Friday, 6 February 2009

Invitations finished: check
Invitations posted: check
Crop project prepared and supplies packed: check
Photos for crop printed: check
Supplies for crop chosen and packed:, BUT I know what we're having for supper and I've tidied the workroom and the desk is clear! Oh my, I have focus! But I can't photograph it for you because the light is pants and now I'm an award winning blogger I need to make more of an effort. Standards y'all!
Miss Dunnit has had her 5th day off school and finally, finally completed the Art coursework for her GCSE...oh child o' mine, why is working at home so hard? From whom do you get your alarming 'last-minute-Annie' attitude? So tomorrow's a crop day for me and I'm very much looking forward to it. Despite venturing out everyday to trudge through snow and pretend I like it, I'm suffering cabin-fever and need to meet up with my fellow nerds. I'm doing Shimelle's Everyone Has A Story album class and of course, will be catching up with that tomorrow. I also have a plan to make a mini-book, but more on that if it materialises! Have a happy weekend. And hello Ginny and Sally-Ann, thanks for your introductions!


Caryn said...

Goodnes you sound rather organised Jules. I wish we had had a bit more snow than we did although I don't wish for the horrid slush that comes after.

Have a great crop tomorrow and be sure to show us the fruits of your labour when you're home.

Caryn xxx

Unknown said...

We didn't get the snow that was forecast for us. I kind of wished we had cos I wanted a day off work! Great blog.