these past months and as a result I'm having a wee reminisce party to myself reading back over all the posts and some of the comments I have had.
Looking forward to joining in the party of 2011 as i also like to look forward.
Thank you for helping my last year be interesting in so many ways.

Pam said...

Happy New Year lady! A writer you be...that's for sure! While reading your post it jogged a memory of an interesting YOUTUBE that totally covers this - I think it would be a perfect accompaniment to a gin and tonic
Happy Nuevo ano to you and yours.

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