Wednesday 17 December 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 289

Well gentle Deskers, I'm going to show you. I have to show you because the WOYWW thing starts here.  Judge as you will, but read the excuses first.

8 o'clock Monday morning.  I have a new pair of jeans which are inevitably too long.  And I had NOTHING else to wear. Of course.  
Don't be alarmed, it's all back on form...some bits and pieces waiting to be unpacked after a workshop, some bits and pieces that I play with as I pass - I figure I can get stuff done that way without having to carve out more time...we'll see.  Also Tuesday's post...a beautiful card and also a gift from afar, both awaiting that few moments of inspection and gloating and..well, you know. I know it costs a lot to send these days but believe me, the receiving is such a joy!
Share your calm and controlled work spaces will ya - and then allow time please for visitors!  Put WOYWW in your post title and link here. Easy.


Helen said...

Morning, early bird! Your desk is a joy today, and shows sign of festivity to be welcomed! I agree about the joy of receiving cards, especially the hand made ones knowing the time and love (or not!) that went into creating them. Have a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Normally we just do Amazon gift certs or in country deluveries to far flung family but this year I actually mailed stuff to my parents and my sister. I am stupidly exited to see what they think. Much more so than when I let others do the mailing. And a HA! Maybe I can use the cut off bits of your jeans..always too short for me :)



Robyn said...

al in a days work, err desk!
One never knows what one might find on ones desk! and that's why we are here!

Create With Joy said...

I love making and receiving handmade Christmas cards - they are so special to me!

This week, however, I took time away from cardmaking to participate in a VERY special project that I've shared with you this week.

Hope you all will come by and visit The Hope Tree! :-)

Create With Joy - #6

Nikki said...

Your space is a flurry of activity and lol at the sewing machine. I've so been there before too many times. Enjoy your happy mail it's always a treat get it hugs Nikki 3

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah, Julia, so agree giving and receiving is such joy.. blessed indeed we are!! have been rather of a truant form WOYWW of late but am back today... :D
I can see ink pad scissor so all is well in craftland "chez Julia" but also love creations in view too!! happy WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.x #4 meybbe.

Chrysalis said...

Morning Julia - are you SURE we're not sisters? We have some traits that have got to be genetic - last minute wardrobe alterations, 'working' desk ... Happy WOYWW and a great week, Chris # 8 x

Krisha said...

Well, you must be up early in your part of the world, it's bedtime here as I sit writing this in my jammies and my pillow is calling me to come to bed....LOL So will have to save my desk hopping for my morning (here)coffee.

Your desk looks well organized for this time of year. Wanted to send you a card, but realized I don't have your must email it to me.

Anne said...

Morning Julia. Woke up early this morning!! Think post craft fair thoughts on my mind! Mainly what to do with left overs! I've turned up many trouser legs - we're not tall in our family :-) Happy WOYWW Anne x # 9

Judys Lace Creations said...

Good Morning to you..lala ( Oh it's Xmas!!) Go a bit mad at this time. Can't get words out correctly, stop half way through a sentence..I am Retired, so I can only wonder what I must have been like after a working year!!
Hope your mailk is a pleasure for you to open.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Hello, hello. Hope you get some time to play between all the other things that need doing.

Bridget Larsen said...

I have the same problem too with legs of pants too long, can I send mine over for you to hem?
I see you are a victim of googles number verification too! If you want to turn it off just change your comment setting to embed
Bridget #16

Lisca said...

Good morning! I'm a bit bleary eyed, but I thought I'd do this before i do anything else.
I like your supadupa sewing machine. Yes, I have the same problem with anything I buy 'cause I'm 5 ft nothing. I used to be able to fit into children's sizes and then had size 10 for may years but those days are gone...
I'm off to the gym now
Have a good week.

Annie said...

It's good to see the sewing machine out today :-)
Annie x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It's good to see your sewing machine out and in action! Shortening trousers is one task I've never had to do for myself. I've enjoyed receiving cards from all over too :-)
Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

fairy thoughts said...

You got me a bit excited when I saw your sewing machine at the start....well at least you don't use wonder web. ..... Looking very festive .... You've been having fun along the way too that's what's important.
Janet 12 .... I think

Mrs.D said...

