Tuesday 14 December 2010

OK, another baby step..

Well, Mr Dunnit has turned into the one who's the most keen to get Christmas underway chez Dunnit. Today at lunchtime he rang me (office to office, so no major romantic effort!) and suggested we go fetch a tree. So we did. And as an aside, and a bit of humbug - golly, 'fresh' trees seem much more expensive this year!
Now you must understand that the lounge room is in absolutely no state of readiness to receive a tree. I make this comment purely so that anyone out there who thinks that I've suddenly got it all together can breathe easy - I haven't. But today's idea to purchase is for a variety of reasons I think; his foremost reason is that we need a few days to allow the tree to acclimatise - from freezing cold shed to our conservatory and then into the warm and badly lit lounge. Hopefully then it won't instantly dehydrate from shock and become a naked folksy type tree! The second reason: I think he thinks that I'm thinking (are you with me?) the longer I put it off, the less likely we are to 'do ' much toward christmas. He's wrong, but hey, it's getting me some attention! And third - we are experiencing some horrible work pressures and it's really easy to forget that there are other, more important things, and I'm convinced that this subtle preparation for Christmas is his therapy. I have considered an intervention, where I force him to take up paper crafting as a therapy type hobby- we all know it would work - but I can't. I don't share my stash well, and I don't really want him to know how much I've got! And anyway, who would make the rocking horses if he got into paper and glue? So..by the weekend I'll probably have finished the wrapping that is all over the floor where the tree will be going, and hey, might even have tidied and hoovered sufficiently to 'put up' the tree. Or not. Perhaps Mr D will do it himself whilst I languish in a coffee shop on another Christmas shopping expedition. Stand by for news of Christmas miracles!


Tracy Evans said...

Hope you manage to get the lounge sorted in readiness for your lovely new tree, I love fresh trees but I do agree they are definitely more expensive this year as I have one every year. Get the mulled wine ready, Christmas music and you will be ready for decorating LOL. Tracy Evans x x

Annie said...

It will all get done in good time and what doesn't get done wont be important so don't worry about it :-)
A x

Pam said...

I agree they are much more expensive this year, we actually purchased ours the last weekend of November (there was a 10% discount that weekend - never one to miss a discount my dear husband!). I was most disgruntled it was much too early, it sat in a bucket in the garden for a week just long enough for the bucket of water to become a solid block of ice! Then when brought in my so decided that it smelled of wee (!) my view was the dog could not get her leg up that high and as no one else could smell it he was imaganing it!!

Christmas start tomorrow for me as I will be forced to join in the xmas lunch festivities, roll on january! Bah humbug
Hugs Pam

Mandi said...

ROFL I was born NOT ready hun lol

Enjoy your tree once its done!

mandi xx

Kirsty.A said...

It will all be fine - you still have 10 days. I went with my old artificial one, much too early, as I knew I would struggle to make it happen if it wasn;t done 2 weekends ago

Helen said...

I dream one day of having space to decorate for Christmas like my parents did when we were kids. Hope your tree acclimatises and doesn't instantly drop all it's needles when it's brought in and "put up". Good luck.
Actually posted my cards today - wa-hay!! One thing less to worry about!

donnalouiserodgers said...

Oh Mrs D,

Mr Doone and I have just had our run of 'oh my, why do people think you can suddenly fit everything and everyone in before Xmas week?' annual experience (and try saying NO to these people who, without Doubt, will be taking two weeks off) - so He and me then have our - 'can you find time for family in your busy work schedule' conversation- with Venom injected because he Omitted the (usual) lunchtime/weekend offer of 'shall we do something together Dear? His snippet of time to ME each week..( note OFFER - I rarely feel the need to take him up on said offer since I can be truly up to my neck in ATC makings...and you take what you can when you can and we are mostly happy)

But in the absence of the OFFER, I said to him - no tears dear - no hysterics, But Dammit Mr Doone what in the world Could be more important to you than Me? or the Boys?

it got his attention - but still no decorations...

