Sunday, 23 January 2022

Advertising Space

It’s time to get public! If you read here regularly and have crafty products to sell and better yet, if you sell your hand made creations, tell us about it by commenting. I’m occasionally asked who makes cards for sale, and I know some of you are SU! Affiliated and still some of you make and sell other things. I discourage direct linking and blatant promotion of Wednesdays because it’s meant to be about the desks and the inspiration, so here’s a chance to use my blog for a bit of that very thing for a few days. 
I’ll probably ‘catalogue’ your comments so that when asked or if it’s appropriate, I can refer people to you, that way this post doesn’t have to be saved by all and sundry. Go ahead, please!


Robyn said...

you will see me refer to Suzanne Cannon and Quietifre Design in my posts. Right now she is focusing on Digital designs in the Silhouette Design store,
and Lori Whitlock
you can find some stamps, dies and modern gilding powders
I'm always happy to answer questions, and if you beg me, make custom cards and 3D models.

Ali Wade Designs said...

My range of log books and note books for Diamond Painting will be published on Amazon soon, and there will be books for other crafts this year.

Diana Taylor said...

I've just started a blog at for selling my hand made cards, prints and embroideries. I can also be found at

Thanks Julia

Anne said...

Hi Julia.
You know I am an SU Demonstrator ( not one of the 'big guns' though :-) ) I sell some of my retired SU stuff,love making all sorts of paper projects.
Thanks Julia x