Morning Julia, I regret that my space most certainly fails on the 'calm and controlled' front.
Oh, how lovely to have to shorten jeans, they are often too short for me, leaving me struggling to get ones that fit.
And naughty me I've just realised I have not put any reference to Stamping ground in my blog, please forgive and thanks for hosting again.
Chris # 23

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

No judging! Why do they make jeans so long these days - I'm quite tall myself at 5'8" but they're always too long for me too! I never take them up though, just let them fray, which is driving my mother crazy! Do they expect us to wear them with high heels? Kind of defeats the purpose of wearing jeans!

Annie Claxton said...

hehe love the idea of you "drive-by" crafting! Jeans drive me nuts and I'm yet to find a comfortable pair. At 5'2" they are always too long, but a friend recently persuaded me to buy a "skinny" pair. Well, I found I could just kind of wrinle up the excess length instead of hemming them, but then they started pulling themselves down as I was running for a train, and trying to take everything with them! You can't win with jeans. I'm going to be crafting in my onesie today :o) Happy WOYWW Annie C #28

Diana Taylor said...

Ooh I hate altering clothes -I don't think I've ever managed to buy jeans or trousers that don't need shortening - well done for getting on with it, I usually alter them about six months after purchase!
Thank you for the WOYWW Christmas card, I hope you have a great week.
Diana #28

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Julia, this has been a fact of life for me. At only 5ft high I have spent most of my life altering things to make them fit so I sympothise with you Lol
Angela x 31

Sue said...

I usually have a job to get trousers long enough.

I have still not put my sewing machine on the table, which I set up originally for it. It now seems to lack the room, unless I move things. But then where do they go?

Always lovely to get nice post. Postage is ridiculous, so must admit I only send to family and close friends now.

Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

House of Bears said...

I've not tried altering any clothing yet, maybe not a good idea with my wonky stiching, I'd need a varying length leg to fit my stitched effort!

Glenda said...

It's always nice to visit your desk these Wednesdays! I'm always pleasantly surprised by all you have going on in your life. So much and you work outside the home as well. I'm retired now and don't know how I ever managed it all before!
Glenda #37

Unknown said...

Love how busy your desk is, it's a sign of a well loved space! X

Artatag said...

Hi Julia! Hm, one week before Christmas - I feel somewhat relaxed, when I look at your desk. I seems to be waiting for Idontknowwhat and that is just how I feel today. I hope there will be only good surprises!
Gabriele 19

Artatag said...

Hi Julia! Hm, one week before Christmas - I feel somewhat relaxed, when I look at your desk. I seems to be waiting for Idontknowwhat and that is just how I feel today. I hope there will be only good surprises!
Gabriele 19

Belinda Basson said...

I just realised it was Wednesday! Oh my Hat! How did I manage that? I have just finished teaching my Wednesday morning class...but had not yet clicked that it is WOYWW too...have the kids at home on Summer hols, I am still working, so shunting people/kids and things from pillar to post...I guess something has to give. (at this point I think it is my sanity!) PS: Please keep the bits off the bottom of your jeans...I need them to make mine long enough...I am 6ft tall and even the extra length jeans I can buy here are not long enough!

Brenda B said...

Ooh a sewing machine, I didn't know you could! But I suppose when you have to... Can't believe this time next week will be Christmas Eve either, eek! Where the heck did this year go?? Nice to see someone is still creating with paper, cause I know it ain't me, lol!!

Have a wonderful Christmas,

HeARTworks said...

Very pretty tags, but what's the syringe for? I have a sewing machine but I am scared to use it! Too fast for me. I prefer hand sewing! Have a blessed season! patsy

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Tis' the Season! Most of us run the same paths I think. Now that the kids decided to come home for the big day, I'm wishing I'd have put up the BIG tree and all the Ornaments...I've still time but it's like you say a 2 day project and I've a menu to decided and to prepare ahead. oh the pain......Hoping I don't need my sewing machine I think it's buried I needed the space to work on and not sure where I put it....Happy Hurrying.

Unknown said...

That was an amazing sight! I always get excited when I see a sewing machine--but I've never seen one on your desk. Although, I have no doubt your skills are just fine, and it is fun to sew on paper too! Thank you so much for the happy mail from you and Jan! Not only is it exciting to get mail from across the ocean, but to receive something so beautiful made my week--and I love the special card!! Hugs! Sandy Leigh

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Julia,

Tee hee. Most of my pants are a bit too long too. Your desk looks nice and busy!

I received my card - you and Jan are the best!


Elizabeth said...