However, there's still hope for Chrimbo Glory next weds if not tomorrow?

we have cut a deal - I rescue Uni kids Friday and return them to home nests, he get the stuff out the loft, Kids go mad decorating the house Saturday, he and I sagely advise from safety of the sofa...

Hippo Chrimbo here we come - sliding in at the last possible moment...phew.....


misteejay said...

The Press were saying that real trees would be a lot dearer this year for a number of reasons - main one; WEATHER!!!

I am soooooo not organised this year and tomorrow is the first of the 'Work' meals. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get it sorted...I normally do - just! LOL

Toni :o)

Auntie Em said...

Well, the tree will smell great, even if it's not decked. And it was a nice gesture to invite you for a mid-day outing...even if it was just to pick up a dead coniferous specimen. And don't what ever you do let him near your stash of PP! Have you ever watched men wrap gifts? Can't you just imagine the carnage of your lovely sheets of absolutely gorgeous paper? Find him a good book to read or a model train set instead!
Have fun and thanks for sharing! :o)

Cardarian said...

I have no Mr. Cardarian to do anything for me so I am solo for everything - still I might get young Miss Cardarian to do my tree and her boy to do my lights! Baking Christmas cookies Sunday! In general this year is one of the less organized - I just can't get into the mood! I am happy to hear that I am not alone in this!

JoZart Designs said...

Oh dear.. .don't remind me! That's something else I've not yet got round to doing! Down on the South Coast they were £30 for a little 'un so now I'm back up North I'll be hunting the little tree that Santa Claus forgot in hope of a bargain!
JoZarty x

Chrissie said...

I used to love having a 'real' tree, but since Phil arrived at our home in Virginia 35 years ago, with a rather large box on the roof of the car which contained a rather splendid artificial tree, I've felt compelled to use it. And use it I have... every year since!
Pretty 'green' huh?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You have a wonderful loving husband who wants both of you to enjoy Christmas. Kudos to Mr. D. Can you have him train Bleubeard?

jude said...

This year we have got artifial out first time in 5years but will be aay most xmas .If wer did have realone would come home to a ghreen wooden floor!Hubby now made up his mind sat going to get resl tree for outside.
Not ready at all my daughters put the tree up last saturday!
I think the 3rd option is the one MR D is thinking of there is life outta work .You go for it!
hugs judex

Leonie said...

Oh you are so lucky- fresh tree and snow!
We are all sweltering here in oz and there's not really a lot of christmas spirit around.
There's a heap of tinsel and plastic tree's in the shops- not many real ons to be had!
Our prep is more of a race to the shops to get prawns- crayfish/lobster and some steak for the bbq rather than tree shopping :-(
Jealously wanting your cold chrissy with a real tree!!
xxx fairy leonie:-)

Rhonda said...

Hooray for Mr. Dunnit on taking Christmas by the reins and moving it along! I have to always ask to have things done. We have a pre-lit artificial tree and don't have to worry about prices sky rocketing every year. Then I use Christmas tree potpourri to make the house smell like a real tree. :-)

Marjo said...

Hi Julia

Love this little story, brought a smile to my face. Reminds of times long past. Since our girls married and moved into homes of their we downsized and moved from the country into town.

We now have the dreaded take it out of the box and plug it in tree! It even has the lights on it! Needless to say for the last 8 years we haven't put it up until Christmas Eve, just a few hours before the girls and their families arrive.

I came home a few days ago and Santa decorated my house, at least that's what I thought...lol I actually thought my DH had done it but turns out our oldest daughter spent the afternoon putting up our tree and decorating the house.

It was just wonderful!

Hugs, Marjo

Lyn said...

My hubby came from a hot country and despite having been together for nearly 35 years he only let on few years ago that they never had Christmas decorations, so now every first weekend in December when he is up the loft like a ferret and a drainpipe, I indulge him. Mind you, I have banned him from anything inflatable. He is gutted that all his outdoor icicles aren't working and we are still in the hunt!

I am sure you will be ready on the day and that's all that counts :-}