Monday, 3 January 2011

Right, snap out of it!

So Shopkeeper Gal re-opened this morning, having spent days getting stock ready and re-arranged and sorted for the January Sale. I visited, obviously. I even had a list in an attempt to maintain a semblance of self control. I picked up the horrid sticky stuff for my unmounted stamps, picked up the smooth as silk white card for printing onto, picked up some fab polka dot Bazzill for a workshop next week. Doing well so far - all of these were on my list. Then of course, I see a sign that says that every wood mounted stamp in the place is half price. I had a teeny tiny splurge. 5 stamps in all - must be a record of self control.
And then I blew it and I'd like to entirely blame Helen. See, I've been eyeing up the Tim Holtz rosette/flower die thingy for some time, particularly as I swear, Helen talks about it every time I read her blog. So, understandably not in the sale, my bargains were wiped out and my expenditure doubled in one purchase. Dang. Now all I have to do is remember to go back for the foam mount tomorrow - because in my rush to get home and justify myself...I left it behind.

So now, with the return to absolute normality I need to get a grip, snap out of the 'blank page syndrome' and start to get on with it. I'll just go and start supper and then see if I can find my glasses, and a pen, and the list of workshop plans and oh well, you know - wish me luck, I may take some time getting around to 'it'!


Carmen said...

Naughty, naughty, NAUGHTY Helen! It's totally all her fault so I wouldn't feel bad if I were you Julia ;)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Julia, happy New Year ;-)
Oh well what's a little splurge now and again and again and again LOL
Anne xx

Mummylade said...

=), well looking forward to hear about your shopping trip tomorrow when you ONLY buy the foam mount =)

Helen said...

Hoy, Carmen stop that! I was already feeling sad as I've just listened to tonights "The Archers", (sob) now you go and back Julia up in making me feel bad....(not) tee hee - Julia, I am sure you will LOVE it... AND I've got to go back to work tomorrow...

Twiglet said...

Hi Julia - congrats on winning my brooch - I have emailed you! x Jo

Sandra said...

goodness I've been away too long, I didn't realise you had changed your blog background ... I must say, I like, I like :)

misteejay said...

Nice spot of decorating...LOL

If you can't splurge in the January sales; when can you? I'm sure your "Tim" rosette will get well used.

Toni :o)

Ciara said...

Tee hee, you're funny! Especially by leaving the sticky stuff behind!

Totally understable though, that rosette die was top of my list of dies for my new Big Shot Express. Intact, why not make a rosette for blank page - maybe it will inspire you :-)

Happy new year funny lady!


Pam said...

Nothing like shopping to help with those january blues. I've been doing a little bit myself but haven't stepped inside my craft room apart from to drop my purchases on the desk.
Hugs Pam x

Elizabeth said...

Not a to-do item in that notebook and after that mammoth blow-out/buy-out you would think you would be bursting with ideas for projects! I was so impressed with your blog makeover I decided to freshen mine - another steep learning curve :) Look forward to seeing what you do with the Tim Holtz rosette thingy. Elizabeth x

donnalouiserodgers said...

Good God Woman you are a Freudian Dream

Not only do you rationalise your behaviours by blaming others - Helen is innocent; you then 'forget' a purchase so you have a valid excuse for a return visit when more shopping behaviours will be exhibited: tsk tsk

the solution is simple

If you do not set these goals you cannot then be measured by them

Burn the List,
Free yourself from Guilt
Keep Calm
Carry on Shopping

Ha ha


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not sure who was funnier to read today, you or Doone. As for Helen, I totally understand. She always has something new and exciting. I guess the good thing about not wanting that rosette thingy is I don't have a machine to cut it. Takes away all my desires. Was I any help (grin)?

Scrapcat 1 said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the rosette thingy and what a fab excuse to go shopping again.

Lisa said...

Remarkably restrained I think- only 5 stamps! Well done. The last sale I went to where the rubber was less than half price was on holiday and I spent my whole week's holiday spends in there. It was worth it- just meant that every time I fancied an ice cream I stroked a stamp instead, lol.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

Happy New Year, Julia! I say, no regrets! I'm sure the flower die will be sooooo useful!

jude said...

Thtas the die to die for well if you have to blame Helen well makes you feel better why not hun.As for your shopping trip did you actually get any
appy creating
hugs judex

Anonymous said...

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