I'm chuckling, Julia, because I have a shockingly calm and controlled desk today :) It's a temporary state of course but a joy while it lasts. Nice to see your sewing machine making an appearance, however fleetingly, and being vertically challenged myself I'm familiar with the jeans being too long problem. That's not a bad plan you have there - bits to play with as you pass by ... would do this too but I've just cleaned up! Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #42

Stacy Sheldon said...

ooh are the trees on the card to the left fabric? I think you are very brave to sew on your stamping desk. ( me, I'd probably get ink on the fabric or something you know) :)
~Stacy #44

Twiglet said...

I love to see a sewing machine out on the desk! Mine has seen some action this week too. x Jo

Nannie4 said...

Why is it that clothing inevitably needs to be shortened and always at a bad time? {LOL} Hemming is not one of my skills -- don't know why. One pant leg is always longer than the other. (maybe one of my legs is longer than the other - gasp!)'Beautiful sewing machine, Julia.

Whimcees said...


You are so busy! I am always impressed by how productive you are! Wishing you a happy day today!


Barbara Diane

Shoshi said...

Sleeves and trouser legs are always too long for me too! I'm always finding my arms are too short to reach things. I can never wear things till I've altered them! Your desk looks pretty organised to me. Nice sewing machine.

Forgot all about signing up today - too much going on.

(Word verification seems to have raised its ugly head, Julia - someone last week suggested embedding comments rather than having them in a separate window, which should solve the problem.)

Happy WOYWW,

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Hey! Your desk looks like it has some method to your madness.

Christine said...

Well, attending Art Class has taught me to schedule my Blog Post, get up and switch on the PC then link up - did you notice that my number is nearer number one? Betcha didn't!!!!
Cardmaking suits your desk much better than the sewing machine ... maybe you need another desk!
Have a good week and thank you.

Laura said...

Hello, Julia, my goodness, two iterations of your desk in one post! I wouldn't know how to shorten pants with a sewing machine if my life depended upon it -- a very handy skill. Glad you got some happy mail. Real postal mail is becoming a rarity and homemade items even more so. Happiest of WOYWWs to you! ~ Laura #54

Patrink said...

At 5' 2 1/2 " (the half is very important)I am happy that Chico's have 3 lengths of pants, Short, Regular and Long.

Thank you so much for organizing this fun activity of sharing and caring. I am pleased to say that I was able to visit everyone today. I feel so inspired.

With holidays and my January birthday trip you probably won't hear a peep from me for a couple of weeks.

So Happy Holidays and all the best in 2015.

Pat #49

Cazzy said...

Hi Julia, it is quiet today - I am really late and still only #55.

I should have Christmas cards on my desk, I am panicking but not doing anything about it - tomorrow will be C day!

Happy WOYWW.


Lynne Mizera said...

I Almost missed you today and that would have been a CRIME! I LOVE THIS POST and it's still Wednesday here in Alberta, Canada! Thank you for giving us this awesome forum to connect and share with other artistes from around the world! (hugs)

sandysewin said...

You didn't say, but I hope your jeans hems turned out ok. They can be tricky with all that thickness.

I like all the bits & pieces on your desk so far. :-)

Happy playing and happy woyww,

Sandy #30

Lynn Holland said...

Hi Julia,
I know I'm not showing my desk but I wanted to wish you a happy Christmas and thank you for hosting WOYWW it's been great joining in.
Lynn xx
Ps I like that tartan paper

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I swear your first photo must have been taken this summer. The trees here are now barren, snow is on the ground, and the grass is brown. Your yard looks as tempting as your desk with that INCREDIBLE sewing machine. All those fancy stitches look to be a dream come true. I could stare at that image alone for a week (grin).

Glad you had time to open your gift from afar. Have a wonderful week and enjoy that gorgeous view as you craft.

Cazzy said...

Hi again Julia, oh yes I have done that, got there and no voucher! Normally I do this every supermarket shop!
Sometimes when forgetting an Ask Italian voucher they have been nice and let me have the discount anyway!

I'm glad you agree on the hooks with handles, thought I was going mad because they look the same size!

Do I have that verification thing on my comments too?

misteejay said...

Hope you got the hems sorted to your satisfaction.
Interesting bits & bobs on the desk this week.
Toni xx

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your nice comment, Julia. Yes, the soap classes were a nice retreat! I am exhausted now and am looking forward to Christmas being over. Mum has bounced back - she's a lot more resilient than I am!!

Shoshi #52