Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Thwarted = card making!

Well it's been another day off school; and it's been some years since any of Miss Dunnit's friends came to the door and asked 'are you coming out to play?'(they did, really..ah, not so grown up for 15 after all!) Of course, my sentimentality over this is lost on her, but she has returned unbroken, with red cheeks, flat hair and soaking. And a bit miffed: apparently some of the girls wouldn't have a go on the bin bag sledges that help you achieve maximum velocity down the sides of the moat at the old Castle! They didn't want to look silly or break their nails or blah blah. Perhaps we have managed to instil a bit of the 'seize the day' mentality after all!

So I've made a list of things/projects I want to see come off my work table this week, because I seem to be swimming in ideas rather than focussing. Why is that? There are times when I can go days without a single idea or desire to start anything. Perhaps it's the stunning white light that the snow throws into my workroom. Or perhaps that's what makes me get on...with anything but the projects on my lovely fresh list! I've been working on Golden Wedding Invitations for my beloved parents, they are as finished as they can be for now, so I set those aside to start on preparing for a workshop later in the week. And that's how I managed to make 3 rapid Valentines. The workshop involves a chipboard book and some Basic Grey papers, but clearly, I had an urge to stamp a little! Not much though, as you can see, these cards are pretty minimal!

The black card is pre-printed (Papermania - impressive, huh!) - all I've done is add a choccy heart and the 'Love' text by Inkadinkado. The text on the cream card is by Inkadinkado too, this time the heart is a punched shape wrapped in red foil...which was of course, 5 minutes earlier, wrapped around a chocolate heart. The pick up truck and hearts cargo are by Stampin' Up and the text is Hero Arts.

So maybe tomorrow I'll tackle the list. Maybe if Miss Dunnit goes to school, I'll feel like I should actually be working. Who knows, perhaps it's HER fault. Certainly isn't mine.


Megan said...

I am a big fan of the friend with chocolate card - cute cute or awesome rather. So what did you think of Jodi P - which ones did you read?

Ginny said...

tell her I'll get in the bag with her...will swap the snow for this heat any day...lol

love the SU truck but my fave is the "chocolate" card..simple yet extremely effective....

jay670120 said...

lovely card and a nice little read about snow and sliding on bin bags like I used to as kids. Actually saw a handmade wooden Sledge today ! oooh the memories x