Friday 9 April 2021

Partial rainbow

I’m taking part in a Rainbow scrapbook challenge. A LO every few days featuring a specific technique, product  AND a the LO has to be obviously and predominantly a single colour. So that we end up with a bunch of  LOs that make up a rainbow when spread out next to each other. The challenge is set by Julie over at Scraptastic Inspirations on Facebook. I do a few of Julie’s challenges..she allows time and it’s all generally less fast moving and pressured than other groups I look in on, much easier for me to cope! 

The challenges aren’t arriving in Rainbow colour order and are also slightly more inclusive.....for example, I’m about to start working on a Pink LO. Now, y’all know the old Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. No room there for a P. But it’s OK, I’m more than happy to do more than the standard seven, it’s not as if I haven’t got any photos!
No, the tooth itchingly difficult part of this for me is that the challenges aren’t arriving in colour order. I know. Why should they? I don’t know particularly, it’s just well, there is an order. What if chaos breaks out because I’m not doing them in order?
Consider this gentle reader. I don’t scrap in any sort of timeline or order or to any long sighted plan. There is no plan; I just choose a photo I like, and I make a page. To prove my point, the Pink page will feature a photo of my father in 1956. The yellow page shows two young blades taken in 1989. And the first page featured one of those blades about a month ago. (Don’t make me digress about the missing ‘young’ part of the description there, we’ll never get anything done.) So why do I need them to be in order? I don’t NEED the order, I just lived by that order until this challenge and it’s a surprise, that’s all. I think.
You can be sure that they will be filed in rainbow Richard-Of-York-Gave-Battle-In-Vain order, to stop my teeth itching and to make sure the world still turns on the right axis. And, as the album is a page turner, no one will ever notice the rainbow effect anyway. So no, I don’t get my problem with it all, either. It’s ingrained, embedded and probably inherited. Blaming the parents is still a thing, isn’t it? Obviously I blame Julie in the first instance, but she, like you, will just laugh and move on. I wonder if I could try that.


Annie said...

I rather love you LOs what ever order they are in but I have to admit that, like you, a rainbow is a rainbow and it has colours and order.
Annie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have always learned the color order as ROY G BIV. I like Richard of York better, but it's longer. I fear I am also someone who prefers order and would like to see an orderly rainbow. But I'm not opposed to creating something out of order. BTW, I absolutely LOVE the two pages you shared with us, especially the one of the globe puzzle on your husband's head. Love layouts, both. If I ever take up scrapbooking, I will know who to emulate.

BJ said...

Thanks for showing us some of your rainbow LOs, understand the colour order thingy completely. I did a Craft Barn alphabet challenge some time ago and the letters came in random order but I made a book of them and - yes - you got it they went in letter order. I stamped the dates I made them on each one, so the original order was maintained for the eagle eyed. Love your yellow page, so delicate, and the house on your green one is perfect, looking forward tot he pink one and the ....... BJ
PS I'm a ROY G BIV person too but still heard of Richard... but forget it in its entirety unless I engage the ROY G BIV but that sort of looses the point.

Sue said...

Hi Julia, I like order, but it is my order:) Sometimes I have things in rainbow order, others date order, or alphabetical, themes and so many more. the main thing is to enjoy what you are doing.

Hope you have a nice weekend. Sue

Helen said...

well i think I agree with you - but as long as the pages are filed in order I think you'll be fine... It's like my journals. I nearly always complete the pages in order, first to last... but the new Dina ones I am using, with their different fabrics/papers ... well I have to jump about to use the different surfaces.. it's driving me crazy too! Never heard ROY G BIV but did learn Richard of York. although if you asked me i'd probably not be able to quote it! Fab lay outs, whatever order you made them in and thanks for sharing them after our not very subtle hints on Wednesday!

Mary Anne said...

I just love the pages - the goal of a challenge is to get you DOING. Who cares if it is in the exact rainbow order? Not you, not your filling albums, not the Scrapbooking Godesses - or at least they shouldn't. Heck, add in pink if you like, and peach, and three shades of blue. You are the master of your desk. Rock on.
Mary Anne

Kelly said...

Good morning, Miss Julia. Love the layout. Had to enlarge the picture so I could actually see what was on Mr. D's head. You two are the perfect match for one another. Such fun the two of you have! Creative Blessings! Kelly

Lisa-Jane said...

It would indeed make me twitch but I'm the wrong person to comment on such quirks. I'm with you on the scrapping whatever takes your fancy but I do file chronologically. How do you order your photos or work out if you've scrapped it before / if it still needs doing? "needs doing" makes it sound like a job, but you know what I mean!