Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Don't forget the eggs!

It's Pancake Day. Actually it's Shrove Tuesday; I don't expect the Pancakes were part of the original intention! Anyway, don't forget you need eggs. I know, that sort of association with the picture is worthy of a 70's DJ, but I can't think of better! What are you giving up for Lent then? I have a friend who has decided to go without alcohol; as half of one of the most socially active couples I've ever met, I think this will be a greater challenge than depriving herself of chocolate.

I'm absolutely and totally without willpower when it comes to self deprivation; whatever small thing it is that I decide not to have becomes a huge dinosaur sized thought in my mind, and I end up thinking about it constantly. It quadruples the size of the deprivation and makes me a hideously bad tempered martyr! So I'm not giving anything up, per se, for Lent. Instead I'm going to take on a 'time management' challenge that I've allowed myself to use any number of excuses to avoid. It's not a major, life changing issue and is frankly, rather too domestic to be of any interest - but I hope will result in more crafting time, better spent. Without guilt. A bit of a key for me, that. I'm going to invest in a guilt free craft time whilst Mr Dunnit works by getting other things done more efficiently.....if I can do it for Lent, I can do it all the time right? Who knows, after 40 days it'll be a new routine, surely!
Of course, right now I have to invest in the Dunnit lovelies' supper, and for that, I need eggs.

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